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  1. Question about For Honor release and Open Beta
  2. System requirements check
  3. Is it possible to Preload and share Gamefiles over USB-Stick?
  4. PC system requirements
  5. Nvidia Titan cards working?
  6. Preload not possible the whole day!
  7. Beta Question: switching from Xbox to PC?
  8. Steam to Uplay, Uplay to Steam question
  9. Stuck at Contacting servers loading screen (no offline mode) PS4
  10. Question about execution effect with Deluxe version
  11. Where is my access key...
  12. Sli support ?
  13. server maintenance mode
  14. Steam + Uplay
  15. Beta pre-load question (PS4)
  16. Nvidia GTX Titan isn't compatible with game
  17. (Xbox one:America) Stuck at patching 100%
  18. [PC] Fail to preload the honor
  19. [PS4] PlayStation Plus Requirement for Open Beta?
  20. [PC] Open Nat Settings - Port Forwarding Help.
  21. [PC] How to upgrade to Golden edition? (from deluxe)
  22. Laptop help
  23. [PS4] Connectivity Troubleshooting
  24. [PC] Preloaded but no option to run the game.
  25. [Xbox] Connectivity Troubleshooting
  26. [PS4] Stuck on 100% patching. (Ireland)
  27. [PC] Connectivity Troubleshooting
  28. [PC] Preorder via Amazon
  29. [PC] Launching/Starting Issues
  30. [PC] Language lock question
  31. (Xbox one) maintanance mode
  32. Nvidia gtx titan cards not working with the game
  33. Closed beta save - open beta save
  34. The game told me was preloaded a few days ago,it started download now,but is stuck.
  35. [PC] Why is the PC Refresh Rate locked at 60?
  36. You messed up NAT again! NAT = unknown!
  37. [PC] and here we go again...
  38. [PC] Game crashes after creating crest
  39. Change Languages!
  40. [PC] Steam Unpacking Forever
  41. [PC] Fullscreen not working
  42. Activation code
  43. [PC] No Fullscreen Allowed?
  44. easy anti cheat
  45. visible mouse
  46. [PC] Region lock issues
  47. [PC] Lags
  48. [PC] Not Letting Me Download Patch From Closed to Open Beta
  49. Continually getting 'Connection Lost' Ubisoft service is not available
  50. My feedback after 30 min of gameplay
  51. Can't get through practice
  52. [PC] GTX 950 FPS Issues
  53. *UPDATED* [DEGRADATION 02/09] PC (UPLAY + Steam)
  54. [PC] Problem to open the game
  55. Download kept stopping. Lost connection. Unable to start game.
  56. 0006000043 Error
  57. [PC] Game FPS
  58. [PS4] Error 0004000008
  59. [PC] we're unable to register this game to your ubisoft account
  60. Problem with 2 Monitors
  61. Graphics Stutter While Using Xbox One Controller (Bluetooth)
  62. [PC] Blackscreen issue
  63. Controller
  64. Game dont see gamepad (NVidia)
  65. [PC] For Honor Open Beta
  66. error code 00400008
  67. Game stuck on Faction pick
  68. [PC] Beta won't download.
  69. [PC] The multiple things wrong with the "beta" so far.
  70. [PC] DUALSHOCK 4 USB Wireless Adapter - Pls add support for this Ubisoft !!!
  71. [PC] How to fix PCHunter64 ?
  72. Lost everything
  73. Please help, Game wont launch at all
  74. [Post 'FIXED' update] - Game still does not launch through steam
  75. Black screen
  76. [PC] High CPU usage from System after starting for honor
  77. [PC] Can't change Windowed to Fullscreen
  78. well,I can't play For Honor Open beta
  79. Account locked while correct login&pw ..... what should I do?
  80. [PC] Fullscreen won't work after re-launching the game once
  81. Black screen
  82. [PC] I keep getting disconnected during the tutorial.
  83. error 7-000000004 nice game
  84. Still can't update/
  85. [PC] Fire effects are pixelated even on maxed out graphics.
