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  1. Agent Brief - April 21st
  2. old characters on pts
  3. Inventory / DZ from a quick playthrough.
  4. Downloaded update yesterday and have to again today...
  5. Suggestions for making TD a tactical cover based game again
  6. 2. Seeker mines: Increase cooldown, make them stronger
  7. Let us choose which key can be bind to " Save Loadout" instead "Tab"
  8. 3. Medkits just heal, status effect removment only on consumbles and specific skills
  9. Where's the PvE DZ option?
  10. 4. Give "taking Cover" bonuses without talents
  11. 5. "conceal pulse" makes non targetble by seekers
  12. 6. Bleed and shooting legs makes you prevent sprinting and shoot arms loose Accuracy
  13. 7. Add a maximum extra % plus to all weapons
  14. 8. Make gear,weapon mods, gear mods improvble, lower loot overall
  15. 1. Suggestion for making TD a cover based game again: Add Stagger
  16. Loadout Naming
  17. Seeker mines. Not what you think
  18. Loadout Naming
  19. Fire Button can Still Be bound To Scrollwheel
  20. Load outs and DZ Landmark rewards feedback
  21. Loadout exploit warned about and predicted but implemented regardless
  22. DX12 stutter appears to have gone - FINALLY
  23. LAG is incredible
  24. Last stand - tactical boosts
  25. HVT at Stuyvesant Park
  26. High five to whoever fixed hipfire sensitivity.
  27. Free calibrations & caches for the PTS
  28. DeadEye has to be looked into...
  29. Ammo loss and cooldown trigger on loadout swap
  30. Nimble
  31. The Division Loadout System Initial Impressions & Suggestions
  32. Single Player survival???? PROBLEMS WITH PVE SURVIVAL...
  33. as they are right now, loadouts are not worth it
  34. What if Tear Gas/Gas Charge Disorient locked out ADS on guns?
  35. Critical Search and Destroy markers vanishing.
  36. QOL make selected loadout active in the loadout sheet
  37. reward for clearing DZ landmarks
  38. In-Depth PTS Feedback (Day 1 & 2)
  39. Hip fire accuracy and stability should be decreased
  40. PTS suggestions for testing and possible game additions
  41. Survival Map Change
  42. Can we at least discuss NPC grenade spam?
  43. PTS suggestions
  44. A fix to the neutral rogue cheese
  45. Why is Balistic Shield untouched?
  46. Big Stagger problem still exists
  47. Stuttering Issue seems like diminished, good job Devs
  48. Last Stand player quantity...
  49. Few suggestions
  50. Unable to Activate Signature Skills | Nimble
  51. Are you listening?
  52. Group number - must be in the game and what you need
  53. PTS 1.6.1 - Week 1 first impressions
  54. Talents working? (30% chance in 10m)
  55. get the life back to hilder & eir by maybe fixing a bug ?
  56. If We Can change character and craft a blueprint and transfer it to the other char
  57. Let's talk about loadouts
  58. Map design flaws in Last Stand
  59. PC - DX12 Performance Drop in comparison to 1.6, and again random crash ....
  60. QOL min-max visible stats for all gears, to understand on-fly the quality of loot.
  61. Revert the changes to Nimble
  62. Airburst seeker
  63. DZ Proficiency Caches - PTS
  64. My opinion
  65. How often are Toons updates?
  66. An addition to loadouts...???
  67. Stash/Inventory linking
  68. How the pts feels to me.
  69. I Think the seeker could have used a different nerf.
  70. Shield+Turret bug. Live game and PTS
  71. Idea for balancing game play mechanic change.
  72. PVE need better threat modifiers fast
  73. Please tone down NPC accuracy
  74. Shrapnel and Fear Tactics Test
  75. A suggestion for how DeadEYE could be reworked.
  76. Loadout Improvements
  77. Feedback after a bit of time on PTS 1.6.1
  78. Exotic Drops in Missions
  79. Disconnection from Matchmaking
  80. future story locations
  81. Dear lazy massive...
  82. Solution for the DeadEYE 4-piece.
  83. New "Cowards Corner"?
  84. QOL ability to destroy caches
  85. The Hunter Landmark DZ9
  86. edited
  87. Loadout Poll: Where should loadout items be stored?
  88. Can we get "Always sprint" option in settings?
  89. New exchange vendor suggestion
  90. Why not balance the important things first ? Some feedback here little long
  91. It Does not Matter if Airburst Seekers are "Balanced". It's not fun gameplay.
  92. Why there's no friendly fire in PVP?
  93. Recovered Holster
  94. When are the real bugs ever going to be addressed?
  95. Resistance question
  96. Buff LMG and Assault Rifles
  97. Underground stats in HUB
  98. Nimble
  99. inconsistency on pts testing
  100. my two cents about balancing game
  101. Seeker mine Speed
  102. DZ adjustments
  103. How about to add contamination events in Underground DLC
  104. Some little useful improvements
  105. Load Outs
  106. Rooftop Comm Relay - Make the unmarked optional objective give scaled XP
  107. Add an Extraction for DZ 7
  108. LMGs need a buff.
  109. Stamina and Vigorous
  110. DZ <=14 suggestion
  111. Server swap tool
  112. Remove the delay on stickies for PvE
  113. QoL: Button to switch inventory menu from normal to LS Normalized
  114. Due to the nth nerf to fip fire is the talent CAREFREE remaining in the game?
  115. Hip-Fire PTS Week 2 - Consoles
  116. Wishlist for 1.6.1 and 1.7
  117. Support station and First aid not working properly - fix?
  118. Readjust the cooldown scaling for CC skills
  119. QoL: Chat tabs
  120. Bonus XP for Landmarks
  121. Is shooting through door frames going to be fixed in 1.6.1?
  122. Please increase grenade cooldown or tune them down
  123. Talented still proc with skill kills
  124. Marking system
  125. Tweak to rogue status
  126. Evasion action and One to None talents are stilled bugged.
  127. Why we cannot change the Loadouts while we are in combat !?
  128. changing loadouts while in combat ideas
  129. Can we get "Tactical Advance" talent time increase from 5sec to 7-10sec?
  130. What about to add contamination events in LZ?
  131. Tactical hand signal emotes
  132. [QOL] Please add the "inspect" feature when applying a skin on the backpack
  133. Bring back fire rds,explosive rds, smoke seeker, flash bang
  134. HE useless gear pieces
  135. Recovery Link
  136. DZ Keys - PTS
  137. DZ Battle Royal - Contamination
  138. Let's try "no crit hip fire" and no sprint while reloading in next PTS?
  139. Can we get signature skill reset (no cooldown) after death?
  140. Loadouts Don't Solve the Problem of Needing Multiple Characters to get Exotic Caches
  141. Nerf shock time on shock grenade!!!!
  142. You Should not Lose your Streak in Last Stand if you are revived after going down.
  143. Thanks for changing loadouts premade name list, much improved!
  144. Global Load Outs & Transferring Load Out Gear to other Characters
  145. Can we please make melee worth while?
  146. Reduce NPC damage and accuracy in the dark zone
  147. Highlander/Galloglass for Viking faction?
  148. Hybrid Weapons
  149. Shield build -> huge nerf in w3 (PvE - Legendary)
  150. PTS 3 Feebdack
  151. End-Game Vendors need to be more Interesting. Make reset time worth waiting for.
  152. No sound on the PTS
  153. Some Weapon Talents Icons MUST show to the player
  154. Buff Mods that Aren't Skill Haste Make them Viable
  155. Free piece of loot from landmarks
  156. Shortcut Keys for Loadouts!
  157. bleed effect is too strong
  158. assault rifles