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  1. GRW stuck on loading on campaign mode after Update 15
  2. Desert Tech HTI Silencer Missing
  3. Game not Launching xbox 1 s
  4. New HK 416 Bug Awareness
  5. Ghost recon wild lands won’t start
  6. Game doesn't start on Xbox One S on digital version since update
  7. No intro
  8. Connection bug is ruining the game.
  9. sniper rifle suppressor issue
  10. Freezing on Mark area in the drone category
  11. Prestige bug?
  12. Corrupted data
  13. Can't gather intel....
  14. No DLCS for ghost recon wildlands gold editon!?
  15. Ghost Recon Wildlands update issue
  16. Too much rain on Wildlands!
  17. (General) - TU15 notes hyperlink broken
  18. Desert Tech HTI BDC
  19. Ghost mod dead by parachute
  20. Ghost Mode issues: Save delete and weapon issues
  21. Ranking is broken
  22. are they going to put the suppressor back on the Desert Tech ?
  23. Dead
  24. ghost mode
  25. 2nd disconnect
  26. ghost update 15
  27. Desert Tech HTI BDC, HTI, and the BFG 50A lost all suppressor"s
  28. Hot Fix Update for Consoles
  29. Not recieving Year 2 pass content for the Special Operations 2 update
  30. Ghost mode does not save!!!!!!!!
  31. Another Sniper rifle added to the list of "suppressor gone " the MSR
  32. Hot Fix Update for Consoles
  33. G28 issue.
  34. Can't find anyone in solo mode since the update
  35. Did the update fix anyone's missing attachments?
  36. Randomly got my level 27 ghost mode character deleted after update?
  37. GR: Wildland
  38. Bug with SCAR-H magazine
  39. Not getting prestige credits from leveling tier mode in ghost mode
  40. Fus149
  41. Not Getting Skill points
  42. Mi juego se congela
  43. Modo Ghost
  44. Uyuni-01005?
  45. Bandit Icon Model
  46. Balaclava, Military Beret, and Headset D Bug
  47. 8 Month Old Issue Follow Up
  48. last update
  49. Operation Archangel not progressing
  50. [RESOLVED] Fall Through Map
  51. Im done with this ****
  52. Game keeps freezing
  53. My level is all wrong?
  54. Ghost mode not giving exo suit
  55. Ghost mode
  56. Suppressor unequipped when loading or fast traveling.
  57. Uyuni-00105?
  58. Strange home button glitch?
  59. Still missingg attachments
  60. some sights on the 416 are bugged, digital is completely broken, way off zero
  61. MK14 Extended Mag Gone/ Campaign Only.
  62. another glitched challenge. You can do better
  63. Done and done
  64. Ghost Mode Out of Map Bug
  65. compensator v2 and extd.mags missing
  66. Crashing
  67. Skull mask
  68. Credit Where Credit Is Due
  69. Over all problems
  70. Buddy of mine.. went to Paladin 9 Security
  71. None of the rewards for owning the Deluxe edition are unlocked despite my having it.
  72. Duplicates in a “SPEC OPS” Crate
  73. not getting Prestige Points playing on Tier mode:
  74. Ghost Mode death by glitches
  75. Caviera's gloves not working for challenge 2
  76. credits for duplicate items only a fraction of a crate cost
  77. Vector extended mag and bren compensator
  78. Prestige points
  79. Two guns in ghost mode
  80. the MK 17 20/30 Bullet Clip mistake
  81. Tier 1 credits did not unlock, hat to do now?
  82. Lost prestige point
  83. Connection time for PVP
  84. Valkyrie Patch not showing up.
  85. Tier 1 reached, prestige points not unlocked, what now?
  86. SR-635 NEEDS A NERF, Guns need better balancing
  87. bug fixes
  88. All star legend week glitch
  89. Ghost mode Weaver appearance issue
  90. Taking down the Predator
  91. season 2 pass not giving me cosmetic items
  92. Extended Mags Still Locked.
  93. LVOAC 30 round mag.
  94. Extended Mag on AR's, DMR's, SMG's are still locked.
  95. Archangel
  96. Bought skill pointx2 and supplies x3 and never got them.
  97. Operator Pack
  98. Application suspension crash
  99. Rocket Chopper Bug
  100. predator mask sounds
  101. Missing components and weapon glitches
  102. Year 2 Pass Operators Pack Items Missing After Patch Found A Fix
  103. Post update game wont start
  104. After update game won’t load
  105. Still missing magazines
  106. [RESOLVED] XBOX ONE Ghost Mode Completion Bug!
  107. Ghost mode AI teammates won't revive you
  108. Random Crashes xbox one
  109. can't play with my friends
  110. Footstep Sound Bug
  111. [Xbox One] Not recieving Prestige Points for tiering up
  112. Lost Rank while not playing
  113. small rocket chopper
  114. Ghosting / shadow effect
  115. [Feedback]Found the Probable Cause of the Footsteps Sound Bug
  116. Found a hole in the terrain
  117. Thanks but what happened?
  118. Tier One Points Bug (Amount is not being reset)
  119. Free prestige crate never showed up
  120. LVOAC 30 Round mag
  121. killing each leader and clothes
  122. Ghost Mode bug
  123. Ghost War: Grenade + Suppressed = Frozen
  124. LVOA-C grenade launcher glitched
  125. Cyre Shirt 2 Arm patch error when worn with IBA based vests
  126. Tier 25 - Still Missing Attachments after Recent Patch Fix!
  127. [QUESTION] Does anybody else have texture loading issues on XBOX ONE X?
