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  1. Feature Request: Division-Style Weapons Inventory Management Short-Cuts
  2. First Person Zoom in Discovery Mode as a toggled button
  3. PC Achievement Issues
  4. Restart quest issue
  5. hahaha and they did it again no community reward
  6. PC How many Antigonus Shields are there?
  7. Torch in Discovery mode
  8. Dear AC Origins Team, can we please have a Sobek outfit?
  9. Is it just me or graphics in DT are better than in the base game?
  10. DLC Curse of the Pharaohs
  11. Ally bloke following me around
  12. Curse of the pharaohs DLC bug or mistake ???
  13. I wisdh the new game+ reward was transferred to your original save.
  14. If I delete my original save, do I lose my newgame+ save?
  15. PS4 Torch not burning away cobwebs in Discovery Tour
  16. Ubisoft...love you all
  17. Salesman Issue
  18. Upgradable weapons and gear
  19. New Anubis Outfit LEAKED - Revenge of Anubis
  20. Has anyone received the sword of duat as a reward from the latest Com. Challenge
  21. Discovery Tour - Amunet Character Please
  22. PC Com. Challenge reward not on New game+
  23. Discovery tour soundtrack
  24. Xbox One How to get Anubis Armor in ONE DAY! (1 hour)
  25. Fist Knuckles or Gauntlets to increase the "unarmed combat" damage output
  26. Trial of the Gods rewards know-how.
  27. Ubisoft Club Reward
  28. PS4 Can't see my discovery tour photos on the webpage
  29. Customization & immersion features missing in ACO
  30. PC SLI/Crossfire is officially not supported. Last thread on this topic.
  31. Respawn The Money Please
  32. PS4 Complete Edition
  33. Improved animal models
  34. PC Can't access Uplay
  35. Option to turn off auto-zoom while walking?
  36. PC Requesting a different berserk option in coming dlc
  37. Reddit AMA With Maxime Durand, AC Brand Historian Today!
  38. Problems with mythical warrior outfit during some cutscenes
  39. PC Last golden anubis object from the gods...
  40. introduction quest for dlc and undead pack
  41. PC BUG - Walking Up The Stairs
  42. Undead pack
  43. PC Wont start despite verifying and new uplay installation
  44. Egypt doesn't feel like a country. It feels like a city. Here's why.
  45. Papyrus Puzzle Rewards A Joke
  46. PC AC Origins - Season Pass
  47. Crocodile Armor,Outfit sell
  48. Discovery Tour - Points of Interest
  49. Discovery Tour
  50. Three things i hope will get added before the ''final'' patch
  51. Xbox One Discovery Tour Notification Page
  52. DMG of weapons / HP of shields - how it is calculated when leveling up?
  53. PS4 Prince of Persia Pack?
  54. Unequiping bows and shields?
  55. Please give us a menu option to add tabs for each weapon type into the gear menus
  56. The HDR in Origins is really mindblowing.
  57. Bayek's Medjay Shield (Unbroken Version)
  58. AYA Skin or DLC
  59. More DLC coming?
  60. History and video games (A.C Unity & the French Revolution)
  61. Undead Pack+New quest and more
  62. Nightmare mode
  63. PS4 Missing The Lure of Glory Side Quest (Possible Spoiler)
  64. Sanaa Khopesh (Bayek's Father's Sword)
  65. Hippodrome suggestion
  66. Question again!
  67. PLEASE Allow us to Toggle Weapon and Shield Visual Effects
  68. How will redeeming process handle presence of Jackal's Gaze in player's gear list?
  69. PC Pharoah's Curse DLC weapon idea
  70. Gladiators and where they're from
  71. Discovery tour and upgrading to deluxe, gold and additional features.
  72. PC http://www.facts4supplement.com/le-derme-luxe/
  73. Xbox One 일본경마사이트 , 온라인경마사이트 , Bm88.ME 광명경륜
  74. 일본경마사이트 , 온라인경마사이트 , bm 88 . Me 안전한경마사이트
  75. 온라인경마사이트 , 경마사이트 , jk 88 쩜 me 인터넷배팅
  76. Micro-transactions and lootboxes in single player games is madness
  77. [SUGGESTION] Faster Chain Kill Animation
  78. (PC) How To Remove Ugly Weapons & Shield Effects
  79. Does the icon for Siva change when completed?
  80. How do you play without level numbers?
  81. Xbox One http://nflmegahdtv.com/2018-oscar-live-online-streaming-free-hd-mega-tv/
  82. PC Max level in ACO 40 or 45 ?
  83. Trials Of Duat @Ubi-boat
  84. Question about the map
  85. Discovery mode...
  86. PC Online Manual ??
  87. Ubisoft stop this!!!!!
  88. PC What gear does Bayek use in the cinematic trailer?
  89. Assassins Creed Highland
  90. God trails hard mode delayed?
  91. Question on curse of the pharaohs
  92. Unreachable Loots
  93. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeet's get ready to rumbllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle
  94. Why ubisoft why? Hou Yi would be very angry! I know I am!
  95. PS4 King Tutankhamun Death Mask Outfit
  96. Anyone who bought Hou Yi's Bow or the Eastern Dynasties Pack should demand a refund.
  97. PC Patch 1.4.0 and level cap
  98. PC The Chinese Localization Needs To Be Fixed
  99. [PS4] Where is introduction new quest Light among dunes on map ?
  100. 1.40 Discovery Tour
  101. Discovery ~ New Reward
  102. 경마잘하는방법 , 경마분석방법 , jk88점me 사설경정
  103. steam 1.40
  104. PC i love it
  105. What's with the mysterious papyrus?
  106. crash within a few mins after patch 1.4.0
  107. PS4 Bug Shadow Warrior Outfit Heka Chests
  108. 1.4.0 heka thread
  109. Xbox One trial of the gods (none existent loot drop)
  110. Future dlc?
  111. Lights Among The Dunes
  112. light among the dunes
  113. Adding Aya skin into the Main Game
  114. Wasn't Curse of the Pharaohs supposed to be out today?
  115. PC Best 15.6-inch Laptop for Photo Editing on the Go
  116. Level reset
  117. 경마잘하는방법 , 경마분석방법 , jk88점me 온라인경마
  118. PS4 Light Among the Dunes in New Game Plus?
  119. Classic Challenges at 0%
  120. NG+ Completion Reward?
  121. senu "skins" coming in Curse of the Pharaohs ?
