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  1. Ghost recon wildlands character creation
  2. Wildlands feedback
  3. No storymissions
  4. GR Wildlands Update Wishlist
  5. Known Issues - Updated December 22
  6. PVP Known Issues updated March 29
  7. Error Ribera-1000B
  8. [BUG] Raving Rabbids Patch
  9. Forum Rules & How to Post!
  10. Attachments lost after latest update.
  11. Goofy stuff STILL not fixed/416 shame/authenticity gone
  12. Unable to attach supressors
  13. [BUG]suppressor cannot be attached after detached before game loading
  14. Advancing in Tier Mode will not give you 300 Prestige Credits
  15. R6 mission- cant progeess [BUG]
  16. [BUG] Operation Archangel, proxymines blow up near objects etc..
  17. Ghost Mode: Bug. Can't unlock new Weapons in Coop?
  18. [BUG] Major bug found
  19. Rainbow 6 crossover mission broken
  20. Ghost Mode Save Files Deleted :(
  21. Earned Caviera's gloves...didn't carry over to Ghost Mode
  22. Inventory loss bug
  23. Inventory gone AND Rainbow 6 Quest bugged
  24. r6 gloves not working
  25. [BUG] Missing Locations of Weapons and Attachments from Map
  26. Year 2 season pass
  27. Ghostrecon Wildlands Operation Archangel- Completed mission, No Caveira Gloves
  28. error
  29. Ghost modes bugs
  30. Ghost Mode 2 weap Glitch?
  31. [BUG] Dear Ubisoft, please fix variable position NODs and vertical foregrips.
  32. [BUG] Misaligned sights
  33. OK, stop it now!
  34. Searching a dead LT
  35. [SUGGESTION] Lag Switching
  36. Ghost Recon Wildlands Season 6 Week 4 Solo Challenges Languages Problems Again
  37. Weird Bug with Toxic
  38. Connectivity issues
  39. Draw after team kill, Cheat or Bug ?
  40. [BUG] [PC] Kill Counter Not Working
  41. [FEEDBACK] Mines skill glitch
  42. All star legends weeks - task force challenge
  43. Just lost ALL of my saved work.
  44. [BUG] Ghost mode awards not unlocked after game crash
  45. [BUG] Lost Ghost mode rewards
  46. [BUG] Challenges
  47. [BUG] Dear Ubisoft, please fix weaponsmith silhouettes for TAC50 and R93.
  48. Known Issues List Updated May 2nd, 2019
  49. [Bug] LVOA-C (Customizable)
  50. [BUG] LVOA 30 Rd mag
  51. Weapon Bugs
  52. Minor Weapon Bug / Weapon Suggestions
  53. [BUG] Dear Ubisoft, please fix suppressor of Ultimax 100 from Y2P "Operator" pack.
  54. [BUG] [SUGGESTION] NVG Flip down animation dosen't work with foregrips.
  55. [BUG] [WEAPON] LVOA 30-round Magazine is glitched.
  56. [BUG] Footstep sounds
  57. [BUG] Mispositioning underbarrel attachments and scopes for 416 and LVOA
  58. [TRANSLATION BUG] After TU16, the names of camo patterns changed to English
  59. Game stuck at loading screen every time I try to play
  60. JEEZ, La Plaga is bugged as hell in Mission Replay.
  61. GR Wildlands crashes in inventory menue
  62. Year 2 season pass not working
  63. are the servers hacked today?
  64. [Support][Help] My Tickets are not being resolved
  65. Lag Lag Lag
  66. Prestige Points(?)
  67. [Bug] Five SeveN BL doing no Damage
  68. [BUG] Archangel Incessant Checkpoint Notification Bug
  69. Archangel, the brother is stuck between the 1st and 2nd floors
  70. [BUG] Horfixed LVOA 30 round magazine is close but still broken.
  71. Random enemy weapons not make any sound after update
  72. LVOA-C still glitched and other weapon issues.
  73. [BUG] New glitches
  74. Glitch: Not getting rewards for completing weekly challenges
  75. [Bug] Ai glitched
  76. [BUG] Mine Issues - Again
  77. [BUG] Echelon GAME BREAKING
  78. [BUG] Map Voting
  79. [BUG][DRONES]Toxic Gas Canister goes through the map
  80. [BUG] Perk resets
  81. [BUG] Auto-Revive [Video]
  82. [BUG] Invisible Mode
  83. [BUG] auto revive 2 (another one for techincal)
  84. Monitor calibration
  85. splinter cell sonar goggles
  86. Clipping issues
  87. [BUG] My rank decreased after winning the ranked match
  88. Ubisoft club rewards unavailible
  89. (bug report) r93 lrs2
  90. [FEEDBACK][BUG] Choppers are buggy and kill you all the time.
  91. This is about the new update's Challenges...
  92. Optical camo can't be applied to first-person perspective and ai teammates
  93. SR-635 not nerffed
  94. Opti Camo not working
  95. Another Broken Patch
  96. Downed Servers?
  97. Servers down?
  98. Post here for SO3 bugs/glitches
  99. Future Bug Fixes?
  100. [BUG] Map Vote - Repetitive Maps Back to Back
  101. Credit error
  102. Locked and unlocked weapons
  103. Unable to open any crates
  104. Ghost recon server down
  105. Server down for how long ?
  106. Vanguard & Sharpshooter for free [Bug?]
  107. "Help us by sending a crash report"
  108. [BUG] 416 Compensators
  109. 【BUG】When can we finally fix 416's scope and m203GL' s position?
  110. Ghost Recon Wildlands Optical Camo glitching
  111. [help] problem with the first week's challenge "snafu" will not start
  112. [BUG] Dear Ubi, "SO3" voicelines are broken in multiplayer.
  113. Servers
  114. [BUG] wearing Sam fisher custom on Fallen Ghost DLC
  115. Server issues or my internet has issues?
  116. fix these issues please
  117. My GIGN icons pack is missing
  118. Narco Road DLC Bug.
  119. Cant Find Undad Spy Narco Road Mission Bug
  120. Missing Ubisoft Club Rewards?