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  1. New Game and Outpost Reset
  2. Testy Festy in Co-Op breaks weapon wheel
  3. FC5 game keeps freezing
  4. Customization Lacking, might as well be a Ken doll
  5. Side mission where you run over animals is the worst thing about this game.
  6. A couple bugs I found so far
  7. Co-op Gun Unlocking issues.
  8. Cleansing mission bug
  9. Snipers
  10. Testy festy coop glitch farcry5
  11. More Players in Co-Op
  12. Liberating garages affecting spawn rate?
  13. Private Pvp & 4 player co-op
  14. Add More Save Slots
  15. Patch to get a new button for looting/weapon swaps!
  16. Bug - Black Screen at Launch
  17. The Weekly Challenges
  18. Spent 20 hours on multiplayer map, yet can never play it????
  19. I'm having a blast playing this game - chime in if you are too
  20. "Friendly Skies" mission glitched out
  21. John seeds bunker mission on hard impossible
  22. Far Cry 5 Hitting it Off help Psn
  23. Glitched mission
  24. Play my new map
  25. Article from Polygon thinks Ubisoft needs go back to drawing board about ending
  26. [feedback][suggestion]
  27. Missing mission (Whitetail)
  28. Weekly Club challenges?
  29. Is Faith Even Real In Far Cry 5?
  30. What are the locked icons on roof apex?
  32. Looking for people to play with!
  33. more DLC based on poll from 2015?
