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  1. Does Ubisoft hate the Valkyrie?
  2. Dear For Honor Team, Please View
  3. Warlord exploit
  4. Why does Shaman Need a Nerf??
  5. Viking Women On Their Way To Walhalla
  6. The Shaman...
  7. Highlander and his feints
  8. Valks new execution.
  9. Dear fellow Highlanders
  10. How Do I Improve? RAIDER!
  11. Warlord is garbage
  12. Conqueror needs rework
  13. Valkirye needs a buff!
  14. Shaman tips?
  15. Warlord, guardbreaks and heavies
  16. Faction logo issue
  17. Warlord: parrying with lights
  18. Highlander buffs!
  19. Warlord New Gear
  20. Let's talk about the Raider
  21. help the valkire
  22. Gratz
  23. assassin's creed syndicate
  24. Warlord full block and wall splat...??
  25. How do I beat the new Kensei with Highlander
  26. Warlord - UBI what did you do?
  27. How to make warlord a bit better
  28. Changing of guard direction on berserker
  29. This is how u should play Berserker
  30. Why canít I block any attack with the berserker?
  31. Anyone got any tips to beat Shaman?
  32. Valkyrie Suggestions
  33. External Blocking - External parrying in Warrior Trials.
  34. Valkyrie changes
  35. Why did you remove 360 feint Berserker animation?
  36. Berserker executions' mistakes
  37. Rework raider asap
  38. New Players and Shaman (Plus other characters)
  39. Seriously I Need Help :(
  40. Warlord Tips vs Wu Lin characters?
  41. [Berserker Perks] What to choose?
  42. warlord tip and trick tank feats
  43. Help with Shaman inducing Bleed
  44. Top level Valks, what do you do in duel?
  45. Hall of Heroes update?
  46. Highlander perks
  47. Althing
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  49. huldaaa
  50. 4 level 2 hammerFfaces in dominion...
  51. Highlander is too slow
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