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  1. Game crashes
  2. Crash after opening pause menu
  3. I crash everytime i press start after new patch (1.04) help!
  4. Game dont load weekend challenges
  5. 1.04 Patch Problems (PC)
  6. Stolen Trail
  7. Fixed Camera
  8. Still have not fixed mountain story trophy?? seriously?
  9. Orange Connection in My Groups
  10. When I run the game, It does not operate normally.(1.04)
  11. Spelling mistake
  12. Mistranslation of live activity page
  13. [Steam] Since 1.0.4, Steep makes Windows think ALT key is pressed
  14. Unable to connect to friend for 3 months [PC friend connectivity issue]
  15. Problem With Season Pass With Other Accounts - PS4
  16. Challenge Bugged
  17. Open beta dev challenges winners
  18. Being able to adapt one's buttons config' !!!!
  19. I still can't do Mountain Story Barbegazi Ski Orienteering
  20. Inconsist "flat ground" jumping.. Glued to the ground.
  21. You're Ready Now Trophy Bug
  22. Wrong voice
  23. Crash when using mountain view
  24. Connection Issues
  25. PS4 Change time of day trouble
  26. Playtime not adding up
  27. Smoke Is Annoying
  28. K.O system gone. Rider is superman.
  29. Still no mountain story achievement fix??
  30. Season Pass - Adrenaline Pack Error PS4
  31. Extreme Xp in Paragliding
  32. My bug reports
  33. Synchronizing for more than 1h
  34. Problem! No Sound at all.... (PC)
  35. [BUG] Everytime I wipe out, my game crashes
  36. ****Tutorial bug*** PS4 Game unable to progress.
  37. terrible ski skating
  38. Community challenge not saved
  39. Question, before I buy.
  40. Button Layout changed bug (PC)
  41. Ubisoft YT video not working in USA
  42. My character wont load his gear
  43. Entering Mountain View Crash
  44. Hand held device
  45. Xbox one stutter/ frame rate drops.
  46. Finished but not 100% complete?
  47. PS4 "Complete Onboarding Sequence" (Beta Bug?)
  48. Cannot access game -- product "claimed" by my user account
  49. Paraglide backpack bug
  50. Auto changing environment to evening(
  51. Online mode
  52. Game won't start
  53. Chic'n Stunt mountain story won't compete
  54. No Share Dare Option
  55. ureless Products and Prototypes Discussion Thread
  56. Audio bug while KO'd many times over in a row
  57. KO'd many times over in a row
  58. Glacier Hurdles is making me restarting continuously - PS4
  59. Issue with using Imperial System.
  60. crash on splash screen after update 1.04
  61. Must Fix and Should Do
  62. Music volume no longer does anything?
  63. Found a pretty annoying bug in Alaska
  64. You're Ready Now Trophy Bug
  65. [BUG] Music volume adjuster does nothing at all
  66. [bug] sticker doesn't show on real life clothing
  67. Frame rate Issues in Fishing Village
  68. Some issues I'm finding in Alaska
  69. BUG*** Face mask/any outfit covering face
  70. Paragliding glitch
  71. Motion Blur, Bloom and Camera shake
  72. Connection to friends still not fixed
  73. Player saved outfits not saving - xbone one
  74. Community Guidelines STRIKE on my channel for playing Steep
  75. Didn't know where else to put this
  76. Patch 1.07 Notes?
  77. error Code DE-016-02
  78. Season pass pack non activer mais telecharger
  79. Alaska Map unavailable on PS4 Pro Steep Gold Edition / German Language V 1.7
  80. Can't transfer to Alps
  81. Mountain Story Barbegazi Ski orienting Will not complete
  82. game crashes after cinematic at end of tutorial... help!
  83. Stuck At 16/17 Drop Zones, But Have Them All Unlocked? [PC]
  84. Sound way too loud
  85. Missing Textures
  86. Game Crashed!
  87. Problem with uplay pc and steep
  88. How can I reset my Steep data (PC) ?
  89. Steep Black Streen Startup!
  90. Xbox One bluetooth wireless controller on PC changes control configuration mid game
  91. First Ride Together Issues Plz Help!!!
  92. Servers down?
  93. Gopro View : camera shaking makes skiing/snowboarding impossible
  94. PS4 steep gold edition items
  95. The free weekend on Steam.
  96. Possible cause of crashes: Logitech drivers/software
  97. Tutorial got me jammed in the very first mission
  98. A little Bug
  99. Steep crashes my pc
  100. game keep crashing
  101. [XBox One] Stuck in walk mode on First ride together
  102. Mission loading for ever!!!
  103. Invisible wall bug [PC]
  104. ck in walk mode on First ride together
  105. Bugs that I found
  106. And yet again, can't play my game for no reason because servers are down
  107. Missing Jacket and Sticker...
  108. BUG: North Face the Five Giants Mountain Story
  109. Jacket and Backpack sticker not on Jacket or Backpack
  110. Stickers not showing on Jacket or Backpack
  111. Rep at 30 not showing increase
  112. Error:de-003-01
  113. A tiny spelling mistake in one of your challenges
  114. Memorable Moments?
  115. G-force terror sound
  116. Steep PC can't select/change any Sport
  117. Stuck in the tutorial. There is no working fix.
  118. Forgotten Path challenge
  119. Crashes On Startup (Please Help) PC
  120. Bug Space Jump Challenge
  121. Sent in over 200 crash messenges...
  122. Error DE-016-02 Since the Alaska update
  123. Steep Reset me
  124. Aravis Point of Interest bug.
  125. Stuck....PS4
  126. Digital Copy of Steep Won't Download (Stuck on 4.16gb every time) (PS4)
  127. Xbox restart
  128. Huge update and no news?
  129. Please Help! Can't Connect to Friends or See Anyone Online
  130. Error at hooking API "Loadstring A" Dumping first 32 bytes (PC)
  131. Kicked From Group Randomly
  132. Alaska don't launch
  133. Steep Season Pass
  134. Crow Path XP keeps disappearing
  135. Forgotten path 1st place question
  136. Scoring system broken ??
  137. GPU not being used on PC version
  138. Barbegazi Ski Orienteering
  139. I have the season-pass, but the new winterfest pack is still unlocked
  140. SUPER jumps & Stairs glitch
  141. I don't know if i have DLC or not
  142. Winterfest Bugs [Costumes]
  143. DLC not in store at all
  144. car costume bug?