  34. Bug with "Walk Away Ending"
  35. FC5 Club Challenges Bug!
  36. HELP! Whiskey River - Side Mission Bug 14/15
  37. PS4 Disable Aim Acceleration option
  38. Idea for Perk
  39. Question about current firearms.
  40. Great Game But Co-op with 5 others.
  41. Feedback; suggested Options, HUD, Controls and Customization changes
  42. [SUGGESTION] - Please add sleep into the game to change to day or night time
  43. Far Cry 6 World Setting?
  44. Forced linear progression, missable missions and and empty world.
  45. Only one slot for main weapon?
  46. Favourite little details?
  47. I Found where your companions go
  48. Patch 1.03
  49. **SPOILERS** Endings are.....Lacking :(
  50. Ubisoft: Well done!
  51. Week 1 vs Week 2
  52. Suggestion - change the loading screen
  53. Boomer
  54. My Only Two Complaints
  55. Are there any hidden missions in Jacob's region? I seem to be missing 1.
  56. Militia Outfit Bugged?
  57. Questions: Challenges and bugs [PS4]
  58. Multiplayer is missing weapons
  59. Music Volume
  60. WARNING to All FC5 Players!! [READ]
  61. Chain Melee Takedowns & Pistol Takdown question
  62. How I play far cry 5 after final boss?
  63. Coop in far cry 5 season pass
  64. Companion app or FC Arcade app
  65. Hey I cant upload my maps in arcade editor
  66. Does anyone else find Jacob's Trials annoying?
  67. Why can't I play the game how I want?
  68. mind blown
  69. Hunting animals tips, some issues.
  70. How to play just TDM?
  71. Strange firefights, can someone advise?
  72. Help me bring this fan art to Ubisoft's attention!
  73. I don't really know what I'm doing
  74. Bugs and other issues!!
  75. Battle Royale Mode
  76. I don't think this is how helicopters are supposed to work.
  77. NPCs falling out of vehicles when shot?
  78. FC5 Graphical problems with environment
  79. Well Done Event
  80. Worst Far Cry game I ever played
  81. Why "homeopathics"?
  82. Far Cry 5 Live event - Well done
  83. Challenges & bugs
  84. Repopulate World
  85. Civilian Intel. Everyone Points Me To Whitetail Mountains
  86. My arcade level in FC5 just reset!!
  87. How do I get the Community T-Shirt?
  88. “Just for fun” guns
  89. Am I the only person who likes the enemy spawns the way they are?
  90. Worked fine, then not so much
  91. Vector 45 Suggestion
  92. Xbox- whiskey river side mission fix found!
  93. Anything more to the hotsprings hotel?
  94. Well done: Live event tip! 4/3/18
  95. Dead Zones for Xbox 1
  96. Lack of Kriss Vector in Farcry 5
  97. How to kill Jacob Seed Easy
  98. Game plus\Re playable missions
  99. How To Liberate Jacob Seeds part of the island in 1 mission
  100. I'm sorry, I have to ask about primary weapons.
  101. REQUEST: Base story progression on story mission completion
  102. Dotted line with X everywhere?
  103. Coop mode less rewarding for player 2
  104. Acquired perks help!
  105. Capture Tankers
  106. Arcade Editor - Round Based Team-Deathmatch
  107. Far cry 5 arcade
  108. Far cry 5 arcade
  109. You Know Your'e Playing a Little Too Much Far Cry 5 When...
  110. Please make FAR CRY ARCADE section in the forums!!
  111. Why can I only give salmon to cheeseburger once?
  112. abandon mission
  113. An everyman's review of Far Cry 5
  114. The Live Event Rewards
  115. Can I finish Eli's "Search & Rescue" mission AFTER Jacob's region has been liberated?
  116. Live et rediff' intéressant sur far cry 5 | fr
  117. Zombie DLC thoughts
  118. Stealth Question
  119. Far cry 5 arcade competitor boost
  120. The AI is intensely Stupid
  121. Cross Progress with different platforms
  122. Audio when game not focused
  123. Far Cry 5 Arcade Suggestions
  124. What can i expect from Farcry 5 endgame?
  125. Weapon Diversity
  126. Far cry 5
  127. I Remade 'House' from Rainbow 6 SIEGE in the Editor. Come check it out :D
  128. How to get Community T-shirts?
  129. Racing death loop
  130. Radio Silence/Turn the Tables mission reward broken
  131. PS4 ~ Far Cry 5 Map editor Vehicle problem
  132. [MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT] Ending Question
  133. Just beat Far Cry 5 (No Spoilers) What a masterpiece. Thank you Ubisoft.
  134. "Grace Under Fire" Map Glitch
  135. The Ending Explained. EXTREME SPOILERS Plot Twist Ending.
  136. The Ending Explained EXTREME SPOILERS. Plot Twist!
  137. Live Event not working?
  138. new gameplay ideas/features
  139. Why is the aim-assist always resets to ON even if i turn it off?! (PC)
  140. Hello. Here's my take on Far Cry 5. Be warned there'll be spoilers.
  141. BALD EAGLE Gub or glitched ??
  142. Frequent Dialoge Loops of NPCs
  143. Bigfoot in Hope County: Real or Myth?
  144. Player expectations, the white horse!
  145. 60 fps support xbox one x
  146. Far Cry 5 Arcade editor, big camera glitch.
  147. Those Poor Dogs (SPOILER WARNING!)
  148. Forced Boss encounters need to be changed
  149. An old school player manifesto
  150. Can you leave Boomer behind?
  151. Forced Boss encounters need to be changed
  152. Brightness issue using HDR
  153. Feature my map Look Up
  154. The ending
  155. Cult outpost reset bug
  156. FARCRY 5 v FARCRY 2
  157. 100% Ubisoft Club Bug? And Lamb of God Church Bug?
  158. Body Armor questions
  159. Helicopters seem Game-breaking
  160. Semiautomatic Rifles need a lot more punch
  161. HELP week challenges
  162. VECTOR 45 unlocked 😃
  163. “Nonviolence nonviolence”
