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  1. DLC of Prince music like Dreamer or Computer Blue?
  2. For those with tremolo bridges and are having issues with tuning down
  3. Week 9 Challenge: Good Enough (Combo)
  4. failed game tries to sue Ubisoft's Rocksmith
  5. Did any one else learn to play a song differently?
  6. Technique question..
  7. Mastered Satisfaction. Sounded horrible
  8. What's Going on with Firefox and the RS Forum????
  9. Is there a thread w/ setups of effects pedals?
  10. Classical guitar, complementary or necessary?
  11. Create Events?
  12. Guitar Rig 5
  13. My guitar is silent on song playbacks. Has this issue come up before?
  14. Do you find the songs to be accurately charted in RS?
  15. RS has frozen for the first time this evening on my XBox...5x now...
  16. So I'm just sitting there and . . .
  17. Note names?
  18. Position Marker Display Issues with Gibson Vintage 77
  19. Hard time with palm mutted double stops
  20. The trill is gone
  21. Anybody else having trouble with vibrato?
  22. Need Help: We share the same skies
  23. How do you use an xbox 360 controller for wii cod black ops?
  24. For people looking to learn a little bass...
  25. Should there be an alternate way to unlock Bonus Songs?
  26. we three kings solo. (soloing in general with rocksmith)
  27. Bandfuse Promises get Bolder
  28. How come rocksmith doesn't teach you other major pentatonic patterns?
  29. Stuck at 94% - Solo 1 for More Than a Feeling
  30. Rocksmith PC Release Date
  31. PS3 - Deleting your profile and starting again
  32. What's going on with the Tighten Up combo1 intro
  33. Trouble with barre chords
  34. Harmonics and Scale Length
  35. "Are You Gonna Go My Way" Single Note-- Solo (Hell on earth)
  36. First 70K
  37. Guitar modification questions...
  38. White masking tape and colored markers on the fret board
  39. Anyone else here ever get tennis elbow from playing?
  40. Wish for campfire arrangements (one guitar)
  41. question
  42. My ladies
  43. Multi-Special Notes
  44. Anyone else sound like crap?
  45. How to post pics
  46. Week 10 Challenge: Run Back To Your Side (Single Note)
  47. Problems picking up notes
  48. Rocksmith wants your testimonials!
  49. Easiest
  50. no DLC teaser or promotion this week?
  51. How to help get your favorite songs in RS
  52. Some of these songs...
  53. Thoughts on new encore setup for events?
  54. Latency issues
  55. late on DLC???
  56. What do people think of New DLC
  57. cant find the Bonus song list
  58. The Next Patch
  59. Judas Priest DLC Video
  60. some of my home recordings thoughts?
  61. Just wow..
  62. Living after midnight intro chords finger placement
  63. ok not flying cars but....
  64. Will DLC & progress be transferrable to PC version?
  65. What is your favorite or Least favorite songs?
  66. Do we need a kudos/like/+1 system on the forums?
  67. Amazon now showing PC version coming December 31
  68. Scale Runner
  69. E3 Trailer Video Contest
  70. Next DLC Hint
  71. about the rocksmith difficulty
  72. Kryptonite
  73. New found respect for vocalists!
  74. strum down only or up + down?
  75. Finally!!
  76. That 50% chance for double encore
  77. Win a Bass guitar
  78. Bass News? Rumors? Anything?
  79. When you listen to music what interests you the most: Lyrics or Sound?
  80. POLL: Ubisoft and DLC Tease Marketing - Is it working?
  81. Switching It Up
  82. How do you create a Master event
  83. Super THANKS to SEATTLESAUVE !!!
  84. Do unlocked guitars make a difference?
  85. So I saw Valen Halen in concert last night
  86. Does Xjacker work with Rocksmith?
  87. What is your most proud score for a song?
  88. Backwards on campaign mode for Rocksmith?
  89. will PC edition have the same song list?
  90. Stank Face while Rocksmithing
  91. Please ADD QUEEN to Tracklist
  92. Groove Thang
  93. Gobblede**** and my Strat
  94. Ernie Ball: Titanium Coated Slinkies
  95. so next dlc is SUGARCULT
  96. Black Keys on Sunday Morning right now
  97. He's 75 years young
  98. Here is help for your Painkiller solo quest:
  99. So I was looking for something to practice when suddenly
  100. Week 11 Challenge: We Share the Same Skies (Combo)
  101. Unlockable sont
  102. Manual Speed Option
  103. The Young Person's Guide to Ubisoft English
  104. rocksmith chef of staff and marketing
  105. does the RS facebook page ever get updated?
  106. Ultimate-Guitar Tab Pro
  107. Canada Central Ontario.
  108. please add more to the track list
  109. New usbs where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. A cable has been unplugged message.
  111. Rehearse vs Performance
  112. Leveler in Riff Repeater Not Leveling Up?
  113. totaly off topic news about me!
  114. Toys Are Good!
  115. idea on song packs.
