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  1. [XB1] [GOHF] Ghosts of Hellfire looking for members.
  2. [XB1] Need friends to help unlock AK-12 Network
  3. [XB1] Royal Canadian Armed Forces
  4. [PC] pc player's
  5. [XB1] Just Looking for Someone to Play With
  6. [PC] (Dark) Nightmares is RECRUITING! We are a open to all PC Community! Just request!
  7. [PS4] Portugal Invicta Warriors
  8. [PS4] [DIRT] DIRTy choni brigade
  9. [PS4] Looking for Fun PS4 Players!!
  10. [XB1] Come join RRTU
  11. [XB1] XB1 Need rebel side op group
  12. Looking for a group to play with?
  13. [PC] LFG/australian/extreme difficulty
  14. Españoles para cooperativas
  15. [PC] [PC] [NA] TAW Recruting
  16. [PC] [GER] Suche Eine Gruppe oder auch ein CLan
  17. [PC] Hello. Tenn U.S.A mature Player to join me .
  18. [XB1] Task Force >> [FSB] Alpha-Group is recruiting
  19. [PC] TDB looking to help (PC)
  20. [PC] Argentinian Task Force here, "Ghost of Razgriz"
  21. [PS4] Looking to recruit new stealthy members that are actually good
  22. [XB1] [Social Achievements] Clothes, rifles, badges - Looking for 4 people (at least)
  23. [PS4] Task Force DangerZone [DNGR] is recruiting.
  24. [XB1] [GER] RAtS-Clan sucht Mitspieler für Mil-Sim auf extremer Schwierigkeit!
  25. Looking for tactically and stealthy minded players (XBONE)
  26. Senior players (28 plus!). I need people to sneak with!
  27. [PC] [pc][xb1]
  28. [PS4] S-5 Recruiting 18+ Stealth oriented
  29. [PC] (Dark) Nightmares is RECRUITING! We are a open to all PC Community! Just request!
  30. [PS4] PS4 Lazy Old Dogs
  31. [PS4] Looking for players
  32. [XB1] 48 member task force hungry for more elite players WE TAKIN OVER PVP
  33. [PC] Drunken Gamers recruit members
  34. [PC] Looking for Tactical Player in Extrem
  35. [XB1] RRTU is looking for tactical players
  36. [PS4] Looking for Immersion group.
  37. [PC] [DXG] Delta Exile Gaming, Recruiting New Members! [Multiplayer Gaming Community]
  38. [PC] Recruiting for my Task Force (From The Ashes We Rise)
  39. Combat-Applications-Group
  40. Looking for Stealth/Tactical players....immerse in real world OP
  41. [PS4] [Shadow Fang Wolves] Now Recruiting {18+yo applicants only}
  42. PS4 - Looking for Stealth/Tactical players....immerse in real world OP
  43. [PC] ASFU (Armed Special Forces Unit), Operation Titan Fall.
  44. [PS4] Stealth-Immersion Gamers TONIGHT
  45. [PC] PC Swe/Eng [LTF] Lion Task Force
  46. [PC] Suche Mitspieler für Wildlands
  47. [PC] 1stCav eSport Club Rekrutuje!
  48. [PC] LF one hardcore "real roleplay", no hud player (weekends\ts\"arma playstyle")
  49. Seeking a mature community to join?
  50. [PS4] Team Recruitment
  51. [XB1] Realistic Roleplay!
  52. [XB1] Drifters (ROAM) are recruiting
  53. Unidad conspiracy
  54. [PC] Looking for casual-but-serious play
  55. [XB1] Realistic, Roleplay recruiting for "Combat Applications Group_CAG"
  56. AK 12 Ubisoft Club Reward
  57. [PC] Looking for a Group
  58. [PC] Canadian adult looking for tactical players / group on Extreme.
  59. [XB1] The Bad Divide Gaming is recruiting!