  122. Melhorias do personagens excluídos.
  123. Leveling Up and Cap Increase after installing DLC (without leaving original map)
  124. PS4 The Curse Of The Pharaohs Outfit
  125. Old Habits Trophy
  126. (PC) Lights among the dunes GAMEBREAKING BUG
  127. PC non important but just an eyesore for an English Major
  128. Red Anubis Set (Hard Mode Rewards)
  129. How to beat Hard Mode Gods without cap increase?
  130. We want night option on AC: Syndicate!
  131. Horde mode needs completely reworked.
  132. On Screen Stats Display Problem
  133. [BUG / Feedback] Scarab Warrior Outfit Flappy Thing
  134. Trial of Sekhmed - God's lvl 48, my 45
  135. Дискриминация в игре экскурсии
  136. Layla and the chopper (present day end game)
  137. Making Money
  138. Grass Downgrade
  139. !!!“important”!!! HELP
  140. PC Trial of the Gods - Sekhmet Speedkill (Hardmode + Nightmare)
  141. Screen shake aggravating medical condition.
  142. Question on curse of the pharaohs
  143. Twitch Drops for exclusuve weapon during next stream
  144. Connor outfit
  145. the curse of the shadow warrior outfit
  146. Ubisoft ever going to acknowledge the heka chests?
  147. AC:origins help
  148. PC Lost all my equip weapons
  149. Defect of Anubis costume animation
  150. Patch 1.40 Size!
  151. PC Crimson Anubis Gear = How?
  152. Mission Demons in the desert
  153. Frequently thought things that NEED to be Addressed
  154. PS4 Some problems with Origins, may have some spoliers but so early in the game and vague
  155. PC Didnt get any reward in this week challenge
  156. About the Anubis armor...
  157. What time Curse of pharaoh dlc release ?
  158. The curse of the pharaohs release time
  159. Animal taming really buggy
  160. New trailer dlc curse of the pharaohs
  161. Assassin's Creed Origins thoughts
  162. control nuisance
  163. This may have been requested before...
  164. Cost of DLC Curse of the Pharaohs
  165. PC Statistics for 100% Completion
  166. Does anyone know what time The Curse of The Pharaohs is playable?
  167. How much space will the curse of the pharaohs take up on ps4?
  168. WHAT KILLED ORIGINS? Over streamlining AC mechanics...
  169. Ps4 no prise after god's challenge
  170. 想买毕业证+QQ/微信:1151714174卖Adelaide文凭证书、Adelaide学位认证
  171. 想买毕业证+QQ/微信:1151714174卖Melbourne文凭证书、Melbourne学位认证
  172. Xbox One Health Problems?
  173. PS4 Curse of the Pharaohs unavailable for purchase
  174. PC Question about Uplay 20% off and the Origins dlc / season pass
  175. (Problem) I cant buy the Curse of the Pharaohs Steam
  176. Trials confusion
  177. Turning Off Lighted Path Indicator Line in Discovery Tour Auto Ride
  178. Hello
  179. Can You Delete Some of Your Own Photos?
  180. PC How do I get the Medjay Arena Shield?
  181. PS4 Curse of the pharaohs unavailable on PS4 (Asia)
  182. PC To the developers
  183. "Pharaoh's Curse" spawns are incredibly unintuitive
  184. The Hidden Ones (Note for Sekhet) Question (Possible Spoiler)
