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  1. Who else plays on PS4?
  2. [XB1] 13GHOSTS Task Force
  3. [PS4} Looking for new Ghosts for Milsim.
  4. [PC] [International] Z5 Gaming searching for teams/clans
  5. Looking for PvP team
  6. [PC] Need a squad
  7. [XB1] Looking For Players To Play With.
  8. aussie players?
  9. [PS4] Looking for fellow PS4 players
  10. [XB1] Tactical Gaming is recruiting members on all platforms
  11. [PS4] {ps4}looking for a team to be competitive with
  12. Lfg?
  13. [PC] PST Players
  14. [PC] Brothers In Honour Recruiting
  15. [PS4] recruiting
  16. [PS4] PS4, XB1, PC - Competition League
  17. Looking for Norwegian teammate
  18. Lfg
  19. [PC] Tactical Gaming is recruiting. We're a group of players focused on tactics & stealth.
  20. looking for an active task force to do challenge . (xbox1)
  21. [PS4] Looking for a ps4 coop/pvp group
  22. [PC] Any active task forces out there?
  23. [PC] Searching for coop players for Predator
  24. [PC] Looking for PvP PC Group are there any out there?
  25. [PC] Looking for Task Force
  26. [PC] [PC] Dutch Jungle Raiders (DJR) recruitment thread
  27. [PC] Casual Ghost War Players PC
  28. [PS4] Looking For Awesome Players
  29. USAF Roleplay clan
  30. [PS4] UK FB Group The Gamer Recon Division
  31. [PC] EspoiR Looking for Players
  32. [XB1] WildBunch Recruitment
  33. [PC] Looking for greek-speaking teammates!
  34. [PC] Help getting the Predator Tattoo Spanish/English
  35. [PC] Looking for players to play tactically with
  36. [XB1] XBOX 4 v 4 Custom games (VETERAN GHOST RECON PLAYERS CIRCA 2001)
  37. [PS4] PS4 Task Force -Jagged Alliance-
  38. [PS4] Looking for some good tactical players
  39. [PC] Libertas Legion: International Multigaming for 18+
  40. [PS4] Looking for a milsim and immersive task force
  41. [PC] Looking for partners or a Community to play with.!
  42. [XB1] [NO GAMES] Private Sector Insurance Secure
  43. [XB1] [XB1] <EMPTY> Do you really want to start playing on a new save slot?
  44. [PS4] Looking for a PS4 force
  45. [PS4] PS4 - setting up team play
  46. [PC] Szukam osób do wspólnej gry (+18)
  47. [PC] [PC only] Stealthy and tactical players (English,Portuguese) A+
  48. [PS4] Guns for Hire Ghost Mercenary seeking Task Force
  49. [PC] [PC] =VX9= Gaming Community Recruiting for Ghost Recon Wildlands
  50. [PC] Looking for a Coop Team
  51. [XB1] Need a Task Force, I'm an accomplished sniper on Ghost War GT - El Tactico x
  52. [PS4] Dark Rebels Crew Task Force
  53. [XB1] Freelance ghost looking for a taskforce with active members
  54. [PC] Libertas Legion: Alternative For Gamers! 18+
  55. [PC] Looking for stealth/tactical team
  56. [XB1] Forsaken Vanguard is now recruiting
  57. [PS4] Se busca genta para fuerza operativa
  58. [XB1] Looking for team mates or Task Force on Xbox
  59. [XB1] [pc] [xb1] [ps4] tactical gaming --recruiting members
  60. [XB1] Aegis Defence Services is looking for ghosts!
  61. [XB1] Looking for task force
  62. [XB1] UKSF Milsim
  63. [XB1] Looking For Roleplay TaskForce
  64. [XB1] Looking for milsim taskforce to playwith
  65. [XB1] new members welcome here
  66. [PC] Looking for a public TASK FORCE or finishing GHOST RECON NETWORK achievements? enter
  67. [PS4] looking for task force
  68. [PC] Might start a task force
  69. Where to find players for immersive gameplay?
  70. [PC] wildlands pc
  71. [XB1] Forsaken Vanguard looking for EU players/leaders
  72. [PC] Looking For a location specific group.
  73. [PS4] Task force 0 is recruiting
  74. [PC] [NA] Task Force Now Recruiting
  75. (PS4) Looking for mature players for 4v4's
  76. [PS4] Military Realism/Tactical Realism CREDIT: THE WRANGLER 14
  77. [PS4] [HELP] Need someone to beat the Predator
  78. Looking for beginners to play story mission. stealth but with no mic
  79. [PS4] Looking for task force
  80. [XB1] Forsaken Vanguard is now recruiting
  81. [PC] 4 people squad
  82. [PC] Looking for Co-op stealth group with mics
  83. [PS4] [AUS] Looking for PVP players to run with - MIC/MATURE
  84. [XB1] American Rebels is looking for members!