  60. NEW Live Season Challenges In Wildlands!
  61. [PC] "Executive Operations" - EXOP Task Force By Veterans for Veterans
  62. [XB1] Combat Operations Group - We Want YOU!
  63. [XB1] [Open] The Division Elites
  64. [PC] Looking for a Task Force
  65. [PC] The -A- Team Wants You
  66. [PC] I cant find me in my task foce
  67. [XB1] Task Force = The Warning Order (WARN) is recruiting for Semi to Full Tactical
  68. [PC] hey if your lonely and need fellow player
  69. Looking for a team
  70. [PS4] Looking for Aussie adults for casual Stealth/ Tactical
  71. [PC] Looking for stealth Aus players
  72. [PS4] Need squad (ps4)
  73. [PS4] [AFRD] Assault Force Recon Division - Immersion Task Force
  74. [XB1] XB1 - Need to complete Season 1 - Wk 1 Task Force Challenge ?
  75. [XB1] Can anyone help me complete the "Locate the promo truck without being detected"
  76. [XB1] No1 Unidad Killers Just started a task force .. Looking for a few members
  77. [PC] Mature player looking for mates or group
  78. [XB1] (adult)Task Force "Buck Futters" Now Recruiting
  79. [PC] Looking for mature new (POLISH) player for completing whole campain
  80. [XB1] Fireteam Falcon [Fire] Recruiting
  81. [PC] KonvictGaming.com - Large Global Gaming Community NA/SA/EU/AU - Recruiting
  82. [PC] [GER] Suche Mitspieler für Wildlands
  83. [XB1] Tactical, teamwork oriented TF looking for mature members.
  84. [PC] Looking for a Commando in Extreme
  85. [PC] Recherche coéquipiers pour découvrir le jeu
  86. [PC] Looking for a mature team to play Stealth
  87. [PS4] Looking for mellow peeps to group n play at random times
  88. [PC] The Opposition Force - Synergy Focused Clan - 18+
  89. [XB1] GRN Task Force 9519 [V]
  90. [PC] NO HUD Sundays - LFG - Who Wants to Play with No HUD on Sunday Nights?
  91. [PC] Looking for mature team for an Extreme difficulty, no hud squad gameplay.
  92. [XB1] Mature players wanted for task force. UKIL
  93. [PC] Looking for milsim'ish group to play with
  94. [PS4] West coast bc canada task force plz join ALL WESTERN PEEPS
  95. [XB1] 11pm Tonight UK time . Helicopter rocket man time
  96. Looking for Realism/Immersion players - Realworld OP style play: PS4
  97. [PC] Team up request from a older guy
  98. Looking For PS4 Players!
  99. [PC] Looking for group/task force/clan for realistic gameplay.
  100. [PC] 357 recruting
  101. [PS4] Milsim recruiting - Starman Roleplay Gaming
  102. [PC] Delta Force Commandos Discord Task Force Recruiting
  103. Looking for mature and fun people to play CO-Op with!
  104. [PS4] Looking for a Task Force
  105. [XB1] Helicopter Rockets and Gatlin Guns....Count me in... UKIL
  106. [XB1] Recruiting for TF - ODD
  107. [PS4] [FEAR] Force-Protection: EXTRACTION. ASSAULT. RECONNAISSANCE. Immersive Force.
  108. Opord 19-001
  109. [PS4] Whole campaign on extreme mode!
  110. [XB1] Looking for yeti hunting squad
  111. [PC] [PC] (FR) commando pour défi ou recommencer une campagne en extreme et tout faire
  112. [PC] Looking for a good taskforce?
  113. [PC] Looking for Mates to play with
  114. [PS4] Looking for some friends to play with or a awesome Task Force.
  115. [PS4] Looking for Task Force Members
  116. [XB1] MILSIM Taskforce Recruiting
  117. [PC] Looking For A Group? (Pc)
  118. [PS4] [PS4] FROG TEAM SIX now recruiting (EXTREME IMMERSION)
  119. [PC] Looking to play with people
  120. [XB1] iMexican Wanted!
