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  1. Good work and a good idea
  2. Cannot harm bosses in Curse of Pharaohs
  3. PS4 Watch North Carolina vs Texas A&M 2018 Live Free Basketball
  4. I somehow missed "Playing with Fire" side quest?
  5. Curse of the pharaohs
  6. More translations for Origins?
  7. Discovery Tour First Person View Graphics compared to 3rd Person
  8. Predator Bow with Poison ability (the unstoppable weapon)
  9. Sobek and Ra set
  10. Barbed Long Bow hidden legendary perk?
  11. No Community Event rewards
  12. PC [SUGGESTIONG] An option to keep blood decals and footprints longer on PC
  13. PS4 Reaquiring challenge rewards?
  14. A way to increase daylight hours in game files?
  15. Discovery tours in Sinai and VotK areas?
  16. Suggestion: Enable sale of Carbon Crystals and Shards of a Star
  17. What's next?
  18. XP level reset at 40.
  19. Missing Hard Gods Rewards
  20. PC Best game of Assassin's Creed after Black Flag
  21. Recurve Bow from Heka Chest without Attributes
  22. PS4 Frequently noticed things
  23. PC Suggestion: Give an option in the PC graphics menu for longer decal lifetime
  24. Post Curse of the Pharoahs Origins Review/Next AC game wish list
  25. I lost my medjay shield twice
  26. PC 1080ti strix + i7 8700k = 30-40 fps (ultra settings) ???
  27. What's the point of carbon crystal,silica,and shards of the star?
  28. Please give us the option to change appearence of gear!!!
  29. Temple of Amun vault in Siwa reopened
  30. Suggestion to be added to game
  31. Why can't ACO stay alive?
  32. PC Trial of the Gods - Sobek Speedkill (Hardmode + Nightmare)
  33. DLC: The Lighter Ubisoft Club quest
  34. Please add (remove nudity) feature
  35. PC Suggestion: Give an option in the PC graphics menu for longer decal lifetime
  36. weird crystal for crafting (not carbon crystal)
  37. PC Recurve Bow missing stats
  38. Lvl 20 trophy not being granted
  39. Future of the Series - Russia
  40. Discovery tour photo
  41. Xbox One Extension for Curse of the Pharaohs?
  42. Gift from the gods
  43. Revenge of Anubis outfit
  44. Which Predator Bow Do You think is "Best" and Why?
  45. Assassins Creed origins ethnographic research
  46. No Honor Amongst Thebes bugged
  47. Eternal Maw not showing in Stable vendor.
  48. Suggestion: Give an option in the PC graphics menu for longer decal lifetime
  49. Trial Of The Gods Difficulty
  50. PC AC Origins is amazing
  51. Honor Thy Dragon set
  52. AC end game help
  53. We Need Legacy Outfits In AC Origins
  54. Still no new legendary powers.
  55. [SPOILER]Any ideas what i'm missing for 100%? [/SPOILER]
  56. PS4 Decreased drop rate since 1.41
  57. Strange Beam of light outside of Map?
  58. Does the day/night cycle get longer depending on your FPS?
  59. Suggestion for Future Title Updates
  60. Will there be more story expansions?
  61. Suggestion: Give an option in the PC graphics menu for longer decal lifetime
  62. PC Graphics Downgrade?
  63. PC End game leveling system and DLC
  64. PC I need to contact the community manager of the forums
  65. PC Far cry set issues
  66. Roman Armor and Weapons:
  67. I think we can all agree on this. Ubisoft please make it happen.
  68. My blue anubis outfit disappeared out of my inventory!
  69. Dance like the Duelist
  70. Can't sell duplicate Outfit
  71. New Origins DLC
  72. Did you know?
  73. PC Congratulations fot DISCOVERY TOUR MODE
  74. DLC's
  75. Xbox One option for HUD
  76. If anyone grows weary of palm trees head over to Green Mountains
  77. Desert Oath Book : Khensa
  78. Sting in the Tail not unlocking
  79. Considering New Game + +
  80. Hacking
  81. PC UNITY Co-Op missions help
  82. Suggestion for "Servant Of Amun" Outfit !
  83. Two questions about tall grass & killable chickens, rats, & scorpions.
  84. Sell carbon cristals
  85. Community Events Rework
  86. trials of the gods getting boring.
