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  1. [PC] Running the game with nothing happening? Personal workaround found.
  2. Multiplayer Error?
  3. [PC] Can't find the file...
  4. The NAT implementation is a gamebreaker.
  5. [PC] Starting problems, keyboard and mouse not work.
  6. [PC] FPS stuttering during fights
  7. [PC] 'For Honor' opens in black window. Nothing else happens. Installed on D drive
  8. [XB1] Bot priority?!?
  9. [PC] game freezes
  10. [XB1] Curious about Xbox Codes from US working in UK/EU (Gamestop CE)
  11. [XB1] Black 3D elements when game starts, while interface is completely visible.
  12. [PC] [00020000116] Problem nothing can fix it?
  13. [PC] NAT problem
  14. Is it possible to Cross-Platform play in the beta?
  15. Network Error Occurred
  16. [PC] Connection Failed [7-000000005]
  17. Im seriously done with Ubisoft games
  18. Complete fail to launch
  19. [PC] FPS drop low 30
  20. [PC] FPS drop low 30
  21. half of my contracts are in spanish...
  22. [PC] Network and matchmaking
  23. urgame
  24. [PC] Development error
  25. [PC] Strict NAT & Magick network
  26. [PC] I can only play against bots
  27. [PC] Multiple users on same network can't connect
  28. [PC] Problem joining group with friend
  29. [PC] Keybord attack cancel
  30. [PC] Is this game Region Locked or something?
  31. Strange graphic error
  32. [PC] DS4 Controller Bug
  33. PC DS4 Controller Bug
  34. [PC] assign left-up-right to mouse side buttons
  35. [PC] Can't join games and friends
  36. [PC] [BUG] Gamepad Rumbles infinitely
  37. [PC] Controller Remapping (xbox one)
  38. NAT Strict Solution, haven't seen this anywhere else yet
  39. [PC] Problem for 4K screens
  40. Moderate NAT
  41. [PC] WE NEED A SINCERE RESPONSE! "Connection Error 0006000037"
  42. [PC] Frezze when join group and if returning to main menu after mission
  43. [PC] Pre-Ordering the game
  44. Any mode VS AI in up Retrieving Data
  45. Display scaling
  46. [PC] PS3 controller has some issues
  47. Que times in group
  48. [PC] Players being replaced with bots when Starting / Middle of a game?
  49. [PC] Red NAT is making me insane
  50. [PC] 0006000046 Error Code
  51. [PC] LAG/framedrops ?
  52. Error Codes... Please help Ubisoft
  53. [PC] Keyboard and controller stop working
  54. For honor Asia edition?
  55. It isn't in my games but it says it is in my library and won't open? Download again?
  56. [PC] Heavies are cancelling my guard lock using Xbox Controller
  57. [PC] Can't play any mode except 1v1 vs AI
  58. [PC] I fixed my 0006000037 connection problems
  59. PS4 Crashes and Freezes (PS4 Heat up)
  60. Audio level boost issue.
  61. [PC] Abusive Glitch, Or Hacks? Idk but it needs to be resolved
  62. [PC] Nat type strict. Tried everything so confused
  63. [PC] Spectate Controls in game
  64. [PC] Start Game: Can't find files
  65. Release Files Preload
  66. NAT type.
  67. Nothing works (anymore)
  68. [PC] Using x360ce makes EAC kick you. I can't use my controller in For Honor.
  69. [PC] Upgrade preorder
  70. [PC] Language issue [BUG]
  71. [PC] Bought gold edition, shows up as normal in Uplay?
  72. [PC] Keep getting Network Connection error 0004000008
  73. [PC] Cursor Bug
  74. [PC] For Honor Low Fps and invisible objects
  75. [PC] Another set of Dualshock 4 issues.
  76. [PS4] Erroe CE-34878-0
  77. [PC] Suggestions and information about bugs
  78. Previews Progress gone from close beta
  79. [PC] xbox one controller (on pc) issues
  80. Finding or advertising a Guild/Clan Reddit
  81. Easy Anti Cheat and Driver Test Mode - problems still present in final version?
  82. Mouse Cursor on screen in game.
  83. [PC] Launch crash (Windowed black screen)
  84. [PC] Invert two buttons on xbox 360 controller? Ubisoft support, help please!
