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  1. Two Trophies didn't unlock
  2. Force Death
  3. Mortars won't go through trees
  4. Where is Ubi?
  5. Holy Lagasauruas!?
  6. Leveling
  7. El Sueno Boss fight opened halfway through this game
  8. Libertad Missions Locked
  9. Not sure if its just me... Controls?
  10. PS4 issues not fixed from the BETA (also posted on Facebook)
  11. Rebel Vehicles
  12. Motion blurr
  13. Rebel Vehicle drop
  14. Missile lock
  15. Task Force Clan tag and Ghost Recon Network not Syncing.
  16. Scoping in give a blank screen
  17. Nat status: Offline ribera-40002
  18. Helicopters
  19. "Mission Master" Trophy and MEDIA LUNA File!
  20. The Game is Crashing My PS4
  21. Bugs I found on PS4 so far.
  22. Pucara - Bawman's Briefing Missing !
  24. Missing mission
  25. Glitched File
  26. Drone & Binocular's Gone
  27. Selecting missions in Espiritu Santo brings me to the wrong area.
  28. Dialogue bugs
  29. Can't See My New Character
  30. ETA on next patch release
  31. Can't connect with specific friend
  32. Player Stats Bugged & Task Force Network Bug
  33. Missing 10 skill points
  34. GRN Unknown
  35. BUG:taskforce
  36. El Chido - Steal Truck of Music Memorabilia Undetected
  37. Mission Master trophy glitch
  38. PS4 Vehicle Spawning and lack thereof
  39. Missing Major Intel
  40. Unidad "apache" helicopter bug
  41. Unlimited XP bug
  42. Problem with Pucara
  43. Level in game and on GRNetwork do NOT match!
  44. Killed an underboss before killing all the buchons.
  45. Nat Type Strict
  46. [Multi account]Why can't I share the content which I bought to another account?
  47. Is the ghost recon network going to get fixed or what!!!
  48. Attention Ubisoft
  49. erro HUD
  50. Very slow GRN
  51. Drone and binoculars stopped working mid fight
  52. Enemies Spawn Every time I Die!!!!!!!!
  53. Squad Soldier Sank
  54. Bonus Medal Underground
  55. the whole story trophy not unlocking
  56. Crashed lost all progress
  57. Hori Tac Pro and Command Wheel
  58. GR Credits not showing in game HELP.
  59. Vehicle still drives slow with R2
  60. Unknown user issue not fixed
  61. Sync Shot Glitch
  62. Horrendous Screen Tearing on PS4 Version
  63. Stuck!!
  64. GRN task force issues...
  65. How to turn off annoying santa radio broadcast.....???
  66. leveling up frozen at 13!!!
  67. Suppressor audio bug
  68. Max sniping distance
  69. Handgun Trophy
  70. NPC AI Extreme difficulty and other stuff
  71. Stuck again again again
  72. Missed issues with 2.0 patch****
  73. Drone / Binoculars issue
  74. Missing 0ne Kingslayer file in Inca Camina
  75. slow speed
  76. Libertad Kingslayer missions not there
  77. Task Force tag
  78. Suggestion: Toggling option for payload drone
  79. Not loading ps4
  80. Gunsmith Paint Issue
  81. PS4, Night Vision, HDR and sharefactory = a problem
  82. Ghost Profile on ghostreconnetwork no stats
  83. Night Vision and ATPIAL Laser Sight (Not working)
  84. Issues after the Patch
  85. Bug following patch that locks screen in Tac Map
  86. Bugs and suggestions
  87. PS4 patch ruined the game...
  88. Stoner LMG Folded Stock locked despite having collected the part.
  89. Tabacal area missions wont start (madre coca)
  90. Trophy bug -> Mission Master
  91. Ghost ReconŽ Wildlands - Killed 7 enemies with a single mine.
  92. The constant screen trearing and fps drops.
  93. Ghost ReconŽ Wildlands - Shot an enemy chopper out of the air with a mortar.
  94. Failing iron sights on the weapons listed below
  95. El Cardenal, Head Of Influence, completed without underboss or any buchons killed?!?
  96. DEVS PLEASE TAKE NOTE! still tons of bugs and no update on known issues!
  97. Not being able to level up
  98. No more yellow major intel icons after la plaga
  99. Issues after the patch and potential quality of life suggestions
  100. Basic issues with controls and comfort (mainly concerning swapping shoulder buttons)
  101. HOT problems and contents in ps4 not fixed in patch 2
  102. Seriously ubisoft! Game patched, and cover is still broken!!
  103. Map Discovered stat is wrong
  104. 2.0 Patch does not upload on PS4
  105. Suggested fixes
  106. Ghost Recon Future Soldier packs not unlocking
  107. The Good Fight recording glitched in Espiritu Santo Province
  108. Ghost recon wildlands PS4 issues
  109. Sync shot issue since patch
  110. GAME-BREAKING ISSUE (Literally, game non-functional)
  111. These 2 Bugs stopping me from getting 100% completion. Please help
  112. NO EARLY DLC!!:mad:
  113. Sync
  114. The level does not increase
  115. Respawn bug
  116. XP bug (not leveling up)
  117. Some Little Issues
  118. Vehicle Spawn Bug
  119. Unidad Costume DLC is a broken link
  120. DLC code doesn't work
  121. [BUG] Can't drive faster than 1st gear.