  185. Serqet's Carapace the only new outfit?
  186. uplay launcher broke
  187. Curse of the Pharaoh question
  188. Bureau of the Hidden Ones - New Items for Sale
  189. Anyone found second outfit CotP yet?
  190. Seriously... we need to talk ability to change upgrades
  191. Hidden Ones - Can I go back to the Main story
  192. PS4 Can ubi do something about the new chest plate?
  193. One Grain At a Time Ubisoft Club Challenge
  194. PS4 Hidden secret
  195. Connor Kenway outfit in Origins
  196. A big thank you
  197. Map Bug
  198. Esio might be an ancestor of Ezio
  199. [Bug] Tall grass in Coral Escarpment Camp not hidding Bayek.
  200. First Person Tour in Discovery Tour
  201. Far Cry Primal pack
  202. Assassins creed remake petition
  203. PC Dash Boost skill (CotP)
  204. Can i get Red Anubis Reward On two saves?
  205. 1.41 heka thread
  206. Xbox One Patch 1.4.1 things Ubisoft did not mentioned
  207. Any update onthe twitch drop?
  208. Servant of Amun outfit. [Photo]
  209. Aaru cipher
  210. PC Assassin's Creed: Origins - Can't enter hidden room in Sais
  211. About ...shards of a star, carbon crystal and silica
  212. Discovery Tour updates
  213. Arena question
  214. Perfect Dodge
  215. Xbox One Accidentally sold Amun's Might
  216. PC ACO game not playable after patch 1.4.1
  217. Nomad bazaar quest missing after 1.4.1
  218. Hou Yi bow and weapon level downgrades? #ubi-liars!
  219. ACO freezes screen for few seconds after patch 1.4.1.
  220. PS4 No corn in Egypt
  221. Curse of the pharaohs problem
  222. CotP showing 97%
  223. PC Anubis outfit
  224. yeyyyy i dismantled the new beautiful shield
  225. Aso nomads bazzar [PS4]
  226. CotP soundtrack release?
  227. Bow of Ra thumbnail
  228. CotPunmarked ability point locations
  229. [SPOILERS] Discussion on the pharaohs/gods of Egypt and the game lore
  230. Xbox One [SPOILERS] 4 Unmarked Hermit Locations in CotP DLC
  231. PS4 [REQUEST] Ability to change cosmetic appearance of Bayek's upgradeable gear
  232. Carbon crystals post-CotP
  233. Curse of the Pharaohs , Sutekh [SPOILER]
  234. Different medjay shields. How to get what is in the arenas without ropes? HELP
  235. Outside the Animus
  236. assassins creed Origins from now on...
  237. Xbox One Are store items transferable between Xbox One accounts?
  238. No fresh mechanics across two DLC:s is not good enough
  239. Gear customisation?
  240. Suggestions for Hidden One OUTFIT
  241. Reduction in draw distance after CotP update causing irritating aesthetic issues
  242. PS4 Celestial Raiment Missing
  243. PC Suggestion: Cursed Dual Swords
  244. PC ACO after the dlc and the updates is unplayable
  245. Can you add an option for Senu ?
  246. This damn cat is gonna get me killed
  247. How to Revitalize the Assassin's Creed Franchise
  248. PC "Love or Duty" Curse of the Pharaohs Quest Glitch
  249. "Barefoot" Outfits
  250. PS4 Why can't we get and use this sword?