  85. Black screen when enter game
  86. Connection on PC FIX
  87. [PC] Internet problems
  88. [PC] No animation bug
  89. [PC] Network problem SOLVED
  90. Ps4 Nat type error
  91. [PC] PSA : FIX for black screen at launch
  92. Strange lag?
  93. Game crashes
  94. [PC] Social Uplay Problens
  95. [PC] Minimum requirements
  96. Nat strict It never solves
  97. Unsure if proper game version is appearing in Uplay
  98. [PC] Launch Error 21
  99. [PC] Kicked due to low FPS
  100. Error code 0004000008
  101. [PC] Game Freeze After Start
  102. [PS4] Game Constantly Crashing with Error CE-34878-0
  103. [PC] Weird incompatibility with recording software (Mirillis Action!) and NVIDIA NVENC
  104. (UPDATED Feb.22) I'm getting an error message with EasyAntiCheat. How can I fix it?
  105. [PC] CPU usage 100% [Help PLS]
  106. [PC] Full Screen does not work
  107. Sounds of Battle are surprisingly quiet.
  108. Open Beta Orders Issue
  109. [PC] Ladder slide
  110. [PC] error 7-000000004 despite open ports
  111. [PC] Game Auto Swapped My Faction
  112. [PC] Some kind of weird connection bug in faction war map
  113. [PC] Bug Reports
  114. [PC] Visual bug and language issues
  115. bought Deluxe Edition by wrong i want to buy Gold Edition PS4 store Help
  116. Extremely Long Queue Times
  117. [PS4] Nobushi Hidden Stance Controls on PS4
  118. Bug report, quest languages randomly changed and mouse cursor
  119. [PC] PLEASE APPROVE BUG FIX FOR "Error code 0004000008" AND SIMILAR codes!
  120. [PC] Bug Report, Respawn Bug
  121. Post Open Beta Suggestions/Feedback/Bugs
  122. Errors - PS4
  123. Request for Colourblind options
  124. Erroe code (2-00000014)
  125. Game Precharge problem
  126. [PC] Is there a region lock between friends on different continents?
  127. Here's a question for the Ubisoft forum Community Reps
  128. Do I delete the Beta? Or dies release patch over it?
  129. College Campus internet interfering with server connection. VPN fixes this, but may c
  130. Just a tad paranoid
  131. I cant change the buttons of my 360 controller in the computer
  132. [PC] Critical issue specific to those using a DualShock 4 controller on PC
  133. Never even got to play....
  134. [PC] Open Beta Horror No Honor Times!! For Ubisoft to Respond!!
  135. [PC] Purchased the game, uplay want to download it again...
  136. [PC] What good reason is there to buy the full game if the beta wouldn't even let me play?
  137. will my system specs work
  138. [PC] Pre-order collector edition
  139. Season Pass not purchaseable seperately?
  140. [PC] Ubisoft support never replies! Help!
  141. [PC] Order language bug
  142. [PC] Compre For Honor No Tengo Key
  143. [PC] Eliminar beta?
  144. [PC] Dodge/Attack not responding periodically
  145. Pre-ordered deluxe edition but did not receive game key?
  146. [PC] gamepad, k+m
  147. [PS4] Ubisoft maintenance
  148. [PS4] Gold Edition bonuses across all accounts
  149. [PC] My account may be hacked! Help!
  150. [PC] uPlay/Steam linking.
  151. Preload not working
  152. [PC] TITANX Card Issue
  153. [PC] Pre-Load For Honor not available!
  154. [PC] Pre-Order Problems
  155. reward error
  156. Warcry of the ones left behind (Callout for a GTX 1050 TI Bundle)
  157. season pass not working/ no beta/alpha rewards in Ubisoft club
  158. Preload Problem
  159. Open Beta Rewards not Unlocking
  160. [PS4] Twitch prime/for honor loot
  161. Missing items?
  162. [PC] Beta Bug Fixed?
