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  1. Join the Knight Faction Group on Facebook!
  2. Such aktive Spieler
  3. Lack of Coms...
  4. Knights unite!
  5. Come find knights here!
  6. ForHonorLFG
  7. Warriors of For Honor! (FAN GROUP - Facebook)
  8. Welcome to For Honor
  9. [LFM] Australian Region Players. Avoid P2P Lag.
  10. The Chaos Vanguard - Multigaming Community
  11. [GER] /s 4 Release Competitive 1v1/2V2/Herrschaft (Conqueror Lvl 2/56 (@ Open Beta)]
  12. Join "Warriors of PRESTIGE" if your on the XB1
  13. Join "Warriors of PRESTIGE" if your on the XB1
  14. PC Uplay friends reqauired
  15. [DE] [PC] Entropie | Competitive | LFM
  16. The Chaos Vanguard WANTS YOU!
  17. KING OF THE RAIDERS fan vid
  18. Looking for players to play campaign and multiplayer
  19. Españoles a mi!
  20. [INANEASYLUM TS] For Honor and Gaming Teamspeak
  21. Looking for guild!
  22. Xbox One Community
  23. Looking for 2 more people for playing today
  24. Saxon Fighters Guild
  25. [LFM] Australian Region Players. Avoid P2P Lag.
  26. The Golden Crusade has been declared!
  27. LFG giocatori italiani
  28. Dan's Dojo
  29. Need a group?
  30. [ua/rus] Добавляйтесь в друзья =)
  31. Hey fellow Knights want to team up? Join up!
  32. The Third Crusaders [Xbox]
  33. Need a group? Try this out
  34. Army Of Prose - Multiple Gaming Communities (Groupme Chats)
  35. Need 1 for Dominion on Xbox. List GT Below
  36. is expected to return along the same
  37. [PC] Looking to get a group or three together!
  38. Friendlist
  39. Agc is recruiting members !!
  40. Suchen 2 Mates zum serious zocken.
  41. Rep. 4 Orochi/ Rep. 1 Conqueror Looking for Competitive Group with Mics
  42. Need challengers
  43. Vikings Unite
  44. Suche ein paar Leute zum regelmäßigen zocken
  45. Subreddit For Finding: Groups, Tournaments, Teams, And COmmunities
  46. Agc is currently recruiting members!!!
  47. Rep 3 Warden looking for team
  48. Agc is currently recruiting members!!
  49. Looking for chill adults with skill to group up with on XB1. Mics only!
  50. Need someone to complete allied brawler order (xbox 1)
  51. The Gentleman's Duel Club
  52. Looking for Knights to join community
  53. Looking for a good group to Level up with
  54. Looking for a good group to Level up with
  55. Conquerer 2.0 + kd PS4 Lfg
  56. Agc is currently recruiting members!!
  57. [PS4] GER - Suchen 4. Mann
  58. EDA Gaming Pty
  59. EDA Gaming Pty
  60. Agc is currently recruiting members for xbox
  61. Calling All Knights
  62. Underworld Esports Now Recruiting.
  63. Busco gente española para subir nivel.
  64. UK PS4 player looking for clan/group
  65. (True Force) for honor group looking for people
  66. matchmaking
  67. Looking to create a small clan for new players to play For Honor together! (PS4)
  68. [Italy] Cerco giocatori italiani PC
  69. Xbox player looking to complete "Allied Elimination"
  70. Discord Sever For Honor both Pc And Console
  71. Aussie Aussie Aussie! Looking for some other aussies!
  72. [LFM] Australian Region Players. Avoid P2P Lag.
  73. Up-coming stream/steam group. (Currently nameless)
  74. For Honor Discord Group
  75. Looking for teams .
  76. Come join agc clan for casual and mlg players!
  77. UK PS4 Peacekeeper rep 3, 108 gear, looking for clan/group
  78. Looking for a group (xbox)
  79. LFG Xbox w/ mic. Open to joining team
  80. Go With Your Group !!!
  81. Looking for a Co-op partner for Realistic story mode
  82. For honor Discord
  83. Looking for regular guys to play with
  84. LF group to play COOP in realistic mode (for the decorations)
  85. Join For Honor Warrior Facebook group
  86. Need someone to finish Allied Skirmisher Quest
  87. [LFM] Australian Region Players. Avoid P2P Lag.
  88. (EU West) Orochi main looking for Conqueror and Warmaster mains to practice against!
  89. !!For Honor Community Discord!!
  90. Ps4 warden looking for knights faction group
  91. [ITA] Canale Discord PC
  92. Heuheuehueh brbr
  93. Looking for skilled players to play with
  94. People to play with on pc
  95. Suche Mitspieler (PC)
  96. Rank 3 almost 4 Nabushi LF group
  97. Top Nobusi LFT
  98. XB1 sparring
  99. Peacekeeper PS4
  100. Join the community! ps4
  101. Gruppe / Gilde / Clan gesucht
  102. Xbox One 4v4s
  103. Newly Formed FH Clan Looking For Chill Players
  104. busco gente de latinoamerica.
