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  1. Vehicule - graphics bug report
  2. GRN task-force
  3. Game Crahses at boot
  4. Help!
  5. Ghost recon HQ on my phone
  6. Tarija-00100
  7. Syncing GRW HQ Recources not working / lost Recources
  8. uplay actions not working
  9. Missing GRW site rewards.
  10. Where's my download code?
  11. Task Force Tag is a Number
  12. Random Day One Bugs
  13. Extended Magazine (weapon attachments) locked
  14. Armored leaves
  15. Impossible d'obtenir la casquette bolivienne
  16. Ghost Recon Network Not Recognizing Xbox Purchase
  17. The Peruvian Connection Pack
  18. Xbox One: Game starting up to Black Screen only
  19. Reward Point in Game Items
  20. No season pass extras showing up
  21. Unable to pick up intel/talk to civilians
  22. Sound issues
  23. Host igration
  24. Choppy Audio
  25. Interrogation
  26. No codes for Reward Point Patches!
  27. technical issue : slow vehicle - xbox controller
  28. Anyone Else Get Screwed Out Of The Game?
  29. Melee sleeping enemies (minor spoilers)
  30. Xbox 1 fps drop/crash
  31. Weapons and attachments are not showing up in gunsmith once collected
  32. Purchased Gold only showing Standard for XBOX ONE
  33. Can't engage
  34. Missing Rain and Lightning and Thunder on Xbox
  35. Black screen after title/ubisoft logo screen
  36. how do i get gold paint
  37. Error Code Oruro-00106 (Xbox One)
  38. 2nd torture couple mission "stop a cartel convoy" bugged?
