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  1. Ps4, impossible 2 play with friend
  2. not safe cool locations. time after time. ps4 psn trofee 100% of one mountain complee
  3. Error DE-005-03
  4. Missing Texture/ See Through Texture
  5. PS4 Store - "Online Play (Optional)"
  6. AUdio Problems
  7. Steep Crashes at splash screen when I try to launch it
  8. HELP game crashes loading step 1/3
  9. Steep just spontaneously shuts down every 15 minutes.
  10. [PC ONLY] [performance] Huge CPU usage after alt-tabbed for more than an hour
  11. Error DE-005-03
  12. [PC] Loading takes forever when launching
  13. Please HELP! Steep freezing when it says synchronizing data and then crashes
  14. PLEASE HELP! Steep freezing when it says synchronizing data and then crashes | Forum
  15. Crashing at loading screen.
  16. I can't the change language in Steep on a RUS/CIS CD Key
  17. Steep закрывается сам собой после примерно 15-т&
  18. Time Of Day not working
  19. Drop zone discovered appears not discovered
  20. Sound Bug
  21. You're ready now trophy will not unlock; 98% complete!!
  22. PC Can't access Mountain View 360 Controller
  23. Gold edition, i have a problem. Please Help.
  24. No change session option, game lagging, player overhead displays obstructive
  25. Freeze issue [Xbox One]
  26. Aiguille Verte mountain story.
  27. Game servers crash about every 5 minutes
  28. Game reset?!
  29. missing 1 medal on steep and club ubisoft 116 challenge done 115 medals
  30. Outside challenge bug
  31. Steep Connection Issue [De-008-02] FIXED (kind of)
  32. Game Freeze
  33. Shame on you ubisoft
  34. Help! Graphics bug
  35. [ISSUE] Huge unfair difference between wing suit with keyboard vs controller
  36. how to question
  37. Local coop / splitscreen
  38. Mountain story bugged
  39. Mountain story bugged
  40. You're ready now [Trophy]
  41. can't find wingsuit challenge called Breaking Point on Aiguille Verte
  42. How to reset the progress?
  43. (PC) Mountain Legend Achievement and Badge Not Unlocking.
  44. Bug where records don't save if you've previously set a record on same challenge.
  45. Steep vram usage
  46. PS4 ~ Loading 2/3 please wait (crash Help)
  47. Chic'n Stunt incomplete despite all steps being complete
  48. Grafic problems! Help me please..
  49. moonlight pack - ps4 - code entered - still missing
  50. Buzzing sound ingame
  51. My Season Pass won´t activate ingame
  52. 3/3 Loading it wont load
  53. Fix ur game
  54. text and parts of environment flickering
  55. Servers degraded (last update: 15 minutes ago)
  56. Servers degraded (last update: 15 minutes ago)
  57. Disable Time of Day button and detection replay button. PS4
  58. Cannot select wingsuit/parachute/or walk on PS PRO
  59. Sound FX, Voice, and Music Audio stopped working (Xbox One)
  60. More and more cheater shows up
  61. can't join friend on xbox one
  62. PC - You're ready now
  63. An Updated Bug List
  64. Is this game ever going to get fixed?
  65. I have a one of a kind glitch (I MIGHT NEVER BE ABLE TO PLAY AGAIN????)
  66. Mountain Bug
  67. My steep game keeps exiting for no reason after 20-30 minutes
  68. My steep game keeps exiting for no reason after 20-30 minutes
  69. Memory requirements for PS4?
  70. PC: Crashes When It Loads to a Server on Startup
  71. Gold edition
  72. PC. Connection error DE-005-02!!!! :mad::mad::mad:
  73. Every time i start playing Steep (PS4) all clothing and gear is reset to default!
  74. Game Breaking Visual Glitch
  75. [BUG] Not able to control game with keyboard when joystick connected.
  76. Как сменить "язык" в настройках?
