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  1. Minor gripe with leveler and solos
  2. Game not recognizing correct fret?
  3. Using your amp as speakers
  4. Question about numb fingers
  5. Someone's attempt at Free Bird..
  6. about multiplayer
  7. Christian Music DLC (NON BIASED POLL)
  8. DLC Blues!!! Lets get it.
  9. Reddit Dev Postings
  10. Rocksmith Developer "AMA"
  11. My first 4 days with Rocksmith.
  12. thoughts from an experienced guitar player
  13. Controller idea - dancemat???
  14. Can you just add a pickup to your acoustic?
  15. upload music
  16. What direction fo you want to see RS take?
  17. Thank You Ubisoft
  18. Rocksmith Frees My Mind
  19. Tips for playing without killing your hands
  20. Better Song Sorting System Needed
  21. Rocksmith Colored String Available Now
  22. Riff Repeater will be fixed!
  23. Double Stops
  24. Stop The Presses
  25. Lag setting for analog audio
  26. YouRockGuitar & Rocksmith
  27. New strategy for me
  28. metallica?
  29. Are non standard tuning supported?
  30. Rocksmith Guitar & Bass DLC Band Wishlist
  31. Rocksmith Official Bugs and Issues Thread
  32. Get rid of sixaxis, navigate with the guitar instead?
  33. Trouble with Power Chords Challenge
  34. scale runners doesn't go below 14 fret
  35. Singelnote, what i realy miss.
  36. Tab Page
  37. G is killing me!
  38. Extra Cable for 2 Player Mode
  39. Realistic Multiplayer Suggestions
  40. Patch timeframe?
  41. Lefty?
  42. I Mess up in Accelerator on Purpose
  43. PC's
  44. Will DLC be available on PC
  45. Nov DLC release date
  46. Lefties
  47. My weekend with Rocksmith
  48. Where do I buy a second Rocksmith guitar cable
  49. How many rocksmith points do you all have?
  50. Vote: How Many Would Like AC/DC DLC?
  51. Is the guitar good for my 7 or 10 year olds?
  52. 2 player mode: Worth it or not?
  53. Game Menu Change Proposal
  54. next guitar suggestions
  55. Strings?
  56. Gobbledi****
  57. PC version: can we use other audio inputs?
  58. What's wrong with super slider
  59. Learn/Tab Opening Theme Song
  60. Yahoo, Lefty Friendly
  61. Do you play with more feeling without seeing the notes?
  62. Songs that could use a little scoring forgiveness
  63. unoffical reddit "the rocksmith developer ask me anything" notes
  64. What are the requirements to qualify for an encore (and double encore)?
  65. Decent Vids for setting up Action and correcting Intonation
  66. Where to buy real tone cable
  67. Extension 1/4" Cable
  68. Song Rehearsal vs Performance
  69. Qualify Scoring Question.
  70. Nothing showing up in the BB store on xbox with xbox live
  71. Patch?
  72. question about dlc
  73. Anyone else having problem on Rebel Rebel? (Verse)
  74. XBl
  75. pedal settings..
  76. Super Ducks 2 idea
  77. Wireless Stereo Headset, doesnt work with Rocksmith
  78. beginning chord song choices, what do you think?
  79. learning how to solo, guitarcade, challenge or theory ideas?
  80. Song editor
  81. Custom Amp Settings
  82. What sound system setup?
  83. Whole song info
  84. Amazon PC version preorder and DLC
  85. Proper Strumming with Single Strings
  86. Arpeggios
  87. Les Paul Jr or Dean Vendetta
  88. Amp Mode Guitar
  89. Game Component Request/Change (possible sticky?)
  90. Im waiting for the PC version to come out next month
  91. X on flag??
  92. Notes going undetected randomly, XBox 360
  93. Lenny Kravitz Solo
  94. No release in Europe
  95. Rocksmith non-songlist wishlist
  96. Audio Lag on XBOX with no HDMI Port
  97. Unatural Selection by Muse Not Correctly Registering
  98. Share your favorite Custom Amp Settings
  99. audio feedback
  100. PC to PS3
  101. Being Pro-active about DLC
  102. Who laughed when
  103. lag time ps3 system
  104. Any seasoned lead guitarists 'round these parts?
  105. Does Rocksmith have surrounding sound effect ?
  106. 2 screws on Jr tunomatic?
  107. High and Dry - Opening double stops
  108. Request: Continuous practice mode for techniques
  109. Anyone else annoyed with these idiots on the FB page?
  110. What are the dimensions of the box ???
  111. Am I missing something? No notes in riff repeater?
  112. FB Page
  113. Rocksmith-2 Oh, it's coming dude
  114. How to learn chords? the chord mini game 2 fast
  115. Breed - Solo
  116. When will Bass be introduced?
  117. Scale Runner leaderboard & high scores are screwy!
  118. how to make heavy-metal "slides with pick" ripping sound?
