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  1. Let us customize the soundtracks we like
  2. After ending
  3. This game needs Nvidia Ansel!
  4. It's just disappointing
  5. Game unplayable since april 1st midnight
  6. Resistence levels???
  7. Radiant Sidequest idea: Stealing trailers for money
  8. Co-Op Issue
  9. Night time only Glitch?
  10. Jacob Seed + wolves dream mission stuck
  11. Can't Use Planes for Co-op Air Support - And Other Complaints
  12. How do I turn off the in-game radios?
  13. Sexual Healing baby!!
  14. Screw this game
  15. I want my mini-map back
  16. Error with “The Cleansing”, can’t finish quest or track any other quests
  17. Need better endings (Spoliers)
  18. Disappointing weapon selection...
  19. Broken mission
  20. Enemy spawn locations after game?
  21. Come on......
  22. Question for the developers
  23. So CANNOT play ARCADE mode at all while OFFLINE?
  24. Mission Issue (Possible spoiler)
  25. I find the Arcade multiplayer hard to enjoy, let me explain.
  26. Far Cry 5 Always night time
  27. Glitched/Broken Clothing And Other Issues That Detract From Experience
  28. Several small problems about farcry5
  29. My teammates attacking me
  30. Airplane animation backwards
  31. 1 More Save Slot Please!!!
  32. Why do you put a snorkel exhaust on the kimberlite 4wd xl when it cant go in water
  33. Annoying planes spawn over my head all the time
  34. worst ending ever , thanks ubisoft for wasting 60 hrs and $80 of my time and money...
  35. Devs! Pls do something about the PvP Mode!
  36. Use of "owned" weapons ?
  37. Worst ending ever - can not continue once finished the game! Only start all overagain
  38. Upcoming DLC Character progress
  39. Movies and TV shows that remind you of FC5?
  40. No HUD/UI option still not total
  41. Who thought forced captures would be a great idea?
  42. UBI, please separate Detection and Hit arrows to different UI categories!
  43. Hit the gas mission!
  44. Lighting and Shadows a little broken?
  45. No multiple saved games???? didn't UBISOFT listen to their customers after FarCry 4??
  46. Can't end the prision mission?
  47. Spawn rates have issues - and other questions
  48. M16 assault rifle needed!
  49. Far Cry 5 Story Gameplay part 3 - JOHN SEED
  50. Far Cry 5 Story Gameplay part 3 - JOHN SEED
  51. What are your thoughts on auto health regen?
  52. Pointless review of a mindless game...
  53. One suggestion for Far Cry 5
  54. Co op storyline
  55. Anyway to stop all the Failh / fairy nonsense?
  56. Testy festy co-op bug
  57. bug
  58. Is it supposed to always be daytime?
  59. Too much screaming from NPCs for hire.
  60. Weekly Challenges
  61. Farcry5 from the start 24/7 live stream
  62. Another childish, drug obsessed story line
  63. Boomer is a Terrible Hunting dog.
  64. Forced missions
  65. Vehicle acceleration bug Xbox one
  66. Farcry 5 - Ubisoft Club not syncing
  67. Last mission worse than Sueno...
  68. Suggetion: Adding New Game Plus Option (Please)
  69. Ubisoft Club reward - "Exclusive Soundtracks" tracklist
  70. henbane river (faith's regeon) secret mision
  71. Far Cry 5 Testy Festy Side Mission - Not Working
  72. Mbp50
  73. Far cry 5 language?
  74. arcade mode map selection..... PLZZZZZZ change
  75. Machete in the game config file O_O?!
  76. Far cry 5 Xbox 1 can't progress missions
  77. well i need help
  78. How's been your PvP experience? Vote here!
  79. No range increase with takedown mastery perk
  80. Death from below takedown
  81. Jacob seed
  82. Widow Maker did not reward!
  83. Is Peaches ignoring targets intentional :/?
  84. Far cry death wish bugg
  85. You know what would totally work in this setting?
  86. I can't set priority to high?
  87. Is Boomer broken?
  88. No co op progression?!
  89. The wretched thing's broken!
  90. Why are the gun variants all statistically the same? (And other weirdness)
  91. Far Cry ? Or Ghost Recon ?
  92. Plz someone help with the pre order DLC Deluxe Edition
  93. Map stuck on Dutch's Region
  94. Astrology in Far Cry 5
  95. New guns and melee also the problem of having to be way too close to your coop player
  96. Please Show Icons in Compass
  97. Your opinion about Cult VIP's
  98. Does Far Cry 5 supports Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos?
  99. Drug effects, fov bug etc. - motion sickness issues.
  100. [BUG] 4 billion+ animal skins
  101. No way out
  102. Is Far Cry 5 co-op actually even co-op?
  103. For those stressed about the enemy spawns in the game
  104. Bugs and control issues on PS4
  105. FIX 0% UPDATE PROGRESS ISSUE (Installation Stopped) ((Xbox One))
  106. View change
  107. WORST SKILL TREE: New low for the franchise.
  108. Planes are near pointless and handle terribly
  109. Xbox One Multiplayer TDM Organized Season (Teams)
  110. Loving it
  111. outsmarting the endgame glitch
  112. Getting the Vector
  113. A thought to share
  114. Three negative points of Far Cry 5, problems that can not be repeated
  115. My advice for how to start the game, get skills, money, and weapons
  116. Will be far cry 5 in Español Mexico?
  117. Icon on the map doesn't appear blue
  118. Jacob's insane asylum
  119. Jake brake on trucks
  120. Damn Spooky Big Building
  121. OBVIOUS issues with Arcade - Please UBISOFT. Make it better
  122. Searching for Ingame Music
  123. Poor story spoiled an otherwise great game (spoilers)
  124. Gunner in Airplane
  125. New game plus
  126. Quick Sell, possible bug?
  127. Why is the pizza so bad in far cry 5?
  128. Protected House By Music
  129. Harder difficulty?
  130. Joseph's Compound easter egg
  131. .44 Magnum "L" v "Sixer" v "Cannon"?