  77. Daily and Weekly highschore
  78. Steep will not install on ps4?
  79. Customization unlocks missing?
  80. Progress from alpha/beta can NOT be transferred to full version
  81. Trophie Bug Mountain Stories
  82. Trophy bug - You're ready now (PS4)
  83. [PS4] No Group: 4 Empty Slots
  84. "Gatecrash" Not Rewarding Its Gear
  85. Controller Bug
  86. PLEASE HELP! Steep freezing when it says synchronizing data and then crashes | Forum
  87. Steep Bugs
  88. Steep not start
  89. Xbone - Vibrate and Playlist Settings Reset Each Session
  91. Bug issues!!!!
  92. god damn you Ubi
  93. Game Freezing at splash screen after new patch - PC
  94. Hughe framedrops when smoke effects are displayed.
  95. What did you do .....?
  96. Steep Crashes Since The Update 1.02. [PC]
  97. Memory leak gear page
  98. Ubisoft Annecy's challenges personal personal best bugged?
  99. Losing medals
  100. Game freezes in windowed mode
  101. Steep's Broken Physics
  102. You're Ready Now Trophy
  103. New Patch , New bug (Rider Page)
  104. Dear Ubisoft...
  105. Game isn't saving properly, and I cant change so much gear like pants and more.
  106. It dosent save my stuff anymore! what happend with this game?
  107. Save problem in game, ex 24 gold but not in uplay app records 25 gold?
  108. Possible fix for splash screen crashes (1/3 issues)
  109. 2Go patch on Dec 22nd = game crash after clicking "play" in Uplay :Cloud Sync issues
  110. New Gear Doesn't Show Up
  111. Dozens of old locations NEW again
  112. Game doesn't load!!!!
  113. Trying to stream PC version to twitch
  114. Game Crashing
  115. probleme pour lancer le jeu
  116. MSAA Black Lines
  117. Challenges Snow Park and All Points Reset allways
  118. Season pass
  119. Не могу войти в игру
  120. Changing gear Fps drop
  121. Multiplayer doesnt work anymore
  122. No Dialogue Sound in Steep
  123. Riders Page Bug
  124. Steep wont launch
  125. No SLI support, and stuck on loading screen problem. Not fixed since open beta.
  126. Acer Predator: Input not supported
  127. Game crash on Server Synchronization
  128. Season Pass
  129. UI Flashing / Strobing
  130. Resolution Size
  131. Why i can't run a game????
  132. Stuck after First Ride Together
  133. Connection Issues to Server
  134. Do not run the game
  135. Fps Drops
  136. Steep Crash on Startup [PC] [Steam]
  137. Steep can't move
  138. Steep Season Pass Not Working
  139. Steep unplayable?
  140. Crashing after updating AMD drivers
  141. Content pack not working
  142. PS4 EU - Bugs and Issues
  143. Challenges score not saving since update 1.02
  144. Steep PC, fog in rider loadout, covers rider, causes lag
  145. Player Customization Area Slow/Buggy
  146. Better Snow Texture/Graphics
  147. Please Remove (or allow toggle off) of NPCs in races...
  148. Cannot unlock 'You're Ready Now' action and achievement
  149. Nothing at the Moonlight Pack challenge locations, even though code redeemed
  150. Weird blurry details
  151. Steep online doesn't work (PS4)
  152. [PS4] Game crashing during start-up
  153. I am so done. UBISOFT Please Help Me.Game crashes on start up.
  154. Shinier than gold, 2 challenges keeps resetting
  155. Why i dont receive money!!
  156. SLI Support?
  157. How do I open the Character customization screen?
  158. Crash on Startup
  159. Game Crashes on Startup
  160. Big glitch, autosaving 0 points after challenge: BAM! freestyler medium Cliff drop.
  161. Character customization backpack
  162. Unable to join friends or see players [PC]
  163. Game crashes on startup
  164. Game won't give trick points?
  165. You're Ready Now Trophy will not pop
  166. 29/30 Mountain Stories and two challenges not saving progress [PC]
