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  1. A lot of my items with armor rolls in 1.5 have not gotten +health on them on the PTS
  2. No Controller support again??
  3. "3D-bug"
  4. Lexington Daily challenge
  5. Heal bug
  6. Matchmaking not working for Incursion/Main Mission
  7. Server lag?
  8. FPS Dips
  9. Legendary difficulty and Incursion unmathcmakeable
  10. Reloading while sprinting, still possible.
  11. Very Bad Graphic Bug
  12. No LORE Discriuption forShowstopper and FAMAS
  13. Mike c-24-134
  14. Random FPS-Dropps since 1.6
  15. Back Pack Mod Slots
  16. DELTAs and MIKEs
  17. When running you fall from the stairs on the right hand side
  18. Pistol switch for geting the 2 skill talents still possible.
  19. Warlord Specific talent not free
  20. Can't fast travel in the DZ
  21. Serious issue with Reclaimer 4pc
  22. "Talented" weapon talent still have mixed requirements
  23. Can still run and reload & Captain Benetiz
  24. Matchmaking broken and ults not working properly
  25. Mods have mod slots
  26. Heal
  27. Exotic Talent Rolls
  28. Tacticians Authority is not working as intended
  29. MIKE C-17-261 Error
  30. NPCs can shoot through wall
  31. [Weapons]Valkyria remains in the game.
  32. Can't matchmake any missions
  33. A Chinese translation issue about named weapons
  34. Not all Armor was rerolled to Health
  35. Armour is not converted to health ;s ?
  36. Running while reloading
  37. Xbox One controller
  38. Sticky Bomb activation delay
  39. When leaving safehouse in DZ08 the guns go into autofire mode
  40. Bug PTS Last Stand - Classement DZ UI
  41. last stand mission offline at the moment and can't do matchmaking
  42. Texture flickering
  43. Stolen Signal/Matchmake unusable
  44. Veteran NPC spawned when starting Times Square mission
  45. Npc moving to fast
  46. Crash to desktop
  47. Heal Delay
  48. PTS Bugs encountered (1 hour gameplay)
  49. Last Stand Guy in the Terminal
  50. No match Maker?
  51. 60 fps lock STILL locks to 30.
  52. Midas
  53. Liberator - possible talent bug
  54. Survivor Link not activating on solo underground
  55. Incorrect boss name
  56. Competent/Adept
  57. No Premium credits yet now?
  58. reload while sprinting still working?