  116. My problem with drop D
  117. video tutorial website
  118. GTA Ontario
  119. Does anyone else build sets like this?
  120. I was Breaking the Law with Judas Priest last week and now the police are coming!
  121. more song that people well know
  122. Want to see what others think.
  123. crazy awesome led zep blacksabbath mashup
  124. Guitar Player Etiquette 101
  125. Any tightwads make their own picks?
  126. Does anyone ever stream themselves playing Rocksmith on here?
  127. My New Finger Independence Exercise
  128. What type of goals do you set for yourself to achieve?
  129. Cool riff in the game I didn't realize
  130. game wont pick up bends
  131. Me Playing Breaking the law is fun as hell
  132. I think We should have NGD Threads; So here We Go!
  133. strange note detection issue
  134. Making a custom playlist
  135. Riff repeater is where its at to master songs.
  136. Could Rocksmith do a GAME PACK for dlc?
  137. Week 12 Challenge: Outshined (Combo 2)
  138. Soundcloud anyone?
  140. Anyone know.. ?
  141. Is it just me or...
  142. Best decade of music (poll)
  143. Multiplayer question (Xbox 360)
  144. PS3 Users That Have Unlocked All Hidden Bonus Songs
  145. Analog headset adapter w/ HDMI problems - Xbox 360
  146. What's your feedback on the Police DLC?
  147. Police Pack!!!!!!!!!Thoughts?
  148. do you ever ......
  149. Downloadable content
  150. Easiest Song/Hardest Song Analysis - and a new winner
  151. slash song pack
  152. second even at mouse hole
  153. The Police DLC Video of Combo 1 Arrangements
  154. The Police tones. All very different & cool.
  155. your AMP
  156. Chocobo! - Tab
  157. How about a master mode memory refresher?
  158. Hngd
  159. Encores broken?
  160. Playing Outside Rocksmith
  161. I had a senior moment. Ever done this?
  162. Struggling with counting Barracuda
  163. Level Progression
  164. some fun
  165. Amp Settings
  166. Rocksmith cable not compatible with my Fender Blacktop strato??
  167. Missing Middle Finger Left Hand
  168. What inspired you to play guitar?
  169. My Kid Has Mastered Two Songs!
  170. Why do some hate on Rocksmith
  171. I Don't Want To Live On This Planet Anymore
  172. Game Play and Tuning issues...
  173. Aha! Finally Mastered I Can't Hear You!
  174. Question that could use some answering?
  175. What DLC / Song Packs would you like?
  176. Xbox 360 4GB enough for Rocksmith?
  177. Pain in a Bottle - need suggestions
  178. Rocksmith helped save my life?
  179. Having a c.r.a.ppy day of Rocksmithing
  180. Volbeat
  181. Sweet success after 5 months of practice
  182. 'Run Bakc to your Side' in multiplayer - something different.
  183. Official petition for a Jack White song
  184. It took a little nagging
  185. Multiple Effects Processor
  186. Xboxlive rewards
  187. Frustrated
  188. Week 12 Challenge Results
  189. Week 13 Challenge: Public Enemy No. 1 (Combo)
  190. How the hell do you play the "bridge" in Star-Spangled Banner?
  191. Dawn of the Chordead
  192. can i preview?
  193. Rocksmith tournament/bracket (idea)
  194. What String Should I Get?
  195. Anyone else finger-pick the chorus of Synchronicity II?
  196. Fret Buzz
  197. My Soundgarden Outshined video and HNGD
  198. Is there a way to lower a song requirement to qualify?
  199. Rocksmith Fan Video Shoot May 12th- L.A. area Players wanted!!!
  200. Rocksmith Fan Video Shoot May 12th- L.A. area Players wanted!!!
  201. DLC Hint?
  202. new guitar sugestions
  203. Offspring eh?
  204. C'mon I don't ask for much
  205. Sure, Some of You Play Drums & Guitar
  206. Idle Curiosity about Gold Star Posts - A question for the moderators?
  207. I saw the link about sharing music...
  208. What do you think of weekly DLC?
  209. First master mode encore !
  210. Bending with your pinkie!
  211. What picking style do you mostly use?
  212. new music in dlc
  213. Rocksmith bands rocking Sao Paulo
  214. New PS3 Patch needed ASAP!!!!!!!!
  215. Rocksmith Tips & Tricks: Post Yours!
  216. How does scoring work? (FAQ)
  217. Question before I accidentally blow something up
  218. My first youtube video
  219. rcole_sooner's videos
  220. OK - It's Time to Ask for Help! Solos I Just Can't Play
  221. To Bandfuse Or Not To Bandfuse?
  222. Super Ducks (brag post)
  223. Guitar tune up ruined guitar play... help needed!
  224. it's the strangest thing .....
  225. A thread about guitar straps
  226. question for bass persons
  227. Guitar picks
  228. A thread about guitar sustain
  229. OMG I Submitted A Rocksmith E3 Trailer Video !!
  230. Week 13 Results
  231. Week 14 Challenge:Dan Auerbach I Want Some more(Single note)
  232. Guess the 2 other DLC songs for tomorrow!
  233. I'd like to request these songs and song types -- a specific place for requests?
  234. Sticky strings...
  235. Forum Only Shows Old Posts?
  236. !!!!!!!!!!! Why are only old posts showing up on the forum?
  237. I got a brand new bass!
  238. I wrote a jazz song was hoping for some constructive criticism
  239. DLC - May 15th - The Offspring
  240. Epiphone vs. Ibanez Bass Guitars
  241. The day My Chemical Romance DLC is released..
  242. Iron Man lesson on Gibson's web site
  243. Rocksmith is SIMPLIFYING the original tab's!
  244. Playing Bass in Amp Mode
  245. Great Singing?
  246. Playstation Store Has Offspring Pack Now--2:30 pm EST
  247. My "What I Like About Rocksmith" video submission, final cut
  248. How do you restart the Journey?
  249. How much would you pay?
  250. The Offspring DLC - Video of Combo 1 arrangements.