  85. [PC] Looking for PVP group (PC)
  86. [XB1] ADS recruiting now!
  87. [PC] [PC / EU] Casual Playthrough
  88. [XB1] Looking for Ghostrecon wildlands pvp players most Saturday nights
  89. [PS4] Looking for an active TF
  90. [XB1] Looking for Tactical TF
  91. [PC] Ghost War, PC, I Know You're Out There.. Somewhere. (English)
  92. [PC] Loking for PvP/PvE players (pc)
  93. [PC] Blutigen Engeln rekrutiert
  94. [PC] =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING
  95. [XB1] Delta Force Operators are looking for members
  96. [XB1] Looking for a Realistic/Immersive task force for campaign and ghost war
  97. [PC] The Rogues - Wildlands - Come Join In The Fun
  98. [XB1] Looking for an active Milsim Task force
  99. [PC] Looking for peeps
  100. [XB1] Task Force Recruiting
  101. [PC] Joint Task Force Orion: Inclusive, Respectful, Team-Oriented Co-op Task Force
  102. [PS4] Task Force - BR - Tático - Stealth
  103. [PC] Looking for people to play this game with pvp&Pve
  104. [PC] [elux]
  105. [PS4] Ghost War
  106. [PC] Tactical Gaming looking for members!
  107. [PC] ☆Tactical Gaming☆Est. 2004☆Recruiting mature, respectful & active player☆
  108. [PC] [ELUX] Slumbering_Calamity Wildlands PC Stealth/Tactical Task Force.
  109. [PC] ☆Tactical Gaming☆Est. 2004☆Recruiting mature, respectful & active player☆
  110. [PS4] Looking for some People to Play with. PVP and also PVE!! on ps4
  111. [PC] Looking for taskforce who like immersive , roleplay ,stealth
  112. [PS4] [FEAR] Force-Protection. Extraction. Assault. Reconnaissance. Active Again!
  113. [PC] Looking for TaskForce
  114. [PS4] Task Force The Only Real A-Team looking for new members
  115. [PC] Looking for a task force that knows how to have fun
  116. [PC] Blazer One is recruiting
  117. [XB1] (no hud) "role-play"
  118. [PC] Predator Mission
  119. [PC] [PC]Complete Playthrought and Rp
  120. [PC] Renegades @ War
  121. [PS4] Looking for stealth co-op partner(s) for the story mode
  122. [PC] Looking for a Task Force PvE
  123. [PS4] [Community] Special Operations Unit
  124. [PS4] Finished the Job & Teamwork trophy hunt
  125. [PC] Looking for COOP
  126. [PS4] [TeamCGN] Team-Community-Gaming-Network Has Expanded And Recruiting
  127. [PS4] LF Milsim Task Force on PS4
  128. [PC] Looking for a Task Force (RP)
  129. [PC] Looking for players
  130. [PC][NYC] Looking to Recruit Ghosts for Task Force! (Mainly Tactical gameplay + Loud)
  131. [XB1] Looking for a milsim task force xbox 1
  132. [XB1] Kilo Co. 42 Commando Royal Marines (MILSIM) - Xbox One
  133. [PS4] TC - Ghost Recon : Wildlands - New Task Force Team
  134. Any Xbox players here?
  135. [XB1] Forsaken Vanguard is recruiting
  136. [PC] Looking for teammates
  137. [PC] The Rogues - Wildlands - Come Join Us
  138. [PC] Looking to put together a RP Hardcore group together to play through
  139. [PC] Looking for players to step back into Colombia.
  140. [PS4] [STBJ] Stormby Jaegers - Win a BO3 to qualify
  141. [PS4] [PS4] Casual Gamers for Roleplay/Milsim?
  142. [PC] Immersive Tactical Roleplay...and Politics!
  143. [PC] [EU]Looking for group - Ghost War PvP
  144. [PS4] SWCCC Recruiting
  145. [PS4] Looking for EU Task Force (PvE + PvP)
  146. [PS4] Task Force Gladius [EU] currently recruiting
  147. [PC] ✯Falcon Gaming✯ Recruiting Ghosts for Year 2!
  148. [PC] (PC) looking for non-reckless ghost mode squad mates.
  149. [PS4] Looking for players (ghost mode)
  150. [XB1] Looking For Group for 4v4 and Ghost Mode (newest update)
  151. [PS4] [FEAR]Force-Protection. Extraction. Assault. Reconnaissance. Active Again! GHOST MODE
  152. [PS4] lfg/lfc Milsim or general play
  153. [PC] Wings Of Glory searching for new operators.
  154. [PC] looking to pair up with some competent players
  155. [XB1] Task force on Xbox.
