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  1. Agent Brief - January 24
  2. D3 gearset suggestions
  3. PTS in general
  4. FPS Dips
  5. shock
  6. why 1.6 would suck if this continue
  7. Default Rerolling of pre-owned "Exotics"
  8. Potion In Queue 463
  9. Incursion: Lost Signal
  10. armour / health modificatrions
  11. pts not available
  12. PTS File Size?
  13. EU/NA PTS Forums
  14. Mike error
  15. Midas bug?
  16. Laser Accuracy NPC
  17. camera jerking
  18. Feels like a very high number of bugs on PTS
  19. Exotic Weapons 4 talents or 3?
  20. Hip fire camera
  21. Banshee in 1.6
  22. can you fix the zoom cam height?
  23. Re-evaluate the Color of Exotic Weapons in Patch 1.6
  24. Stutter / camera shake wierd?
  25. Seeker 2pÁ Bonus OP
  26. Liberator talent notification the same as the Tactician's
  27. New Incursion looks good
  28. 1.6 PTS Darkzone Feedback
  29. Fix fullscreen bug on PC
  30. Sooooooo........ Legendary not very Legendary
  31. Small tweak to Tactician's and Final Measure
  32. New Darkzone Event Idea
  33. High RPM weapons still out damage the other weapons with lower RPM
  34. Armor
  35. Delta Errors
  36. health vs armor vs npcs
  37. Pakhan + Lone Star + Cassidy(s)
  38. Timer for all missions
  39. Exotic weapons suggestion
  40. If you want this to be an actual PTS...
  41. New Incursion Needs DLC? u kidding me?
  42. Turret performance mod damage wrong calculation
  43. NPC should be Health based Remove their Armor
  44. Ok ... the armor as a major bonus on the gears has gone, goodbye dmg mitigation!
  45. Say hello to the new meta, Seekr + Valkyria
  46. MAtchmaking not working for missions/incursions or anything?
  47. Accuracy should be decreased to the floor when hip firing (across all weapon types)
  48. Remove/change lamp at recalibration station
  49. Shield Bash + Threat Generation / Initial aggro Threat Bug
  50. So, about the legendary and overall time to kill...
  51. Urban MDR damage
  52. DZ Contamination events
  53. Headshots = skill
  54. I love the new AI!!
  55. Legendary needs better adjustment
  56. Buff Legendary Mode
  57. Legendary difficulty should be legendary hard
  58. [Exploit] Stolen Signal (Incursion) - Cheese in Studio 2
  59. Ballsitic shield health / Ressourceful and Enemies shooting through the shield V2.0
  60. Heal Skill
  61. Weapon Recalibration
  62. DZ Landmark doorway broken The Armoury
  63. Pakhan Talent
  64. Health rolls are way to high
  65. Replacing Armor with Health is just absurd.
  66. Just when it was fun....
  67. Just because it's a pts
  68. Caduceus, Valkyria, Eir, & Seekr
  69. Players. I need you to take a deep breath and find your balls. and when you find them
  70. Gear recalibration vs. adaptability
  71. Exotic weapon talents
  72. PROS AND CONs IN PTS 1.6
  73. Squishy. Way too squishy.
  74. Delta Errors again
  75. people still spinning...
  76. Skins.. wtf
  77. Add stashes to DZ north checkpoints and safe houses
  78. Armor - A new method to implement it.
  79. overheal
  80. Really Nice Enemies on Level Impossible
  81. First Impressions
  82. THE Solution to all your Health problems...
  83. Don't force HP > Resist
  84. PLEASE! dont make health the new best in slot
  85. Is damascus unique talent supposed to be free?
  86. Solo PvE player perspective
  87. Headshots vs Bodyshots
  88. Is this a death scene ?
  89. New Meta: stop it before 1.6 launches
  90. What will happen to all my named weapons?
  91. So about those grenadiers on Legendary...
  92. Recalibration table in Terminal - too bright
  93. Massive list of SMALL changes that would improve the experience.
  94. Armor is not the problem its NPC
  95. Look over shotgun gunners damage op put
  96. Legendary challenge - first impressions
  97. All Cache rewards should be tradeable.
  98. AlphaBridge was not the problem the FAMAS is.
  99. Increase Inventory, and saved gear loadouts
  100. Give reclaimer set its buff from consumables back
  101. PvP from the perspective of a solo player and suggestions to improve cover based play
  102. Valkyria insane damage output
  103. Feedback Sticky Bomb
  104. Seekr isn't all that bad really.
  105. Seeker mines
  106. Will we be able to Stack Weekly Assignment Caches to get Exotics when 1.6 drops?
  107. Alpha Bridge and Famas.
  108. Broken
  109. Seeker + Valkyria is the best thing ever
  110. What's the point..... Sigh
  111. Don't Change Alpha Bridge as SEEKR is here
  112. How to calculate PVP damage in 1.6?
  113. New PTS same all deals of the last two
  114. PVP BALANCING in the Update 1.6 Details - does it apply to PvE
  115. guys, stop whining about valkyria
  116. SEEKER+shotgun
  117. Shield takes more damage than before
  118. TTK & TTbK
  119. Historian stagger in pvp
  120. Put Armor back on MODS
  121. Congrats on killing the game
  122. more darkzone safe houses
  123. Hip fire accuracy reduction
  124. [REMOVE HIP FIRE PC, XBOX1, PS4] Is Destroying the game
  125. [REMOVE HipFire PC, XBOX1, PS4] It Destroying the game
  126. Armor
  127. Hungry Hog, best PVE weapon hands down (probable nerf incoming)
  128. Damage mitigation in 1.3 to 1.4 vs 1.5 to 1.6
  129. [Seeker Build Destroying The Game] Change its Talents
  130. PvP timer
  131. Caduceus can revive downed team mates
  132. Delta Error
  133. Seeker set - different use for it
  134. Weapon talent requirements need to be looked at
  135. [Time to Kill PvP, Armor Mitigation] Remove Health roll from Holster or BackPack
  136. DZ 7-9 NPC population
  137. Change Zap turret to EMP turret
  138. Exotics: New Name & Color
  139. Buff skillpower while in cover, change all healing to be over time
  140. where's The MIDAS!?