  164. Its not all bad in regards to enemy spawns
  165. Weapon Scope Zoom
  166. [Arcade] Random Matchmaking Co-op
  167. Want to make money fast in Far Cry 5? there u have it!!
  168. Want to make money fast in Far Cry 5? there u have it!!
  169. Far Cry 5 Story Gameplay part 4 - The Cleansing
  170. Far Cry 5 Story Gameplay part 4 - The Cleansing
  171. So this was my first Far Cry game - is it worth it to try another?
  172. QUESTION: Is there NO Day and Night cycle
  173. Ubisoft can you please update the game to where we can shoot through thin metal/wood?
  174. Weapons are a bit weak or enemies just strong as balls?
  175. Some suggestions I'd love to see some day!
  176. [FEEDBACK] The planes that hunt you are not fun
  177. After Finshing the Main Story
  178. Faith's Final Mission Won't Trigger
  179. PSA - You need to ACTIVATE weekly challenges - it's not automatic
  180. Nick Rye NOT in his plane?
  181. Dear Ubisoft: Thank you for an amazing game and all the hard work put in. Cheers!
  182. Far Cry 5 Ending Help?
  183. Achievements without internet
  184. What happens to uncompleted missions when a region is "liberated"
  185. New Far Cry 5 stopped working completely
  186. I'm asking for only one change pleaseeee =)
  187. Recustomization
  188. Far Cry 5 vs Far Cry 2 Differences over 10 years
  189. Why did Fall's End liberated themselves?
  190. Far Cry 5 - PUBG/Fortnite Arcade Mode?
  191. Dear Ubisoft, please make the pistol ammo pool bigger
  192. Good game but it has issues
  193. Please give option to completely disable Aim Assist (auto rotation + aim slowdown)
  194. Ubisoft please add in this weapon
  195. A world that hits back...
  196. Coop Player Matching
  197. Far cry 5 DLC [PS4]
  198. Campaign End loop (glitched)
  199. Bugs !
  200. Cant complete Wrath mission
  201. Endless Ending Loop
  202. [Far Cry 5] Weird Loading Issues?
  203. Far cry 5 event rewards and a new game
  204. Needed additions to matchmaking in Arcade
  205. A article from Kotaku.com about the endings (Spoliers)
  206. Forced Progression
  207. Im stuck in The Lesson Mission
  208. Campaign Completion to New Game (Live Events)
  209. We need a Sliding scale for Progression.
  210. I lost my campaign progress in farcry 5 (xbox)
  211. Arcade/Multiplayer Day/Night Cycle
  212. "Well done" Live event - NO PROGRESSION !??
  213. [spoiler] it was all a lie!!
  214. Awesome Game!....except for multiplayer
  215. A article from Twinfinite.net about the endings (Spoliers)
  216. Requires Attention ASAP
  217. Post Game Comments/Ideas :)
  218. Undercover cult outfit/ more long hair customisation for male
  219. wheres wheaty?
  220. Weapon Progression System
  221. Magnopulser+trailer=win
  222. Decrease cult presence / cult patrols
  223. Missing 1 mission in John Seed Region, Can't find it!
  224. Looking for co-op (PS4) partner to complete the „Hitting it off“ trophy
  225. Request: Bring back assault multiplayer
  226. Ubisoft, *Please* give us the ability to mod!
  227. love how ubisoft makes fun of the complainers of the far cry games in far cry 5
  228. Bow ammo bug
  229. What happens if you start a New Game?
  230. Completing all the remaining trophies after the story is finished?
  231. Land vehicles
  232. Please make heavy ammo for air vehicles free of charge
  233. Graphics v Reality
  234. Far Cry 5 Fan Art???
  235. Far Cry 5 gameplay feedback from PC Version
  236. Far Cry 5 Fan Art???
  237. Unnamed and speechless Rookie
  238. Name of victory music?
  239. Flamebearer outfit is missing
  240. Resistance meter really needs to raised.
  241. Turn The tables Mission. Possibly Bugged
  242. Aircraft controls
  243. Search for best far cry 5 1080p benchmarks
  244. PS4 controller detected, but it doesn't work!
  245. what's the point of a sandbox...
  246. Far Cry 2 vs Far Cry 5: FC2 was ahead in many areas
  247. What's brings the new patch for Far Cry 5? (470MB)
  248. Ubisoft has violated the Second Amendment and the Constitution!
  249. season pass far cry 3
  250. Cultist respawn at endgame