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  1. Satisfaction - Unable to master single-note version
  2. USB adapter extension
  3. A Very Rocksmith Christmas
  4. PS3 Rocksmith with Sony 24" PS3 3D TV
  5. Odds And Ends
  6. Why is there no way to slow-down a section??
  7. amp mode: blues tones
  8. Guitar tuner
  9. Bass Players Speak Up
  10. Sustained Note Issue
  11. "More than a feeling" - Riff Repeater/Leveler Problem
  12. Dead Weather - I Can't hear You - Do I need 100% clean for Master??
  13. Welp, It Finally Happend to Me
  14. Rocksmith PC preorder release
  15. Large Events: Too much reverberation
  16. Where are the Megadeth vids?
  17. Now I'll admit I've had a few drinks but Megadeth "Pack" on the PS3/ Deep Purple
  18. iOS app to learn guitar - Jammit
  19. Just played Symphony of Destruction
  20. New DLC crashes to ps3 screen
  21. To the Devs of Rocksmith
  22. Megadeth crashes everytime..I'm doing a credit card chargeback...I will not pay
  23. Merry Christmas and a fix for 'the bends'
  24. Next DLC?
  25. Smoke on the Water (SOTW) problems on PS3
  26. after 80 hours playing time....
  27. Multiple Users?
  28. Guitar Bundle still being shipped to retailers?
  29. Is it possible to earn a double encore from a master mode encore?
  30. A very Rocksmith Christmas
  31. My first 4 hours
  32. Quick Pick Dash - I am not getting any better
  33. Surf Hell Hell
  34. My $2.18 audio lag removing solution w/ PC Speakers
  35. What happened to the Dec.13, 2011 realease date?
  36. Los Angeles Rocksmith Jam!
  37. How do I learn scales?
  38. Encore.... unknown master mode!!!!??!!
  39. Busted my first string
  40. PROTIP: how to prevent crashes on ps3
  41. Mini games shouldnt have to be unlocked
  42. Problems With Game On PS3
  43. what are different arrangements for songs
  44. Multiplayer on PS3
  45. Hangar 18 - Combo #2 - Will Not Master
  46. Low E String and Bends Broken
  47. What happened to the good songs from guitar rising?
  48. Hey pc guys, anybody tried JamGuru yet?
  49. Anyone figure out the Baseball Timing?
  50. Rules by Bukowski?
  52. Harmonic tips please
  53. What's the advantage of adding a guitar in game?
  54. XBOX and You Tube further Enhance Rocksmith
  55. Floyd Rose and drop D
  56. rocksmith ps3 sopund issue
  57. The Music Jokes Thread
  58. Rocksmith and instructors
  59. solo's
  60. dlc?
  61. Bonus songs arrangements
  62. Please DO buy this game for PS3
  63. noisegate gone
  64. RSP cap is set to 100,000,000?
  65. Playing along with concert-band DVDs (while waiting for DLC), anyone?
  66. Are these 'crashes' bad for my PS3 ??
  67. loving MEGADETH on my ps3
  68. My Encores are broken
  69. Try to not power slide across the living room ><
  70. Wait... Did I just see...
  71. does rocksmith penalize you for extra correct notes?
  72. Rocksmith (RS) TAB
  73. smaller sized guitar and 3/4 size guitar in-game support requested
  74. Star Spangled.. this is how I unlocked it.
  75. The unexpected masses, Rocksmith customer base
  76. BASS GUITAR???
  77. A novice/intermediate guitar player's take on Rocksmith
  78. Easiest way to unlock songs/receive double encores
  79. Suggestions For DLC Packs for Rocksmith
  80. Tips for playing the baseball mini game
  81. Suggestion for Rocksmith 2 Master Mode
  82. i have over 100k and the song is still not master mode ??
  83. I can't believe I can play Jessica!
  84. Unofficial Rocksmith Tone and Song Reference Guide
  85. Spike in guitar sales: Anecdote
  86. Free Christmas Songs DLC Today
  87. wishes ......
  88. When is a Patch Coming For Rocksmith?
  89. DLC Setlist Retention Glitch Solved?
  90. RockSmith, X box, & no gaming experience...
  91. Bring Up Whatever You Would Like! (OFF TOPIC ONLY)
  92. Give us a maxxed phrase option!
  93. OLD people and Rocksmith...
  94. Unaccompanied DLC???
  95. Why no Uplay support in Rocksmith?
  96. Writing tracks and Importing.
  97. Carol of the Bells = Great Finger Exercise
  98. where are my footswitch or pedals┐┐┐┐┐
  99. PS3 Hardware Issue and RS Sound Options
  100. Where can I download the X-Mas pack mp3s?!?
  101. harmonics?
  102. Do you want Multiplayer in RS??
  103. just got the game yesterday and the cable broke!
  104. How to get a Double Encore (theory)
  105. Games keeps freezing on bonus song Good Enough
  106. The Rocksmith Gods are Cruel...VERY Cruel
  107. Boston-More Than a Feeling - Tone Difference
  108. New Rocksmith Review from Associated Press
  109. Rocksmith; Impressions from a noob
  110. Multiplayer
  111. Note name or chord
  112. A feature/tweak for Rocksmith 2
  113. Microphone
  114. My girlfriend hates you Ubisoft!
  115. What's with RS Facebook page? No Support
  116. Peavey Marvel 3/4 guitars
  117. Can't find the cable for sell.
  118. My AMP's are getting jealous!
  119. Read if you bought DLC
  120. ?
