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  1. Check previously posted threads!
  2. First! and Woot on the 1.5 and Survival
  3. Survival shouldnt be QUEUEd
  4. Agent Brief November 7
  5. When is release time for Steam in EU
  6. xbox controller
  7. It would be nice if Survival had an estimated Que Timer
  8. Steam DL is up!!!
  9. First thoughts
  10. Make virus filter consumable and craftable.
  11. Question about new weapons & talents
  12. loot
  13. Really like the Named Gear idea
  14. why nerfing m870 so much
  15. Is Survival gonna be sold separately?
  16. My thoughts..
  17. Only 24 Players for survival is disappointing
  18. Smart Cover nerf and Tact Link buff?
  19. Dont Change the Gear Score again
  20. So my first playthrough in solo survival mode. *spoilers*
  21. 1.5 World Gameplay Vendors and Caches
  22. Underground Vendor has no GS256 stuff for sale.
  23. Underground so easy
  24. Loadouts
  25. Where and how do I start Survival ?
  26. Issues so far
  27. My Gear Items is lost!
  28. Audio Fixed yet?
  29. Fire should make you warm
  30. After first attempt.. I do not like Survival
  31. Grouping in Survival
  32. Spongebob Squarepants 1.3
  33. Level 34 npcs seem utterly indistinguishable from 33s
  34. You guys proved you can make intelligent NPC
  35. Combat Assignment Cache loot is 229 in T5
  36. Survival thoughts
  37. survival weather
  38. Survival: Fun but needs tweaks.
  39. Weapon Talent requirements not scaling linearly at 256
  40. gear Set Cache missing from Vendor
  41. Critical Search N Destroy seem to be backwards
  42. Disappointed.
  43. Frontline Gear Set Found
  44. Infantry MG5 might be a tad bit OP and BP capacity Bug
  45. How do we access the survival content?
  46. A feedback on Survival difficulty
  47. Patch notes
  48. Just Feedback
  49. controller bug
  50. Survival? Fan-Frakking-Tastic!
  51. Unable to select prefix to post here on iOS device.
  52. How to improve SURVIVAL for release
  53. Not a first impression of Survival
  54. Lag and sound
  55. My 1.5 Review
  56. Um...Banshee Battle rifle on 1.5??
  57. And now the vendors are...
  58. Survival: Some comments, ideas, and suggestions.
  59. Survival PTS Review
  60. the TAB button
  61. Back Pack Glitch
  62. Got a pistol that isnt in the patch notes
  63. FrontLine set - i'm kinda disappointed
  64. PTS location?
  65. Survival
  66. A question about the new GS
  67. Survival - Too easy mobs [PVE, but also for pvp]
  68. Can Survival be transformed into a standalone experince?
  69. New Hunter enemy
  70. Thoughts / Suggestions / Feeback on Survival
  71. Follow up feedback, suggestion
  72. Survival Ideas/Thoughts/Changes
  73. Frontline is awesome
  74. 1.5/Survival feedback/suggestions
  75. Survival - Add an ability to locate footprints
  76. Shock turrets in 1.4 = shock turrets in 1.2 ?
  77. 1.5 named weapons nerf :mad:
  78. Feedback! OMG
  79. Survival: Public vs. private item drops in survival for groups
  80. Back to 1.3 difficulty
  81. Don't change Survival
  82. Survival PvP: Solo Queue / Group Queue
  83. Survival Thoughts
  84. Does this mean we'll have Ansel in 1.5?
  85. World Tier 5 Tuning feedback - Please, let's keep it polite
  86. Survival - Competitive Suggestion
  87. My first three survival runs.
  88. Survival
  89. After several try PvP and PvE Survival
  90. Please reclaimer cooldown in HUD again
  91. Devs please add this matchmaking feature to the DZ now.
  92. Hunters spawning directly by my side
  93. Survival Final Enemy During extraction (NEEDS BUFFING)
  94. Survival Solo PVP mode
  95. pts server shutting down at 17:00 CET ??
  96. Fire/Flame Damage
  97. Survival PTS after 10h gameplay
  98. 1.5 I like in General Survival not so much..............
  99. 20% extra for Survival PvP mode
  100. Problem with Player Scaling
  101. Joining solo -- Getting killed by Groups! & loot is just crap! Survival
  102. Controller?
  103. Here you go!!
  104. Getting stuck in the environment?
  105. Add Hunters in Open-World|Underground|DZ
  106. Groups vs. Solo in Survival & DZ idea (+calm weather in DZ?)
  107. Carrying your 229 gear into 256 gear
  108. PTS Survival Access - I just bought the SP
  109. Survival, this is how the game should of started out
  110. Survival crashes and unable to resume progress
  111. Improvements to "Interact" F action and bombs in Survivel
  112. LMG nerf is too powerful especially during movement
  113. Survival Instances take FAR too long to start.
  114. Temperature meter and extra loot when there is an environmental blizzard
  115. 3 player group feedback
  116. Quality of life suggestion
  117. DirectX 12 performance. Multi-GPU support.
  118. Possible to make a copy of current chats?
  119. Can hunters appear in the normal DZ during blizzards to stalk you?
  120. Cover to Cover movement and hotkeys
  121. Really bad stats on Named gear pieces and can not re-roll any attributes
  122. High Armour Damage on Gear Mods in Survival
  123. Initial Feedback on Survival as a PTS Player
  124. Why only one FAMAS version?
  125. Drop Rates and Quality WT5
  126. **** you massive!!! You lied to me!!! Out of all things!!!
