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  1. Hall of Heroes Raider Guide
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  3. Hall of Heroes Warlord Guide
  4. Hall of Heroes Berserker Guide
  5. What do the vikings say?
  6. The Valkyrie; what will she be? The BEST hero, obviously.
  7. Berserker - will he gets armor at higher levels?
  8. Berserker potential?
  9. History shall repeat itself!
  10. Valkyrie gameplay LEAKED on, you guessed it... Conan O'brien.
  11. With Odin on our side!!
  12. Vikings where are we!?
  13. Berserker Wrong Icon on Spin Chop / Head Slicer
  14. Berserker is NASTY
  15. what is warlords optimal punishes after heavy parry?
  16. Berserker Feedback (considering high(er) skill play)
  17. Raider Viability
  18. Plz dont nerf warlord any more
  19. How is Warlord OVERPOWERED exactly?
  20. Raider Heavy attacks
  21. Raider Heavy attacks
  22. Raider (Gear Stat Question)
  23. Against an Orochi
  24. Warlord [Insert Clickbait]
  25. Raider Gameplay
  26. Please let us Customize Beards
  27. Valkiryes feats move
  28. Help with Valkyrie
  29. Valkyrie hybrid type
  30. Warlord- Plays Different!
  31. Valkyrie knockback.
  32. Valkyrie Shoulder Pin
  33. warlord shield counter combo
  34. Bezerker 1v3 aka spam all the buttons
  35. For Honor® - How To Not Suck (Beginner's Guide)
  36. How has the raider been released in this state?
  37. Valkyrie Hidden Shield Tackle Cancels
  38. What is with the stagger on the Berserker???
  39. Video: How Could I have won Round 2? - Raider vs Orochi
  40. Raider secrectly nerfed
  41. Let's talk about the berserker for a second.
  42. Valkyrie Questions?
  43. Valk is terrible compared to in story mode
  44. Raider - How to kill after a single grab - Ascertain Dominance
  45. Well.... first impression.... The Beta was better...
  46. Gear stats for Berserker?
  47. Berserker cannot dodge feint a light attack in chain
  48. Raider Help
  49. The warlord. Would like to know from you guys
  50. Possible bug found (Valkyrie)
  51. Is Warlord OP?
  52. Warlord mechanics questions
  53. Vikings feel terribly broken
  54. Is The Valkyrie Broken?
  55. Raider needs guaranteed Hvy from knee to face Wall stun
  56. Berserker Duels (kensei,Warden)
  57. Fellow Vikings, need advice on beating fast characters!
  58. For Honor Legends Valkyrie Guide
  59. Valkyrie buffs announced
  60. Noob question: Warlord, guardbreak into heavy guaranteed damage/no damage
  61. Orochi....
  62. Valkyrie changes and Hero Specific Abilities
  63. Need to hit the Knights more on the war map
  64. Beserkers secret charge
  65. Valkyrie vs Nobushi possible bug
  66. Warlord top heavy or wall+side heavy
  67. Valkyrie Hunter's Strike, Sweep, and Recovery
  68. Raider Really Does Suck...
  69. buggy mess
  70. Vallyrie - pounce and downed opponents
  71. Where is the Viking love?
  72. We need to team up with the samurai
  73. Strategy with the asset map
  74. Berserker on dominion
  75. Berserker (or mouse?) weird problem, help?
  76. Warlord is a beast
  77. Looking for Viking players
  78. Come on Ubisoft fix valkerie!!!
  79. Valkyries and executions
  80. Calling all Vikings, let's ally with a faction and eliminate the other!
  81. Warlord - purple shields
  82. Theorycraft: Berserker option select parry/deflect
  83. Valkyrie throw distance
  84. Valkyrie input commands
  85. [Raider] GB follow up
  86. Valk heath pool is too low?
  87. Health and Damage values for all Viking classes
  88. Beserker Gear Stat Guide?
  89. Agc is currently recruiting members!!
  90. One Stop Shop: Raider
  91. Warlord vs PC
  92. Raider Stunning Tap.
  93. Vikings! Join the Reddit community on discord
  94. Valkyrie - Shield Tackle Cancel
  95. Nifty tip on guardbreaks for Berserker
  96. we need a better plan than trying to fight both factions at once
  97. Warlord vs Shugoki
  98. For Honor (BERSERKER ws OROCHİ) video
  99. Fellow zerkers!
  100. Any Viking Clans?
  101. Warlord Throw Distance Still Unnecessarily Over The Top
  102. Vikings classes!
  103. Warlord, best punish after parry?
  104. Warlord (Gear Stat Question)
  105. Valkyrie Needs More Buffs!
  106. A rework to berserker's 'dauntless' mechanic
  107. Warlords
  108. can berserker parry into GB?
