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  1. Yeti Ghillie Suit Locked!
  2. Achevements
  3. XBOX ONE: Updated Helicopter Flight feels AWKWARD
  4. Interrogating Lieutenant bug
  5. exploding choppers
  6. GR Network Rewards don't unlock
  7. Narco road cartel working together
  8. PLEASE Ubi, can I get some help?
  9. Invisible friend
  10. Is Madre Coca supposed to get killed by rebels?
  11. Title Update 6 broke the XP meter
  12. spawning vehicles
  13. Graphics On Xbox One Not As Good As Open Beta + Ghost not showing in Video settings
  14. Fallen Ghosts Issue: Missing Map Markers for Skill Points and Weapon Cases
  15. Respawn timer & drones
  16. Personal Challenge
  17. SAM Site Fix Please!
  18. Season 3 challenges
  19. When would the flare gun be fixed?
  20. Host Migration Issues XBL
  21. Missing squad orders alternatives.
  22. Account Reset
  23. New Ideas
  24. can two players play on the same router with xboxOne?
  25. Permanent Motion Blur Bug
  26. Comp M4 Graphic Bug
  27. Cannot create a Task Force on GRWN
  28. Missions not appearing on Narco Road
  29. Wow that suppressor is brilliant.
  30. Special Forces pack bugged
  31. Ubisoft the fleece is bugged
  32. Host connection lost
  33. Tagging supplies giving very little supplies
  34. Kingslayer File bug Monte Puncu
  35. Unidad Undead
  36. Important
  37. EMP Drones Not Working Correctly
  38. star player
  39. Options>Video>Ghost Skull invisible
  40. faction costumes
  41. Slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....fast travel and respawning
  42. Remanzo missions locked, need help
  43. Headshot XP not awarded through obstruction.
  44. A.I,car physics and fps
  45. Bug Fixes UPDATE!?
  46. Thorough supporter Achievement
  47. teir one,
  48. Stuck in Car Boot/Trunk
  49. Ghost War Open Beta Forums Redirection
  50. no tac map, couldnt launch drone or use binocs bug
  51. Customizable ai characters and more command options
  52. magazines reloading bug!
  53. Trainee perk giving 10 points, not 10% points
  54. Ghost Wars PVP download not available
  55. Which way is north?
  56. Ghost Recon services still down giving me constant ERRORS
  57. GRHQ causes fps drop in game
  58. Character customization
  59. PVP Bugs
  60. XBOX ONE X Enhancements?
  61. Auto Mark
  62. PvP Options
  63. Another bug...
  64. False Reporting for Cheating/Hacking
  65. Any Ghost War benefits for season pass holders?
  66. Season Pass Loadout items locked.
  67. Grey Screen in Ghost Recon
  68. BUG PvP adding squadmates, not loading match
  69. TARIJA 00101 on XboX One
  70. Voice chat in private games
  71. In game voice chat down?
  72. Ranger/MK14
  73. Solo Challenge Request / Idea
  74. Headset for chatting
  75. My 2 cents on PVP
  76. Bug - Spawning on Same Side of the map
  77. Teir glitch
  78. Connecting to PvP
  79. PVP Many bugs encountered
  80. Controller stick settings for legacy players
  81. Statistics
  82. In game stats
  83. Outdated version - No update available
  84. Can't connect to online services
  85. No Update
  86. Mission master achievement glitch
  87. About thermal googles
  88. Black screen
  89. can't level up
  90. GRW offline mode crashing
  91. Reticle wonít show when aiming down scope!
  92. Xbox Party Chat Issues
  93. Help Xbox X black screen
  94. Ghost War PvP Bugs - Since November Update
  95. Where is my achievments?
  96. Whos Stupid Idea...(Team dissapears when ADS
  97. Some new PVP bugs Xbox
  98. Loading Game Stuck
  99. Big list of bugs,improvements and AI problems
  100. texture rendering issues after patch 9/4K patch
  101. [BUG] Customization menus freezing
  102. Pointmans ACR gun jamming
  103. Drones!!
  104. BUG REPORT: Mk17 magazine bug
  105. Unable to play purchased game (Ghost Recon Wildlands) after trial period
  106. Major Crash to dashboard Xbox 1 X
  107. Penalty timer!!!!!
  108. Random camera movement (or enemy tracking) bug
  109. Cool Down bug
  110. New Exploit
  111. Aim assist is disabled
  112. Ghost War Experience Glitch
  113. Match Making!!!
  114. Map End Bug On Xbox One
  115. Ping ping ping ping ping ping TEAM KILLERS!
  116. Completed Day of the Dead Challenge but did not get the reward
  117. What is going on?
  118. El Gato/DJ Perico is missing
  119. Bugs. Freezes. Crashes.
  120. Xbox One Save File Corrupt
  121. Multi Class Bug
  122. [BUG] Unable to play Ghost War on Xbone
  123. Ghost War PVP - More bugs since last (Nov) update.
  124. Missing Equipment
  125. Character not showing in some cutscenes
  126. Legacy stick Layout!
  127. [BUG] Freezes & Crashes (SURVEY)
  128. Enemy spawn nonstop
  129. Purchased Credits to buy DLC but it took more money?!
  130. [BUG] Can't dismount, (huntsman motorbike)
  131. Predator DLC
  132. Wildland ranked elo
  133. Ranked
  134. Cosmetic Bugs
  135. Explosion Resistance Not Working
  136. Medical Pick Up
  137. [bug] Can't get weapons
  138. Ranking game glitch?
  139. [BUG][WEAPONS][FEEDBACK] Ghost War Medic Pack Supressors 2nd thread Missing Equipm...
