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  1. ghost recon network achievements completed but not unlocking the gear in ubisoft club
  2. My character has been reset
  3. xbox chat not working?
  4. GRW - Gold Edition - Peruvian Connection not working
  5. Lost progress
  6. bug report.
  7. Keep getting kicked - XBOX ONE
  8. SoftCover Bug...
  9. my game is still crashing
  10. Weapon Parts Showing As New Repetitively
  11. Grenade Launcher Bugs
  12. XB1 Broken Graphics
  13. (Vehicle Spawn) when rebel speaks! UNKNOWN AUDIO BUG!
  14. Kicked back to dashboard
  15. game freeze or black out
  16. Scopes not working
  17. Loss of progress/merged game
  18. HELP The End-Mission master-shotgun Achievements not unlocking
  19. The Champion and Rebel Master not unlocking
  20. When on an incline, distant shadows apear to "float"
  21. Cant unlock 3 achievement
  22. Ghost Recon Network "Campaign statistics
  23. Coins bought in store not showing up
  24. Driven right
  25. New Bugs
  26. Character Progress Lost, UBI knows it, and does nothing.
  27. HELP PLEASE! Multiple bugs.
  28. 6 achievements that dont show 100% completion
  29. Missions not unlocking.
  30. Connected, not connected, connected, not...
  31. Mission Master and Heavy Medals not unlocked
  32. Progress Lost
  33. progress lost
  34. Glitches in the game
  35. Season Pass issues still hasn't been addressed, Lack of Ubisoft Transparency on Info
  36. BUG - Xbox 1 - Helicopters
  37. Issue Experienced with Drone and Under Barrel Grenade Launcher
  38. Possible Bug
  39. D-50 & stoner butt stock
  40. Type 95 Extended Mags? Whisper Pistol still remains broken
  41. Mojocoyo mission not unlocking!
  42. Advanced suppressor issue
  43. Lost Progress: Situation Update
  44. Relentless chat support
  45. This is a joke...
  46. Missing Ghost Recon Network Achievements?
  47. Help Please! Can't Even Load The Game
  48. The Champion Achievement not unlocking stuck @93%
  49. For achievements not unlocking!
  50. PN Agua Verde missions
  51. Missing major intel Malca & Media Luna
  52. Outfit Editor Broken after update
  53. Game stuck on load screen
  54. Bugs and errors after update 14-04
  55. CANNOT FAST TRAVEL Blocked By Mission BUG
  56. Uplay not showing rewards I've earned
  57. No major intel in Villa Verde
  58. BUG - the ".45ACP extended (15)" handgun magazine - wrong?
  59. Ubisoft listen to the people!!!!😢👎
  60. Helicopter Description Audio Bug
  61. Update the Known Issues list please!
  62. Random issue collection
  63. [GLITCH] Enemy AI Pathway Collision Detection
  64. Skill Points Inaccessible
  65. Game breaking audio bug
  66. What's Up with the DLC this stuff is ridiculous
  67. Ribera 40002, problem connecting to Ubisoft Servers
  68. sync shot bug and other errors
  69. [BUG] Tagging Destroyed Convoy Fuel Truck
  70. Media Luna Bravo Vehicle spawn
  71. problems driving all vehicles
  72. No story mission files koani
  73. [FEATURE] Do not Auto-start ANY missions
  74. bug in narco rd
  75. pre order the game + season pass (NARCO ROADS DONT WORK)
  76. FPS drops while autosaving
  77. Stuck in the environment (AGAIN!)
  78. Why is El Pulpo such an idiot?!?!
  79. [Xbox One] - Narco Road
  80. Disappointed
  81. ghost network gamer tag issue
  82. Where are the challenges?
  83. Not playable for me and friends.
  84. Achievement Issue
  85. Task Force unlock challenge
  86. Couldn't get your latest saved data.
  87. Hq resources won't xfer
  88. all my progress is suddenly gone after play narco roads and get back ?!?
  89. Ghost drone bug
  90. Kingslayer problem
  91. Session Unreachable Tarija-00014
  92. Help! Cannot connect to girlfriend.
  93. Campaign save question
  94. Missions are completing without doing anything for them...
  95. Achievement box covering map
  96. Noob saving progress
  97. Ghost logo on video settings page
  98. Cant access dlc
  99. Trials in Narco Road bug.
  100. errors xbox one
  101. SCOTLAND:Why does my Country NOT Exist
  102. Barvechos - The Money Truck
  103. Narco Road areas not uncovering!?
  104. Gameplay Issue-NEED HELP PLEASE
  105. I dont know if this is the right spot for this, but.....
  106. Enemies respawning in front of me while in mission
  107. No patch
  108. Audio stuttering
  109. Delete account data - start new
  110. Need help for Task Force challenge bug
  111. Ubisoft- gameplay issues
  112. Xbox one S Black Screen
  113. Johnny
  114. Game crashing for the first time
  115. Weird Merger of Xbox Live Accounts
  116. Narco Road
  117. Weapon's Achievement Issue UNSOLVED - Ubisoft or Xbox? Ubisoft Support Neglected
  118. La Gringa Glitch
  119. Solo Challenge not working.
  120. [GLITCH] Attack Helicopter Damage Model
  121. Won't Give Me Open Beta Rewards
  122. Update 3.5 for consoles?
  123. Narco Road: 100% achievement bug
  124. Amphetatruck Side Mission Los Jinetes Locos Bug
  125. Skill points reset after narco road download
  126. Narco Road - Los Jinetes area missions locked
  127. Live season challenges ,, how do you start.
  128. Minor Graphical Bugs (outfitter)
  129. helicopter will become unresponsive and fly up to "ceiling"
  130. How do you get promoted..and how do you earn XP
  131. BUG - Collectables with two XBL accounts, broken
  132. Rescue Helicopter
  133. Known Issues Updated anytime soon?
  134. *FlashBangs & Flare Gun NOT FIXED!!!* Update the Known Issues list!!!