  128. [BUG] Texture Issues (XBOX ONE X)
  129. Solo challenge #3 Refinery Chief BUG! Xbox one
  130. game freezes
  131. Can't link hq to my Xbox account
  132. [BUG][TOXIC][DRONE] Toxic Canister goes through the Map
  133. German sentences are cut in the intro/briefing
  134. watch watch
  135. [BUG][TOXIC][DRONE] Toxic Gas does no damage
  136. [BUG] Skipping crate animation causes wrong crate to be opened
  137. Demotion after rank match win
  138. No sound
  139. Updating game crashing
  140. Not getting Tier Points for Certain Kills
  141. [BUG] No gun sound in PvP
  142. [BUG] Air guitar emote allows player to stow guns, run faster, and get higher view
  143. Servers down
  144. Windblocker Jacket no patch on sleeves
  145. Optical Camouflage doesn't give bonus
  146. Glaz Bug
  147. Photo mode vs Explosions/Fire
  148. Ghost Mode Tier 1 rewards not unlocking
  149. I was killed by a team mate
  150. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  151. Xbox One troubleshooting for various issues
  152. Connection issues? Check here!
  153. Compensation for Server Degradation with 10.000 credits didn't receive.
  154. Shorted on hours for event
  155. [RESOLVED] 10000 Prestige points STILL not awarded
  156. Character Clipping Issue
  157. Optical Camo Backpack does not work
  158. Not getting Credits for duplicate items in Prestige Crates.
  159. incorrect store points from duplicate prestige crates ubi.
  160. Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame Clear/Dark Frames not working
  161. Task force challenge will not unlock.
  162. Lieutenant Stealing the Supply Helicopter
  163. Task Force TAG not showing!!
  164. I broke the new Wildlands Mission
  165. Wifi vs wired
  166. Future Soldier Costume: shadow glitch
  167. I died in my chopper when i level up in tier mode in ghost mode.Took me 2 secound
  168. Assorted campaign bugs
  169. Server Issues Compensation Year 2 Pass-holder Redemption Error
  170. Can't find other players
  171. Not recieving weekly challange rewards after completion
  172. Simple question on Prestige Points in Ghost Mode.
  173. Photomode filters don't work on Xbox One X
  174. Sniper scopes disappearing
  175. [XBOX ONE] Digital Scope error.
  176. Locked classes
  177. Ribera-50001 :(
  178. More Assorted Campaign Bugs/Additional Suggestions
  179. Left-Shoulder Eye Bug
  180. El juego se pausa, va muy lento (The game is paused, it is very slow.)
  181. A couple of bugs
  182. Buchon rewards flip-flopped
  183. Loadout reset
  184. Ghost Mode - Prestige points error
  185. Bug Report - "Locate Nidia Flores' Personal Computer"
  186. [BUG] LVOA, BFG still bugged. Camo patterns still not matching.
  187. 2nd Anniversary rewards not redeemable
  188. Mk. 18 Suppressor Clipping Issue
  189. [Bug] Ghost Mode Weapons.
  190. Xbox One version not properly optimisated
  191. [Bug]Solo challenge 2/7 Appease the spirits of the three witches. XBOX ONE
  192. Can’t buy credits.
  193. frame rate is really bad
  194. Audio glitch?
  195. Credit Problem.
  196. [FEEDBACK][BUG]What Happened to His Wrist?
  197. Rank insignia still wrong on GR Network... 2 years later
  198. Details/screenshots of the optical camo bugs, etc.
  199. Weapon bug (doesn't register hits)
  200. No game sound
  201. Game Content
  202. [FEEDBACK][BUG]Aesthetic Bugs List (May 2nd, 2019)
  203. Division 2 Parachute lost with last update
  204. Hello UBISOFT i have a good Suggestion what to add in wildlands
  205. Aor1 camo to bright
  206. Operation Silent Spade Bug
  207. Task Force TAG
  208. Xbox One X - crashes daily multiplayer
  209. Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Achievements
  210. Ghost war Bug
  211. Help
  212. [BUG] Rebels attack mission-sensitive person
  213. Repeating same phrase over and over
  214. Night Vision / Pause issue
  215. Install guide for xbox one
  216. Animal protein - prompt issue
  217. How is the Task Force Clan tag still not fixed or on known issues?
  218. Tech. Test bugs
  219. Two Helicopter Bugs
  220. Login error code Ribera- 30086
  221. Two simple questions on Prestige and Spec-ops crates.
  222. CLUB Reset / Lost FAL
  223. Technical issues
  224. 4v4 constant freezing
  225. Buy passport online Buy identity card online Buy driving lic
  226. Some annoying things that need a patch or idk, a fix.
  227. Stuck at Operation silent spade SNAFU
  228. XP Lost??
  229. New vehicle handling?
  230. Can not get a match in Merc. Mode
  231. won 25 matches of mercinaries mode got nothing
  232. New bug after last update - left stick strafes randomly
  233. Car
  234. Gun swap bug
  235. Drone Camera Controls
  236. Gameplay Mechanics
  237. climbing bug
  238. Aiming Issues
  239. Leading in Single Coop
  240. Guns floating glitch
  241. texture glitch
  242. GR:Mercenaries NPC killed me during end game monolog
  243. Having trouble inviting friends
  244. How to adjust aiming sensitivity
  245. Character issues
  246. Stuck Underground after exiting Helicopter
  247. Character glitched stomping Campfire.
  248. Teamkilled by a random.
  249. Missing 5 prestige crates
  250. [BUG]Aesthetic Bugs that Still Exists (Aug. 9th, 2019)