  105. PK main Warden sub LFG PC
  106. Online discord forhonor
  107. The Black Knights
  108. For honor discord(Active now!)
  109. Qc French Group (PC)
  110. Looking for people who want to level up and play customs.
  111. Team Special Forces Recruiting For Honor!!!
  112. (PC) (EU) Looking for a org/team
  113. Looking for 3-4 regulars for various games (EU age 30+ TS)
  114. (PC) (PST) Night time player seeking groups; P3 Valk
  115. Ps4 need some friends for dominion... have mic
  116. Looking for skilled warden.
  117. Ps4 PVE players?
  118. Xb1 for honor
  119. Shimazu Clan
  120. looking for team mate for 2vs2
  121. Discord - Official Subreddit For Honor Samurai
  122. looking for sparring partner
  123. Looking for group ps4
  124. RISE clan LF members PS4 Knight faction
  125. The Unsulied - For Honor Clan
  126. ghost recong wilndlands
  127. Recruting
  128. Deutsche Knight-Only Legion
  129. Agc is currently recruiting members!!!
  130. KoG Purge is Recruiting! Become part of something great!
  131. Ps4 Core clan
  132. PC player looking for groups and willing to train new people
  133. Looking for a PC group to play?
  134. Add me NFKT_Gamer666
  135. Community Recruitment KOA
  136. PS4: Team Black Flag is LF highly active and competitive players for our Ranked teams
  137. Cool Looking for a PC group to play?
  138. Looking for a PC group to play?
  139. [PC] [DE] Entropie | Competitive LFM
  140. Ops Gaming looking for new members
  141. Brother & sister knights! The iron legion calls you to our banner!!
  142. Berzerker Looking for Tournament Partener " Twitch "
  143. Does Girl Plays For Honor on PC ? -_-
  144. Skilled Player - Looking to join competitive gaming/tournaments
  145. For Honor Tournament 1v1 TOA LIVE
  146. Join the Legion AKA The Order
  147. [PS4][NA] For Honor PST group wanted
  148. Ninja Style
  149. (PC) Looking For Chill People
  150. Join the Legion
  151. (PS4) Wanted! Warriors for Blood and Glory
  152. (PC / FR ) Recherche Quebecois/ Francais et actif.
  153. [PS4] want to join a samurai faction clan/group (gameplay video included)
  154. PC - For Honor Romania - grup
  155. Looking for Team Battle
  156. Eviscerate X Zerker LFG Teams
  157. Join the Legion
  158. [PC][AU/NZ] Looking for players for AI orders
  159. For Honor 2v2 Tournament TOA FUN
  160. Join the twilight legion!
  161. Add me ps4
  162. Looking for friends to play daylies and ect
  163. How to buy from credit card
  164. Ps4 players "group up" ;)
  165. Looking for For Honor Group [PS4]
  166. [PC][GER]Suchen noch Mitspieler!
  167. [PS4] The Higher Cause Community Looking for Competitive & Causal For Honor Players!
  168. Dedicated Knights discord (1000+ members)
  169. Creating nightly competitive team, (viking faction oriented)
  170. (PC) Looking for Dominion team! (mid-high lvl)
  171. Buy fake and real passport id cards drivers license,IELTS & TOEFL
  172. Viking Faction Discord
  173. Nobushi warrioirs
  174. PC looking to build a 4v4 team
  175. Join the Meadhall!
  176. Looking for free weekend players to group up with!
  177. Free weekend players Ps4
  178. New Players
  179. [PC] Looking for players to form 4 man crew for nightly orders and PVP
  180. Que times and game modes
  181. Knights templar 1307
  182. PC Discord Community
  183. The Regime ps4
  184. Announcing the new Official Samurai Discord: Koto, Jewel of the Dawn Empire!
  185. Announcing the Samurai's newest clan, the Asakura!
  186. Looking for one or more teammate(s)/ sparring partner(s) for Xbone.
  187. Looking for someone
  188. For Honor Portugal (Discord)
  189. Fix!!
  190. All Platform Kensei Dojo good old discord
  191. PS4 user looking for squad
  192. PS4 Player looking for an Xbox Squad
  193. Looking to form a semi competitive group
  194. Thighlanders for xbox
  195. Newer Player Seeking Friends PC
  196. Looking for decent players PS4
  197. [US] The Black Company - Recruiting (PS4)
  198. PS4 players wanted
  199. Para honra do brasil!
  200. PC Co-Op
  201. Warrior training Xbox one
  202. PS4 Warrior Training
  203. Any PS4 players out there looking to coop farcry 5
  204. Looking to start a clan on PS4
  205. PC NA Discord Community
  206. Para quem esta atrás de uma comunidade que esclareça as coisas e jogue junto
  207. International Community
  208. Looking for skilled players to play with
  209. Open discord for PC players.
  210. Newbie play PS4 Warden (Vietnamese)
  211. BE A MAN! Join the Wu Lin Faction groups!
  212. You're On Fire! Achievement boost
  213. Finding Vietnamese users for group for honor in Hanoi
  214. The For Honor Knights Discord - Where You Are Only A Stranger Once
  215. Clan SpEcTeR Discord (ForHonor - PC)
  216. Looking for greek players to group up
  217. anti *******
  218. Medievil Avenginator's Discord(PC):
  219. For Honor Discord
  220. Türkler arkadaŞ mi ariyorsunuz ?
  221. For honor - türkİye dİscord grubu/sunucusu - kizil kale
  222. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  223. Servidor de Discord para jogadores de For honor
  224. Give FROSTWOLF CLAN a Try
  225. PS4 looking for 3 teammates.
  226. Winter wants you! | [na] [eu] [pc]
  227. [PC] Non Toxic community looking for more friends
  228. Играчи от България / For Honor Bulgaria
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  231. Buy genuine id cards online whatsapp +1 (617) 410-6403
  232. Warden Mains Discord Clan
  233. Wolf Fang Nation
  234. Buy Ludes (Quaalude) Online Whatsapp +1 573-684-3366
  235. Easy Steps To More Steel Bite Pro Sales