  145. Connectivity issues, worse as time goes on...
  146. Sled Tricks Not Working On PC...
  147. Steep disappeared from my uplay library!
  148. Wingsuit Challenges - Glitch?
  149. Replay director mode changes
  150. Can't go uphill on skis, but you can on a snowboard
  151. Unable to install season pass content - PS4
  152. Can't connect to steep servers
  153. PC deadzone issue
  154. Still same "no english language" issue
  155. Invert Controls on Xbox One?
  156. Steep Xbox one control issue
  157. Non group/friend markers in replay
  158. SuperJump bug or Luck/Skill?
  159. Cant conect to steep servers , free weekend message
  160. Ps4 wont show up ubisoft login to game | picture attached
  161. PS4 graphics bug: blowing/drifting snow disappears when paragliding
  162. Paragliding replays broke
  163. What... Just Happened? Glitching through objects - rails (PS4)
  164. Product claimed by two accounts, can't use either
  165. Bug/Glitch....when you are in walking mode, shadows for the player are wrong
  166. Riding in Space Green Jacket disappeared
  167. Steep - Extreme Pack - Outfit reset
  168. Extreme pack locked
  169. Stuck in place when travelling/retrying - no solution
  170. Game Crash
  171. Game won't launch: crash on splashscreen
  172. Steep still not working/Servers not connecting
  173. Sound glitch for rocket wings
  174. Memorable moments bug
  175. Game Not Working
  176. Game Crashes at 2/3 Loading
  177. Game Crash PC Loading Screen 2/3
  178. Steep "Walk of Shame" Cheating Message
  179. 2/3 crash - It has been a week already
  180. Still suffering game crash at loading screen.
  181. Server Connection Issues
  182. Low Fps /regardless of the Settings
  183. XBonx: My rider and rider outfit was reset during play
  184. XBox: Any chance we can get a cursor we can actually see?
  185. Game still crashing at 2/3 Seriously ?
  186. "Forbidden" when accessing Ubisoft Account
  187. Will we get an official statement regarding sync issue (loading 2/3 crash)??
  188. lost saved rides and challanges.
  189. Loading (2/3) crash still an issue 2 WEEKS LATER
  190. Fix the Game Please Crash 2/3 Still
  191. What you will get in a live chat with Ubisoft
  192. After 3 weeks Still crashing at 2/3
  193. Somehow skipped tutorial?
  194. plz fix bug Crash 2/3 ..
  195. Major Issue with Scoring & Challenges
  196. When I open the steep the audio from my PC stops running.
  197. [PC] How To Reset Game Progress?
  198. No Controller Support for PC
  199. Jual Obat Aborsi Penggugur Kandungan 081228092490 -57113DCC
  200. My current Bug/Glitch list - Who else?
  201. Game is running but my keyboard is frozen
  202. Explorer Helmet locked and mountain story glitch(?)
  203. Steep Activation Code has been banned
  204. Ps4 - Can't connect to servers
  205. Please Help
  206. Steep startet nicht richtig
  207. Steep pls help
  208. PS4 - Square "Leave Match" flicker...
  209. Points stop calculating mid trick?
  210. Rocket Wingsuit Costume Is Stuck On. Help!
  211. Steep keeps crashing
  212. No browser I have can login to Club Ubisoft - can same be done from Xbox One?
  213. No audio past ubisoft logo
  214. Xbox One S controller acting up. Bluetooth connection.
  215. Inaccessible menu
  216. Steep keeps crashing at loading screen
  217. Are the PC Servers down?
  218. Steep not loading in (PC)
  219. Steep will not load, no available ubisoft club in xbox one app store??????
  220. Steep open beta
  221. my guy keeps flashing colors?
  222. Resetting all game data on Xbox 1
  223. Constantly getting kicked off servers? DE-005-02
  224. my audio in the game is gone
  225. Steep keeps not responding to some inputs. restarting fixes temporarily
  226. [Xbox One] "Steep servers are unavailable..."
  227. Replay Mode is all wrong (PS4)
  228. the score gauge not display
  229. PC - STEEP Ended working
  230. Audio Sounds Sped Up HELP
  231. Controller Issues (PC)
  232. Walk of Shame: Accused of cheating
  233. Tricksmaster Challenge - Point system not working??
  234. Cant buy Road to the Olympics
  235. Steep PS4 not installing
  236. beta supose to be open and i get DE-005-03
  237. Update Beta patch/relaunch?
  238. [PC] Standard Game - Crash when "Connecting to UBISOFT CLUB Servers..."
  239. PS4 - Unable to access Steep: Road to the Olympics Open Beta
  240. Steep: Road to the Olympics Open Beta FAQ
  241. Lot of return to desktop
  242. Wingsuit Rocket Flare broken
  243. Steep PC Sound Issue
  244. Still can't play the beta
  245. Glitch
  246. Patch 1.13
  247. Framelock at 45 fps and micro lagging
  248. New patch breaks replays on PS4 (video included)
  249. Button Assignment for "Grinding" Please
  250. Did 4 of 5 on Chic'n Stunt - when coming back it was only 2 of 5 - my bad or glitch?