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  1. LFG: Want to get a head start! Any Good Clans?
  2. #fix the match making !!!!!
  3. Looking for For Honor friends to play with!
  4. ~..Clan Heavy Blade..~ [T1]
  5. Dominion Kick
  6. The Round Table (Clan)
  7. Network error
  8. matchmaking is broken on 1vs1 duel right now
  9. Error 006000037
  10. LF Duelists
  11. Welcome
  12. Long Match Making que after patch
  13. Controller configuration
  14. Alliterate Soldiers Clan (PS4 16+) - Part of the Army of Prose gaming community
  15. Client download
  16. Looking for ppl to play with
  17. For Honor - Varangian Guard
  18. US Pacific - Looking for players to team with - Samurai
  19. The Round Table (Clan)
  20. Server down?
  21. Looking for solid group of players to join up with(PS4)
  22. Looking for a steady group to play with
  23. [PS4] Team Up For Allied Orders
  24. Knights of Honor are looking for members!
  25. Canadian Knight Looking for clan.
  26. Looking for grp
  27. SamuraiCommunity and GroupMessage
  28. Looking for sqaud
  29. LFM German For Honor Players!
  30. PS4 Community: The Stormy Knights
  31. Lfg
  32. LF a group to play Deathmatch or Brawl 2v2 with
  33. looking for good players to play with
  34. preorder code
  35. Sinc and Stability
  36. Looking for People to Play With
  37. attention ps4 users
  38. European Samurai
  39. Looking for Samurai Clan or Community
  40. Looking for group (PS4)
  41. Competitive Player LFG (NA)
  42. For Honor PS4 Tournament 1v1|2v2|4v4
  43. Please Help Me, and Yes I'm Desperate
  44. Any North-European players around? (PS4)
  45. Is it possible to get hacked on console?
  46. South african for honor players: Ps4
  47. Western European PS4 Community - For Honor
  48. Custom controller
  49. Raid Bunnies looking for members
  50. Thats Game! Gaming Community
  51. Ubisoft, you need to stop this online BS!
  52. Any Swedes out there?
  53. The Grab counter window is broken
  54. any eror
  55. Recrutement FOR HONOR PS4/VIKINGS
  56. PS4 Clan is looking For Members Avengers!
  57. Can we get Dedicated Servers, instead of player hosting.
  58. Lots LFG in here
  59. LFClan/LFGuild
  60. Lf party
  61. Looking for full group/3 players - See thread!
  62. Can i play with my friend im no my ps4 and he is on his pc?
  63. Cheating?!
  64. LF Vikings Pals
  65. Suche Deutsche Gruppe
  66. In need of help.
  67. LF Help 3.6 Realistic
  68. Looking for a good team for Dominion (level 15+ and higher)
  69. Hells Law - Samurais and Vikings[PS4]
  70. LF Help 3.4 Realistic
  71. Season Pass Glitched
  72. Looking for chill players for multiplayer. PST
  73. Looking for a decent player for co-op orders. Iam a Knight
  74. Looking for friends to do orders/pvp with. AUS/NZ time zone
  75. Help me out!
  76. Cheating
  77. Looking for Knight Faction teammates
  78. knights of an old republic
  79. Looking for people to battle alongside...
  80. Titanus Gaming
  81. Conquerer 2.0 + kd PS4 Lfg
  82. Reputation 4 Warden PSN Looking for Group With Mic English Speaking
  83. Join The English Knights Legion!
  84. The Samurai Battalion: Looking for players to build a powerful legion from ASIA
  85. Looking for SMART 18+ CLAN that understands scoring and revenge meter
  86. Play with friends cant join to squad
  87. Failing to group up with/invite a friend.
  88. Co-op help
  89. [PS4] The Holistic Order of Honor
  90. NAT issue.
  91. Looking for group
  92. Looking for GROUP! NL/ENG
  93. UK Player LFG
  94. The Gentleman's Duel Club - The community for those in search of honor
  95. Looking for good group to play with. Orochi
  96. Looking for partner / group
  97. High Level Orochi Player (Rep 7)
  98. Aussie Aussie Aussie! Looking for some other aussies!
  99. New starting group/clan in PS4 for new players! >> " Way of the Black Dragon "
  100. MUST WATCH - Catapult Triple Kill
  101. Reputation 3, 108 Gear Peacekeeper looking for clan
  102. Nederlandse spelers??
  103. Looking for chill people to play with
  104. Knights! Rally here!
  105. The Holistic Order
  106. How do you find people you've played with?
  107. on an error an error
  108. Viking faction? Or just friends to play with
  109. Looking for a team to play for honor. Vikings faction
  110. Allied Elimination (order)
  111. Samurai Faction
  112. Looking for skilled Samurai Players to practice with
  113. Newcommer LFG 2v2 or 3v3 :D
  114. Co-op bot-focused PVE group! ^^
  115. LFM 108 Gear broken classes (e.g. Orochi) to dominate!
  116. Looking for friends
  117. 96 gear lvl Warden (Knight) LF swedish compadres!
  118. Tired of playing on my own!
  119. NAT issues
  120. MAJOR Connection Issues
  121. Rep 4 108 GS Kensei LF Clan/Group
  123. Lfg
  124. Vikings hear my call
  125. For Honor's First Premiere Gaming Community
  126. Sparring partners
  127. 100 gear lvl warden LF partner for some brawls!
