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  1. Best/easiest spot for the Sharpshooter Club challenge?
  2. Walls of The Ruler Camp
  3. Recruiting assassins in Origins/Hidden Ones (Game Feature Request)
  4. Sobek loots
  5. PC On special effects on weapons,An option to turn on and off should be given
  6. Trials of the Gods & Community Challenge Rewards 4 accounts
  7. PS4 http://www.wellness4healthy.com/tryvexan-au/
  8. Cannot progress onto lizards mask, crocodiles scales or the hyena
  9. Reda quest!
  10. Horde Mode strategies?
  11. How many legendary are in the game?
  12. 'What Time is It?' PS4 Trophy issue
  13. How about make completed area name in gold on the big map? and so on
  14. Trophy issue "old habits"
  15. 150 Drachmas for a Legendary Spear
  16. Max Gear Upgrade Color (Hidden Ones)
  17. Player vs Player
  18. Where is the set "For Honor" ??????? A? Today is January, 30th UBISOFT
  19. Assassin creed origins soundtrack cd problem
  20. Thoughts on the DLC
  21. PC sinai 93% what am i missing??
  22. Dear Ubisoft, please add a hood option for the Protector Outfit
  23. This Month in Assassin's Creed: Origins - February
  24. Future character pack ideas? Share your thoughts.
  25. Revelations outfit?
  26. Heka chest result tallies
  27. The For Honor pack in heka chests?
  28. Monster Energy Exclusive Weapons are now available through Heka Chests!
  29. Pack/Add-on Prince of Persia
  30. Why are some of the newer outfits lacking free flowing cloth physics?
  31. PC Spear not doing damage
  32. Outfit Dyes.
  33. Cleopatra's Bodyguard Outfit
  34. PC Bayak get a home / cave
  35. February schedule :p
  36. Ubiclub points
  37. February content update
  38. PC Bug on the horde mode
  39. New legendary perks (including ideas)
  40. Ability to switch Chest Armor, bracers, quiver, pouches skins - and BIGGER SHIELDS !
  41. How many item included in "Show Me The Money" badge ?
  42. What happens after the ''Curse of the Pharaohs'' DLC?
  43. Legacy Outfits Still Lacking
  44. Upping the bandit/coin-carrying caravans to 500 drachma
  45. Am I imagining things...?
  46. A question to Ubisoft, do you not care about all of your customers?
  47. PC Update suggestions for ubisoft
  48. PC Pharoah's Curse DLC ideas
  49. Anyone have a list of all Hidden Ones locations/missions?
  50. More of missions like Taste of her sting.
  51. Order of the Ancients Armor
  52. Can I shut that Ability Points Upgrade Reminder in "light" HUD
  53. PC How do I get a treasure after completing The Setting Sun?
  54. Petition to fix the spear!
  55. New Game+ ETA
  56. List of weapons and shields with quality and attributes
  57. Heka Chest suggestions for improvement
  58. A few changes and new things I would like to see
  59. All Costumes + How to unlock them
  60. 99 %
  61. Add Something Similar To Monterrigioni/Homestead/etc?
  62. Ubisoft could you look into maybe adding this stuff
  63. Newgame+ will make game too easy.
  64. Petition for more gods in Trails of the gods and themed rewards
  65. the 25 characters of THE DISCOVERY TOUR
  66. PC aco
  67. Unequipping weapons
  68. Echopath's Changes and Ideals
  69. Hidden Ones makes me think a taking another year off would be good
  70. Hidden ones bureau development
  71. Asaassin creed Origion Finished once the last DLC comes out?
  72. Movement speed on keyboard+mouse
  73. Xbox One [Watch/Free] Michigan vs Minnesota 2018 Live Stream Free Baskrtball Game Onlin
  74. [Suggestion] A feature that hides/unequips the first and second weapon you carry
