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  1. Assignment caches in Tier 5 gives 229 item
  2. Sound bug
  3. Last Talen on weapon
  4. Freeze on startup
  5. No xbox controller input on startup for new PTS
  6. Backpack Capacity
  7. Stucked in BoO at restock
  8. 256 Containers from daily have 229 inside
  9. Crash to Desktop on Survival cinematic
  10. Recovery Link not working
  11. All loot drops in T5 need review
  12. [Stats]Skulls MC gloves.
  13. [Animations]MG5 doesn't have reload animations.
  14. weapon talents
  15. Connection error: Mike c-22-395
  16. Mike and Delta errors
  17. Daily HVt "COUGAR SQUAD" Boss despawns
  18. Fallen under the map in the DZ
  19. Cant open PTS, keeps crashing when trying to open game
  20. Bug Starting a fire in a barrel
  21. PTS loads much older savegame: how do I load my latest save?
  22. many bugs today
  23. Pts survival audio bug
  24. Lost gear
  25. Freezing screens
  26. UI Bug: swapping between inventory & stash
  27. Bug: Side missions reappear as "just completed"
  28. Shield bug
  29. The game opens but I can do nothing
  30. Game Window Freezing
  31. Gun talents not unlocking
  32. Game crashes on launch with SLI
  33. corsair bug?
  34. Controller on PC --> Unable to Switch Primary Weapons (Survival Only)
  35. My gun rolled the same talent twice
  36. Lootbox from Survival pickup issue.
  37. Item was deleted transferring it from one character to another through regular stash
  38. Buyable Sealed Caches missing from BoO
  39. Weapon talents and firearms
  40. Error Patch 1.5 the division
  41. Backpack inventory bug
  42. Cover to Cover does not show - still working
  43. PTS crashes when trying to open game - no error message
  44. Alt+Tab Crashing
  45. Enemy armor Damage stamina mod roll/no hunter/no cover-to-cover
  46. PTS Tenebrae talent "steady" isnt working
  47. 1.3 backpack glitch
  48. Helping Random Citizens
  49. Same talents twice on a gun.
  50. SLI not working with DirectX 12
  51. (PC) 1.5 PTS bugs (with some crossovers to 1.4 after installing the PTS)
  52. G36 3rd weapon talent locked?
  53. Misc. exploits/bugs with PTS
  54. Ammo box bug - The Hub
  55. DX12 - Lower FPS than DX11
  56. PTS Side effect on main game
  57. Two PTS 1.5 Issues I discovered.
  58. Items in the Scavenger crate in the Base of Operations don't scale to WT
  59. Ballistic Shield Bug - Unable to fire or swap weapons
  60. Tan Screen
  61. DPS borked when comparing gear on PTS 1.5
  62. Couple of sound bugs
  63. 2 Soundbugs
  64. Frame Rate limiter option does not work on PTS.
  65. 2 Survival GameMode Bug/Issues
  66. Sound and Crash problems
  67. PTS extremely crash-to-desktop prone
  68. Sealed caches removed no purpose or bug?
  69. Ballistic Shield upon entering a hideout leaves weapons unusable
  70. M700 Carbon double tap bug
  71. 1.5 DX12 - Closing when defocus
  72. Current 1.5 PTS not recognizing DX12 on Nvidia current driver on W10 Insider Builds
  73. [PC] Loot not accessible at Survival launch point.
  74. Survival Stash in character inventory
  75. [BUG] After Uniform Mike error, re-entering DZ doesn't locate antivirals
  76. 1.5 / M44 Rifle, Zooming - indiscutable performance drop
  77. Survival entering DZ02 West Entrance, invisible boxes
  78. Survival game mode bugs
  79. still cannot play in PTS.. still crash....