  109. Valkyrie true combos?
  110. Is there a way to cancel Berserks Zone attack?
  111. My thoughts on Valk (Yes I read the 'future' patch notes)
  112. Warlord's parry ability
  113. A guaranteed 3 hit combo setup for Valkyrie!
  114. Attacks continously going thru a pre-emptive Guard Break
  115. Raider Directional Throw on mouse+keyboard? How does it work?
  116. My suggestions on improving the Valkyrie
  117. Raider needs some serious love from the Devs!
  118. Knight Faction temp
  119. Valkyrie dodge problem
  120. Need help with Valkyrie
  121. Berserker chain spam with fakes and GB
  122. Valkyrie Feasts and Stats
  123. Warlord vs Orochi matchup help
  124. Valkyrie changed incomming
  125. lets talk about valkyrie buff
  126. Cmon VIKINGS we almost got the round, just one final push!
  127. Make Valkyrie step into her attacks like everyone else
  128. Question for Berserkers
  129. New(?) Berserker-specific Tech: Anti-Nobushi / Kensei punish
  130. Berserker: Bug or intentional?
  131. Is raider get a free side heavy after a parry gb
  132. [Tutorial] Advanced Guide for Berserker
  133. Can you help out the damn raider???
  134. Need tips for Raider
  135. Spear Sweep Finisher Problems
  136. Any1 else having more trouble controlling valk compared to other chars?
  137. Warlord in need of help!
  138. Can I get some help against that Valk Sweep
  139. Valkyrie can be punished just by block
  140. Beserker's uninterruptible chain broken by 'revenge' ?!?
  141. Did some testing with Valkyrie today...(Is there a Ubi employee in the house?)
  142. Please help the freaking raider
  143. Knights one territory away from our stronghold!
  144. Valkyrie brawl/duel footage
  145. Valk vortex is trash. Debuff her please
  146. Warlord vs Orochi
  147. Warlord build full rage and rage dmg
  148. Valkyrie Bot Lvl.3
  149. Is berserker the worst char at higher tier?
  150. Trapzerker Feat CD - Gear vs No Gear
  151. Valkyrie light attack cancel
  152. Does the valk get tracked?
  153. Raider Stunning Tap voice line
  154. Raider help/advice
  155. Valkyrie's spear sweep
  156. Anyone think Raider would be good if he had Warlord style armor on his heavies?
  157. What do BERSERKERS have in ASSASSINS?
  158. Berserker Full Gear vs No Gear CD list
  159. Warlord's light parry, working as intended?
  160. Raider Match-Ups
  161. Raider Bug (?)
  162. Whats wrong with my warlord?
  163. Raider vs Valkyrie advice
  164. Dodge to cancel every attacking movement is an advantage for ZERKERS?
  165. Input Issues with my Beserker
  166. Valkyre Gear stats?
  167. Raider is OP in 4v4
  168. How to be successful with the Raider
  169. Is my Valkerie Bugged?
  170. Raider Feat Slippery
  171. Did they over-buff the Valkyre?
  172. Valk
  173. Warlord left side parry/shield counter
  174. Light attack riposte
  175. Question about a specific Warlord helm
  176. Raider matchup parry and guard punishment list
  177. Warlord Parry Combo Help
  178. For Odin and Valhalla! All VIKINGS need to read. Most of u prob don't know this
  179. Help with valkyrie+
  180. For Honor The Berserker (Montage)
  181. For Honor The Raider (Montage) first time using the Raider so not the best
  182. How to deal with revenge
  183. Berserker raaaaaaaaaaaage
  184. Berserker's faults, bugs and other.
  185. Raider - Possible bug or intended
  186. Valkyrie vs Shugoki, her worst MU?
  187. Problems against Valk? Block a light and u got free GB, try it
  188. Valkyrie Gear Question
  189. My Valkriye issue with pouncing thrust
  190. How to easily fix Raider
  191. Need a little help vs Valkyrie ..
  192. Berserker OoS combo
  193. I Love Raider's Exhaust Punishment
  194. Valkyrie Bug, Ram's Headbutt charged vs non-charged;
  195. Newbie needs sersious help with Valk/Berserk
  196. Valks Shoulder Pin
  197. How to versus Valks?
  198. Berserker Changes/Buffs ?
  199. Valkyrie must be nerfed.
  200. To Valhalla !
  201. Warlord setup since patch
  202. Is Raider A Top Tier Killer?
  203. Warlord Parry Shild bash buggy?
  204. Raider vs PK help
  205. Deploy all assets on samurai turf
  206. Valkrie Spear Sweep
  207. GB Opportunities as Warlord
  208. Vikings of For Honor Discord chat
  209. Raider vs. Boshi
  210. Berserker's slashing rush inconsitency
  211. Berserker does need Adjustments
  212. Warlord - best of both worlds
  213. Raider Fury..
  214. Valkyrie oppinions
  215. Warlord Issues (help)
  216. Berserker so OP that it requires no skill
  217. A Guide to go Berzerk
  218. Raider buff
  219. For Vikings Only
  220. How do i play with raider? Ps4
  221. Valkyrie Needs a Buff
  222. How do i play with raider
  223. Beserker Tweak
  224. Good Valkyrie Guide anywhere ?
  226. New viking??
  227. Anyone else having trouble with raider punishments
  228. And the Vikings lost round 2
  229. Fix the warlords range
  230. Vikings need to push NOW!
  231. I Am John Zerk
  232. Berserker OP
  233. Warlord help plz
  234. Warlord struggles. Anyone else?
  235. Another lost season ?
  236. Viking Discord Community
  237. The Highlander thread
  238. Warlord epic gear?
  239. Does the Highlander get a heavy off guard break?
  240. Highlander Improvements.
  241. Highlander vs Shields
  242. Expert berserker guide
  243. Highlander Stamina
  244. Highlander attacks not connecting
  245. Warlord main heartbroken over new nerf...
  246. Raider dodge cgb problem / question
  247. Is there a full Highlander guide somewhere?
  248. Warlord.
  249. Highlander stats
  250. Does Ubisoft hate the Valkyrie?