  75. The Hidden Ones
  76. The Partner mount not in a Heka Chest.
  77. All for a Completionist
  78. So the Protection got lifted for this Game
  79. PC Loaded someone else's save? uPlay cloud sync error!
  80. Xbox One http://www.movellas.com/blog/show/201802041504444448/freetv-england-vs-italy-2018-liv
  81. PC Not loading last save game
  82. What happened to Kensa?
  83. Gladiator Arena rewards - could we regain the sold ones?
  84. Layla Hassan Missing Picture
  85. Black & Yellow Pharaoh Outfit
  86. PC Вопросы к Ubisoft + Багофикс
  87. Anyone know the approximate time the Reda quests reset?
  88. Stargate Sg-1 Goa'uld guard armors
  89. PS4 Buy Registered IELTS,TOEFL,Toeic Certificates,Passports,Drivers License,ID Cards,Visa
  90. Question regarding the quests ''Incoming Threat' 'and ''Gift from the Gods''
  91. PC Crashing right after the splash screen
  92. PS4 "Incoming Threat" bug
  93. Abubakar Salim, voice actor of Bayek is doing a Q+A on Tuesday Feb. 6 on reddit!
  94. Master seer damage still not correct
  95. Assassins skill set @UBI-BOAT
  96. Eye of Horus glove/bracer? THO Title screen image
  97. Xbox One [Watch/Free] Oklahoma vs West Virginia 2018 Live Stream Free College Basketball Game
  98. The Hidden Ones keeps me loading, how long will it take?
  99. PC Start Uplay and game - initialization in progress........HELPPPP
  100. Sacrab outfit glitch it not show tool bag in game
  101. Trials of the God
  102. Stealthy Shrub papyrus duplicate
  103. PC Earning xp in gladiator / chariot watch mode idea
  104. PC Tempest Blade's Health on Hit doesn't work anymore
  105. ACO Multiplayer Mode
  106. The Hidden Ones 93%
  107. AC Origins save issue
  108. Xbox One Modern day and Link to the past.
  109. Suggestion: Gadget selection
  110. Ubisoft, please update your known issues forum.
  111. Please add the ability to carry unconscious enemies
  112. More advanced Photo Mode?
  113. My wishes for Assassin's Creed: Origins
  114. Someone please explain the rotation of Trials of the gods REWARDS
  115. PC Future Content
  116. Great Sphinx Defaced Paintings
  117. FPS Drops with 1050ti (notebook) Normal or something is wrong?
  118. PS4 Needs Sell Max Button PLEASE!
  119. Mission Destination mark (customized HUD) seen only by Senu & Senu off in mission
  120. So this happened...
  121. Redas daily quest as mirage?????
  122. PC A few ideas worth repeating....
  123. Altair's Outfit missing
  124. Help! No daily quest from Reda!
  125. So what do you want from The Curse of the Pharaohs?
  126. PS4 For honor pack items in heka chests?
  127. Buy Real Registered or Fake Unregistered Passports, ID Cards, SSN, Driver's License,
  128. Assassin's Legacy
  129. Replay Missions / New Game +
  130. Secrets of the First Pyramids Mission disappeared
  131. Baby Assassin :)
  132. @Ubisoft Alligator and Hippo set
  133. Trial of Sekhmet - Community challenge
  134. @Ubi-boat New places to see
  135. Ubisoft please dont fix cpu bug (sse 4.2)
  136. Disable leveling up.
  137. Suggestion to make silica crystals more visible
  138. @UBI suggestion! Serqet Scorpion god set!
  139. King Tuts Tomb and set
  140. PC 3d в assassin`s creed origins!!!!!!!помогите!!!!!!
  141. Message to the AC team about the Discovery mode
  142. PC Hidden Treasures in Arsinoe
  143. PC Diving and swimming underground glitch
  144. Controller for Ps4
  145. [Watch/Free] Michigan vs Wisconsin 2018 Live Stream Free College Basketball Game Onli
  146. Accents in Origins
  147. Upcoming New Game+
  148. Amunet Figurine?
  149. More ACO?
  150. Future Community Challenges
  151. [Graphics] far terrain, shadow, tesselation looks like poop
  152. PC Glitches pt 1 - funny and not
  153. When Will We Get A Release Date For New Game Plus And More Information.
  154. Nomad's Bazaar
  155. PS4 ACO 99% - Impossible 100%
  156. ambush at sea
  157. Option to turn off the sleep/poison smoke effect of weapons/shields
  158. AC Origins Discovery Tour new info, looks brilliant
  159. Is the Achievement "BOOM" glitched?
  160. PC Idea: Make Mounts Upgradeable
  161. I noticed in the discovery tour news Q & A that photos won’t show on this site,
  162. PC Assassin's creed "infinite" business model idea
  163. 2 ACO'S on my PS4 console
  164. PC Glitches pt 2 - funny and not.
  165. drachmas loot!