  39. Game Freeze 15 seconds into 1st mission every time Local or coop
  40. Audio Issues
  41. Can't invite friends - list not loading
  42. Not Getting All Content With Gold Edition
  43. buying credits
  44. Task Force
  45. Gold Edition not giving me season pass and rewards
  46. Co-op supply tags and rolling update
  47. Extended Mag Issue
  48. Crash and Lag Issue
  49. Peruvian Connection redeem id problem :mad:
  50. Creating a Task Force
  51. Mini-Map sometimes totally wrong
  52. Open NAT, still Tarija 00100?
  53. Lots of Technical issues
  54. Nighttime too dark
  55. Co-Op Lag
  56. My thoughts, 20 hours in and avid Ubi gamer
  57. Ghost Recon Network issues with friend connections
  58. Submarine fleet 3
  59. Can't creat second character
  60. Access to Xbox One Additional Content
  61. missing intel Media Luna
  62. This will fix your Nat Errors for PC, PS4 and Xbox one
  63. Missing permenant XP boost and credit pack from gold edition (Xbox One)
  64. Multiplayer not synced. Shows player outside of the car
  65. Achievement glitch ?
  66. Going online took away progress
  67. Need to buy Ghost Recon Wildlands to see Ghost Recon Network - I own it...
  68. APC glitches
  69. Ghost Recon Network Data Disappeared
  70. Rebel support: Mortar does not work most of the time
  71. Few Issues Lastnight when playing...
  72. No achievements at all
  73. Anyone else notice grenade launcher is buggy
  74. Missing Content
  75. Missing Content
  76. Agents of Strife Recruitment
  77. Another screwed by ubisoft
  78. Account Items Missing
  79. Mission rewards not given
  80. Helicopter bug
  81. Itacua Kingslayer File
  82. Missing Clock
  83. Ghost Recon Network profile empty?
  84. Joining friends then get disconnected
  85. An alpha and 2 betas later...
  86. HEROES PACK not showing
  87. Can get my baseball cap for closed beta (with Bolivia Flag)
  88. Ghost Recon Network not working properly.
  89. Microtransaction's Aren't appearing in shop after 2 days of purchase!
  90. Access Ammo Cache- Multiple players
  91. Notification Off error - HUD Errors
  92. Character Edit Bug
  93. APC vs Telegraph Pole.
  94. Missing +5% XP boost for Gold Edition
  95. Drone not working after missile lock
  96. XB1- LANGUAGE PACK....no native language to choose
  97. GRN Acheivemets
  98. Turn off the radios!!!!!!!
  99. Keeps freezing up the Xbox when travelling to a new province.
  100. Achievements not unlocking - Xbox One
  101. 9/10 kingslayer files in media luna
  102. Credits from store not showing up in game!!!
  103. Helicopter Missile Bug
  104. Inconsistent clothing textures?
  105. Weapon Upgrades are not unlocking when collected
  106. Mixing Game Data Between Two Profiles
  107. Tarija-00014
  108. Montuyoc major intel missions did not unlock
  109. Multiplayer help
  110. xbox one and Wildlands HQ Application unable to sync
  111. completed all montuyoc missions but still says i need to do missions
  112. Quick one line potential xbox one fixes for the game
  113. Lost progress due to second account
  114. Erro de caractere que não cobre
  115. Can't connect to ubisoft servers - ribera-40002
  116. Stampede rifle sights not lined up properly.
  117. Bug Report - XBOX ONE - Different weathers for each player
  118. Missing story related kingslayer files
  119. Mortar bug?
  120. multiplayer bug and respawn timer
  121. Mk17 Mag Color Bug
  122. Co op bug and question about ubisoft support
  123. Bug: Reticle vanishing on turreted vehicles
  124. Error code tarija-00000
  125. Ability to Sync Shot With HUD Markers OFF- Skill Points
  126. GRWHQ not syncing with xbox
  127. Task force tag
  128. Character Creation Camera Position Bug
  129. Rebel Support Skill Feature Request
  130. Cows can be seen farther than enemies.
  131. Lieutenant Helicopter Pilots
  132. black screen or no signal 4k + hdr
  133. Just some more bugs.
  134. Missions not appearing when entering a new province.
  135. weapons cases unlock
  136. Quinoa
  137. COOP Bug: Weather and dialog out of Sync.
  138. Ghost reckon wildlands xp bug
  139. The whisper pistol
  140. Can't equip C4, mines etc.
  141. Widland credits
  142. Found a glitch that can be used to survive any fall lol
  143. Some Bugs/Glitches I've encountered (Xbox One)
  144. Host Migrating......
  145. Weapon bugs and dialogue loop !
  146. Patch Update Xbox one????
  147. Uplay Beta Rewards Locked
  148. Have not received store credits(Its been 48 hours)
  149. Drone Bug
  150. p.n. de agua verde mission bug
  151. Where's my Pre-Order Bonus? GRW
  152. Coop unsyncronized
  153. Issue With Mortars?
  154. Missing Game
  155. Ghost recon Network site & App Ubisoft
  156. Taskforce Clantag Bug
  157. Wildlands Missile Lock Audio Bug
  158. Skill points
  159. Game DESTROYING Bug
  160. Car Lights - Bug exists since the Closed Beta (FIX IT!)
  161. Tarija error is YOU NOT US!
  162. No Missions Appearing in Pucara region [Game Breaking Bug?!?!]
  163. Game breaking glitches
  164. La Plaga - Bike Chase
  165. Drone destroys helicopter...
  166. Mission Bug (Journalist)
  167. OMG After reading this forum, how is Ubisoft still in business?
  168. Major Intel Inaccessible- Game Breaking Bug
  169. Unlocked skills unavailable, show up as locked
  170. Grn and game issues that i have come across
  171. Got stuck in the rock formation on map
  172. Attachments not unlocking.
  173. GRN is way to slow anywhere i push there, and crash to much and so many Errors!!
  174. Fast travel mutiny
  175. Game does not start
  176. Black screen problem still not listed
  177. No Missions in Ocoro
  178. constantly getting stuck... everywhere
  179. Steal El Chido's car missing
  180. Character Creation issue
  181. Drone and Binocular buttons not working...
  182. Please repair the G28 ballistics
  183. Weird and rare helicopter bug
  184. My character has been completely wiped and reset
  185. Potential Missing XBox One Pre-Order Content Fix
  186. Bike and Plane bug.
  187. MK.17 Magazine doesn't show up on gun
  188. xbox one sound bug
  189. Keeps freezing up in San Mateo province
  190. Question About Extra Content
  191. Edit Appearance bug
  192. L'édition n'est pas prit en compte
  193. Tarija-00014 error code
  194. Missing Game Save
  195. GAME BREAKING : XP not accumulating to next level-level progress stuck
  196. Most annoying bug ever! It's making the game unplayable.
  197. Incorrect Task Force Name
  198. Fast travel sucks!
  199. C4 Not working randomly?
  200. Malca Missions Not Displaying?
  201. Xbox one crash
  202. Reward packs not loading
  203. Glitches & Bugs Experienced While Playing
  204. Sound bug that wan't go away...
  205. Annoying in game dialogue.
  206. Constant Disconnects while in Co-op FRUSTRATING
  207. Text and audio language message and weapon attachments.
  208. Purchasing Weapon Packs locks achievements.
  209. Empty Base?!?
  210. Generator does not disable defences.
  211. Game crashing before the main menu (Xbox One)
  212. is the task force tag bugged? and can i fix it?
  213. Drone will not deploy.
  214. spawned chopper spawning in buildings. or sliding down hills.
  215. Koani Truck Depot will not complete
  216. Open beta participation reward LLama assault Rifles still locked, please help.
  217. The Little Things
  218. Xbox One - Stuttering and freezing
  219. Screen Tearing
  220. Voice Chat
  221. Deluxe edition bonus content token invalid
  222. XBOX One to iPad synchronisation app developers
  223. Weapon Collection Achievements
  224. Bug List - After a group full clear
  225. Fix your website
  226. Unable to locate last Kingslayer File in Inca Camina
  227. Surviving a Helicopter crash can disable Binoculars and Drone
  228. Swapping bumpers in settings should only affect gameplay, not menu/tacmap tabs
  229. Please give us the option to turn off the radio. Please. For the love of us all.
  230. Cant play online
  231. Drone/Binocular Bug
  232. AI Banter Bug
  233. Wuufi's Bugs/Glitches Compiled Video [Xbox One]
  234. Stoner LMG missing buttstock
  235. CO OP errors/disconnects and everything else
  236. Medication supplies not going into wallet
  237. Minimap HDR Issue
  238. El Pulpo not highliting RED after completing all his mission!
  239. Xbox one audio sounds corrupted
  240. menu, drone, Binocular, range bugs
  241. This is getting silly now. Fix your broken mess of a game Ubisoft.
  242. scilencio supressor gone
  243. bugs, blah!
  244. Pac Katari has sent a vehicle
  245. Damn SAMs
  246. Fell through the ground while parachuting
  247. Kingslayer files 10/11
  248. Sync shot w/ AI
  249. Ghost Recon Network Bugs
  250. Flares