  121. [XB1] Looking for a new Task Force
  122. [PC] Suche Team oder Mitspieler
  123. [PC] [DIIN] Divine Intervention Recruiting
  124. [PC] Suche taktisch interessierte Teamplayer
  125. [PS4] Looking for a group for the day
  126. [PS4] Lfg
  127. [PS4] Mature Task Force
  128. [PS4] looking for someone to help trouble connectivity issues
  129. [PS4] PS4 F.E.A.R. Task Force Recruiting....Realistic-Immersive-Extreme.
  130. [XB1] New TF recruiting, military vets welcome
  131. [PC] Looking for a good taskforce? 357 recruting!
  132. [XB1] Rogues Gallery now recruiting
  133. [PS4] Immersive Task Force
  134. [PS4] PS4 - Looking for players 18+
  135. LFG - Extreme, everything turned off. using stock only guns - PC central America
  136. [PC] Babbelbekkie is here for all players!
  137. Any large, active PS4 Task Force that does challenges?
  138. [PC] Looking for some one to play the narco road
  139. [PC] Commando looking for a Force or Group
  140. [XB1] Laid back small group looking to expand
  141. PS4 Players!
  142. [XB1] Looking for people to play with, relatively new.
  143. [PC] LF Group
  144. [PC] Suche jemanden zum Zocken
  145. [PC] Stealth/CQC Player LFG
  146. [PC] Looking for Group/Task Force Stealth Player
  147. [PC] 39m Aus Looking for regular players
  148. [PC] Suche nach Mitspielern.
  149. [PC] Romanian Spirits [SoR] - is recruiting !!!
  150. [PS4] Question about Taskforce
  151. [XB1] mature players. mic prefered. tactical style. on XBOX One.Taskforce name is UKIL
  152. [PC] Looking for 1 more
  153. [PC] Looking for partner
  154. [PS4] Recruiting for Bolivia!
  155. [PC] LF 1-2 patient team-oriented coop partners (preference to new players)
  156. [PC] I Feel it's time to go to Purple Alert
  157. [PS4] Military Simulation/Relaxed realism
  158. [XB1] Need an Xbox Buddy to play through With me. New to game.
  159. [PS4] Looking for a KM crew...
  160. [PC] Looking for a Task Force! English or Portuguese speakers / Procurando gente pra jogar
  161. [PC] lvl 28 here lfg....wildlands.....
  162. [PC] (PC) UK gamer, lookin for casual group
  163. [PC] Just got the game, and want to hang out with some other ppl :)
  164. First Post / Getting Notice / New Task Force
  165. New task force / first post$$
  166. [PS4] LOOKing for a fun team. English Speaking and PS4
  167. [XB1] UKIL PVP Is Coming We Need New Members.. XBOX 1
  168. [PS4] PS4 Task Force Recruiting
  169. [PS4] Looking for TF
  170. [PC] Task Force X Gaming Community Recruiting
  171. Looking for Members
  172. [PC] LF Casual group for coop (PC)
  173. [PC] Denmark here! Seeking a team, prefer stealth and slow gaming. Find me, name Legs-DK
  174. [XB1] TASK FORCE RECRUITMENT: SPARE NO ONE [SN1]........ English.......
  175. [PC] Adult Gamers w/ Mics Only!!!!!
  176. [PC] looking for Australian Adults to group with
  177. [PC] new starter, seeking casual & mature pc players UK.
  178. [PC] Looking for ppl to play with
  179. [PS4] FEAR Task Force - Operation ScarFace Part I - FEAR Task Force Created OP.
  180. [PC] Looking for Milsim Group
  181. [PC] Looking for people to play with
  182. [PC] Looking for players
  183. [PC] [PC][EU][NA][Multigaming] Stallion Gaming
  184. [PC] [Clan] Team Community-Gaming-Network (PC/PS4)
  185. [PC] Searching for a 3 player premade team to join
  186. [PC] DK/EU Player Looking for Players who wanna play and have a fun time!
