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  1. RockSmith PC DLC?
  2. Are you getting Rocksmith?
  3. Designed for 21 frets or 22?
  4. OK Computer Full Album DLC
  5. Rocksmith Guitar Bundle!
  6. What convinced you to get Rocksmith?
  7. 1/4" to USB Cable
  8. Pre-order bonus songs / missing content and registration
  9. I pre-ordered...but how do I get my 2 bonus songs?
  10. no calibration settings...
  11. Audio Feedback
  12. Some ideas for DLC..
  13. Mini-game leader boards
  14. I need help!
  15. Bad Real Tone Cable??
  16. Relese in Europe
  17. Lead vs Rhythm
  18. How is the audio latency, note detection and tone?
  19. In Tune
  20. PS3 Wireless Stereo Headphones Doesn't work with Rocksmith
  22. Best way to progress
  23. How to unlock Scale Runner?
  24. Rocksmith mis-recognizing fret pressed
  25. Printable Tabs for Songs
  26. How do I use the Loop Pedals?
  27. Sting Layout
  28. Audio Set Up Options and Lag
  29. Unique Cable for Rocksmith
  30. Opinion of RS after 1st day
  31. Tip to avoid long reload of riff repeater and technique challenges
  32. PC Waiters Club
  33. Why neglectful toward classic rock and metal?
  34. Enhancement request
  35. When will there be DLC??
  36. User Profile
  37. Why everyone should use Tab view.
  38. Wouldn't it be cool....
  39. Video Lag Calibration Tool Needed!
  40. Best Buy Exclusive Edition
  41. Lips
  42. 3 days later Pro\Con Time
  44. Would a wireless headset be too laggy?
  45. help with amp mode
  46. Best Buy version - bleh!
  47. what fingers do i use?
  48. Limited Edition Guitar Strings
  49. RB3 Squier Stratocaster game controller and guitar???
  50. Is My Real Tone Cable Bad?
  51. Rocksmith next ++
  52. Another Europe Question
  53. Rondo Music Bass Guitar for future DLC?
  54. Another strong review
  55. Saving content and tune check
  56. Extension for RS Cable
  57. Riff Repeater Revamp Ideas
  58. Rock Smith Cable should be longer
  59. Technique Videos
  60. User Generated Content
  61. Game Automatically Quits after song.
  62. Excellent but I want more.
  63. Leaderboard???
  64. Playing without affecting progress
  65. First FC?
  67. 2 player mode
  68. Getting UPSET...FREEZES during "Epicenter" event everytime
  69. Frustrated with load screens...
  70. DLC request system
  71. Saving Playback
  72. Memorization Feature Request
  73. Custom Playlist in Amp Mode
  74. Master Event - Check :D
  75. Notes not registering?
  76. Replay
  77. Rocksmith Track thread
  78. HELP!!! preorder songs wont stay in the game
  79. My friend works at Ubisoft..Gonna ask why no feedback here
  80. One Amp and 2 songs
  81. Can somebody explain what Jr. means (kid or adult???)
  82. PoV Camera Feedback
  83. Drop d on Unnatural Selection
  84. Any chance of adding Voice Commands to RS or RS2?
  85. Make it so the RED string activates the X button
  86. Freebird!!!!!
  87. Rocksmith 2014 Official Gameplay Feedback Thread
  88. Never got Best Buy Preorder Songs!
  89. Would like to see straight on notes/blocks
  90. Poll - Your background. From what to Rocksmith?
  91. "Just Singing" award on Xbox without singing
  92. Which pickup(s) mode/setting are you using while playing RS
  93. I keep mixing up the blue and purple colors. Is it just me?
  94. Icky Thump - Poor note detection
  95. Question regarding importing Rocksmith
  96. Rocksmith #5 selling game in US this week
  97. Fret number to Note Box Request
  98. Rocksmith destributors
  99. Correct notes missed
  100. So when will we see a schedule for DLC?
  101. Cannot pass Angela by Jarvis Cocker
  102. Detail of notes 'keys/legend' etc not in manual. Where are they?
  103. wheres the GOR (guitar oriented rock) ???
  104. multi playing levels??
  105. Scale runner game comment, and request.
  106. idea for riff memorizer
  107. Master Encore Freeze
  108. I find the UI frustrating on several points
  109. Seth Chapla song Jules...bonus song?
  110. love it, but a few things that drives me nuts.
  111. Authentic Tones
  112. I love this game forever but it has one major flaw
  113. Rocksmith Unboxing (Video)
  114. Rocksmith - Game adapts difficulty to your skill level (Video)
  115. Rocksmith for PC Officially CANCELLED for December
  116. Who votes for RHCP songs on Rocksmith DLC?
  117. NOTES based cues
  118. Good article on how Rocksmith started.
  119. Guitar volume too low coming out of tv
  120. Ducks patch request
  121. what is the best way to prepare/warmup/get better at the game?
