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  1. Playstation 3
  2. PC Just awesome!
  3. Patch Notes http://kdhnews.com/classifieds/community/watch-free-barcelona-vs-deportivo-la-coru-a-
  4. Issue with Haka chest contradicting the online store
  5. Xbox One Some help with mount
  6. PC AUDIO: Why is there no Master Volume setting to lower?
  7. Stealth idea, AI idea, challenge idea
  8. Statistics you would be interested in knowing
  9. PC [BUG] Trial of the Gods disappeared
  10. Origins - Oracle of Apollo quotes and interpretations
  11. How do you feel about this change of game?
  12. 代理递交Campion学位证 QQ薇信205113852【加拿大Campion毕业证】康平学院学历认证,回国
  13. PC Just want to know why not a SOBEK's OUTFIT ?
  14. PC How to install Base game without DLC
  15. The Origins Story of the Assassins- Article by Turul
  16. Idea for crafting upgrades!
  17. The sun god
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  19. This Month in Assassin’s Creed® Origins – May
  20. AC: Origins vs God Of War
  21. Combat System Improvements
  22. Help leaving Thebes
  23. Gameplay Improvement Suggestions
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  25. "How to destroy AC Origins?" by UBI
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  28. Combat & Stealth notes (For future titles or updates)
  29. Prince of persia
  30. Rooks , Revenue and Couch Co Op
  31. Will Trial of the Gods be in Heka chest?
  32. Assassin'S Creed Origins how many total completed quest are there
  33. Assassin's Creed Origins - 1.4.3 | 1.5.1 Patch Notes
  34. Assassin's Creed Origins lightning
  35. Announcement May 16, 2018 - Online Services Degradation | Multiple Titles | All Platforms
  36. Where is Sekhmet?
  37. PC If uplay acc disconnects in the middle...
  38. Patch Notes Josh Warrington vs Lee Selby 2018 Live Stream Free
  39. Best of Greece
  40. A question
  41. Mentors Guild - Community Initiatives update
  42. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - Annualized Releases
  43. Just wanna thank the devs for this game :)
  44. Patch Notes Assassin's Creed: Origins's Discovery Tool IMPORTANT REQUEST
  45. I really miss the old Eagle Vision
  46. Assassin's Creed Origins is fantastic
  47. PC Any chance for Ansel support??
  48. Photo Mode
  49. Online Services Degradation - All Platforms - May 23rd [RESOLVED]
  50. Sam Gaming Assistant Released Worldwide
  51. AC Origins postcards
  52. Ayuda!!!
  53. I work very hard
  54. PS4 I have a question
  55. I accidentally sold a legendary
  56. Archer of the month achievement - HELP
  57. Unvisited Locations
  58. Best Graphics better then Patch 1.02 after Patch 1.43
  59. Horde mode after wave 38
  60. Patch Notes [FR] Ecran noi Assassin's Creed Black Flag
  61. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - RPG Elements
  62. Hidden Weapons
  63. Why a full new game this year makes sense.
  64. PC Heka Chests ?
  65. PC When Is Assassin's Creed Online: Alliance Coming Out on Mobile Devices in the US?
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  67. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Announced For E3 2018
  68. PC AC Odyssey Steam Achievements and photomode!!!
  69. ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY: The Setting, The Lore & The Story
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  72. Thoughts on AC Odyssey and some suggestions
  73. Any plans on making Carbon Crystals a selling item??
  74. How to create a Levelling System with Narrative Context
  75. PS4 Difficulty setting NOT showing up in the menu
  76. Medjay Quests?
  77. AC Odyssey HDR
  78. The Hood Toggle
  79. TOTG Assassin's Creed Origins - Trials of the Gods: June Roadmap
  80. Community Discussion: Post-release Content
  81. Basus the camel
  82. Best way to experience ACO (narrative)
  83. AC1 Remake—E3 Rumours
  84. How to improve the next AC game!!!
  85. Could the main character (or one main character) of Odyssey be Artabanus (Darius)?
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  87. AC origins graphics
  88. Can't find Dress of The Northern Realm
  89. Bayek without shield.
  90. ACO crashing issue
  91. Things Assassin's Creed NEEDS.
  92. PC Unknown issue, require help asap
  93. Not have Assassin's Creed® Origins - Deluxe Pack on playstation store th ?
  94. Xbox One information about the skill tree and about the rewards of Uplay
  95. PC Lion Guardion Shield?
  96. Patch Notes http://www.health2facts.com/sphere-labs/
  97. Patch Notes http://allsupplement4u.com/navari-testo/
  98. Origins Sequel?
  99. What happened to the PHOTO mode page?
  100. New game plus question
  101. Will Trial of Gods stop once Odyssey releases?
  102. Infinite enemies?
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  104. PC No New Game Plus Option
  105. Why Did The Order Have The Bull Poisoned in Memphis?
  106. PC Character stuck at carrying Hepzefa
  107. Patrice Desilets on Ancestors, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Movie, 1666 Amsterdam | E
  108. AC Origins crashing
  109. Auto Swimming (or Drifting With the River Currents)
  110. About Legendary Perks
  111. Can someone explain to me, please?
  112. PC Anubis item goes to newgame+
  113. Going HUDless really exposes the flaws with Origins. Devs, please read.
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  116. AC Origins Drop FPS
  117. Future of AC Odyssey and Origins Optimization discussion
  118. Will AC Odyssey be optimized or have CPU graphics options?
  119. Deleting/restarting game progress, retaining Helix, Gold Ed, + Bonus items etc
  120. Xbox One Assassin’s Creed: Emperors, must be created!!!
  121. Outfit bugs
  122. Photo Mode Website is down
  123. Weapon Comparison: Sword of the Duat vs. Amun's Might
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  125. PC Unable to load saved position after reinstall...