  128. Warden triple parry _ must watch
  129. Knights unite
  130. Looking for Samurai to fight beside with
  131. ps4/pc community
  132. In need of knight faction fighters
  133. No packages
  134. Blood for the Blood God!
  135. Peacekeeper LFG or Humanz
  136. Is PS4 & PC community common?Or different?Help pls,thanks!
  137. [THC] The Higher Cause For Honor Division Now Recruiting! Competitive & Casual
  139. Looking for a group or build one
  140. 30y old player, looking for group, clan, teammates. I have mic, I play mostly night.
  141. Looking for teammates (Viking Faction)
  142. What the matter?
  143. Peacekeeper 1vx video
  144. Lf 3 Players on ps4 who wanna do Gamebattles (MLG) 4v4
  145. Gold warden reputation 10 gear 108
  146. Great Peacekeeper, learning Oroch and i want friends and teams. so lets chill
  147. for honor organize team
  148. "The Expendables" A new Group for players over 50,
  149. How do you feel BOT into game Dominion
  150. Ghost recon : Wildland tips and tricks
  151. Looking for co-op partners
  152. Looking for players to play with
  153. Victores Mortis clan recruiting!
  154. Relaxed, chilled, honorable PVE players PS4!
  155. How you counter guard break now?
  156. Looking for people to play for honor PS4
  157. PS4 LF Clan
  158. PS4 LF Clan
  159. Looking for people for 4v4 matches! :)
  160. Wildlands STANDARD available on Dutch PS Store?
  161. looking for good players to play with
  162. Anyone?
  163. [THC] The Higher Cause For Honor Division Now Recruiting! Competitive & Casual!
  164. Looking for high level players to group up with
  165. ANZAC Vikings - lets form up and kick arse
  166. Inactive Players
  167. Since the update..
  168. Allied Brawler
  169. Looking to group up
  170. Lookin for chill people to play MP with. Mic preferred.
  171. Disconnects
  172. Looking for Dominion Groups/Clans
  173. PS4 Duelists
  174. Looking for 2 active members.
  175. Looking for clan/group to play with
  176. Jion the Frost Legion and get an ICEE
  177. RISE clan LF members PS4 knight faction
  178. Looking for a clan PS4
  179. Looking for tournaments ps4
  180. Can't play any online game.
  181. Beginner looking for clan!
  182. Marine looking for Fire Team
  183. PK-EU Lfg 2v2 Mate / Clan/Group for 4v4 Dom
  184. To All kNights Ps4
  185. nesesito ayuda para jugar
  186. Searching for a solid group to team up with!
  187. false FPS error
  188. Scottish Players?
  189. Looking for casual group
  190. Looking for partner in brawl orders!
  191. AFK at Dominion Player vs AI
  192. Casual Knight War Band for PS4 For Honour Multyplayer - Mic Preffered
  193. Six Feet Under [SFU] - Clan War Requests (german)
  194. Rainbow Six daily Challenge
  195. Looking for a clan ps4 (vikings)
  196. Clan Recruiting
  197. Wildlands
  198. Looking for players/group [PS4]
  199. Looking for group
  200. Berserker
  201. Reclutamento Clan Italiano
  202. Lfg Clan/ 2v2 Bro. Eu Location PS4
  203. Join the Legion
  204. For Honor: The Iron Legion
  205. Join the GHA
  206. Kensei Dojo
  207. The Whole For Honor Samurai Faction community
  208. Dutch ps4 players!!
  209. LF4v4 Dominion
  210. Get rid of the ps4 boosters
  211. Looking for duel training partners
  212. Vikings!!! Advanced Player looking for Clan
  213. Boycott.
  214. Elimination 15-0 Warden
  215. 1 Vs 7
  216. Ghost Recon Wildlands unable to found mission in Bervechos
  217. LF UK Group or Partner
  218. Bad update
  219. Samurai arch ability
  220. Russian language in Tom Clansys wildlands. PS4 Version
  221. LFG PS4 Night shift
  222. [PS4] LF Swedish players.
  223. Error A connection error has occurred. Returning to main menu (0006000137)
  224. Join the Legion AKA The Order
  225. Why some heroes can't change to male?
  226. Looking for a good team to practice with us
  227. Hey, looking for casuals who want to play.
  228. Anonymous Shadows New Gaming Team LFM
  229. Ninja Style
  230. Only the best trophy for PS4
  231. Jion the legion
  232. (ce-34878-0)
  233. Need English speaking samurai faction clan on ps4 in Europe time zone
  234. Games is really fun and getting better.
  235. Looking for clans to cb!
  236. Looking for people to dominate!
  237. looking for players!
  238. Looking for PS4 team
  239. Looking for group, team or clan - US timezone
  240. Join the Legion/ Holy Sepulchre
  241. The watchers are looking for 3 high calibur players
  242. Looking for a Team interested in Competition...
  243. Looking for Competition/Tournament. Im from Indonesia
  244. Trophy Glitch " A Reservist"
  245. Looking for Brave souls to fight for Honor under the banner of the Iron Legion!
  246. Shugoki Bugs, Uninterruptable Stance/Demon's Embrace
  247. Nat orange ever since season 2 patch
  248. Shut up and turn your mic off!
  249. Nordic players
  250. Any Youtubers Here?