  86. Cant start the game (cant activate the game)
  87. [PC] Game uses up all my RAM.
  88. *FIXED* [DEGRADATION 02/09] PC (UPLAY + Steam)
  89. [PC] Can't choose faction
  90. Unable to connect to Uplay
  91. [PC] Game doesn't start up - none of the workarounds work /
  92. NAT Problem i need help
  93. [PC] [FREEZE BUG] Choosing "Change Options" after finished custom match
  94. [PC] EasyAntiCheat issue (again!) can't do online matchmaking. (0006000043)
  95. [PC] Cursor in Matches
  96. 4 v 4 Does Not Work
  97. Starting elimination match, spwaning dead or getting error !
  98. [PC] Force DirectX 9 (or 10.1)?
  99. Steam DL
  100. Strict NAT & errors
  101. [PC] [BUG][OPEN BETA] Soft-crash when disconnecting audio device during duel-round load
  102. [PC] Borderless Windowed?
  103. [PC] Uplay forcing Steam log in. Open Beta(PC)
  104. Game stops when choosing class
  105. [PC] Xeon CPU Issues
  106. 1v1 and 2v2 queue?
  107. [PC] Friend invites from Uplay network to Steam does not work
  108. Servers unreachable
  109. 0004000009 when I try play domination or deathmatch
  110. Need someone to help me please!!!
  111. Game random Closes
  112. [PC] Mouse cursor in buttle.
  113. Need someone to invite me to group so I can do more than 1v1 AI (NAT issue)
  114. [PC] Still can't download the patch via Uplay after the fix.
  115. [PC] RAM Memory Leak, High CPU Usage when launching For Honor Beta
  116. [PC] Error 000600037
  117. [PC] Switching from Borderless Windowed to Fullscreen doesn't work.
  118. [PC] EasyAntiCheat can not be executed Error
  119. [PC] Problem with controller (?)
  120. [PC] Please help! Volume increased insanely much after starting For Honor.
  121. Battle sounds not working
  122. [PC] NAT Problems
  123. Black screen
  124. Download still wont Start
  125. [PC] I cant play with my friend
  126. (PC) can't play 4v4 dominion
  127. connection error
  128. [PC] How do I remove the mouse pointer while I'm fighting?
  129. [PC] Bug When focusing enemy
  130. [PC] Error code 21
  131. Stuck on initial load screen with shield
  132. [PC] Crazy frame drops/input lag
  133. NAT Unknown FIXED!
  134. [PC] connection issues
  135. Steam Controller
  136. mouse on the screen
  137. [PC] Update Still Won't Download
  138. [PC] Error: matchmaking not ready [0002000106] - Cant join to any game
  139. Can't open Uplay
  140. Cant connect to uplay
  141. [PC] Intense flickering
  142. *FIXED* [DEGRADATION 02/09] PC (UPLAY + Steam)
  143. Nacon Revolution Pro Controller on PC
  144. Sudden FPS Drops
  145. Game will not launch?
  146. [PS4] Group invite not working
  147. [PC] Temporary fix for fullscreen mode
  148. [PS4] Critical Error (7-00000000)
  149. [PC] cant open my ports... so ill never be able to play this?
  150. CPU Cores usage
  151. [PC] Frame rate error
  152. Bluetooth gamepad vibration pc bug
  153. [PC] Game dont open
  154. Error 0002000116
  155. [PC] Can only play duels?
  156. [BUG REPORT] GAME-BREAKING Easy-Anti-Cheat bug on PC
  157. [PS4] For Honor's "NAT Strict" Issue is Ubisoft's Fault (most likely)
  158. [PC] Groups
  159. [PC] Massive framerate stutter.
  160. [PC] Not Starting
  161. Crossfire Support
  162. [PC] Unable to get steam overlay to function on Uplay version of beta - Steam Controller
  163. [PC] NAT problems
  164. cpu at 95 centrigrade.
