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  1. I need to rant
  2. So as of 15th gb will be more rewarding then parry...
  3. Is it me or Warlord cannot perform a shield counter heavy combo on Ps4?
  4. Winter Olympics 2018
  5. Season 5 Nobushi vs Conq
  6. You guys overrate Aramusha attack string.
  7. This no gb after parry is stupid
  8. The orochi have "kiai", infinite hability.
  9. The mentality of coping with loss and becoming a better player
  10. What am I doing wrong to lose stamina??
  11. A detailed guide to dodging
  12. I just don't know what to play anymore
  13. Beserker Problems.
  14. updates needed, to correct heroes and more bugs.
  15. My Kensei Needs a Friend
  16. Random guard switch issue?
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  18. Am I missing something on blocking ?
  19. Idea for Aramusha
  20. Turtle Meta update?
  21. Conc shield bash spam.
  22. Am garbage, can help?
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  26. Few tips against almost every hero
  27. General discussions maintenance
  28. I suck at dealing with and using feints - Help?
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  35. Can anybody explain me...?
  36. How to counter centurion
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  38. The hard truth about parry changes...
  39. This is how u should play Berserker
  40. how to defeat a zerker?
  41. Gear grind too Grindy?
  42. Defense doesn't seem to be a viable strategy anymore
  43. Defense doesn't seem to be a viable strategy anymore
  44. Can we talk about the highlander's grab ?
  45. Game mode strategy
  46. Dominion Strategy (question)
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  48. Zone Remapping
  49. Why are noobs being placed rank 18+?
  50. Latency
  51. Shugoki issues
  52. Need help understanding before I throw game out
  53. New orochi yes!!!!!
  54. Combat Tips for fighting defensive Law Daddy
  55. Newbie~ What to use?
  56. What can a Lawbringer do vs a Conqueror?
  57. Advice vs Orochi
  58. Grenades
  59. Hero that don`t really need to feint
  60. new to the game, feel like im misunderstanding mechanics and im sure i am.
  61. Shaman's Spin
  62. How to fight Kensei?
  63. An Question !
  64. Berserker in proleague!
  65. Can we talk about Shinobi’s ranged attacks?
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  69. You Need a better team this game is that bad man
  70. guard not stable
  71. How to gank like a pro! (sticky please!)
  72. What stats should I go for?
  73. Nerf warden shoulder bash!!!!!!!!!
  74. Highlander Hyperarmor tips
  75. Why do I plainly suck?
  76. Light Attack Meta
  77. What is your way to get out of the Execution choice when killing an enemy?
  78. How do you deal with a Ninja??
  79. So...how tha heck do you kill a Shugoki?
  80. Shaolin Sweep makes Valk Weep
  81. Did this guy just oneshot me ?
  82. Need some help from my fellow Law Daddies.
  83. Shinobi vs. Orochi HELP
  84. Help with gearing
  85. Dominion: swapping out zone boosting
  86. This game stinks.
  87. Changing the guard constantly doing circles is cheating or Grieffing?
  88. Being bad player, and i don't know why.
  89. Shaman Bite Nerved?? or Bug??
  90. Undodgeable Nobushi kick
  91. How Do I Get Revenge?
  92. [Soft feinting] Is still possible to soft feint lights/heavies with Raider?
  93. Ubisoft lied they updated the movelist :))
  94. Where is the details for the heros?
  95. Glads zone
  96. I leave for one month, and the game goes to complete trash. WHY
  97. Working of guardbrake on dodge
  98. what its best flash wound vs thick skins?
