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  1. TANK R4 Assualt Rifle jamming
  2. Suddenly cannot open any crates .
  3. Bad npc/enemy spawn.
  4. Got no Prestige Credits back for double crates
  5. Just trying to make a viewable post
  6. Test post for trouble shooting - Ubisoft Support Ticket: 08611861
  7. trouble shooting for - Ubisoft Support Ticket: 08611861
  8. Day of the skull challenge
  9. Duplicate Prestige Crates
  10. Shotgun stats not updating correctly
  11. Product Not Received
  12. [PS4] Mission master trophy not working
  13. Crash
  14. Optical camo bug
  15. Disc to digital - Do I keep everything and which version to purchase?
  16. Ce-36329-3 ubisoft
  17. Free weekend unplayabled to previous free weekend players
  18. DLC weapons
  19. The whole story Trophy
  20. Getting disconnected after about 10 minutes of play
  21. Unable to access Gold Edition DLC
  22. Ghost Mode Prizes not Unlocked
  23. Dont gey reward from challenge
  24. Audio issue in co-op both players has AI team mate banter repeating on a loop
  25. Silent Spade Snafu Overriding Story Missions
  26. Bug
  27. (bug) getting deranked after winning ranked games
  28. Assassin's Creed Outfit Won't Unlock
  29. The whole story trophy
  30. TGT Services are not available at this time. Ribera-1000B
  31. Bug report Notes (C8_Broadcom)
  32. Fast Travel Glitch
  33. Unable to Access Sig556 Llama after unlock from Ubisoft Club
  34. Server issues, keep getting disconnect
  35. Credits have disappeared along with content
  36. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  37. [PS4] Cannot fast travel
  38. De-Rank Glitch, will it ever be fixed?
  39. Enemy AI
  40. Unable to fast travel or use rebel supports.
  41. Wonít link to Ubisoft Account
  42. Ghost Mode Save deleted and I didnít even die
  43. Mission Tier points not resetting after completing Tier.
  44. NPC Teammates not responding in "Guerilla Mode"
  45. Audio Settings
  46. Cheater INSIDE A WALL - FIX THIS - Photo
  47. Players are teaming up in Mercenaries
  48. Other player not taking damage
  49. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Pack not unlocking in my game.
  50. Cannot disable AI Teammates in Fallen Ghosts
  51. Outfits Not Loading
  52. Fallen Ghost DLC: bonus medal locations
  53. Slanted ADS isn't accurate
  54. Crashing - Fast Travel
  55. Improve the mercenaries mode on Wildlands
  56. Operation silent spade snafu
  57. Ghost war - weapon switch glitch
  58. Ubisoft, please help us. Mission Master Glitch :(
  59. Unlocked vanguard in ghost wars, it instead unlocked surgeon
  60. Breakpoint Closed Beta invites
  61. Erros e bugs technical teste continuam na beta
  62. Reward Program Not Unlocking Rewards
  63. Kingslayer File : Queen's Gambit.