  165. [PC] Crashing at Launch
  166. [PC] Mouse shwoing up in game
  167. Error code 7-00000004
  168. [PS4] PS4 Error CE-34979-0
  169. Game worked once now crashes every start (all error logs included)
  170. [PC] Can't bind mouse button 4 or 5
  171. I cannot change my display resolution??
  172. Ps4 bug report heroes movements
  173. [PC] Visual bug on terrain view.
  174. For Honor Open Beta has hard crashed my PC multiple times.
  175. invert two xbox 360 buttons, location of mapping file?
  176. Degraded performance
  177. For Honor doesn't start
  178. So I still can't ****ing play.
  179. Disconnects every 2 seconds
  180. [PC] Fps drop during fight
  181. game dont start but why?
  182. Vsync doesn't work?
  183. 1v1 duels dont work.
  184. Can't see cursor PLEASE HELP
  185. Why do i have to fix your launcher problems??????????????????????????????????????
  186. Memory leak
  187. [PC] Please help. Guard mode glitch/bug.
  188. Critical Error: Connection to Ubisoft Servers has been lost. 7-0000004
  189. PC 30fps cap cannot remove
  190. Rewards system help?
  191. [help]
  192. [PC] Game closes during loading screen
  193. Nvidia Share (Shadowplay) not working in For Honor
  194. Unable to use Heavy Attacks - Xbone Controller
  195. [PC] Controller Problem Still!!!
  196. [PC] Mouse movement causing fps increase/fps drop with stationary mouse
  197. [PC] Any Idea How to Download Patch
  198. Connection Failed
  199. [PC] Don't have an Activation Code where would I get it?
  200. [PC] Disabling Controller Inputs
  201. Can't get into a game. Stops after the intro of getting attacked.
  202. [PC] Permanent Strict NAT
  203. Help - Game Moved From Main Monitor to Secondary
  204. Are champion levels going to be reset on global launch?
  205. [PC] Controls swap
  206. [PC] Nvidia Shiel Controller not working
  207. (Black window) 9 hours later..
  208. [PC] Bluetooth Controller Fix?
  209. [PC] Remap xbox 360 controller
  210. Mouse Cursor Bug
  211. [PC] Game will not start, stuck on installation screen
  212. Can we get an answer on 1v1 duels?
  213. Warning: You are running an unsupported video driver
  214. Keep being dropped.
  215. NAT Strict Before First Game
  216. [obt bug report]
  217. (PC) Can't fight faction leader or play multiplayer
  218. [PC] Major framedrops during combat + Annoying cursor
  219. game wont launch
  220. PS4 CE-34878-0 error
  221. Game has no UI after loading out
  222. Netorking issues
  223. [PC] Can't figure out how to friend players or invite to group.
  224. Choppy Frame Rate
  225. [PC] Save Game Stats from Closed BETA
  226. framerate problem
  227. On-screen keyboard when pressing L3 on PS4 controller
  228. Framerate freezes for a second when I hit or get hit by an enemy in For Honor
  229. Bug After Match
  230. Game Wont Launch
  231. [PC] Matchmaking with friends broken, fine solo.
  232. [PC] Video streams stutter after game closed
  233. Game crashes as attacker
  234. [PC] I can't change my res
  235. [PC] Stuck on matchmaking for 40+ minutes
  236. [PC] Mic Levels
  237. [PC] 2 computers one internet
  238. [PC] Pc shutdown when launching the game
  239. Cursor won't disappear
  240. [PC] Can't enter fullscreen mode
  241. EasyAntiCheat error code 0006000043
  242. [PC] Game causing my GPU fan to go crazy
  243. Running an unsupported video driver, please update your driver for optimal perf.
  244. The below 30 fps kick from game
  245. [PC] Game goes to contacting servers then crashes
  246. [PC] Attack and Gaurd Break bug
  247. 1v1 Duel Mode Matchmaking issues (PC)
  248. Fps problem
  249. EasyAntiCheat 0006000043 Error
  250. Xbox One Network Error 0004000008