  166. Need more photo mode options and events.
  167. Real Cobra bow and Partner mount
  168. Eventi
  169. Q&A with Chantel Riley (Layla Hassan)
  170. @ubiboat unkillable cats & dogs pretty please?!
  171. Can someone help me about two soundtracks?
  172. Do Ubisoft concept artists have finite amount of ideas?
  173. discovery tour available now??
  174. @ubi. mechanic suggestion. for mask with helmets/hood
  175. Suggestions.
  176. PC Dissapointed with origins
  177. Buy Multiple Tablet's of Knowledge at once
  178. PC I want to unequip bows and shield so bad Ubisoft!
  179. Trials of the Gods Figurine!! AWESOME
  180. Ubisoft this is not fair at all!!!!!
  181. Better combat
  182. Toggable Red Glowing Eyes For Mummy
  183. Roman Blood Uplay Achievement is broken
  184. Mummy Horse
  185. The Hippodrome is pure garbage and should have never been put in the game.
  186. Unable selling unneeded second Celestial Raiment Outfit from Heka Chest
  187. Is Hepzefa's Sword reobtainable via Heka Chest?
  188. What are they saying in the Foreign Language?
  189. AC: Origins;Discovery Tour Inquiries...
  190. No Passage to Sinai
  191. The most recent update delete my second game file
  192. Uplay points
  193. Petition @UBI devs about weapon art.
  194. Xbox One https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/myncbi/asdfff/cv/231264/
  195. Can I transfer a game?
  196. Sinai and valley of the kings tours
  197. Revenge of Anubis outfit new color again
  198. PC Ubisoft already known about Shadow Warrior outfit problem and other things
  199. Senu eating/hunting?
  200. New game+ tomorrow
  201. Announcement Introducing New Game +
  202. Multiplayer??
  203. Assassin Creed Logo
  204. No codex?
  205. Ps4 quest bug the Old Library.
  206. Celestial Raiment Armor Helmet issue.
  207. What Time Do The Trials of the Gods Start and How Do I Acces Them?
  208. Disappointed with NG+ reward. Ubisoft that was lazy.
  209. Can't start NG+ No free save slots.
  210. Anubis Outfit bugged
  211. Should there be Discovery Tours for the Hidden Ones and Curse of the Pharaohs DLCs?
  212. Trial of the Gods
  213. PC Discovery Tour - polish language
  214. PC Where are the discovery mode achievements?
  215. ACO Discovery Tour ~ A game changer?
  216. Annoying avatar singing in Discovery mode
  217. Discovery Tour - thank you Ubisoft, I like it very much.
  218. PC discovery tour - czech language
  219. Discovery Tour: Annoying voice over every 90 seconds between tours
  220. Some Early Thoughts on the Discovery Tour after Two Hours of Playing
  221. Doom set
  222. assassins creed origins
  223. Trial of the Gods set bow (Jackals Gaze)
  224. My 3D Printed Assassin's Creed origins logo
  225. Discovery Tour standalone on steam: no other audio languages than English available
  226. Discovery em português
  227. Reward Expectations
  228. Would it be very hard or possible for Ubisoft to add this
  229. PS4 Is the Death-Biter sword a nod to Prince of Persia or purely coincidental?
  230. PS4 How do I get 100% progression in this game?
  231. Xbox One Discovery tour no portuguese language audio and sub
  232. Hello, gold anubis item question.
  233. PC Discovery mode forcibly changes controls
  234. PS4 How do i get all the items from the community challenges.
  235. Future game
  236. sell all crafting resources or keep them before Curse of the Pharoahs?
  237. New Game+ Rewards
  238. not getting 4th gold gods item
  239. Toughest Trial of the Gods?
  240. Censorship in Discovery Tour
  241. Trouble reaching a chest
  242. Master Hunter, Seer, & Warrior videos outfits.
  243. Discovery tour - does not have Czech subtitles?
  244. Discovery Tour skins in the main game?
  245. PC Lost save game after downloading discovery tour
  246. What quest gives Sharur rare heavy blunt reward?
  247. Hidden ones
  248. Feature Request: Division-Style Weapons Inventory Management Short-Cuts
  249. First Person Zoom in Discovery Mode as a toggled button
  250. PC Achievement Issues