  119. Pickup output level
  120. Cant connect guitar
  121. please let me learn the song at any speed I choose
  122. For those who are planning on buying this
  123. The breakaway lead
  124. BASS Wishlist Request Thread
  125. Tab Sheets
  126. The harmonix response and Rockband 4 - what does the future hold?
  127. What Rocksmith DLC do you want to see?
  128. Be in the Next Rocksmith Ad!!!!
  129. Game is closing out and taking me to the main menu of my PS3
  130. Guitar volume levels seem off with the song FREEBIRD
  131. Need help with Amp mode (noob)
  132. How do I buy new songs?
  133. Danelectro '59
  134. two questions
  135. Release date in New Zealand
  136. I wish they respected power chords
  137. Bend mini game buggy?
  138. GNR! anyone?
  139. Idea for a mini game/practice or routine
  140. SO, what would I change in this game
  141. The LAG issue needs to be addressed now
  142. Hard Drive Installation
  143. warm hands teqnes
  144. Encore was in master mode
  145. "Rock Hits 1" DLC free??
  146. Rocksmith Official Game Feedback Thread
  147. Current DLC's available
  148. Rocksmith PS3 coding is pure junk I QUIT from resetting
  149. I will NEVER purchase from Ubisoft again
  150. It does get easier :) Are you guys making progress in your skill level?
  151. DLC when you buy Rocksmith on multiple platforms
  153. All That Remains
  154. Can you buy this from US to use overseas? New Zealand
  155. How to unlock...
  156. Types of notes are not in the Game Manual
  157. Stupid question probably...
  158. PS3 RS users friend finder
  159. guitar chord mini game question
  160. Music theory (Scales) idea for future DLC
  161. Rocksmith Evangelist but further purchase boycott if no patch soon.
  162. New and used guitars
  163. 11/15 dlc...
  164. Venues and Setlists?
  165. New DLC is HERE!!!
  166. Game Problems/Patch Ideas?
  167. How to start multiplayer?
  168. White Trails On Noteway
  169. What kind of pickup should I buy?
  170. Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water, DLC XBL only. WTF???!
  171. Alternate Smoke on the Water solo?
  172. Alternate fingering
  173. E string and how rocksmith ignores it
  174. Support for acoustic?
  175. Jessica - only 1 arrangement?
  176. Patch Release Date?
  177. Smoke on the water solo ( am I in a alternate universe? )
  178. Level 7 getting harder
  179. Rehersal Question
  180. Electrical current trough the strings
  181. First chord - going badly
  182. Problem with first string
  183. Show Chords??
  184. Why No Uplay Support for Rocksmith?
  185. My first Million :)
  186. what do you think of the third blues box position ?, and other boxes for soloing
  187. Event song list always changing on me
  188. How to get the most from this game?
  189. Using wireless Rockband mic??
  190. DLC not available today? (Nov 17th)
  191. YouTube channels
  192. Complete Songlist Matched with Authentic Tones
  193. new songs
  194. Footswitch: Community Mod Thread
  195. RS is like having a one on one with your favorite artist
  196. noob question about DLC for xbox
  197. Has anyone imported the game into Europe
  198. Looking for Rocksmith friends on PS3?
  199. How much time do you spend on Rocksmith
  200. Can we have an ETA on the patch requests?
  201. Questioning TAB Accuracy
  202. It's a Revolution!!
  203. Damn these stubby fingers to hell!!!!!!
  204. Anyone Play without lag on a 47" Vizio
  205. Couple of milestones reached
  206. re-playing events?
  207. Anyone else hit a road block?
  208. Beat career
  209. Add chord book to the song menu
  210. Will Xbox A/V Dongle still allow me to use Video HDMI out?
  211. What kind of guitars are you guys using?
  212. Kid's songs
  213. Auto Difficultly just killed my game! WTF?
  214. Opening riff before you press the start button.
  215. Bending strings and graphite on your nut
  216. post your original songs here
  217. Bose V35 Lifestyle system defeats Audio Lag! (Nearly)
  218. thinking of purchasing Rocksmith
  219. Pedal Unlocks
  220. This game is like a concert for my neighbors
  221. Will this game be released in Australia?
  222. is it possible to get dlc if I am from another region?
  223. Attn: Black_Widow9 or other mods
  224. New strategy.
  225. Favorite song to play?
  226. WHAT?!?! No Metal?! :(
  228. Problem playing muse, need some help please
  229. I have had it! No more Rocksmith for me until the patch is released!
  230. the guitar from the gutar package.
  231. Harmonics and Palm Mutes Help!
  232. Encore Questions?
  233. Has any one measured the processing latency?
  234. No metal = no purchase
  235. Audio lag makes the game unplayable
  236. Any way to play past events?
  237. How's everyone doing on the Arcade Games?
  238. how about adding a intonation checker to the tuner section
  239. Check this out guys!! Rocksmith made my friend INSANE at guitar!! :O
  240. Should I Get Rocksmith? PLEASE HELP
  241. Palm mutes
  242. White flash?
  243. Rocksmith Cable for Reaper and Guitar Rig
  244. Standing or Sitting?
  245. Realtone cable slips out of my guitar
  246. Maybe I've been playing too much
  247. LOL!! It would be so funny if this song made it to Rocksmith and people uploaded vids
  248. How did we forget this?
  249. I wanna be this guy in 30 years
  250. Rocksmith Useful Links & Information