  187. [PC] looking for semi-tactical players to play with!
  188. [PS4] Look for some tactical players to play with
  189. [PC] Military Convoy
  190. [PC] Looking for Narco Road Air Spray Coop
  191. [PC] Are you looking for a group to play with?
  192. [PC] Created a discord server for all
  193. [PC] [PC][EU] We're looking for two EU players to achieve a roleplay playthrough
  194. [PC] Looking for coop mates
  195. [PC] New play through, looking for people with mic.
  196. [PC] [EU] Looking for two more Ghosts for a new playthrough
  197. [XB1] Looking for a role-play task force.
  198. [XB1] looking for players
  199. [XB1] Black Vale Spectres: Recruiting
  200. [XB1] Anyone Looking for Another Ghost on Xbox 1 ?
  201. [PC] Looking for Ghosts
  202. [PS4] Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan is Recruiting
  203. [XB1] Tactical Gaming [TG] Wants You!
  204. [PC] [PC] EU - Recruiting for Realism Focused Playthrough
  205. [XB1] [FEAR] Fearsome
  206. [PS4] I am looking for clan on PS4
  207. [XB1] Tactical Gaming recruiting in preparation for PVP
  208. [PC] WN| Warriors Network
  209. [PC] Looking for players EU
  210. [PC] looking for some people to join a tactical game
  211. [PC] Looking for players
  212. [XB1] navy seal mil sim recruitng
  213. Looking for stealthy friends to play with - (PC, Europe)
  214. [PC] Sniper looking for Spotter.
  215. [XB1] Looking for active realism/milsim task force.
  216. [XB1] Looking for MILSIM Task Force
  217. [XB1] Looking for groups on XB1? Join our club - Wildlands PvP
  218. [XB1] Joint Special Forces is Recruiting!
  219. [PC] I guys i looking for a stealth approaching ghost's taskforce
  220. [PC] Looking for a stealthy approaching taskforce
  221. [PC] looking for players
  222. Seeking a squad
  223. [XB1] looking for pvp team
  224. GRW Ghost War PVP XB1 Club
  225. [PS4] Recruiting for PVP players!
  226. [PS4] Some1 chat with me for the grn headset
  227. [PS4] Riley company's recruiting
  228. [PC] Putting together a team(s) (possibly multiple)
  229. [XB1] Looking for Squad members for PVP XBOX 1 If you have talent Please read on...
  230. [PS4] [XBOX] [PC] Tactical Gaming is Recruiting
  231. [XB1] [XBOX] MILSIM Recruiting
  232. [XB1] Looking for a pick up group for this morning on XB1.
  233. [PS4] Need Squad Mates For PvP PS4--Teamwork Serious but fun gaming.
  234. [XB1] Milsim Task-Force?
  235. Looking for some permadeath players~
  236. [PC] Looking for people to team up or a group in Ghost War PVP
  237. [PC] looking for a PVP squad
  238. [PC] LF Squad on PC for 4v4 ghost war.
  239. [XB1] Looking for a group for Wildlands
  240. [PS4] PvP Oriented Clan Recruiting
  241. [PC] [PC][18+][Casual/Semi/Competitive][NA][Non-Exclusive] Heart of Training (HoT)
  242. [PC] Looking for team/squad for Ghost War
  243. Looking for stealthy, strategic, PATIENT players to play co-op with on PC.
  244. [XB1] Tactical Gaming is recruiting for all platforms
  245. [PS4] Force Recon Gaming Recruiting today!
  246. [PC] pc Player (aus) Looking for team mates
  247. [PC] GRN First Transmission Achievement
  248. The Sesh/ Ps4 Task Force Recruitment.
  249. [PS4] Looking for squad
  250. [PS4] Looking for a squad.