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  1. Vehicle Speed Slow
  2. ubisoft club rewards
  3. Error when tagging on Ghost Recon Network Player
  4. EMP drone and Convoys
  5. A few bugs I have encountered
  6. Getting stuck in the map
  7. ESPIRITU SANTO missions not appearing
  8. Connecting to Ubisoft servers forever.
  9. Bugs noticed: Cover, AI team and HUD
  10. Diversion Lure incorrect upgrade descriptions
  11. Choppy Audio on Xbox One
  12. can connect with friends
  13. 5 bugs in one gaming session!😡
  14. Missing Main missions from multiple places
  15. Can't play the game for more than 5 min because of this bug (error, idk).
  16. Weapon Achivements not unlocking
  17. alpha game?
  18. GhostRecon Network: Unknown IS NOT fixed !
  19. GhostRecon Network: Stats & Player Infos all empty
  20. Intel not providing locations
  21. drone is glitched
  22. Supressor on Snipers removed
  23. Player-Vehicle Glitch in Coop
  24. La santera bugged after finishing main story? *warning spoilers* Xbone
  25. Rebel Support;Request Vehicle;Upgraded to level 3; UNABLE TO REQUEST ARMORED VEHICLE
  26. Missions Locked
  27. Bugs in game
  28. Gold edition
  29. Player gear and actions not in sync
  30. Helicopter Bug (semi-frequent)
  31. Bugs ruining game
  32. Advanced Suppressor Broken
  33. Areas of improvement needed
  34. Bugs and other annoyances
  35. Locking enemy by IA ghost fail sometime
  36. UBI please close threats and tell people to search
  37. Bug achievement Master Mission
  38. Production Cartel Branch Glitch
  39. Additional bugs [Xbox One]
  40. suppressor glitch
  41. new bug i found
  42. 6 Achievements Not Unlocking - Xbox One
  43. A.I Team wont fire when in vehicle!
  44. Radio Off Feature?
  45. Sights with Magnifier don't work properly.
  46. Vehicle Repair Feature
  47. peruvian connection
  48. Ghost Recon Network, Task Force Bug
  49. Kingslayer files
  50. Customizing not working!
  51. connection to ubisoft servers lost
  52. Suppressor not showing on the the SILENCIO
  53. Sandvol Remains mission has a bug
  54. Inconsistant Co-op Connection!
  55. Missions not unlocking; story progress halted
  56. No Missions in Pucara - BUG
  57. EMP DRONE Needs work
  58. Loss of controls in helicopter.
  59. Enemies respawn.
  60. Kingslayer Files Missing (Bowman's Briefings)
  61. Ubi please add these 2 bugs to the list
  62. Can't tag friends in GhostRecon Network
  63. rebel vehicle call just falling into my head
  64. Incorrect XP Level on the Network Site?
  65. Sync shot not working in NO Hud mode, and remove enemy markers from the minimap/map!
  66. Bug - Major intel not showing in Barvechos!
  67. Friendly AI still talking to me in co-op, and maybe even compromising my group???
  68. grainy and washed out hdr
  69. Flipping cars that shouldn't flip
  70. 5mins of loading 2mins of playing...