  122. Please Please Please address these issues!
  123. Bass!!
  124. types of guitars and tunings
  125. Longest streak: 0... Bug?
  126. We need to organize better if we want changes in the game
  127. Changes you would like to see in an upcoming patch
  128. Anyone get the bundle?
  129. Proper guitar setup is important
  130. Guitar Center pre order bouns
  131. Inverted view=> flipped finger numbers on chords.
  132. Duck Hunter Frets Are Off
  133. A total Beginners game... really?
  134. Going back to practice songs after advancing
  135. Chord Book Revamp
  136. Super Impressed!
  137. Song list Option Remove Cover Art
  138. Rocksmith Leaderboard Site
  139. Menu Issues Thread
  140. PS3: Wish we had the possibility to install the game on the HD. Would load faster.
  141. My review after playing until level 2. Great game, Has so much potential.
  142. DLC Announcement Coming...
  143. Super Ducks
  144. Can I get some opinions on the Epiphone JR that comes bundled?
  145. Absolutely Love It
  146. Audio Latency!?
  147. Region problem in DLC
  148. Audio Lag During Non-Song Segments
  149. Poll - Pearl Jam DLC
  150. 360 patch?
  151. Who would like to see an option to display chords in traditional dot format?
  152. Off topic
  153. Got over the hump, finally!
  154. Getting to the Amp... how?
  155. Rocksmith update!
  156. Trouble with leveler - Pixies solo
  157. An Option to scan through the song
  158. Anyway to play all notes/chords ?
  159. Dawn of the Chordead!!!!
  160. How young is too young?
  161. Ton cable unplugged message at setup issue. Please help
  162. Nasty Feedback on PS3
  163. pc system requirements
  164. a good resoursce to use along with rocksmith, especialy for beginners
  165. Freebird for all?
  166. great idea
  167. Bends challenge bugged?
  168. PS3 Remote Control...
  169. multiple players/profiles one household???
  170. Events
  171. acoustic guitar
  172. List of Guitars that work with Rocksmith
  173. Phrasing, Timing and Rocksmith Scoring
  174. Changing the Head Stock...
  175. Where are the downloaded songs?
  176. Newbie guitarists: Ever heard of JamVox?
  177. Riff Repeater's Worst Fault
  178. Make the FAQ IE7-9 compatable please
  179. Any Christmas songs DLC?
  180. How are you progressing?
  181. How to get the two bonus songs from pre-order?
  182. When will new songs be available for the game?
  183. What other learning "tools" are you using?
  184. Is It Really Good For A Beginner
  185. What's Your FAVORITE Track(s) so far, RS guitar players?
  186. Poll for Avenged Sevenfold on DLC
  187. Tilted UI confusing me. Any way to put it straight? Makes me kinda angry when i play.
  188. Game Manual
  189. How to make it harder?
  190. Rift Repeater
  191. So who else wants this game to be bass compatible?
  192. Rocksmith perfect for ingame Forum/community
  193. Have anyone tried to plug the Rocksmith cable through a physical effect pedal?
  194. DLC! 11/1/11
  195. Rocksmith Strong Sales - backordered on Amazon
  196. riffs tolearn
  197. Bass guitar vs bass downloadable content
  198. nov 15 dlc
  199. What is the Intro Song to Rocksmith
  200. palm mute technique challenge
  201. $5 CDN?
  202. Startup Issue with Best Buy version
  203. Black keys dlc $4.99 on PS3
  204. Guitar Buzz
  205. Patch for more experienced guitarists?
  206. Bends
  207. Thanks, and suggestion
  208. Riff Repeater Lives are a hassle.
  209. Scale Runner
  210. Is this forum available as a rss?
  211. How Do You Play The Game?
  212. Issue: Non-stop saving?
  213. A# instead of Bb?
  214. What do you do to practice?
  215. Song "The Next Girl" and Hammer Ons
  216. Where to buy the game in PAL version
  217. SteelPanther and Ugly Kid Joe DLC
  218. Poll: How is Ubisoft doing in terms of communicaton/community
  219. Idea for metal dlc?
  220. Tuning
  221. OT: Your favorite guitar ACCESSORIES (pedals, amps)?
  222. Ubi, thanks for not allowing offline DLC just learned to play tab
  223. I love rocksmith!
  224. Super Ducks and other mini games
  225. OMG!
  226. Riff Repeater Accelerator: Bad Design
  227. Can we practice a specific riff? Like select it without going though the whole song?
  228. DLC?????
  229. Riff repeater 5 attempt limit? Why?
  230. Riff Reapter 5 attempt limit poll!
  231. Display lag correction setting (improvement of that function)
  232. RS cable revelation
  233. What's your LEAST favorite track?
  234. Gameplay videos
  235. I tried Multiplayer last night
  236. For the beginners, be carefull with the leveler
  237. Ugly Kid Joe DLC
  238. Tuner
  239. Music genre
  240. Metal Glitch
  241. Europe release?
  242. Metal songs
  243. DevilDriver
  244. Why is the game made of combo arrangements??
  245. UBI: Please consider a DLC/Song-Request SUB-FORUM.
  246. Get the Tuner a Q-tip
  247. List of Songs Leaves Me Wanting
  248. DLC Pricing. Any thoughts?
  249. Bug on harmonically challenged mini game?
  250. Who's idea was it to put lives/limits on the rehearsal modes?