  121. digital delay
  122. This leveler is Broken
  123. Next DLC?
  124. good enough opening riff on rehearsal - cant level up
  125. Audio lag setup?
  126. My $13 Rocksmith Bundle deal!!
  127. Keep an eye on Amazon if you want the game for 360
  128. Smoke on the Water, Question about the song
  129. Need TAB to transcribe to Rocksmith - RS TAB
  130. Game Freezes at the same point always. Can't make progress.
  131. Wish they just went a little further
  132. My 1st hour with a Guitar ... EVER!
  133. Can't pass 88% on the first solo of "More than a feeling"
  134. PC Users Looking for more info.
  135. Why didn't I get an encore?
  136. Connecting Active Studio Monitors to Xbox 360 for use with Rocksmith
  137. Essential Hand Stretches For Guitarists
  138. A couple of small issues.
  139. Ubisoft question
  140. new gamer
  141. XBOX Configuration
  142. Xbox/PS3 Poll
  143. How can I Buy DLC from PS3 US Store
  144. Rocksmith, how can we help?
  145. song ideas
  146. Guitar gear recommendations? example "right angle" 1/4" cable
  147. making DLC available
  148. Rocksmith: Tuning and my High E string keeps breaking.
  149. Rocksmith: Tuning and my High E string keeps breaking.?
  150. How many songs are you guys playing?
  151. Amp Mode Help
  152. The potential of this game is staggering.
  153. confusing
  154. How to get certain tones
  155. Nice game, needs more songs.
  156. Where did my DLC go?
  157. Beginner issues.
  158. Game guidebook
  159. Welcome to all the people who got Rocksmith for Christmas (or Hannukah)
  160. HDMI only.. and no lag?
  161. Is it legal to post Rocksmith replays on Youtube?
  162. Please welcome our new Rocksmith Moderator!!
  163. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
  164. NO SOUND just fuzz with 27" standard definition tube TV
  165. Need contact information for a complaint
  166. Rocksmith will never be release in Europe
  167. Wireless Headphones
  168. Jam mode?
  169. Sometimes the screen goes black out during guitar-play
  170. Can you load DLC on Rocksmith without internet access?
  171. Who's your FAVORITE Rock Guitarist? Mine's AC/DC's Angus...
  172. Why doesn't "Ducks" minigame have Anchor positions?
  173. How do you do this?????
  174. New to guitar
  175. Bought this so daughter and I can learn-Profiles?
  176. Can someone explain Wireless Connection and ADOS feature
  177. Freezes and Glitches
  178. rocksmith main menu
  179. If it's possible, would anyone be willing to share a PS3 save with the SSB unlocked?
  180. Different music genres! maybe dlc?
  181. Waiting for an update.
  182. Switching a Righty to a Lefty. Will it work?
  183. Recording
  184. I really wish it had more alternative/punk rock songs..
  185. Guitar track Mute?
  187. new christman gift
  188. Rocksmith DLC 12/27 - "The Black Keys" Singles
  189. you can't take it with you .......
  190. Wishlist for RockSmith 2
  191. Peavey Marvel 3/4 guitar full disaster
  192. Non-Starter, We cannot get rocksmith to respond
  193. Non musically talented New Guitar Player, chance of success?
  194. Two suggestions.
  195. UBISOFT PR is bullcrap
  196. Very addicting game indeed!
  197. Controllers
  198. Give me that Good Ol' Grateful Dead
  199. How do you save manual IP information
  200. Cable issue.
  201. Palm Mute Technique Challenge
  202. Crucial bug that needs to be fixed!
  203. Transferring progress from one xbox to another
  204. Another cable issue
  205. DLC ~ Problems?
  206. Rocksmith Avatar request
  207. riff repeater fix taking forever
  208. Can't "make noise" loud enough on our Epi!
  209. Anyone have a fix for this multiplayer problem?
  210. Slides technique challenges help
  211. Won't play on 360
  212. Headphones
  213. Multiple accounts on same console
  214. Game freezes during loading screen.
  215. Chords do not register
  216. Getting kicked to xmb (PS3 menu) after completing event
  218. DLC release schedule?
  219. Where can I just jam?
  220. Leveling down
  221. Guitar Intonation
  222. TAB flip
  223. Suggested Improvements
  224. SDK for RockSmith?
  225. This is the best game ever
  226. Ultimate Guitar
  227. A set of suggestions for reasonable DLC requests
  228. Anyone else having a hard time with the pull off on "Well OK Honey" by Jenny O
  229. How do you memorize songs for master mode?
  230. Performance on 360
  231. Guitar Sizing Info
  232. Question for experienced and beginner guitar players.
  233. Not registering drop D tuning
  234. E problems on Rocksmith
  235. PS3 to AMP audio issues
  236. Sometimes I can't believe it's me!
  237. how about some rocksmith gear
  238. Game Crashed Wiped all Save Data....wtf
  239. XBox 360 Guitar Bundle
  240. Few Suggestions
  241. ...besides guitar
  242. Rocksmith Forza 4 Club
  243. spreading my fingers?
  244. Suggestion
  245. Arpeggio???
  246. Rocksmith and Cadillac Margartitas...
  247. Lag clarification for new folks.
  248. String suggestions?
  249. Please don't change the rehearsal to performance song arrangement.
  250. Frustrating Rocksmith Issue!!! :(