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  1. So freaking excited. So many ideas floating around my head it's overwhelming.
  2. 26th the midnight hour
  3. Reskins weapons and IA appearance and other suggestions
  4. What weapons are available in arcade?
  5. Far Cry 5 multiplayer pc 60fps 1080p Video
  6. Would you?
  7. Melee weapons in editor?
  8. What multiplayer game mode would you MOST want to see added?
  9. Somebody is already streaming FC5 live on Twitch right now!
  10. Occlusion blocking optimization.
  11. If I wanted to play Far Cry Arcade solo...
  12. Save your map from being copied and reuploaded?
  13. Did the Redlynx team assist with development of the IGE?
  14. Have you seen the terrain editor in Planet Coaster?
  15. Xbox One/ X Version... Mouse/ Keyboard Support?
  16. When can Map Jam winners expect to receive their copy of Farcry 5?
  17. Cross platform creating
  18. Help about map editor
  19. Map Editor Video
  20. Just a idea for private lobbies hosting maps
  21. Map Editor Showcase! (German)
  22. 22.8 GB? How? Surely this pre-load isn't the entire game.
  23. Far Cry 5: PRE-LAUNCH LIVESTREAM - New arcade map
  24. Classic Predator Mode
  25. Featured custom maps
  26. I'm sad :(
  27. Mad editor budget
  28. Does the map maker get to choose the kill count?
  29. Important please
  30. Forge Labs Streams FC5 Editor - Shows generic shapes and textures!
  31. What Is The True Max Size For User Created Maps?
  32. there are no waterfalls in the editor :(
  33. What is the level editor like on PC?
  34. Will anyone make video reviews of custom maps?
  35. Question regarding A.I.
  36. The Wave of Content
  37. New Map Editor Walkthrough Video
  38. Its still a Community of Players
  39. Movie Actors in Far Cry
  40. Only hours away
  41. Import Terrain Heightfield?
  42. [KNOWN ISSUES] DAY 1 - Map Editor
  43. Amazing textures for generic objects
  44. Editor problems
  45. Can you save a user created object?
  46. Accessing Arcade without playing campaign?
  47. Any way I can play my maps in the game (without playing it in the editor)?
  48. Anyone any good gun range maps
  49. First impression.
  50. Camera speed
  51. Concerned about console memory.
  52. Has Vehicle AI Waves Been Removed from FC5?
  53. Map question relating to PS4
  54. Map Editor Manual - Where ?
  55. i created in far cry 4 an copy of one of locations from crysis 3
  56. Far Cry Arcade Editor Manual
  57. Amazing editor
  58. Duplicating selected groups is broken on XBOX1
  59. Comprehensive list of assets?
  60. My first impressions of the editor/PVP
  61. Need Help please
  62. Help, Can't place objects at all
  63. New map teaser pic and info
  64. Where can I see my published maps?
  65. Can't Publish Maps
  66. Inverted movement controls???
  67. Console BADLY needs a search bar
  68. PC editor budget
  69. (PC) Here's my first 4 maps for Far Cry 5!
  70. Making a stream
  71. Modify the respawn time of vehicles
  72. Potential game-killer for mapmaking community?
  73. No MS16 in the map editor
  74. Custom Deathmatch, Co-op Maps, and Modifier Issues
  75. I can not see or play Arcade maps on PC
  76. I'm a bit confused and a tad annoyed.
  77. BUGS in map editor on PC
  78. hi guys, where i can download the map editor?
  79. Editor cant select New map/Open map
  80. Terrible Design Choice
  81. New Challenges in Mapping
  82. PS4 finished my first map
  83. Unable to publish maps in editor
  84. Unable to "Explore" or "Play" Map
  85. Map Editor Error: The Object Budget Has Been Exceeded
  86. Problem loading the editor
  87. Will animals and NPCs from Far Cry Primal and Far Cry 4 ever be in the editor?
  88. Ability to edit/create custom game mods in far cry arcade?
  89. Control Zones
  90. Please! Widen the width of roads we can place
  91. [BUG] Nameless Teammates -Multiplayer
  92. [BUG] Nameless Teammates -Multiplayer
  93. Custom story in map editor ?
  94. Is there a way to change controls? (mouse acceleration to high)
  95. How do you guys interpret the "workshop" filter in the map browser (PC)?
  96. Farcry Arcade Discord (Group) (For Map Testing Etc)
  97. Map Editor Tutorials
  98. A way to Update published maps?
  99. Are created maps shared between PC and console versions?
  100. Public servers
  101. Map Editor objects bug
  102. Hole tool?
  103. Missing weapons on loadout settings
  104. Can you color generic shapes?
  105. Missing Assest in Editor
  106. How to paint a texture on generic objects?
  107. My First Map
  108. One or more objects are entirely under terrain?
  109. My arcade rank reset
  110. AI Behaviour functions in editor (Play and Explore) but not in published map
  111. The lobby system is substantially worse than I thought it would be.
  112. My First Far Cry 5 Map: Giant Chess Board
  113. Hole Tool Someone Help Please
  114. Cant Publish Maps - bug report
  115. TUTORIAL: Making REALISTIC rivers and streams that actually FLOW. Its easy guys...
  116. Editor won't launch PC
  117. Console snap objects
  118. We cant publish maps
  119. Zipline's angle is too flat ? Fix ?
  120. Map Limits (PC)
  121. Extinction map
  122. Map Editor Problems!!!
  123. How to get NPCs (enemies) to equip a certain type of weapon?
  124. AI driving vehicles (waypoints)
  125. Missing weapons on loadout settings
  126. Looking for a map making community
  127. spawning underground (shelter/bunker)
  128. Can't update published maps
  129. Locked Doors And Keys?
  130. What Triggers the Angels AI?
  131. Map Limits Not Working
  132. "Error: Upload Operation has failed"
  133. Issue: Object area not clear
  134. Please add writable notes.
  135. Arcade
  136. Editor FPS is BAD, game FPS is Smooth... what gives?
  137. Anyone know how to trigger the AI special behavior?
  138. [POLL] What do you think of Enemy Spawn Rates?