  127. STRAWPOLL: What was your tactic for beating Survival as a four-man team?
  128. Pve - pvp - pve/pvp
  129. New gear set
  130. survival feedback
  131. 1.5 Feedback
  132. My Thoughts After First Successful Extraction!
  133. PTS ruined the live 1.4 game for me
  134. 1.5 update review
  135. Change how Hunters spawn.
  136. Remove the gear system while add more NPC on Survival
  137. Bad district balance in survival
  138. Survival - Loot Sharing between Team Players
  139. Enemy Armor Damage feedback
  140. things i would change
  141. Checkpoints in Survival
  142. Change to major and minor attributes on gear
  143. Hard difficulty story mission rewards
  144. Creating a new Charaction/agent
  145. Survival mode for the Dark Zone
  146. Disconnected, very anger
  147. Feedback on PVP gearset nerfs and armor penetration
  148. Survival Extraction/ Solo survival
  149. Let us know what you think about the Survival Game Mode!
  150. Thoughts after 2 days of Survival
  151. Make all NPC behave Like Hunters
  152. My View on Survival
  153. Yet another survival feedback thread
  154. Please bring Hunters in the Dark Zone
  155. My Feedback after a few hours in Survival
  156. Create a new folder for The Division PTS without conflict while older existing data
  157. Solo Survival needs to be just that
  158. (Problems) Reviving out of the DZ when server or deconnections errors on "Survival" D
  159. PvE DZ Option Please
  160. My thoughts on gearscore changing all the time.
  161. My thoughts
  162. Named Gear Piece Bugs
  163. PVE Survival has a Problem
  164. Feedback from a couple of three-man Survival runs
  165. Is there a reason you (Massive) nerfed the drops for randoms tier 5?
  166. Survival (Darkzone too weak)
  167. Survival Hunger Games
  168. Why do we ALL have sepsis? Hungry too quick
  169. D3-FNC 2pc
  170. Survival - The Problems and the Solution
  171. PvP Friendly Fire
  172. Survival ideas: more pistols; skill, talent and build crossover possibilities
  173. Being held in the menu when you're full of consumables
  174. Survival 0.5 feedback so far
  175. Why no team mach for DZ
  176. Logging back in after crash / disconnect
  177. My thoughts on Survival
  178. Survival Pacifist Run - Not a single NPC killed
  179. General Freeroam Replayability - Loot Containers
  180. Survival - Need option to matchmake for session outside of BoO.
  181. Server Browser!
  182. D3-FNC: 4 piece set bonus should allow weapon switching (SMG<>Sidearm)
  183. Survival Game Finder
  184. Changes to underground rewards
  185. Survival
  186. PTS access for consoles
  187. 1.5 Vendor Sealed Caches and 1.4 Caches the same?
  188. [SURVIVAL] Bonus points/caches if you manage a pacifict/ semi-pacifist in PvP mode
  189. Low level Agent XP in Survival
  190. For the love of sweet baby jesus
  191. Survival.
  192. 1.5 Skill Power Scaling
  193. 34 Items from Cache's received after my Survival run
  194. Rhino Pistol, no reason to want it. (Pistols thread)
  195. For those of you who haven't seen the D3-FNC gear set
  196. FAMAS underbarrel (top) mount needs its origin point rotated 90 degrees.
  197. One new weapon for each class but what about shotgun?
  198. Update 1.5 / Survival feedback
  199. NO grouping in Survival
  200. 1.5 and Directx12
  201. A Few Minute Suggestions (Ammo Count, PvP Endscore, etc.)
  202. Survival alternative play mode PvP and PvE - looking for replayability
  203. Survival + End game character
  204. Some survival bugs found so far
  205. Survival! Evacuation without medication
  206. [Suggestion] Ajout d'un compteur de joueur
  207. Genuine wondering | Is the survival expension on PTS all we'll have with the DLC ?
  208. MG5 needs to be tuned down a bit
  209. Would you use an Optional World Tier 6 For Challenge? [POLL]
  210. Please don't take away caches for credits form the Safehouse vendors
  211. 05 Russian consolate
  212. Survival suggestions
  213. SURVIVAL FEEDBACK: Please Randomize Supply Locations!
  214. Survival AREA
  215. Stat Bugs from 1.0-1.2 Are Back
  216. First post. Found bugs
  217. Where has the coop gone?
  218. PVP Shrapnel bug
  219. Can the devs add one more mod to survival and be like this
  220. Grouping in solo session in Survival break the gameplay
  221. Reward in survival "not worth it"
  222. If hunters got add to main game and attack in extraction this will solve solo dz prb
  223. Survival Wing in Base of Operation
  224. Give Named Items their own Drop Color
  225. Survival: Anti climactic ending... or not?
  226. Deltas, soundbugs and general unstability
  227. 1.5 and survival - feedback on reddit (X-post)
  228. Suggestions for the new PTS and its content - open for discussion
  229. Crashing during Survival should spawn you at the nearest safehouse
  230. [1.5] Where are the new HE gear pieces hidden at?
  231. Some bugs
  232. My thoughts as a solo PvE survival player
  233. Maintain the storms presence within the DZ - leaving it behind feels anti-climactic
  234. Elevated buff needed, doesn't compare to the even higher and un-situational talents
  235. settings for survival
  236. [SURVIVAL] Lock picks?
  237. SURVIVAL: Show other players when I am dead...
  238. Survival needs to be a Standalone Expansion
  239. potential bug on decisive gloves.
  240. [1.5][QoL] Display Gear Mod stats and HE gear talents for items on the ground
  241. Time to kill is trash once more
  242. Increased stash size --> please rework stash UI
  243. Requirement for survival mode: solo queue vs. group queue
  244. Be more consistent with enemy placement
  245. Why the character wipe?
  246. Loving Survival So Far.
  247. When is the update? No Changelogs - like they said yesterday
  248. 93-r Pistol
  249. Survival & General
  250. Survival - Why do people tap out so fast in PVE? I suggest not doing that.