  99. What its heavy heroes
  100. Need help against Orochi
  101. Zone with mouse unresponsive
  102. Variant breakthrough looks half baked
  103. Conc
  104. Punch Through
  105. Help with guard breaks please
  106. Centurion again
  107. Warlord has been nurfed every season.
  108. Shamans throwing axe to predator mercy gone?
  109. Zerker
  110. Assasin Reflex guard stance
  111. Orochi and Peacekeeper rerework.
  112. Warlord needs a rework.
  113. Conc vote
  114. The Conqurer match up (want/need advice)
  115. Want/need advice (vs Conquerer)
  116. Why does everyone hates Shaman?
  117. Why OOS attakcs do the same dmg as normal?
  118. Running out of heroes to play (suggestions/tips?)
  119. Warden Crushing Counterstrike
  120. Shoulder bash. How is it balance?
  121. dominion is just deathmatch
  122. Physicsx
  123. Shinobi keyboard pros please enter and help
  124. Guard Break
  125. What's the point of practicing in For Honor?
  126. Practicing with the Lvl.3 ai bots in training...anyone else?
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  128. Dashing guardbreak
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  130. How many Characters will Maraching fire leave behind, and will they ever be fix?
  131. Shaman ... cancer pur (i need help again because i cant beat them)
  132. Fighting 1v2 or more
  133. Is gb to counter dodge still viable?
  134. how to counter characters unique bash attack "stun attack"
  135. Block/parry orochi storm rush
  136. What's wrong with dodges? Why do my characters refuse to dodge?
  137. Movement speed?
  138. How can i perform Jiang Jun's choke grab ?
  139. Why does everything that I do in this game doesnt do what it should do
  140. Staggers and Blocks would not respond?
  141. Um hero selection.
  142. Mutants
  143. Marching fire combat aftermath
  144. i kind have a strategy i want to test for breach, if ur interested then join
  145. Nerf conq and light spam
  146. how to counter Nuxia traps
  147. This game needs to be fixed ASAP
  148. Nuxia dodge deflects/parry reaction attacks
  149. i lost all my heros how and why ??and please help
  150. Shinobi
  151. Weird dodging when fighting highlander
  152. Duels
  153. Lubi of Daubeny Tutorial
  154. Help with Shaman inducing Bleed
  155. How to deal with enemy falling back all the time?
  156. Fury unleashed aramusha question.
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  158. Rocksteady bug
  159. Idea buff heavy heroes
  160. why is stamina so finite? is this game deisgned to be annoying?
  161. Conq soloing mid lane, or B
  162. Different damage for different heroes
  163. Please just fix the stamina
  164. Light Parry Stun Duration needs NERFED and so does Guard Break Spam
  165. Strait Forward Advice
  166. Have a question about strategy on linear maps
  167. Vortiger unblockable heavy attack
  168. Help me against this Raider combo?
  169. The higher you come to more cancer this game becomes
  170. gladiator
  171. Highlander and shogoki need serious nerf
  172. Highlander and shogoki need serious nerf
  173. Countering Peacekeeper and Jian-jun
  174. Fix the alt+tab/overlay glitch
  175. Perk questions
  176. Per Guide for Jiang Jun & prior pls help
  177. Nuxia Problems
  178. second warden rework idea
  179. About the game noncense this title have {freely call them logical glitches}
  180. Kensei Rotary Regards!!!
  181. Nerf orochi and vortiger
  182. Warden Rework/Changes
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  184. I have troubles in deflecting side attacks
  185. Breach mode: Guardian
  186. **** this game
  187. Poor design waste of money if anyone spend and waste of time
  188. Looking for a current tier list of characters, from best to worst!
  189. Help a newbie!
  190. Soft feint question from a noob
  191. Looking for help: Max punishes
  192. The worst from Centurion spam player
  193. Killed by lager or cheater?
  194. centurion rework plos
  195. List of all the broken for honor heros who need reworking
  196. How Can You Make Lawbro Good?
  197. Black Prior,how the hell..
  198. Advice xb1 combat
  199. which idiot got that arcade mode idea
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  201. Parry 100%
  202. I need help on Jian Jung and Tiandi
  203. Assassins are too weak for this game
  204. Hard to Beat Noobs
  205. Breach Minions - Overwhelming
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  213. Peacekeeper Breach strategy guide
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  221. Trouble with my fingers hitting the right buttons at the right times.
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  223. Character Attack Speeds
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  225. Breach Mode (how to)
  226. Can anyone give me tips for fighting against Valkyries?
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  228. An honest question
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