  135. Taskforce Season Challenge Rewards Issues
  136. Black screening when loading game
  137. X1 - possible to save game progress to usb device?
  138. Unable to unlock TARS 101 scope
  139. Tarija-00016
  140. Task Force word restrictions
  141. HUD is outside of my TV's border
  142. X1 - Giving orders - navigating the wheel?
  143. Bugs
  144. Game Freezing then crashing on start up on Xbox ONE
  145. Ghost recon season pass
  146. SERVER ERROR: GR Network still virtually inaccessible
  147. Bug Report
  148. Achievements glitched
  149. Xbox update 12 pm today utc
  150. Xbox One Update
  151. Classy Reactions to UT4
  152. Can't keep up with huge update patch sizes - had to uninstall all Ubisoft stuff
  153. what a piece of work
  154. On Weapons Swapping [XBOne]
  155. Only the Best Achievement Bugged?
  156. TC's GRW Crashes
  157. Using G28 Optic
  158. Drone & binoculars randomly not working Xbox One
  159. XP Level still not correct
  160. Sfx
  161. Skills Missing?
  162. GR Network is better, but still some huge problems
  163. GRNET: logging in to wrong profile; can't access ghost/task force profiles
  164. A More Accessible Compass
  165. Title update 4 Popinns?
  166. HUD Options (Enemies on Mini Map)
  167. Co-op Mission Complete Bug
  168. The postscoring was gone.
  169. GRN Not Showing My Taskforce
  170. Unlocks and Tutorial Prompts every time I start game Since Title Update 4 patch
  171. Annoying Traits that needs resolving
  172. El Yeti Bug
  173. El yeti community challenge compromise
  174. Bug while kneeling in water and trying to shoot.
  175. Odd rewards box stuck?
  176. Can't access fallen ghost and have season pass
  177. I figured out what was bogging down the GR Network
  178. Tech issues with Ghost recon Network
  179. can't start missions in nacro road dlc
  180. I bought Ghost Recon Gold Edition and Appears as Standard
  181. Data
  182. Season 2, Week 1 solo challenge issue.
  183. Delay on loading up narco road and fallen ghost at main menu
  184. Unable to use Drone or Binoculars
  185. Hilarious Fallen Ghosts Bugs (This is one glitch DLC)
  186. [Bug Report] Fallen Ghosts Rebel Ops Mission Bugs
  187. Most amazing bug ever
  188. Teammates swimming on land
  189. DLCs can't start
  190. EMP Drone EMP only active while there's a line of sight
  191. Fallen Ghosts bugs - Xbox One
  192. Some fixes would be nice
  193. Achievements not unlocking
  194. GR Network Achievements are broken
  195. AI Team jokes missing?
  196. Helicopter issue
  197. Come on ubisoft!
  198. Fallen Ghosts vanishing side missions
  199. Lost progression after profile switch is NOT FIXED
  200. PLAYER falls under map on a slope
  201. Spanw of the vehicles X1
  202. Game keeps on freezing randomly, now consistent freezes in the Libertad area
  203. Game crash during/at the end of the opening cutscene
  204. [BUG] Rescue the rebel vip (final rebel op)
  205. Being stuck unable to move.
  206. I can't identify my team mates (playser).
  207. ERROR: public matchmaking Guaya-00221
  208. Season 2 Week 3
  209. Updated June 14 2017
  210. Planned maintenance - TU5?
  211. The missions of capturing el pulpo does not appear
  212. Save the VIP in Fallen Ghosts Won't Complete
  213. New audio bug
  214. Montuyoc missions locked / no major intel showing up / no call from Bowman
  215. errrrm i think my guys having been snorting too much coca!
  216. Achievement issue - how to submit a Support Ticket?
  217. found a new bug, havnt seen it mentioned anyway.
  218. Has Title Update 5 fixed your issues?
  219. 2 achievements still locked
  220. Tier 1 Mode Locked
  221. Silencer glitch (not whisper related)
  222. Coloration Bug/Fixing Multicam
  223. ghostrecon wildlands
  224. tier one issue
  225. Game Will Not Even Load
  226. Medals Are Not Working
  227. Ghost Recon Network Heaqdset
  228. Helicopter glitch/bug
  229. Experiencing constant crashing
  230. El PULPO
  231. Game won't start on xbox 1 s
  232. Vehicle Spawn and Environment Issues
  233. Can't hear friends in co-op play
  234. Where is the option to...
  235. bugs bugs glorious bugs!
  236. Many L85A2 Optics attached to the wrong rail during gameplay.
  237. Ribera 40002
  238. statistics!
  239. Rudder/Yaw on Helicopters and Planes
  240. Random Lags / Freezes During Single Player - XBox One
  241. Vehicle spawn bug
  242. Ammo Bug
  243. Helicopter weapons won't fire after July 21 update
  244. Underwater Glitch - XOne
  245. Hybrid sight, switching animation is backwards
  246. Did not get providence level reset to top rewards after leveling up!
  247. Existing helicopter after landing post July 21 update
  248. Is it necessary with 8 GB patches every time?
  249. Not getting points in for shooting a helicopter
  250. Tier points rewards not resetting