  59. Terrible ghosting when I'm in game.
  60. Uplay and Steam say I don't own the PTS
  61. Delta followed by loading loop
  62. Caduceus bug
  63. Infinite Loading 0-100% over and over
  64. Rejuvenated Talent notes Not Change
  65. Valkyria & Eir
  66. Scavenging crate
  67. Historian Reducing Skill Power when used!
  68. Too many mod slots
  69. Medkits Bugged
  70. PTS Wont even start.
  71. Game crashes when changing resolution...also
  72. Midas Broken? 170k crit?
  73. only 4 talent on the recalibration station, 1.5 we can have 6
  74. Dark Zone - Fast Travelling
  75. Loading Screen/Logo
  76. impossible to download the PTS
  77. FIX THIS QUICK!!!!!! Valkyria & Eir Unintentionally high Crit Damage
  78. Alfabridge talents
  79. Phone did nothing
  80. Mod have a solt for what?
  81. Glitch in the Dark zone
  82. Incursion - matchmake not work
  83. Base of Operations (uipstairs stash container) isn't releasing character
  84. Language Tranlastion BUG(simplified Chinese)
  85. Delta every 30 minutes...
  86. Weapon base dmg
  87. Hungry hog
  88. FPS drops
  89. D3-FNC acting weird.
  90. Weird Double Vision Bug When Starting Game?
  91. Floating Weapons are Back
  92. Alpha Bridge Bug (all gun talent active)
  93. [BUG] Recovery link doesn not pop up every time
  94. Lost half of my gear to a Delta including all of my Exotics
  95. seeker cluster issue
  96. The defibrillator doesn´t revive
  97. Few bugs
  98. Legendary Napalm site bug
  99. Changing difficulty stops "Free Republic" from working
  100. Legendary - Grenade launchers shoot around corners and up an escalator
  101. Incursion - need to buy DLC
  102. Bug Crash Game after going to Desktop
  103. Multiple Bugs & Issues I have noticed
  104. Cannot travel from and to dz 7-9 checkpoints
  105. Stolen Signal incursion - locked out of doors
  106. Delta and Mike Erros Exit DZ08
  107. PTS BUG: Wrong numbers shown when recalibrating
  108. Terminal recalibration station orange text unreadable because of orange light
  109. Recovery Link Wont Active
  110. Count Down cycle..... Over and Over :)
  111. Grenade make you stand up from cover.
  112. Chat window bug?
  113. Liberator & Centurion weapon set.
  114. FPS drops, stuttering
  115. Coolheaded cooldown not displayed on UI
  116. Walkyria still craftable if you got the blueprint
  117. SEEKR gear ican and talent not coherent
  118. Midas talent is backwards.
  119. Tactician's Authority description not updated
  120. Minor in the scheme of things...but...
  121. Delta error just standing in BoO
  122. Invisible wall in Armory landmark DZ9
  123. Stuck in Trash Bag Glitch
  124. news van glitched
  125. Tactician 4 pieces bonus.
  126. Napalm factory Legendary
  127. Striker 4 piece bonus
  128. Pakhan on reload talent ignores extended magazine size
  129. Alphabridge Bug? - Exotic/Yellow gun combo
  130. Skill: Seeker Mine / Mode: Cluster
  131. Game crashing before character screen
  132. Centurion bug
  133. Hungry Hog 20% dmg broken
  134. Historian explosions break 4pc seeker set
  135. Alt-tabbing crash. Full screen crash.
  136. Game freezes my whole computer when I enter the DZ 7 safe room
  137. Black bars on character screen.
  138. Mobile cover glitch and WT 70% bug still in the game
  139. Every 10-30 min error delta
  140. Reviving bug
  141. DZ 09 The Armory door bug
  142. team member lock out side the door
  143. Translations and other bugs
  144. Pulse Skill broken stats.
  145. UI bug when applying mods to gear items.
  146. The Depot landmark - NPCs running around aimlessly
  147. Screen is messed up in PTS. Image is mirrored.
  148. armor mods
  149. PTS Last Stand PVP Game Mode Is Currently Unavailable
  150. Complete waste of time unplayable.......
  151. Times Square Power Relay - Legendary
  152. Character movement (weight sensation) modification lag or bug ?
  153. Minor issue: text missing for contamination events
  154. Ballistic Shield + Resourceful Backpack
  155. Virsual Glitch 1.6
  156. competent/capable don't work together with valkerya
  157. please pull valkerya DZ unplayable as it stands.
  158. Bi-weekly Season Pass Supply drop will give Dark Zone XP
  159. Delta!!!
  160. D3-FNC strange behaviour
  161. Open world issues
  162. [FIX] Delta Errors after 10 to 30 min Gameplay
  163. Recovery Link still does not work properly.
  164. Need help! I cant move my Camera ingame.
  165. Seekr + Shotgun = 100% crit
  166. Delta
  167. Exotic Weapon Defiler at the Reward Claim Vendor
  168. AI ignores certain part of the world.
  169. Recovery Link Bug?
  170. PTS 1.6 Napalm site (Legendary) mission stalls mid-way through
  171. Historian Missing
  172. DX12 Performance in 1.6 PTS
  173. Xbox One pad no work in PST
  174. VOIP Icon appears on map - DZ7
  175. Recalibration station on TOC
  176. Survival
  177. Loosing all contaminated loots after fast travelling between checkpoints
  178. Startup/Playability issues...
  179. Parkham + 4 Bonus AlphaBrige + Talent Meticulous = 4th talent broke?
  180. Cannot take both mods out of chestpiece
  181. SEEKER set procs the 4pc bonus off of status effect damage
  182. inaccessible loot?
  183. Matchmaking through map bug
  184. PTS 1.6 Warrengate site (Legendary) mission stalls mid-way through
  185. Damascus unique talent requires stats
  186. 1.6 PTS DZ09 Armory landmark invisible staircase + walk through wall bug
  187. 1.6 PTS Legendary difficulty mission NPC has Unlimited heals
  188. Support Station with Reclaimer does not revive sometimes
  189. Visual Bug on Character Selection Screen
  190. Instant Use Agen Skill unreliable
  191. BUG how to accidently sell locked items from inventory
  192. Open world boss gives old named weapons
  193. Hungry hog hip fire and ADS
  194. Possible inconsistencies with skillbuilds
  195. Small UI Bug
  196. Time Square Power Bug
  197. Lagging
  198. "Free Republic" Liberator + Centurion not working
  199. Med box and Overheal not reviving
  200. i see non group players in savehouses
  201. Hungry Hog Talent Glutton Does Not Work After Death Unless You Switch Weapons
  202. Enemy Armor Dmg presentation broken?
  203. NPCs ignore doors!
  204. Signature skill, Enemy Melee Range, Russian Consulate Collision Problems
  205. Lost Signal - Heavy Turret Bug/Glitch - Studio 2
  206. Falcon Lost sli Crash
  207. LMB3 cosmetics look vastly different on male and female characters?
  208. system crash no blue screen just kicked out of the game
  209. Bad performance
  210. Texture still not loading
  211. DZ Contamination Event
  212. Legendary Times Square - Stuck on top of truck when you get downed
  213. DZ Map "Bugs" not weapon related
  214. Seeker Mine / Turret Bug
  215. Medic with no cooldown on warrengate power plant legendary
  216. Recalibration only let you choose 3 weapon talents
  217. Recalibration only let you choose 3 weapon talents
  218. Exotic Cache Not kept upon completion of Warrengate Legendary
  219. Adept & Competent Bug
  220. Player twitch in backpack skin menu
  221. Turrets on Heroic Falcon Lost and Clear Sky, are they broken?
  222. What´s wrong with LVL34 Extended Magazine ?
  223. EIR fix ? 100 % crit chance ?
  224. SEEKR Backskin Bug
  225. Legendary Weapons
  226. SEEKR 4 piece talent not always active after 2 bodyshots
  227. Audio Bug new foray
  228. stuck in an infinite loop of loading screens
  229. PTS Stuttering and micro jerks and flicks
  230. Cosmetic Bug - Three season jacket .
  231. Action Completed Achievement Box Pst 2
  232. No caches on New characters
  233. Stash bug
  234. Graphics glitch when flashed/ aim down gun/ in menu
  235. Pakhan resets mag size buff when interacting with Resupply Box
  236. UI bug: Ubisoft club action completed
  237. Killfeed occasionally not appearing in Last Stand
  238. last stand glich
  239. Constant DELTA error
  240. Midas Talent Missing Discreption
  241. Underground Armor Mitigation and Gear Items
  242. Bug exp when finish pvp mode
  243. Bullfrog/Famas Alfa Competent doesn't proc.
  244. Killing enemies shows Ubisoft Club Action completed
  245. 70% Armor still in UG
  246. Gear - Display error in the Underground
  247. Links bugged.
  248. Glitch video HUB Last Stand
  249. UI: Italian language localization - SEEKR Talent
  250. Last Stand Matchmaking Bug