  87. Bayek's Story Chronology
  88. Wish : Arena PVP with the gear youíve earned!
  89. Is the Eastern Dynasty Pack obtainable from Heka Chest now?
  90. Speculation and Rumors on the Next Setting
  91. Ability tree
  92. New side quests ideas.
  93. Leak new outfit,weapon,mount
  94. i was stuck at 99% completion now i'm back at 97%
  95. PS4 level 40
  96. PC Achievement - Archaeologist
  97. Golden Item for this weeks Trial of the Gods
  98. Dash Boost
  99. Xbox One TCOTP Stuck at 95%
  100. Which Two Bows Do You Use?
  101. Four more Trials of the Gods?
  102. The hidden ones location looks like Heliopolis
  103. Will there be "Next month in..." thread for April?
  104. Would be nice in Trial of gods to get a mount to match the anubis outfits
  105. Aya buried in 2 places
  106. PS4 asking about AC: Origins Gold Edition Steelbook
  107. new community challenges
  108. Customization
  109. PS4 Question about Hunters Furs outfit on Uplay
  110. Please give us option to reset our skill points!
  111. More Legecy outfits
  112. I dont understand what is an elevation multiplier on a bow
  113. Predator Bow Purchase - Unlock at Level 5? Ubi-Boat?
  114. What outfit is this?
  115. Future AC origins content requests.
  116. Skill seer if its stackable with weapons
  117. http://advisorwellness.com/thermo-burn/
  118. tutankhamun Armor
  119. Accidentaly sold legendary and violet items
  120. PC Can i still gets Final Fantasy XV stuffs ?
  121. PC http://www.go4trial.com/advanced-turmeric-curcumin/
  122. Collecting Reward from Community Challenges
  123. How can I get my thoughtful and sincere ideas for assassins creed heard?
  124. Why isnít Alexanderís Sheild legendary?
  125. Happy Easter to all of you
  126. Could it be possible to be able to sync our saves
  127. Is starting a 3 rd game from the complete plus game has any avantages
  128. Season Pass confusion
  129. April 1st
  130. Xbox One Weekly Challenge - not contributing?
  131. Option to choose poison tip on Predator bows
  132. PC Should I just bail!
  133. Photo Mode Contests
  134. Assassin creed origins
  135. Issue with Pharaoh shadow
  136. Total Hours played + Completion %
  137. PC Assassin creed origins
  138. Sold Medjay Shield TWICE! 😡/ First Sword
  139. Can we maybe get new gods? And an option to send our tamed animals in to attack
  140. No roadmap for this month ?
  141. PC Animus Control Panel
  142. PC Strange & Rare Technical Issue
  143. No Animus Control board for Consoles? Why?
  144. What Animus Control Panel Feature are You Most Excited For?
  145. PC Question Regarding The Animus Control Panel
  146. Ubisoft store content
  147. Graphical evolution of Bayek's gear
  148. PS4 Return
  149. Origins With Multiplayer
  150. Trail of the gods sets on a new game
  151. Xbox One Issue with mission
  152. First person view outside of combat
  153. Removing microtransations from the game.
  154. PS4 Instant buy if Animus Control Panel is available for PS4
  155. Xbox One Community Challenge Trial Of The Gods - Why does it take so long?
  156. Anyone ordered Trial of Gods Figurine?
  157. PC Possibility to toggle between gear upgrades.
  158. PC ACO Game Progress in Animus Control Panel?
  159. New Winnipeg studio to: "increase the quality of the open worlds"
  160. Heka chest terrible drop rate?
  161. Will there be a sale on ACO soon?
  162. PC AC Origins FPS in Alexendria
  163. Is Curse of the Pharaohs the Last DLC?
  164. Daily quest "misfire"
  165. Survey for University Research
  166. Old Habits location guide
  167. The option to equip four bows would have been nice
  168. Announcement Assassin's Creed: Origins - 1.4.2 Patch Notes [Console only]
  169. PATCH size!
  170. [Rogue Academy] AC Origins | Smoke Bombs // Guide
  171. Any more outfits planned or is the undead pack the last one?
  172. PS4 Latest Anubis Outfit
  173. PS4 Cancel the appearance of some items
  174. [Ps4]My save has lost, Question about event Anubis item.