  163. [PC] NO full screen
  164. [PC] im furiuos right now...
  165. Green nat cant find game after 10min
  166. My faction was switched to Knights from Samurai
  167. [PC] Avaliable language
  168. [PS4] controller not working ingame
  169. [PC] I bought the game a long time ago so far I have not received the game key
  170. Season pass, unable to find on xbox. (already bought deluxe)
  171. The game runs worse than in Beta? It's just me or what?
  172. ERROR inject_impl.cpp (130) Getting thread context failed. System error code is 5
  173. 1v1 vs AI still bugged!
  174. Game not released for me?
  175. Got all my stuff, except for pre-order outfits?
  176. Collector's Edition USA Ship Date?
  177. errors
  178. [PC] i am still getting error (0004000008)
  179. [PC] Laptop Full Screen
  180. Elimination mode problem.
  181. [PS4] Gameshare For Honor - Gold Editiion
  182. [PC] Beta awards
  183. Gold Edition
  184. buddy pre-ordered on steam, wants to upgrade to gold. possible?
  185. [PC] can someone please help me fix error 7-0000000004?
  186. [PC] RT (Right Trigger) Bug
  187. [XB1] Deluxe Pack DLC items missing.
  188. [PC] Error: 0006000037 - Can never stay in a game!
  189. [PC] Nat Type Red( strict) troughout whole open beta and now with release
  190. Season pass locked in game
  191. Balance Clipping and perfect block bugs
  192. [PC] Cannot find any type of multiplayer game? need help please
  193. [PC] The lack of rewards
  194. Return/Refund - Nat Strict
  195. Preloaded - Coming Soon
  196. I don't have my pre-order bonuses
  197. Anyone else not receive the extra rewards for pre-ordering gold edition on ps4?
  198. No Beta Rewards?
  199. xbone gold edition content not showing
  200. Video issue
  201. Preloaded but need key?
  202. [XB1] Standard Edition
  203. [PS4] Haveing problems with season pass code
  204. Closed Alpha and Closed + Open Beta
  205. Xbox Physical Copy Gold Code Not Working
  206. Error code 0004000008
  207. [PC] Missing Steel Coins
  208. [PC] For Honor - Can't change my language to English?
  209. [PC] Warlords moveset bugged
  210. [PS4] Cannot redeem closed beta rewards
  211. Played open and closed beta
  212. [PC] No Access to Beta Emblems?
  213. Cannot verify game files
  214. [PC] An Error Occured
  215. [PC] Logitech G933 audio problems.
  216. PS4 For Honor Gold Edition code not working
  217. Always found 'murica players even if i should play with eu region.
  218. Quick chat not appearing
  219. Counter guardbreak not working
  220. [PC] NAT was open during beta now its closed?
  221. error 0004000004
  222. [PC] Constant Disconnecting
  223. [PC] For Honor full release not launching
  224. [PC] Matchmaking fail
  225. [PC] Twitch Prime reward?
  226. UPlay, Open Beta badge Missing? Missing Rewards?
  227. [PC] game cant find files
  228. Game is not added
  229. [PC] Severe freezing issues when switching controls
  230. [PC] Character i'm playing doesn't make any sounds.
  231. [PC] Only language English - No Options
  232. you have been disconnected from the match due to inactivity.
  233. Cannot enter full screen mode
  234. Dual Xeon can't launch the game please help
  235. [PS4] For Honor Gold edition content problem, NEED HELP!
  236. Problems with Xbox Controller?
  237. Pre-Order Honor Gold Edition on Steam No Rewards..
  238. [PC] Question with Context for Purchase.
  239. No activation key after accepting it as a gift on steam
  240. New Issue
  241. [PC] Game Running As A Background Process?
  242. Lost progress
  243. Getting my Rewards!
  244. [PC] Dolby ditital DTS-HD on PC ?
  245. yellow NAT
  246. [PC] CPU usage 100% [Help pls]
  247. Cannot party with friend
  248. Elimination not playable!
  249. Error 006000043 still not fixed ?!!?!?!? Afetr launching full game !?
  250. Deluxe pack issues Xbox one