  156. [PS4] Força - Tarefa brasileira dos brasileirados
  157. [XB1] Looking for 2 skilled ghost mode players
  158. [PS4] Looking for pvp task force
  159. [PC] Looking for great Roleplayers
  160. [PS4] Ghost mode- No hud- Extreme- Looking For Players
  161. [PC] i need people to help me finish the campaign
  162. [PS4] Looking For Ghost Mode Buddies
  163. [XB1] Looking for MILSIM/ Roleplay teammates
  164. [PC] Ghost Mode, Max Difficulty (Tier 1), No HUD
  165. [PS4] Wildlands and more roleplay community is recruiting
  166. [PS4] Looking for Milsim Unit to join
  167. [PS4] Heli Pilot looking for a Squad!
  168. [PS4] Looking for friends to play with it
  169. [PC] Looking for others to farm convois for tiermode
  170. [PS4] People to play with
  171. [PS4] USSF Is looking for YOU!
  172. [PC] Looking For Group/People To Play
  173. [PC] Looking for people to play with (PvP)
  174. [PC] Looking for player(s) to explore, do missions, side missions...
  175. [PC] looking for players/task force pve immersion or just fun
  176. [XB1] [XB1][PS4][PC] Are you looking for a group? Or are you recruiting?
  177. [PS4] Vídeos partidas pvp
  178. [XB1] Task Force Ranbow Worldwide now recruiting
  179. [PS4] PS4 gamertags
  180. [PC] Full squad for the main story
  181. [PC] LF Ghost Mode Group.
  182. [XB1] Looking for TF
  183. Task Force recruitment
  184. [PS4] Recruiting for task force
  185. [PS4] LF Grp / TF - pvp / pve
  186. [XB1] Looking for milsim/tactical immersion group Xbone
  187. Looking for team recruitment!
  188. [PS4] Looking for Players 21 & up for casual mil-sim and to join Task force
  189. [PS4] Looking for Ghost War Players
  190. Looking for a group to play Wild-lands with
  191. [PC] (PC) Looking for a group to play Wild-lands with
  192. [PS4] Looking for friends on GRN
  193. [PC] Looking for task force for challenges
  194. [XB1] LF taskforce
  195. [PC] looking for people to coop with.
  196. [XB1] Pmc ghosts uk
  197. [PC] Looking for Consistent group
  198. [PC] Lfg
  199. [XB1] Active task force
  200. [PS4] [US] ODA 7121 now recruiting!
  201. [XB1] Looking for Role play/Milsim
  202. [PC] looking for stealth/realism group
  203. [PS4] Ghost War (EU)
  204. [PC] Looking for realistic PvE teamplayers
  205. [PC] NEW and looking for new and tactical players!
  206. RE: looking for recruitment
  207. [PC] Searching to add
  208. [PC] (PC) Looking for group/clan or team
  209. [XB1] Combat Applications Group or Delta is recruiting
  210. [XB1] Looking for people to Join my Task Force
  211. [PS4] PS4] [NA] ODA 7121 is Recruiting! (Milsim)
  212. [PS4] Looking for a Team to Start Fresh.
  213. [PS4] Looking for claan
  214. [XB1] Aegis Defence is looking for members!
  215. [PC] Looking for task force (UK time zone)
  216. [PS4] Looking for more for Ghost Mode
  217. [XB1] Newcomer Seeks Active Group/Taskforce
  218. [PC] New Task Force: Community Role Play
  219. Searching for other players
  220. NEED Task Force Members
  221. [PS4] Looking for new members
  222. [XB1] Looking for a few people who could join my task force
  223. [XB1] Active MilSim Community Looking for new recruits
  224. [PC] US Player looking for active taskforce
  225. Looking to get TF challenge done! -Season 8 Week 1 Task Force Challenge [PC]
  226. [PC] Looking to get TF challenge done! -Season 8 Week 1 Task Force Challenge [PC]
  227. [XB1] looking for taskforce. Ghost Mode. Stealth
  228. Looking for players!
  229. milsim
  230. [PS4] Lookin for MilSim Squad
  231. [XB1] Milsim / PvP Group: Are you looking for a group or are you recruiting?
  232. Looking for Friends to tag on GR Network for the AK-12
  233. [PC] Looking for Task Force or someone to play with in Multiplayer Campaign mode
  234. [XB1] Tactical play
  235. [PS4] ISO Milsim TF Community 18+
  236. [PC] Looking for a group to play Ghost mode with.
  237. [PC] Dutch - Looking for a group or clan to join in.
  238. Extreme team :)
  239. [PS4] Looking for a milsim squad
  240. [XB1] Putting together a band of misfits!
  241. [PC] Casual team mates for Ghost Wars?
  242. [PC] Looking for task force to join, or just fun group to play with
  243. [PC] Silent Spade
  244. [PC] Looking for Milsim style Tactical players
  245. [PC] Ghost Recon Milsim (New Roleplaying Community)
  246. [PC] Looking for Good Team (style Professional)
  247. [PC] Tactical teamplay group for co-op campaign
  248. [XB1] Looking For a group for my new Task Force!
  249. [PS4] Ghost Mode
  250. [PC] Looking for some one to Play