  80. Sound bugs, missing talent, backpack bug.
  81. DX12 Fullscreen issue
  82. Inaccessible supplies in Survival
  83. help controller bug again
  84. Flare bug in Survival mode
  85. Mike C-24-134
  86. Double Loot in Survival Mode
  87. Flying Player, Invisible Helicopter at Extraction
  88. Survival - Firearms gear mod with 106% armor damage
  89. Ballistic shield bugged out on me in Survival - stream highlight video
  90. Stuck behind door
  91. [Bug] [Method of grief] [Survival] - Extra hunters spawn near extraction
  92. Backpack capacity locked at 66 items
  93. Game crash/hang/freeze on Survival Scoreboard screen
  94. Survival Causing GPU to Run Much Hotter
  95. cannot play PTS.. CRASH... help...
  96. Backpack capacity bug more prevelant now...
  97. DX12 Crashes
  98. Loading Screen/Logo
  99. Double focused on Military G36
  100. hideouts bugs. this is real
  101. signature skill
  102. End Boss does not count for daily combat assignment
  103. stash is disappeared from the HUB!!
  104. Ballistic Shield Bug
  105. Named gear piece not appearing on recalibration list
  106. PTS Bugs 1.5
  107. Basic Sealed caches in Tier 5 gives 229 item
  108. Useless Defib
  109. bug skin
  110. Screen stuck after extraction from Survival
  111. PTS: Sound bug & Incorrect bonus on gear mod
  112. Terminal (HUB) Recalibration Station
  113. Bug? Lag? Hunter spawns right beside me and instantly one hit kills me.
  114. (Potential fix) XBOX ONE or GamePad Workaround
  115. Bug: Stuck on Chest
  116. Backpack Bug
  117. DeadEye benefits from both Headshot Damage and 100%Crit during aim
  118. calibrated free weapon talent doesnt remain free
  119. 2 bugs report | One with SVD and another with MG5 skin
  120. Bug: Stable Talent
  121. Movement
  122. PTS overall performance decrease
  123. weapon talents
  124. Lexington event center boss bug
  125. No pve severs or is the pts severs jsut super slow
  126. PS4 Controller on PTS results in autofire
  127. No Basic Sealed Cache in my menu
  128. Littany of Bugs and other Issues-Where is the quality control????
  129. Backpack Inventory Bug
  130. BUG Survival 0.5 getting stuck behind a door
  131. Disconnect during survival...
  132. Boxes that are mixed in with environment
  133. Stuck between environment items
  134. Fire Barrel Flare
  135. PTS Crash in Survival UNIFORM C-35-1229 ERROR
  136. DX12 Multi GPU Support
  137. Loss or Slow Down of Right Click After Exit from PTS
  138. Ballistic Shield, Backpack and Gear MOD Issues
  139. * poor connection to server
  140. damped, muted audio bug, sloshing steps
  141. Recovery Link didn't proc on down state, solo
  142. uninteractable object
  143. Same audio bug since 1.4 PTS, just a copy paste.............
  144. Keyboard lights going out
  145. Can't change backpack
  146. Duplicate Gear/Loot BUG in Survival Mode
  147. Audio issue in open world after playing survival and menu lag
  148. Survival - Revive dead players bug
  149. unable to access survival mode
  150. Recovery link "debuff" not fading after activation
  151. Superior Kneepads invisible
  152. 93r pistol Stagger ? record coming
  153. I'd like this in the final game lol
  154. Minor UI bug: Final Measure description not up to date with new value
  155. DirectX 12 and duplicated weapon talents on same weapon
  156. Gear Mods w/ Enemy Armor DMG
  157. Bug textures
  158. Bugs am in encountering in the PTS
  159. Hurried talent can roll on any weapon ?
  160. Vigorous not affecting other players
  161. Survival bug can't go over objective
  162. Getting double loot from dead players in survival
  163. Bug report: Stuck after looting bag in Survival Instance
  164. sounds bug after dying in Survival
  165. Bug: Duplicate talent on weapons (G36 focused)
  166. Survival extraction cutscene bug.