  71. Sync Shot Bug
  72. *ghost recon network - please post all your issues here for ubisoft*
  73. Unable to collect medal because its NOT there
  74. Coop Players invisible in coop game
  75. Has the issue of purchasing in game credits been FIXED???
  76. Shared content
  77. Task Force tag incorrect in game
  78. Can't complete missions - targets missing
  79. Friend Unavailable - NAT Open
  80. March 18th Broken Audio XBOX1
  81. Console Not Linking to Ghost Recon Network
  82. AK 12 bug
  83. El Cerebro mission crash
  84. BUG : destroying generator does not turn off light in outpost
  85. Xbox achievements not unlocking
  86. still losing connection to ubisoft servers
  87. invisible objects wrecking vehicles
  88. d-pad items stop working
  89. El cerebro 'boat mission' brief
  90. "Whisper" Pistol Sure Does Whisper Pretty Loudly, Needs a Rework
  91. Grwhq
  92. Precision combat stat bug.
  93. Character creation
  94. CO-OP XB1 2 player doesn't spawn full squad
  95. "Killing the Father" recording not added to unlocked files
  96. Vehicles perform unrealistic manoevers
  97. minor intel selection bug
  98. enemy dection
  99. Media Luna Bowman Briefing Issue
  100. Went from Level 17 to level 12
  101. Gun Shots Too Quiet!
  102. Camouflage renders differently- Top vs Bottom
  103. Disproportionate Audio
  104. Banter between player and NPC teammates.
  105. Stuck on the environmentals (The Division all over again!)
  106. Dull colours
  107. Sync shot not working at times
  108. Gunner Reticle Disappearing
  109. Cluster Bomber Achievement - Awarding it To Wrong Player
  110. Bullet flop and other rocky issues the world that could be!
  111. "Temporary FIX" for Drone & Binocular bug
  112. season pass not showing on my Gold edition Pre order version
  113. Missing Content Fixed for me today after complaining to BBB
  114. Random enemy spawn
  115. Bugs, 15 hours in
  116. Screen Tearing Xbox One
  117. Connection Issue other than Traji-00014 And Additional Bugs
  118. Unable to claim ghost recon xbox one loot
  119. Sniper fanatic
  120. Cannot play game at all due to crashing.
  121. Rebel pickup gun truck gunner position stuck in first person view only.
  122. I was charged $935.75 for in game credit but never received anything!
  123. Unable to deactivate generator on Mojocoyo without shooting it.
  124. Mission issues
  125. Few Bugs
  126. Multiplayer Issue
  127. Unable to keep extended clips 30 & 50 for Assault rifle.
  128. Inescapable Area of the Map in P.N. De Agua Verde
  129. Missing Kingslayer Files Definitive Thread
  130. Libertad missions and kings later files cannot be found
  131. Rebel support
  132. kingslayer files
  133. Major Sound Issues
  134. Starting a new saved game.
  135. Game Feedback Boss Weapons
  136. AK12 Grenade Launcher Bug
  137. Why it shows i got standard edition when i bought the Gold?
  138. Mission: Bad Publicity
  139. A few bugs/questions
  140. Possible Bug
  141. Please Help!!!
  142. Better spawn points needed when calling in helos
  143. Issues with gunsmith parts
  144. Grenade Launcher - Hip Fire reset
  145. getting attact by 2 a car of and scario everytime i die of fastravel
  146. Update today but WHEN?
  147. New Update: Rebels drop SUC instead of chopper
  148. rebels still drop choppers in random locations among trees cant fly it
  149. stuck on pause menu
  150. color blind friends cant tell difference between rebels and enemy
  151. Roll out !
  152. lack of addressing season pass in recent patch
  153. Missing Voice Over/Narration FIX
  154. MiniMap GPS Glitch since patch
  155. AK12 grenade launcher BUG
  156. Amazing patch! Rebel vehicle support choice! <3 A+
  157. Update and bug
  158. Enemy AI... The elephant in the room
  159. Missing Major Intel.
  160. After patch small graphical issues.
  161. unable to play the game at al after the patch
  162. Unable to start missions in Tabacal
  163. Ubisoft club rewards fail
  164. M90k not showing up
  165. Cannot sync XBOX One and Wildands HQ app since patch
  166. 2 Helecopter Issues
  167. Glitched la gringa and yayo
  168. Cant unlock libertad mission even after the patch
  169. Can not use my season pass material
  170. i did 100% but cant unlock Mission Master (Achievement)
  171. Xbox One - framerate worse after Patch 1.04
  172. Pucana intel missing
  173. A List of Issues Still Active After Patch
  174. Same issues after patch.
  175. Lost almost all side mission progress and a tonne of skills since update 2.0
  176. Question about buying the game - xbox one
  177. Quick turn not working?
  178. GR network has lost my stats
  179. Extreme audio stuttering Xbox One
  180. Assault, Submachinegun, LMG & SNIPER Fanatic Achievements not working????
  181. Missing level and skills
  183. Wildlands online Xbox
  184. The major intel icons in Pacara dont show up
  185. Some Issues I have run across
  186. Game still black screens after intro!
  187. Task Force ARMY Delta
  188. BUG: Stuttering (Video inside)
  189. Rebel Side Mission and Other...
  190. 3/25/2017 Kingslayer Files still glitched out, Ubisoft, what gives?
  191. Missing Peruvian Connection Mission
  192. Reboot level
  193. Where is the patch for missing Major Intel Files
  194. GRW Xbox connection
  195. GRWL's LOVE FIX'S ;'-)
  196. missing tank firing dots
  197. Silencer Bug in Coop
  198. No intel missions or story missions in Tabacal!
  199. Four weapon achievements are not unlocking!!!
  200. Helicopter no hands
  201. Unable to collect skill point at outpost in Libertad
  202. Espiritu santu unplayable because of framestutter/lag/cars all over the place
  203. Lost progress
  204. Unable to use first person mode/sights
  205. New Issues in Espiritu Santo, Many Bugs found
  206. Media Luna glitched Kingslayer file.
  207. Incomplete Credit for La Yuri and El Pollito
  208. Drone and Binoculars stop working in the middle of a base raid stealth or otherwise
  209. GhostReconNetwork Issues
  210. Missing Kingslayer files
  211. Achievement Not Unlocking
  212. Not getting the content I paid for!
  213. bonus content not available in uk..??
  214. Ghost Recon Wildlands HQ - iOS
  215. Smugglers blues achievement broken
  216. Suggest contacting BBB (Better Business Bureau) not receiving in game purchases SCAM
  217. Game completed 100% and SIX (yes 6) achievements not unlocked
  218. Preordered digital gold edition and i havnt bonuses
  219. stuck copters
  220. Passenger Bug/Glitch - Teammate Doesn't Show In Vehicle
  221. No major intel in malca
  222. Xbox One Achievement Mission Master not unlocking
  223. Reloading Glitch and Unattaching to Cover Problem
  224. Peruvian Pre-Order Content Unavailable to download.
  225. Grwl's unknown bugs (xb1)
  226. Game Finished - Missing Achievements
  227. The AI ruining supply interception
  228. Vehicle (aircraft and ground) control issues. Large dead zones.
  229. Level stuck, can't level up.
  230. Extremely long install - Digital
  231. 99% Finished same as Satisfaction
  232. Map and skills cleared and level reduced
  233. Legendary Hunter - no Achievement - missing Guerilla Tactics KingSlayer Media Luna
  234. Enemy AI runs to your location
  235. Somethings to Look Into or Consider
  236. Improved controls?
  237. Enemy bug
  238. Helicopter Bug
  239. Season Pass - Currency Pack?
  240. Multiple achievements not unlocking!
  241. P12 pistol 3D model flaw
  242. Disconnecting me from Xbox Live
  243. Game is crashing in april
  244. Autosave causing stuttering and crashes.
  245. Application was withdrawn?!
  246. Screen tearing on Xbox one s
  247. Bonus Medal Achievement Error!
  248. Helicopter audio problems
  249. Top drone and only the best acheivement won't unlock
  250. Achievements not unlocking