  175. [AC Origins] Temple of Amun - Ghost [Full Sync Demo]
  176. Hemet bow
  177. Sting in the Tale STILL not unlocking.
  178. Exploiting light shielded enemy NPCs in combat
  179. suggestion: combat animations
  180. Discovery Tour a dream for education technologist! How about more interactivity?
  181. I paid $2.50 for the best bow in the game, now worthless. Guess I learned my lesson.
  182. Can Too Many Ability Points Make The Game No Fun?
  183. Final quiver upgrade doesnít match the Final bracers and chest plate
  184. PC Poison dart explosion causes physical error
  185. How to get the decent clothes?
  186. Add More Captains, Commanders Elite Enemies, and Phylakes to the Open World
  187. What are you doing with AC?
  188. Camp Tamaris (Isolated Desert) Glitch
  189. Why is the Recurve Bow so weak?
  190. Planet display at Siwa vault
  191. Horde Mode Loading Times... Gross
  192. Can't use Dawn & Dusk on ship or in water (pass time)
  193. Can we please get an official list of all legendary weapons?
  194. Awesome but?
  195. PC Assassin's Creed Origins 1.22 update
  196. How to Play Origins Like DARK SOULS [Xbox Controller Guide PC]
  197. Suggestions to make the game even better
  198. My thoughts about the next ac game.
  199. Feature Suggestion: Sell Carbon Crystals and Silica
  200. Ideas for Origins infinite Future Gameplay
  201. PS4 No arabic !!!
  202. Need help
  203. http://order4healthsupplement.com/phenterage/
  204. Community Challenge Question
  205. Useless Perks and Suggested Replacements
  206. No more rewards on Trials of the Gods?
  207. Why isn't the adrenaline regeneration perk always active when I have my weapon out?
  208. I hate asking this, but...
  209. PC Quick question about cross platform
  210. Accidently Sold The Living One weapon
  211. 182 completed quests, missing one?
  212. Loved AC:O, here is where I think the next game should improve
  213. No more content for consoles? (Not a Anti-PC rant)
  214. https://www.click2trial.com/luna-trim/
  215. This week's Trials of the Gods Challenge not updating
  216. Can you guys try to also get Animus Control Panel for consoles?
  217. PC Style climb and combo.
  218. Roman/ Ptolemy Soldiers idea
  219. Coop Arena horde mode pls ubisoft!!!
  220. Best Bow type and bow
  221. Here's how to force first person perspective in the main game.
  222. Fellow fans of alternative historical fiction: watch AMC's The Terror
  223. Very weird if you change character on new games plus
  224. How to level up Bayek?
  225. Patch Notes http://www.malemuscleshop.com/luna-trim/
  226. Got the full go,den Anubis set from first teial of the gods.
  227. https://www.click2trial.com/keto-tone-diet/
  228. Is this true?
  229. Ability to change bracer, gauntlet and quiver appearance
  230. REQUEST: add option to disable finishing moves.
  231. Can you turn off the HUD in this game?
  232. PS4 Please add an option to turn off weapon effects!
  233. Community Challenge rewards
  234. Things that need fixing
  235. Random crashes
  236. Feature to turn back on Eagle neaklace and Medjay Badges
  237. Request: Fix Club Rewards page for Pre-Orders
  238. PC Will we have a new DLC soon?
  239. Support report
  240. The world needs remakes
  241. Assassisns Creed Community Discord
  242. https://flvto.club/familiar-liam-payne-mp3-song-download/
  243. Assassins that I have Avenged
  244. Patch Notes Putlocker [Watch] Avengers: Infinity War 2018 Full Free HD Movie Online Streaming
  245. Xbox One Is the support of this game dead now ubisoft?
  246. An issue with Haka Chests and online store
  247. Rob
  248. Latest Legendary Weapon: Cotton Swab Legendary Scepter!
  249. Playstation 3
  250. PC Just awesome!