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  1. Options to skip cutscenes, especially "capture party" petition for a solution
  2. Ubisoft, a bloody tooth and nail bat? Really?
  3. Far Cry 5 qui plante
  4. yeti hunt ?
  5. Derelict - FC5 Arcade Map - Undetected Finally
  6. Can't Get Past Title Screen (Xbox)
  7. Travelling weapon dealers despawning
  8. I miss the towers
  9. Capture
  10. [Annoyed] Faith's outfit
  11. Ending 4 "God will not let you take me." The mixed ending
  12. UBI please replace pointless replay slot to map pick slot inn ARCADE publik lobby
  13. Far Cry 5 Code of Conduct-Map Stealing
  14. SUGGESTION: Please Return To The Old AI For NPC's
  15. Resistance Points (RP)- please change this
  16. Add bladed weapons (machete/kukri/knife)
  17. Radio Song in John's Region
  18. Ha ha the xbox is teasing me!
  20. Can't shoot from vehicle in Far Cry 3 Classic Edition
  21. Community events/rewards reappearance request
  22. Trouble getting Hope County Baseball pack
  23. Are silver bars lost when starting a new game?
  24. The TU6 missing DLC content debacle - what might it indicate?
  25. Far Cry 5 PS4 Pro enhancement for 1080p users
  26. Hours of Darkness Release time?
  27. Far Cry 5 Overall Summary or Moaning as it looks to some of you guys out there)
  28. Dear Ubisoft. We need more Peggies end game
  29. Li'l Cheesburger Bobblehead for Dashboard customization (where is it?)
  30. Forced timed mission's
  31. Hostage acts weird
  32. Will the Deluxe and Preorder items issue be fixed with the release of the first DLC?
  34. Hours of darkness
  35. Loving Far Cry 5 my second time around.
  36. Far Cry 5 font?
  37. Looking for friends Xbox
  38. Are the DLCs playable in COOP?
  39. Hours of darkness DLC arcade assets
  40. house of darkness problem
  41. Minhas armas Deluxe
  42. Hours of darkness not on PS4
  43. events and dlc
  44. I do have Season Pass but House of Darkness is not available
  45. I bought GOLD Edition, still I CANT download "Hours of darkness"
  46. HoD not quite what i wanted, but still ok
  47. Im getting tired of this S#!T
  48. Can't enter St. Francis Vet Center
  49. Possible Solution for Steam Users with Gold Edition / Season Pass
  50. Far Cry 3 Outpost website
  51. Lost in Translation: Sergeant Kenneth's Date of Birth
  52. Far Cry 5 Blood Dragon
  53. New Event: Good Place to Complete?
  54. book easter egg?
  55. new game plus and outfits
  56. Black screen of death on XBox One
  57. SVD supressed audiotack missing
  58. Enemy detection range - Hour of darkness
  59. Care Package Bug
  60. About the Hours of Darkness DLC
  61. Hours of Darkness: River Forks Bunker
  62. Remove Shovel Dodgers please!
  63. SVD sniper sound issue
  64. Appraisal of FC5
  65. hours of darkness 4th weapon slot
  66. HoD crashed on XB1 within 10 minutes
  67. Hours of Darkness Feedback
  68. Hoiurs of darkness dlc
  69. Few things that could be improved for the next Far Cry game
  70. FAR CRY 3 really is Classic Edition
  71. Rainbow Six Siege
  72. Does anyone else want to be able to take the scope off of the SVD?
  73. How To Turn Off The HUD in Far Cry 5
  74. Hours of Darkness: Ubisoft blows it again!
  75. Feedback about Far cry 5 and Vietnam DLC
  76. New map ( cargo - ps4 )
  77. Hour of Darkness Game Goofs...
  78. Ain't no Wallflower
  79. After Beating Hours of Darkness *Possible Spoiler
  80. Eli mission get free can get locked?
  81. Anyone available to play?
  82. REALLY!!! Ubi
  83. Broken Mechanics: Spawn Protection
  84. HoD M133 Shotgun
  85. Holland Valley 49/52
  86. I was raised Christian
  87. Cool event suggestion
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  91. How to get "Wendell's story" achievement
  92. Missing Weapons and Outfits
  93. Wtf ubisoft?
  94. seasonpass outfit, weapons and vehicles are missing
  95. Wallpapers and Sundry Images
  96. How do I activate/access perks in Hour of Darkness
  97. So, how do I complete the weekly event "Explosion Hazard" on SOLO play?...
  98. Hours of Darkness - a very confused player [spoilers]
  99. Low resolution textures since the last update?
  100. "The world is weak" mission
  101. Far Cry 5 made by druggies?
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  104. Hours of Darkness ammo