  122. Season pass and in game trophies, help please
  123. Cannot fast travel to any safe house in the world. Blocked by Mission
  124. Quinoa Plant conversation bug
  125. Legacy Controls?
  126. Deluxe Edition with Bonus mission Peruvian Connection????
  127. Still cant tag members in task force !!!!!!!
  128. Gunsmith broken for pure color weapon skins after update
  129. So many BUGS ??????
  130. Cannot get the Trophy after collected all the Sniper Guns (PS4)
  131. BUG: Flare not visible for teammates!
  132. BUG: Sniper sound (MSR)
  133. Please help...I'm getting a Ribera-1000B Error and cannot connect to online features.
  134. Enemy clouds on minimap disappeared
  135. Post Patch problems UBI Devs please read.
  136. Kindly bring out a much needed vehicle patch
  137. AK 12 glitch
  138. Slow Vehicle Bug
  139. Gunsmith color doesn't change in world model
  140. Problem with Pucara / No Data points available for operations
  141. NEW gold edition season pass issue
  142. Flip scope animations are backwards
  143. Bugs & fix suggestions
  144. Helicopter error
  145. Not getting the chat on your Headset rewards Etc
  146. Connection issues
  147. Jumping car Bug
  148. Ghost ReconŽ Network Headset/Achievement & Comradeship Achievement
  149. Bug!!can't upgrade rank!
  150. Missing season pass content, please help
  151. Broken Locks Trophy Glitch
  152. A better mousetrap achievement bugged?
  153. Getting Stuck in the game with no chance of getting out then killed by a Rebels !!
  154. Unlocked assault rifle part not unlocking
  155. Couple of issues I've found
  156. Sniping
  157. No Bowman buchon briefing videos ...
  158. "Press X to start"
  159. G28 Model Bug (Attached Pics)
  160. Problem with Rescue Helicopter DLC
  161. Error Code Uyuni-0006A
  162. Sniper Rifle Fanatic Trophy Glitch
  163. ps4 aim sensitivity is too low even on %100
  164. Sniper rifle un-reloading itself
  165. Not able to level
  166. Game keeps calling rebel support (guns for hire)
  167. Game doesn't allow me to get a supply point
  168. Unreachable Skill point (texture bug)
  169. Province Liberty blocked
  170. Controls Stop Working After Pressing Touchpad
  171. Vehicles
  172. Getting spotted in trunk.
  173. Fix Ghost Rcon Network
  174. Deluxe plus season pass help
  175. Issues and Suggestions
  176. Random bugs while playing with another player
  177. Stuck in Brevechos - Karen Bowman won't assign the next story mission :(
  178. Compilation of Glitches, and Suggestions. (In that order)
  179. Convoy Spawn Ambush w/ VIDEO
  180. Helo Recon Fail w/VIDEO
  181. Pulpo Doesn't Fly w/VIDEO
  182. Car Revive Fail w/VIDEO
  183. Lost LT During Chase w/VIDEO
  184. Killed On Reload w/VIDEO
  185. Stuck In Rocks w/VIDEO
  186. GR Network Achievements & Ubiclub issues
  187. Major Intel missions not appearing (Flor de Oro)
  188. Some Bugs I found after the Patch on PS4
  189. Koani Story Missions / Major Intel Will Not Appear
  190. Nighttime too dark on HDR
  191. Missing Bowman's briefing upon entering Pucara province
  192. Constant Beeping of the "Missile Incoming" Alert (Koani)
  193. Missions do not appear in ESPIRITU SANTA
  194. Multiple platform use of store and club
  195. Flashbang loadout quantity
  196. Task Force Clan Tag Issue
  197. Proplems with connecting GRWL network and PS account.
  198. EMP Drone is unable to stop convoy trucks and enemy vehicles
  199. Missing Koani Missions
  200. Update 3.0 - Please communicate ubisoft
  201. Sniper-fanatic trophy wont unlock with all sipers found
  202. Is it just me or does anyone else find their is serious input lag
  203. Task Force Tags STILL Not Displaying
  204. Missing Documents/Files
  205. Major intel for 'El Cerebro' missions not appearing
  206. Graphic bug
  207. Out of Sync comments / slow vehicle response
  208. Ghost Recon HQ
  209. Bonus medal bug in PN de Agua Verde?
  210. Different white intel's in Malca not showing right..
  211. Question about specific Rebel Op side missions
  212. Unidad Conspiracy Bug
  213. Deluxe Edition
  214. Drone glass bug
  215. Stuck in rock area with no way out glitch ps4
  216. Toxic Convoy in Libertad - Has start arrow but no Convoy
  217. Host migration co-op... Yeah ok.
  218. muting problems
  219. No story missions or major intel in Libertad
  220. My GR Save was gone......
  221. Loadout Animation Bug
  222. Missing Bowman Briefing
  223. Convoy trucks dont lose health, blow it up still get supplies
  224. Super fast jeep bug
  225. Two Gunsmith bugs
  226. Task Force TAG
  227. Platinum trophy
  228. no missions in remanzo
  229. GRW HQ Guerrilla Game
  230. Boycott Ubisoft
  231. Fanatic trophy not unlocking
  232. Missle approaching beeping wont stop
  233. Own the season pass but can't access the DLC
  234. [BUG] Enemy Pop Up Spawning
  235. Task Force Tag Error in Game
  236. A few issues i have found
  237. PS 4 Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Wildlands over 100 % Save Game Completly Gone
  238. Gunsmith, flash and sound.
  239. Rebels STEALING your vehicles.
  240. Raining/Weather Co-op bug/issue
  241. Fps on ps4 pro
  242. PS4Pro HDR Brightness
  243. Boosters not working, no longer accruing points, and HUD XP Display gone
  244. Steal El Chido's car bugged
  245. PS4 - Weapons' part list off alignment
  246. Side mission bug - Blow up one of the stations entrances
  247. task force picture
  248. Items in Gunsmith are off the screen?
  249. Broken Trophies
  250. Narco road dlc