  167. Steep season pass not transferring over family accounts(2). (Xbox one)
  168. Comment accepter une invitation ?
  169. Communications entre joueurs ?
  170. My game doesnt even start :c...
  171. Mountain story trophy is glitched!
  172. How can I Reset my game on PS$
  173. I can't earn credits!!
  174. Scores resetting
  175. STEEP crashes at loading 2/3 screen!! [XBOX ONE]
  176. PC Startup error since today
  177. Steep does not start
  178. Constantly getting kicked off server
  179. massive frame dip on character screen:pc
  180. Steep Season Pass not working on Xbox One
  181. Saw someone riding a sled the other day!?!?
  182. Controller vs Keyboard, Wingsuit altitude disadvantage? [PC]
  183. Glitchy/sluggish Menu. What is this Windows 98?
  184. faulty placed fence in the air
  185. Massive frame rate loss when a new player is loaded on my map
  186. Cant find the steep store that changes your board
  187. Can't access Season Pass
  188. Cannot connect to friend
  189. Solo Mode and Restricted Internet Issue
  190. Bug tricks
  191. Create challenge: Not available - Bug?
  192. Steep Servers down in NA? (for PC)
  193. Tauting makes me fall.
  194. constant connection error de-003-01
  195. PS4 Can't get to Ubi login, just bought the game and can't play
  196. Barbegazi ski orienteering not working
  197. Season Pass confusion
  198. Remote Play / Button remapping
  199. Connection error - ps4 - please fix!!!
  200. Steep Gold showing up as normal version?
  201. My ticket is not treated by Ubisoft - what use is my money for ?
  202. Stuck at the begining,PC stuck in console mode.
  203. can't connect to servers with DE-006-02 (PC/USA)
  204. Steep Gold Edition (PS4), features not available
  205. Steep wont start anymore.
  206. Error DE-014-01
  207. DE-008-02 Server error message PS4
  208. ı don't see adrenaline pack items ?
  209. PC/EU - Connection error - de-015-01
  210. PS4 error CE-34878-0
  211. Can't connect with 3 players at the same time (PS4)
  212. You're ready now trophy
  213. Whether Steep support Steam Controller?
  214. [VIDEO] can't do tricks reliably with specific 360 controller bug
  215. Unable to accept group invitations (PS4)
  216. Determine game build version - Do I have the patch? [PC]
  217. Credit count not updating (PS4)
  218. Steep server connection issues & Ubisoft support
  219. Seasons Pass won't show up
  220. One of the toughest challenges so far: Steep of Doom Glitched?
  221. How do you hide riders from screen?
  222. Can't join friends or invite friends ( PS4 )
  223. PS4 BUG: Pushing forward on right stick does nothing when should push forward.
  224. No sound and audio tab broken
  225. [PS4] Stuck in place after landing with paraglider
  226. Downloaded the game and everytime I start it an error message pops up. Need help!!
  227. Servers down - DE-014-01
  228. Do I not get the adrenaline pack with the season pass?
  229. UI / HUD & Magnetic Objects
  230. Please help me fix my problem 1 month im waiting.
  231. Group Disbanded
  232. Steep Adrenaline pass not being received with season pass (PC)
  233. (Bug) Unlocking Jackets and Event Gold Not Registering....
  234. issue with leaderboard
  235. Xbox - Constant server disconnects. New error code: DE-013-02
  236. Steam Gold Edition has no DLC installed
  237. PS4 - Bug Report - Issues with snowboard controls after landing
  238. You're Ready Now Trophy Not unlocking
  239. Can not even launch game-PC
  240. Steep crashes when loading 1/3 (Devs help?)
  241. can't buy steep
  242. refaite mes donné cloud !!!!!
  243. North Face Five Giants progress froze and some other challenges
  244. Human Cannon all time high scores glitch
  245. Steep Adrenaline Pack
  246. Can't turn on the flashlight - Steep PC
  247. STEEP crashes when loading 1/3
  248. hud starts blinking rapidly
  249. PC game crashes on launch
  250. Xbox one Crashing on Load up