  105. SVD sniper rifle(suppressed) TOO silent
  106. I can't play the DLC "Hours of Darkness".
  107. Too american
  108. Watching this Video made me see alot of Truth did anyone else see it
  109. Deputy outfit from the Beginning of the game
  110. Hours of darkness ending vietnam song name
  111. I hate farcry5
  112. Already in love!
  113. Cannot see any outfit or weapons or vehicles which is supposed to be in Gold Edition
  114. Hours of Darkness
  115. Outpost Master Speedrunning?
  116. Driving improvements in HoD ?
  117. Voice of Wendall in HoD
  118. Locked and loaded achievement still not unlocked
  119. How to command gun for hire?
  120. Community Rewards - Will they all be available?
  121. Ending
  122. [HELP]Deluxe package items missing
  123. Update
  124. Hours of Darkness achievements (XB1)
  125. FC5 suggestions/desires: Guns, Vehicles, Animals and more.
  126. Cave Art Wallpaper
  127. My Far Cry 5 Review
  128. No control over GFH & others
  129. What do you do...
  130. Can't find my AR-C Silver and Carbon Fiber in the shop anymore
  131. Exploring New Possibilities...
  132. Far Cry 5 Custom Trailer
  133. Far Cry 5 Custom Gameplay Trailer
  134. Mission Destroying John's TEDIOUS Plane
  135. Missing from HoD
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  138. Loving this game in coop
  139. Devs Please add weather like rain or thunderstorm.
  140. Pre order
  141. Thank you From middle class, conservative America
  142. Only one save slot?
  143. A few suggestions
  144. Thank you from middle class, Christian Democratic Socialist America!
  145. Live Events - Q&A
  146. Companions weapon customization
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  148. Adelaide Tulip disappeared
  149. HoD M79
  150. Maps getting bad ratings for bad games?
  151. Far cry 5 bug
  152. Story Mission "Clinical Study" get 3 undamaged grizzly bear skins
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  154. Ubi, Thanks for New Loading Screen in Latest Patch
  155. Patch 1.07 News?
  156. Clinical Trials Mission/Grizzly Glitch v 1.07
  157. To the developers creators artists ect
  158. Perks reset?
  159. Just one more guy complaining about day/night mechanic :)
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  161. Separate saves for co-op and story
  162. Mods, when will the FINAL patch be released?
  163. FC: Hours Of Darkness Standalone Copy?
  164. Error help
  165. Guns Store Reorganized
  166. Please stop making winning a deathmatch as a weekly challenge.
  167. Map Editor - How to make 'Animal Chain Lock' lock a chain link door
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  169. Bug report - Far Cry 5
  170. HoD Weapons loaction list
  171. Goodbye for good.
  172. play their opening game
  173. Can you clean up the apples in the apple crates near Rae Raes?
  174. HoD, M60 wierdness?
  175. Hours of Darkness
  176. Medicin Pack
  177. Hitting It Off trophy help
  178. Hours of Darkness - I lost a VIP
  179. Loading Screen Location
  180. What are the Ultimate Hunter buffs?
  181. a simple, but crucial, buff to sniper riffles
  182. D50 Sovereign using .50 Sniper Ammo
  183. Shooting off tree branches?
  184. **THE WORLD'S 1ST** Farcry5 Undetected Co-op Outpost Master Speedrun (w/ Dual POV!!!)
  185. Designs - Weapons and Live Events
  186. What we would like to see in new Event and future updates
  187. Known issues "FIXED" not for me Ubi
  188. I died, so when I respawned why was the mission complete?
  189. Epic game!
  190. What FC5 need's is, stats and better A.I
  191. Hours of Darkness: Yokel ran off
  192. No option to remap controls on PC?
  193. Hours of Darkness ( when you get all 3 POWs)
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  195. New Handguns
  196. Does Ubisoft NOT want us to replay this game?? (minor spoilers if any)
  197. Help in the "ARCADE Enthusiast" trophie
  198. EasyAntiCheat
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  200. Stuck in "Victimize the weak" (Jacobs Mission)
  201. D50
  202. Why do players who complete live events have to wait for alternate weapon versions?
  203. Grispy bear error
  204. Outpost master downgrade from FC4?
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  206. Power of Skinning in the game
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  208. What's up with the V.C enemies on the arcade?
  209. D50 skins not good
  210. Inventory refill after fast travel
  211. See-through rocks
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  214. Please, help me inedtify the old song from radio of Faith region.
  215. Far Cry 5 keeps stealing my fun
  216. Co-Op Missions
  217. Does anyone really still care?
  218. Enable Aiming Mortar with keyboard
  219. Kettle Cattle Co just gives up in Outpost Master Mode
  220. Where To Find Unlocked Items
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  222. Melee Weapon
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  226. Will I be able to play Far Cry 5 after the ending?
  227. Big Head Fun Pack
  228. Farcry 5 mansion
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  231. my ideas and thoughts about far-cry 5
  232. Need help with the COOP-Trophy in Far Cry 5(PS4)
  233. Full $ value of all FC5 Animal Skins
  234. Minor safe glitch in Dutch's bunker
  235. Option to turn off weapon pick ups please?
  236. Why can't I buy bait?
  237. Big Head Fun Pack
  238. any news on end game?
  239. the Vietnam dlc or far cry 5 hours of darkness ideas!
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  241. Losing my will to play
  242. Nvidia Ansel
  243. problems in finding 3 missions in the faith region
  244. Killing John seed
  245. Did the latest DLC add anything to the main game?
  246. So my chances of 100% are nil!
  247. Reshade Whitelist
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