  141. Make Brutal At Least To Do 30% Headshot Damage.OR/
  142. Give some love to sniper builds
  143. camping site at extraction in dark zone 789
  144. Seekr Set
  145. Rogue mechanics needs to change!
  146. Rework the Toughness formula and keep armor off Mods
  147. Hungry Hog is just awesome
  148. Feedback on PTS
  149. 1.6 and the death of solo rogue play
  150. UI improvement.
  151. Legendary mode..
  152. PTS Server
  153. Here's an idea
  154. Save this game please !!!
  155. Constructive Feedback
  156. Exotic weapons and weapon skins
  157. For the love of god, hotfix the Valkyria already.
  158. Death needs to have a penalty. Reinstate xp and dz funds loss upon death.
  159. The ugly truth about armor.
  160. Why do you want to reduce the gap between good and bad players?
  161. How I imagined things...
  162. Delta?
  163. TTK is just way to low now
  164. Mobile Cover should finally be fixed
  165. HEADSHOT DAMAGE should be at least 30% more
  166. About combat roll
  167. Support Station needs a buff
  168. Shield builds useless in legendary.
  169. Weapons are still unbalanced
  170. Some thoughts
  171. Make SEEKR have diferent requirements for each weapon type
  172. PTS - Armor - Gearsets - Major/Minor Attributes
  173. PTS Intel: Legendary Difficulty - Survey
  174. Legendary opponents need to be cranked up a notch.
  175. some feedback on 1.6
  176. Make Seeker a solo only Rogue hunter set
  177. [BUG] Competent isn't removed.
  178. seeker set
  179. Remove NPC armor thats the problem
  180. about what massive asked us to test this is my feedback on everything i tried
  181. Seeker is way too powerful when paired with a caduceus
  182. Armor and Health
  183. Loading texture
  185. Showstopper - Fun but uselss
  186. You guys NAILED medkits!
  187. PVP vs PVE
  188. The PTS experience so far for me **1.6**
  189. [CRITICAL] Too many Grenades spaming by players during PvP Its annoying
  190. (suggestion) My Feedback after 10h PTS 1.6 (PVE heavy)
  191. Weapon Mod Revamp!
  192. Named Gear/Items on 1.6
  193. Change 3 pieces sentry and hunters faith
  194. the incursion boss fight 4 the last one
  195. Remove the downed state from PvP (or lower the health while downed at least)
  196. Hunter's Faith 1.6
  197. PTS feedback
  198. Don't Nerf pve for pvp 1.6
  199. [Broken] the Hungry HOG Glutton and Mobile cover features
  200. 1.6 pvp
  201. Cover based PvP/Deckung basiertes PvP + MORE
  202. Valkrie twins
  203. 1.6 pvp
  204. Time to be killed... what happened?
  205. Historian in PvP doesnt work right
  206. Sturdy and Armor talents not working right ?!
  207. Thoughts on SOTG as a whole
  208. Im so happy! Ty
  209. I Feel Wanted: The Tank-tican Story
  210. Change Midas
  211. Level 5 mask
  212. About some new named weapons talent
  213. Backpack cosmetics: dissapointed, a missed opportunity
  214. Skill Builds Becoming The New Meta? PTS Feedback
  215. Armor, Heal, Medkits, jumping nerf... - BAD, very bad.
  216. can not access PTS
  217. Please help high ROF MMR players. (Ammunition)
  218. keep the music going in new incursion
  219. bring back blind set for 1.6
  220. Melee in PVP, huge potential, a positive game changer
  221. DZ Keys
  222. Unlike others- I like the direction the game is moving
  223. Issues on first play through. Napalm (legendary), New incursion, loot.
  224. Seeker balance changes.
  225. Cassidy Shot gun into updated Defiler.
  226. The direction is right Massive, keep going!
  227. balance ratio.
  228. Ongoing PTS Suggestions
  230. Some Major feedback and suggestions
  231. DZ wide chat PLEASE
  232. Seeker Mines useless in pvp
  233. Darkzone Event Ideas underground and problem
  234. Vendors in PTS.
  235. so this is a lets make pvp like pve update......
  236. Legendary / challenging on all missions
  237. With the cooldown mechanic on Coolheaded, why not re-introduce it on the Caduceus ?
  238. Ideas to to make the Reclaimer Gearset a bit better
  239. 2 Things that I notice with this update
  240. Move "Damage to Elites" / "Protection from Elites" from major to minor stats
  241. All Resistance and skill haste roll
  242. Exotic Weapons + Named Gear Sets
  243. A few things after trying out HVTs solo
  244. Another change that maybe needed to make players use cover in pvp
  245. When is the next PTS iteration?
  246. Dz 07-08-09 big area less npcs are not great idea
  247. Striker set
  248. DZ Roaming Boss HUNTERS
  249. PTS 1.6 impressions and noticable problems
  250. SA-58 TTK compared to "top tier" Lightweight M4