  167. Whoa, I crafted a high end PL30 stamina mod in Survival with 93.4% enemy armor dmg
  168. Instantly Killed by environment in survival
  169. Colonel Bliss holster not working
  170. Sound bug similar to Disoriented effect
  171. Bug: Crafting crafting material and one other suggestion
  172. Controller Issues with PTS
  173. Larae Barret doesn't come down, and the loot stays up too.
  174. Bug: Cant switch weapons in survival
  175. Nimble Talent and Alpha Bridge Health Regeneration bugs ( multiple )
  176. I think you want to do something with that kind of weapon mods - it's got +88% EAD
  177. sealed caches stuck on the ground
  178. Underground Locate the supplies mission bug
  179. Movent after status effect items.
  180. Bug Report: Ballistic Shield
  181. Vigorous talent not always working
  182. Char walks off
  183. Audio Changes or Drops Out (Survival)
  184. Uplay is not recognizing my PTS download
  185. Enemies hiding inside walls
  186. loot boxes 05 gives 229
  187. Latest PTS update broke recalibration
  188. Lexington Tunnel checkpoint bug
  189. Survival Offline
  190. Can't play survival!
  191. GS229/ Tier 5 / Vendors selling only 229 Items
  192. New Weapons Talent Bugs!
  193. Gear Mods Giving more than intended Enemy armor Dmg in survival.
  194. Server Lag!
  195. PTS roto tras mantenimiento viernes 11/11/2016
  196. Help Messages
  197. Missing all of my gear
  198. Unusable Mobile Shields.
  199. Vigorous talent + still getting D3-FNC
  200. [Weapon talents] Unique talents rolling on generic weapons.
  201. Rushers can shoot through being staggered
  202. How to sell a locked item from your inventory
  203. Survival Link Bug
  204. lost my save
  205. Threat increased/decreased muzzle mods
  206. Elites not staggered and Survivor Link bug
  207. Napalm production site
  208. D3-FNC / Frontline / Sheild Ability is MASSIVELY bugged. [Video + Text]
  209. EMP grenade not working on NPC's
  210. Lexington boss does not come down.
  211. Using Multiple Displays causes the game to stop working
  212. Localization
  213. Save loose pts patch 11/11/16 1.5
  214. PTS Week 2: so many bugs the PTS is unplayable.
  215. Shield bug and vendor/backpack bug
  216. PTS week 2 wont start keeps crashing
  217. Cashes randomly missing from vendors
  218. DX12 Mode not running in Fullscreen
  219. BUG : Consumables not showing correct cooldown on PTS
  220. PTS Crashes to desktop on character that hasn't played the Underground
  221. Quick Nav in Player Menus broken.
  222. Translation Bug
  223. BUG : Consumables not showing correct cooldown
  224. Dark Zone Once again, unplayable...
  225. Underground Stuck at "Eleminate Hostiles" No hostile to be found
  226. Unable to alter the brightness slider when using DX12 bug
  227. Bug Report and Suggestion
  228. UI bug - Scrollwheel causes glitches
  229. bolt action fires twice after reload
  230. Delta errors!
  231. PTS server lag huge
  232. Lag and Mouse issues
  233. Bug - Can't freeze to death in survival
  234. Stuck in boxes after climbing over a fence.
  235. Quick nav for stash not working
  236. Mike and Delta Errors
  237. 3 Bugs 2 leaving survival, 1 in daily missions
  238. M700 Bug
  239. Alphabridge Bug
  240. Since 1.4: Recovery Link does not revive someone already being revived by a player
  241. Sticky bomb instantly defused by NPC
  242. Increased headshot damage with Deadeye set
  243. LMB rushers with insane RoF
  244. LMB shotgunners not moving in Russian Consulate
  245. Fairly game-breaking mechanic in Survival
  246. D3-FNC Ballistic shield bugs, + Ideas for Talent Mods & Incentives to not roll Armour
  247. Some "bugs" I found.
  248. Typo in "Fast Trigger" Brignac's name
  249. Game crashing when ALT TAB
  250. PC - Enemies unrealistically fast