  126. Assassins Creed Origins: Places to Find Silica
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  129. PC How to switch tools?
  130. what happened to putting the last 3 gods.
  131. Xbox One No Jacka'ls Gaze Quest Reward
  132. I miss you guys +91-+91-7087676444
  133. @@@@22Love Problem Solutions +91-7087676444
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  135. PC Level Cap (please remove. Or, make it settable in ACP)
  136. PC The Hidden Ones Bureau In Arsinoe Nome, Sinai
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  140. Patch Notes 서면op 오피쓰후기[OPSS][7][COM]서면휴게텔 서면마사지〕서면밤문화 서면건마♥서
  141. God Slayer Question
  142. Better previous versions
  143. PC Anubis outfit in store?
  144. can not play assassin creed origin in steam
  145. Assassin's Creed™: History - Timeline (2007-2018)
  146. Xbox One Getting another set of Serqet's Carapace outfit every time I load my save
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  148. Buying on Steam.
  149. Annoying
  150. Fayum Portraits from around the Time Period of Origins
  151. Question regarding the timed Hippodrome races (any help appreciated)
  152. Trials of the gods for july
  153. Fatal Duet
  154. Is the 'Prison Break' achievement in Hidden Ones bugged?
  155. PC Uplay chalanges and achievements not popping up
  156. Cyrene Arena Elite Axes Boss on Hard (Video)
  157. Patch Notes بلاغات اعطال ثلاجات نورج & 01014723434 && 0235695244 & الرحاب
  158. Trial of the gods rewards
  159. Patch Notes New AC GAMES-Ideas
  160. PS4 a question about likes on photos in odyssey
  161. Every Single Outfit in Assassin's Creed Origins and how to get them.
  162. Cyrene Arena Elite Hoplite II, III, and Boss on Hard (Video)
  163. Is it weird that....
  164. Cyrene Arena Elite Seleucid II, III, and Boss on Hard (Video)
  165. Could have been better
  166. Cyrene Arena Elite Duelist II, III, and Boss on Hard (Video)
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  168. The Walls of the Ruler & Respect Thy Brother on Hard (Video)
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  171. What is Smarter Nutrition Curcumin ?
  172. Dude, Where's My Camel?!
  173. Terrible hud options
  174. Can't get Slasher achievement
  175. Flavius Metellus - real?
  176. Do the Outfits have a rating?
  177. What a beautiful game...
  178. If I ever make a cosplay for conventions like Comicon....
  179. Bow of Ra is displayed (pictured) as Serket's Reach
  180. Xbox One FreeSync Support
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  183. What's happened, I've turned into Aya...and
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  185. Idea submission
  186. Patch Notes New character customizations and community challenge update for Xbox one
  187. Controls for naval battles?
  188. Fix the bow sensitivity !!!!
  189. Crafting Pack?
  190. Secrets of the first pyramids?
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  193. Senu's Perception?
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  196. Hidden One's Depots...
  197. Trial of the Gods?
  198. Do I have to keep beating Gods?
  199. AC Origins gameplay video
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  201. About huge pyramid in Sinai. Game is implying Amenmesse is Moses. MILD SPOILERS.
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  203. Time has past, and there are 3 things AC Origins hasn't fixed/changed yet
  204. PC Assassin Creed Origins is great but has some serious problems
  205. PC How much playing time did you invest in Origins? 100% completion (quests, challenges)
  206. PC Please reduce the weekly score required for the AC origins Challenge on PC
  207. About buying different goods in steam and uplay
  208. Can't believe they got rid of the in game database.
  209. Wished we could've been allowed to sell the legendary materials
  210. Xbox One All my legendary weapons and shields
  211. PS4 Can anyone explain to me the logic of Aya's boss fight (spoiler alerts)
  212. What is that song NPCs whistle?
  213. PC My Odyssey into Ubisoft Forums
  214. PC Animation framerates
  215. Trial of the Gods
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  221. Iillusive but beautiful looking serenity in Nefertiti's afterlife - fan made tribute
  222. great farming spot for XP and animals pelts, no glitch involved - approx.+30K XP/h
  223. Trials ? And new game+
  224. Can some explain the enemy level mechanic?
  225. BOOM! Badge
  226. الصيانة الافضل في مصر ترحب بكم مركز صيانة 
  227. Question About "Origins" Download Time
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  229. Discovery tour names ?
  230. الاصلاح الفورى ثلاجات جولدى ( 0235695244 ) غسالات جول
  231. The Problem with Photo Mode in AC Origins that no one has addressed
  232. What's this about a contract?
  233. AC Odyssey pre-order (Polish subtitles)
  234. PC Assassin's creed origins crashes on full-screen mode
  235. Roman Centurion Outfit Problems:
  236. احدث تكنولوجيا صيانة غسالات وايت ويل _01014723434 _ 01225025360
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  238. question about khemu
  239. Crashing alone
  240. ACO The Hidden Ones
  241. PS4 Helix credit not apear
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  246. PS4 Game Froze in Giant Snake Boss
  247. Uplay Points Rewards and Costs Mismatch
  248. PC cant move ingame
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  250. In other media