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  1. Screen Tearing [PS4]
  2. Vehicles are extremely slow
  3. Season pass code -Gamestop - invalid
  4. ERROR Tarija-00014 STRICT NAT TPYE
  5. Error Code Oruro-01008
  6. Error Code Sucre-00104
  7. Season pass activation key for digital purchase
  8. gamestop gold edition not working?
  9. Clan Tag incorrect for my Taskforce
  10. no option to download preorder
  11. Deluxe items claimed but not sent?
  12. The Peruvian Connection DLC Redeem Issue
  13. Environment Sounds Issues
  14. Fehler
  15. Last time i use Pre-order,
  16. How to play cross platform PS4 withj PC.
  17. Sync Error/Statistic Bug
  18. Player character glitch
  19. Music or Radio
  20. When am i going to recieve my Peruvian Connection DLC key?
  21. Dragon Pack And Kraken Pack keys?!
  22. Pre order Bonus - PERUVIAN CONNECTION ???
  23. I have a number of questions . . .
  24. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Error code Tarija 00100
  25. madre coca mission Won't start
  26. Co-op Disconnect on Private Matches
  27. No game
  28. collectibles glitch
  29. ubisoft you have a nearly game breaking glitch
  30. Ghostreconnetwork.com does not recognize game purchase
  31. 30 Round Magazine Part Not Showing
  32. Vehicles...
  33. Anyone had issue with the cover system (PS4)
  34. Wildlands website rewards
  35. Melee issue
  36. Freezing....locking up momentarily...
  37. Problems with Unlimited booster from Gold-Edition
  38. Game crash, freezing and map glitch
  39. Secondary account
  40. Rewards Codes Not Working
  41. PS4 GOLD EDITION Redemption codes [physical copy]
  42. install stop at %50
  43. Hori T.A.C.4
  44. problems
  45. Missing Season Pass
  46. Accessory Case Bugged
  47. Issues with dlc purchases
  48. Two consoles behind one router connection issues
  49. The Peruvian Connection Pre Order
  50. Task Force Tags not displaying
  51. PS4 deluxe redeem codes
  52. Promo codes/Season pass ect...wait to redeem
  53. Minor Issues (Music Volume, Unidad Patrol HUD, Camera Acceleration)
  54. I killed one boss,but I cannot get his gun~?
  55. Need support? white screens?
  56. Missing season pass
  57. PS4 Gold Edition Code Not Working
  58. If you are having any CODE REDEMPTION ISSUES, read this!
  59. Surviving aerial crash?
  60. Changing my code for another platform?
  61. headphones calavera collector , the microphone does not work,
  62. Nat type strict
  63. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands god mode
  64. This will fix your Nat Errors for PC, PS4 and Xbox one
  65. Drone - Binoculars - Not working right now
  66. Leveling progress has frozen...
  67. Gold Edition Infinite XP Booster not available/working
  68. PS4 Character Issue
  69. Peruvian Connection code invalid
  70. Season Pass broken? Lost my 5% Perm XP bonus?? Help!
  71. Can't Game Share On Profile That's Not Primary
  72. new save bug/ no melee
  73. Yuri and Polito Kingslayer file glitch
  74. HELP Controller set up???
  75. Minimap Grayed Out
  76. BUG Stampede Rifle(DLC Sniper) Not Zero'd or Shot occurs after recoil
  77. Infinite xp booster not working
  78. PS4 In-game Download Problem
  79. Sound Issue anti-aerial missile
  80. airplanes crashing...
  81. Level Bug
  83. Taskforce TAG not showing PS4
  84. Bug when leaving heli/plane.
  85. Bugs or flaws
  86. DRON equipment - not easy to change
  87. It is not possible to travel quickly when a player gets stuck and is in combat
  88. No Mission reward, uncompleded area.
  89. pucara scan rooftop antenna, glitch??
  90. Ps4 pro - samsung ks8005 - hdr problem!
  91. Rewards I purchased codes WON'T work
  92. Beta (in-game) items locked!?
  93. Can not play co op with friends
  94. Bug: Reticle for lav
  95. Rewards Codes Not Working/ Task Force Tag Displaying Incorrectly
  96. Oruro-01004
  97. Bug: Adv Suppressor not working correctly
  98. [WEBSITE] GRN / Unknown User Message
  99. AI squad banter in Coop
  100. Ghost Recon: Wildlands
  101. Photo Mode
  102. Photo Mode
  103. Kingslayer File unobtainable
  104. Reached level 17, "The Champion" Trophy popped
  105. Sometimes unable to use binoculars or drone after exiting a helicopter
  106. Private Match Disconnect Issue
  107. Just a few things I have noticed...
  108. Pitch on choppers works when it wants(PS4)
  109. Ocoro 1st mission - aggressive competion un playable
  110. XP calculation
  111. Grave Data Integrity and Other Sensitive Issues
  112. Still missing 5XP% bonus after buying season pass
  113. PS4 - cant get C4 to work
  114. Loot Cave /Farm Glitch - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
  115. Not another nat strict problem
  116. Missing Kingslayer Files in Media Luna
  117. BUG: Tac Map Freeze
  118. Weapon parts not unlocking
  119. Key feature missing?
  120. drones not working right
  121. Xp bar stuck/bugged
  122. Host migration problems
  123. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands HQ Lost Progress.