  139. Map creator not displaying in Arcade search results
  140. Anyone else want this?
  141. Editor camera movement zoom in/out speed
  142. Playstation Plus required for Solo Arcade!?! Ridiculous. See LittleBigPlanet 3.
  143. The amount of s#%* "maps" are killing this game.
  144. Can't upload maps
  145. [Suggestion] Option to choose between "Invisible wall" map limit and "Out of bounds".
  146. FAR CRY 5: Map Editor Item Wish List
  147. Buildings changed on their own?
  148. practice fog , forest and lighting amazing editor thx ubisoft
  149. Generic Shapes - how to texture (paint) them?
  150. Rotating Textures on Generic Shapes?
  151. The Snapping tool for far cry 5 for console versions
  152. 3 features that need fixing or added.
  153. Frontlinedave xbox live
  154. Far Cry 5 Map Editor Road Placement Issue
  155. How to delete trees etc?
  156. Add Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon theme song to Far Cry Arcade menus
  157. Any way to delete a published map?
  158. Editor Bugs/Issues
  159. Map Editor is Excellent!!! Now a couple Requests : )
  160. Battle Royale?
  161. I finally got around to trying out the map editor on PS4...
  162. [BUG] Duplicate Issue
  163. First Map Published -- Questions
  164. How to trigger AI ?
  165. Jump pads?
  166. PC: Enemy in boats/ai
  167. Forum members released maps. Add 'em.
  168. Published maps
  169. How to paint walls, objects etc.?
  170. Any invisible walls for editor?
  171. 3 Missing Features to Save Multiplayer Mode
  172. [BUG] Generated Rocks not Solid, Loadouts/Teams are bugged in Editor
  173. Question about loadouts
  174. CTF/Control/Other game modes
  175. User maps ratings
  176. Play my Map
  177. Camera keys reversed
  178. Issues with map editor (Xbox)
  179. I remember when
  180. How to lower landscape in a easier way?
  181. Error snowshoe-670BD74A when trying to publish map
  182. Map Editor: Bugs + Suggestions (PS4)
  183. PS4 Add me as a friend for testing out maps
  184. Missing Jungle foliage.
  185. Need a "favorites" or "clipboard" section for map objects
  186. My first non-test Team-Deathmatch MP map: Forgotten Valley
  187. Thoughts on any damage resulting in a kill?
  188. How to undo error message from model through other model?
  189. 1 v 1 Matches?
  190. PVP "DMZ" Version 4 (BETA)
  191. [PS4] Need Help Testing my HALO 1 BloodGulch Map. Need some friend requests
  192. Cut off section of map?
  193. Weapon attachments?
  194. Try my map - Welcome to Elk jaw lodge - Final / custom map.
  195. Lobbies need changed!!!!!
  196. Some Editor Questions
  197. Feedback for First Timers
  198. Hosting custom maps on the weekends!!!
  199. Featuring maps
  200. Missing weapons on loadout settings
  201. Thank you Dev Team of Farcry 5 !
  202. i can't publish mapS
  203. Support for editor
  204. Too many objects in one square
  205. (PC) Objects change after loading
  206. My First Map - Sherwood Forest [BOWS N ARROWS]
  207. Unpublish my maps
  208. Arcade multiplayer lobby / map selection suggestions
  209. How can i remove trees/grass place in building back to flat ground. - no clipping
  210. "INVASION" Custom Map - Xbox One
  211. Some general feedback about the Map Editor and Arcade
  212. hand crafted realistic massive Battleroyale map (Island Battleground V2)
  213. // Technical Questions: Lighting/Attachments/NAVMesh/ + BUG report
  214. Far Cry 5 Map Editor Download
  215. Texturing multiple generic shapes at once.
  216. Dynamic Doors
  217. Feedback Wanted: Welcome Home
  218. Horse Shoe Creek by truesurv1val
  219. Making vidoe shots issues
  220. Multiplayer map size
  221. [SUGGESTION] Run a map competition to up amount of quality maps
  222. Issues with FC4 assets
  223. I can't play PvP custom games!
  224. Map Editor is bugged for me
  225. [PS4] Maps by bent_toe *with pics*
  226. Sub-Forum for Sharing Maps
  227. Seems only VERY small maps are possible....?!
  228. Help with A.I please!
  229. I can't set the size to Control Zones.
  230. Is it possible to link map together? (one ends and the next one starts?)
  231. Canít play my own multiplayer map!
  232. No sound from fire
  233. Paradise Lost - my latest map is live now
  234. Can we get a sticky post with all the objects listed?
  235. The Facility (from GoldenEye) solo/co-op map
  236. Supersize kitchen #popey
  237. Remove all "nuketown" maps. Thanks
  238. Important Map Editor Bug
  239. Neon Gladiators, played 68.000 times...and some rules.
  240. Disabling vehicle limit
  241. Maps taking a long time too load
  242. Vote to Remove Broken or Terrible Maps
  243. Custom Thumbnail for Maps
  244. Remove budget from PC Map Editor
  245. Make "Our" Created Maps "UN"EDITABLE by other People
  246. Will DLC objects/AI be added to Arcade?
  247. Video of my new map right here
  248. A Modular Interior Building System
  249. Hello Ubisoft, please make Objective Markers in Journey useful. Now they are useless.
  250. Current list of issues