  132. [F.Arcade] Please ubisoft, remove headshot /one kill
  133. Far cry 5 issue
  134. Arcade is the worst multiplayer shooter experience i ever had
  135. Replay value in the game
  136. Side Mission bugged : Valley Armed Convoy
  137. Why do you put a snorkel exhaust on the kimberlite 4wd xl when it cant go in water
  138. Finished Story and i cannot continue my game!
  139. Patch Request: Slow down game
  140. Far too easy to build up resistance meter
  141. So I have to restart the game fully, to have action again?
  142. **** single save slot!!!
  143. Deputy outfit
  144. Dynamite not working during Fire in the Hole stash quest? Patch needed.
  145. Gamebreaking bug Faith Seed Mission
  146. Too Short and Way To Easy
  147. Farcry 5 ending loop
  148. No mouse support for steering
  149. Game Stuck On Night Cycle
  150. Missing Mission!!! (40/41) Jacob's Region!!!
  151. I love fishing
  152. Help with the end
  153. Flashlight? Cant turn one on?
  154. Cannot kill John Seed as my planes are destroyed before leaving ground.
  155. how can i get/download more music/Game Soundtrack from the the game?
  156. New Game Plus Mode
  157. Not all outpost have safes & not all safes have silver bars?
  158. Battle Royale Mode
  159. Close Combat Gear Bag broken?
  160. The STUPID Capture Parties!!!
  161. Game breaking bug
  162. Farcry 5 arcade physic objects on ps4
  163. What is missing from Far Cry 5
  164. "Hitting It Off" achievement/club challenge - looking for partner (PC)
  165. More Character Customization
  166. Need mo guns!!
  167. Pyscho bridge jumper
  168. Save option gone from menu
  169. Bugged Comic Books 10/12
  170. Quickly Became One of My Favorite Games
  171. Driving
  172. Continuous Credits fix
  173. Can't zoom in with my binoculars
  174. so many bugs - i'm dissapointed
  175. Game automatically change your equiped weapon
  176. Game Save checkpoint bug
  177. ARCADE: who is the enemy?
  178. I miss the looting, gathering and skinning animations
  179. The clipping on the bandages is doing my head in
  180. New story in next far cry
  181. deputy?
  182. Ai None responsive at Outpost
  183. How to complete weekly club challenge?
  184. St Francis Veteran Center - can't access?
  185. qestions about new weapons in game in the future.
  186. Suggestions to vastly improve planes as a playstyle
  187. How to liberate a region? and how to craft?
  188. Will My Weapons And vehicle progress carry over to my friends game?
  189. THIS is the DLC I want to see most of all!
  190. Fighters spoiling the story while running around (SPOILERS)
  191. Far cry 5 dislike
  192. The top 5 improvements that make this the best Far Cry yet!
  193. Most enjoyable way to play FC5
  194. [SPOILERS] Music from ending?
  195. Looking for coop buddy on ps4
  196. Coop play
  197. Game needs some difficulty tweaks, perhaps a 4th harder difficulty mode
  198. New ending once bug is fixed? (Spoilers)
  199. Co op progression?
  200. Private multiplayer with under 6 players
  201. Where is the FC5 Buzzsaw???
  202. Arcade our best easter gift ever!
  203. Is the dog forced on you?
  204. Community T-Shirt
  205. After final boss fight, can we go back to the map & complete any unfinished missions?
  206. problem to get second ending
  207. So, no ennemies when the game is completed ?
  208. Prestige weapons almost necessity
  209. Dynamic Themes for PS4
  210. Settings Low vs Ultra must see.
  211. NG+
  212. Gameplay improvement?
  213. [new gameplay ideas/features]
  214. Stuck, can't progress... goes back to money, location, etc. as if I'm stuck in a miss
  215. Petition to add an ending that doesn't suck
  216. Petition to Ubisoft to add an ending that doesn't suck:
  217. Flamer and undercover cultist issues.
  218. PLEASE - Remove C4 from the Arcade !!
  219. Petition to Ubisoft to add an ending that doesn't suck:
  220. Fatal Application Exit
  221. Inaccessible building in the top north of the Whitetail mountains
  222. [XB1X] John's Region - Stuck at 50/52 Missions
  223. Question about side quests
  224. Weapon wheel not working
  225. Dear Uni, please make a Clutch Nixon stand alone game
  226. Ubisoft Club, Weekly Challenges
  227. Error code, won't let me continue campaign
  228. Worst Far Cry so far
  229. Does everything I have earned carry over if I start a new game?
  230. Breaks stuck on
  231. ARCADE EDITOR - Duplicate command??
  232. How to get the Vector APC (100% working) PC
  233. 100% completion glitched????
  234. HELP: 14/15 Whisky Cask! A Cask Glitch
  235. Far Cry 5, Co-op play is not as advertised.
  236. Far cry sharing question
  237. End Game Issue
  238. Challenges in fishing
  239. Where do i get the oregano plant/seeds?
  240. Can’t the AI drive or shoot a mounted gun?
  241. ive read on reddit that you should NOT do any side missions. whats the method here!?
  242. Far Cry Arcade cheatbags
  243. Is it me or do you think most people like Ubisoft are Ubisoft?
  244. Trapper code error
  245. TK's Tweaks: Far Cry 5
  246. Vector 45 release date?
  247. Far Cry 5 Loading Crash
  248. PVP Weapons are useless except for shotgun!
  249. No knives, no radios, and I'd be very happy
  250. New Game and Outpost Reset