  124. Infinite XP bonus disappeared
  125. Game Freezes When Opening Map
  126. Cover system - ubisoft you guys need to fix this asap! - please respond!
  127. Soldiers of Santa Muerte Mssion Glitch
  128. SAM launch warning would not stop playing [BUG]
  129. No bass to game sound.
  130. AI squad voices still playing in coop
  131. Multiplay Game Error Code Tarija 00100
  132. Steaing El Polito's Car - Encountered a strange bug last night
  133. Missing Season Pass **WORK AROUND****
  134. language options ?
  135. No missions/major intel in P.N. De Agua Verde
  136. Two returning bugs
  137. El Polito's Sports Car Mission clash with Side Mission which causes instant failier
  138. Tail El Cerebro Assistance glitch
  139. Can't start 5 buchon in smuggling ring
  140. Annoying Gliches
  141. Open Beta weapon and save game.
  142. Kingslayer Video File San Mateo
  143. Tarija-0014 Error Code. Can't Connect with Friends!!!
  144. Flashbang and flare gun skill bug
  145. Rebel Skills Broken/Glitched
  146. Gunsmith glitched
  147. Can't download
  148. List of known bugs to this point
  149. Can't access missions
  150. Extreme Mode tweaking and fixes that is needed PS4
  151. Task Forces capped at 50 members?
  152. Nat Status Strict!
  153. MK-17 Magazines bug
  154. Tarija-00013 with open nat
  155. ghost recon network issue
  156. Host Migration Issues
  157. Missing season pass ***update***
  158. No Primary Missions in Malca
  159. Beta Rewards Weren't rewarded.
  160. i put in my session pass but did not get my The Peruvian Connection
  161. Getting spawn trapped by enemy AI when I spawn!
  162. sync shot not working with markers disabled
  163. OMG stuck
  164. Pull! trophy not popping.
  165. Completely destroyed convoy
  166. Can't See Character During Creation
  167. Mojocoyo KingSlayer Files glitched???
  168. Paid "MSR Sniper" ....silencer missing..
  169. Sniper suppressor bugged in MP
  170. error CE-34878-0
  171. When game launches, brightness for entire PS4 display adjusts?
  172. Gold edition missing items.
  173. SMOKE\FIRE graphic glitches on PS4 PRO (Boost Mode OFF)
  174. One glitch, and one suggestion..
  175. Host Migration Issues
  176. Rebel Abilities
  177. El Pulpo Escort Mission - Glitch?
  178. Drones and binoculars not working
  179. Wildlands​ glitches, bugs and general fixes
  180. Drone Multikill 6 Tango
  181. Major Intel not spawning in Espiritu Santo
  182. Drone EMP
  183. Major Intel for Pucara
  184. Flickering shadows
  185. Minor bug with gun parts
  186. Scar-H model bug
  187. cant upload footage to youtube
  188. Mission issuse in Pucara (DJ PERICO) /Missing Major Intel files (P.N DE AGUA VERDE)
  189. Glitches that I have found
  190. A list of bugs, glitches and other issues I found on PS4
  191. A list of bugs, glitches and other issues I found on PS4
  192. Can't locate weapon part
  193. Ghost Recon Network
  194. A real frustrating bug!!
  195. Lighting\Shadow bug on standard PS4
  196. Rewards not working
  197. Stopped leveling and purchased boosters not working
  198. Input lag/delayed input response.
  199. PS4 :Vehicles will not accelerate to full speed.
  200. Can't claim War within the cartel DLC
  201. Ghost Recon wildlands -
  202. Jumped from level 21 to 38?
  203. Host Migration
  204. Where do you enter dlc codes
  205. Missing Season Pass still - Support ticket going nowhere
  206. Bulletproof Camo Netting
  207. Ricky Sandoval Misson Bug
  208. Vehicle appears inside the walls
  209. Can't complete side mission 'Hack Antenna'
  210. Multi problems
  211. Problems Found (after 3.5 days of game time)
  212. Suggestions to the developers
  213. Flares only cause caution status
  214. Known Issues to Add to the Existing List
  215. AI teammate assault problem
  216. Game breaking bugs and glitches
  217. Mobile Headquarters iOS
  218. Conflicting Mission Bug
  219. future soldier costume for wildlands won't unlock
  220. Offline/LAN Co Op
  221. Uyuni-00054
  222. [Bug/Glitch] Can't get Mission Master glitch
  223. Gameplay Suggestions
  224. Ineffective Flashbang?
  225. Patch for PS4 version!
  226. Guns trophies bugged in PS4
  227. Matchmaking is utterly useless
  228. More GRN Confusion and Concern
  229. Tarija 00014 cannot connect blablabla
  230. Gold Edition Infinite XP Boost issue
  231. PS4 probs
  232. Binocular Zoom upgrade.
  233. Missing Bowman's Briefing in Pucara and Montuyoc
  234. PS4 Offiline issuess
  235. Option to disable AI squad
  236. Still missing season pass
  237. Ubi, it's time for an official response re: Gold ed. missing season pass
  238. Disc to Digital, will my game data transfer?
  239. Leveling bug?
  240. I killed one boss,but I cannot get his gun~?
  241. No Better Rebel Trophy
  242. 700 meter snipe kill on PS4. No vissible enemies..
  243. Caimanes weapons accessory/building bug
  244. Character standing behind options window in creation
  245. Host Migration (4th time asking)
  246. disconnection from squad in coop on ps4
  247. Stuck at the language selection screen.
  248. Ghost Recon Network list of problems
  249. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Pack
  250. My Bug Report and Feedback [PS4]