  140. Clothing glitch?
  141. Xbox 1 / Wildlands HQ App not syncing.
  142. Crashing, Low FPS, Freezing Issues
  143. Ghost War badges
  144. Error joining session and provided URL for information not working
  145. STILL have the dual scope animation glitch....
  146. Crye Combat Shirt bugged?
  147. Vehicle sound glitch
  148. Ghost recon wildland gamma contrast setting
  149. Bio Mask has no predator vision
  150. Taskforce not Syncing Properly
  151. Missingweapons parts after update 3/missing crate items
  152. patches ?
  153. Xbox one x 1080p ultra mode?
  154. No NPC Sound
  155. Just Prestiged 2 to 3, not getting exp when leveling up.
  156. Game Crashes During Solo Campaign
  157. Changing helicopter controls altering other game mechanics
  158. Please fix the statistics bug on the website.
  159. Missing achievments
  160. Lost character
  161. battle crates problems !!!
  162. Ghost Recon Network saying I have no stats
  163. Threats From Ubisoft Support
  164. Assassains Creed Community Rewards
  165. Missing items I should have gotten a while ago
  166. Plethora of issues..Please help
  167. Where is my car?
  168. Minimap not showing enemy locations and Danger areas
  169. Another huge damn update
  170. Canít purchase pathfinder until February 11
  171. Ghost war asks the season pass when i try to open new operators
  172. Character appearance randomly changed.
  173. unable to access. ammo create in pvp
  174. Ghost War Crashing - March '18 Update
  175. The season pass does not work for me, what happens!
  176. Resetting
  177. Woodland ghillie won't unlock
  178. game progress weapons and everything i unlocked gone
  179. Race\gender change bug
  180. Still can't access Ubisoft club ghillie suit
  181. SRSA1 Sound Bug
  182. Matchmaking issue
  183. Mic not working in ghost war
  184. Saves not Synchronizing *help immediately
  185. weekly challenges not appearing
  186. Race\g Gender Change Bug
  187. Mission missing
  188. Clothes look wet all the time?
  189. In-Game Purchase Not Fixed
  190. Gender change bug
  191. Year 2 pass not working
  192. Stats messed up
  193. Gosth Recon Wildlands year 2 Splinter Cell mission problem
  194. Operation Watchman, Bug xbox one co-op
  195. Co-op glitch??
  196. Stalker with no shotgun
  197. Information Desync Since Update on the 10th arrived
  198. r5 rgp bug
  199. ghost recon wildlands
  200. is ther5 rgp paint bug going to be fixed
  201. Video settings are all messed up since playing on Xbox one X
  202. Assualt class:Ghost Recon Wildlands
  203. [support] Echelon Assault Class stats not posting on xboxone
  204. Weapon boxes
  205. Constant Connectivity Issues w/ three users, 2 in Central US and 1 in Eastern US
  206. Missing season pass content
  207. Stuck on Oil Fields.
  208. Cloud Saves Between Consoles Issue With Reward Crates
  209. Xb1x enhanced version won't draw enemies beyond 450m
  210. Error message Minero-8000FFFF
  211. Missing stat for ghost war
  212. Thorough Supporter Achievement
  213. List of current bugs and problems May 5th 2018
  214. What is considered a boss?
  215. Weapon camo on the r5 not showing in game
  216. Why am I a Mute/Deaf?
  217. Smugglers Blues Achievement
  218. Canít unlock 'The Word Of Sueno (Queen's gambit)'
  219. should i buy? Trial just crashes back to the dashboard.
  220. TC Wildlands PvP Black screen
  221. Sound
  222. Here are some things that need addressing and some possible game improvements
  223. Game stuck 75% xbox one x
  224. Forum Rules!
  225. Special Operation 1
  226. Bugs with marking targets
  227. Season pass DLC problem
  228. Spawn Glitch
  229. Weapon/accessory case bug when starting a new save.
  230. Avatar location updating issue when entering/exiting vehicles
  231. R5 RGP not displaying camouflages
  232. Prestige credits
  233. Predator Glitching
  234. Splinter Cell mission bug CRITICAL
  235. Audio/ substitle bug
  236. A few issues I've noticed with clothing/weapon camos.
  237. Bought Season Pass today, opened 8 crates, got only 1 item.
  238. PLEASE HELP!!! Game Breaking Glitch
  239. Xbox One X Screen Tearing Issues. FreeSync/VRR Questions.
  240. {URGENT} operation archangel glitched
  241. battle crates
  242. Menu Freezing - (In game - Like selecting Game Mode)
  243. year 2 season pass
  244. missing weapon aquired in battle crate
  245. Ghost Recon Wildlands: Weapon accessories gone after recent update
  246. Rainbow 6 event
  247. R6 challenge is broken
  248. Ghost War penalty problem
  249. so much bugs and broken stuff ubi fix it
  250. Operation Archangel Bugged.