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  1. Revenge change
  2. Countering the running shugo?
  3. Tech?
  4. Question about Raider CGB mid-dash
  5. Conqueror missed shield bash ...
  6. Valkyrie is the new queen of spam!
  7. A case for lawbringer's "guaranteed" light after shove
  8. Post-Nerf Conquerer So Weak
  9. Still cant punish conqeror
  10. Equipment question
  11. PK is a *****
  12. How to beat PK consistently?
  13. How to successfully block light attacks ???
  14. Best gear info?
  15. Warden advice?
  16. Guardbreak after parry
  17. Strategies to counter PK on Consoles
  18. The new way to play your Conqueror
  19. The "Impossible" moves
  20. Can consoles get the update already?
  21. Game is to hard to learn
  22. Conqueror should not get a free gb after blocking a heavy
  23. Guardswitch for blocking
  24. Will shugoki ever get nerf
  25. conquer At 1.5 Patch
  26. Heavy GB
  27. Unlock tech? Feinting gb? Can anyone confirm this?
  28. Rediculous feats
  29. slip through raises attack
  30. Revenge mode now Joke mode
  31. Need advise. What could i have done differently
  32. The truth about conqueror shield bash
  33. Bring revenge back
  34. Conqueror all block after LA
  35. Strategy vs valk spam, shield bash?
  36. Revenge nerf saved the game
  37. Make chains Unparriable but Blockable?
  38. Revenge good now or Go Buff Again?
  39. What is up with Shogoki's moves?
  40. Raider Max Damage
  41. What a parry should give you
  42. Is Tru3 right?
  43. RIP For honor
  44. Conqueror rework suggestions
  45. Patch 1.06 Soooo. Lawbringer has GOD mode now/ or close to it?
  46. Mouse sensitivity
  47. For Vortex
  48. Revenge got nerfed.
  49. Raider Turtles Are Way Too Much Unbreakable
  50. Inspire Feat
  51. For Honor Tournament 1v1 TOA LIVE
  52. Lawbringer's "50/50"
  53. Easiest class to play for us who really struggle
  54. Valk Bot3
  55. Why do people leave match?
  56. Finished Realistic but game doesnt say so!
  57. For Honor in a nutshell or end my suffering.
  58. Game needs fixed!!!
  59. Throwing Distance
  60. Demons Embrace not fair?
  61. Tips for fighting decent Lawbringers
  62. Orochi heavy deflect to much damage
  63. Heroes balance IMO
  64. Valkyrie moveset [PC]
  65. Discuss: What if Orochi has a dash cancel?
  66. Valkyrie Infinite Shield Bash in Revenge
  67. Ridicolous Top Heavy Damage
  68. When Do You Get Free Top Heavy as Warden
  69. Is All Block Punishable?
  70. Matchmaking
  71. Things that make each character "stand out"
  72. How to counter Warden Bash into guard break
  73. Idea to fix flicker and op zone attacks
  74. Shugokis Embrace needs a nerf in 4 v 4 modes. [Opinion]
  75. How to button map on consoles
  76. LB still GB feint!!!!
  77. Valk 170 Degree Turning Shield Bash Bull$*@t
  78. Fighting Valkyries
  79. What can I do with Conqueror?
  80. New players guide
  81. New executions length?
  82. Some shinobi gameplay analysis for fun???
  83. Guardbreak counters after parry
  84. Bug?? 144 full def stats
  85. Brace yourselfe - A Gearstats Table appeared
  86. How to block shinobi shinobi throw and drag skill
  87. Need advice on who to main.
  88. Which New Hero do your like most?!
  89. Shinobi's Tackle - how to dodge that
  90. Punishing Shinobi Double Dodge Kick
  91. Dont panic there is a punish to shinobis kick
  92. Hello ubi!?!??!wtf
  93. Question for my fellow Centurions.
  94. Some questions...
  95. Is this a hack? (blocking unblockable)
  96. Parry even though guard is too slow?
  97. Explain me like I m 5
  98. Flawed character design: Centurion and Shinobi
  99. What's your disconnect rate?
  100. Throw damage
  101. 4v4 Dominion Bots
  102. Shinobi double kick poise through revenge mode shove/kick/headbutt/shoulder charge
  103. Parrying Shugoki heavy opener...
  104. Guard speed
  105. My Ideas for a Kensei Buff
  106. Warden "new" unblockable move that does crazy amount of damage?
  107. Tale of the tape
  108. Super Centurion
  109. Countering shinobi kick on a Conqueror
  110. Centurion feels like a rock compared to Shinobi
  111. add ranked to game?
  112. Kensei's Eternal Struggle. This time: Centurion
  113. Centurion Jab
  114. free block GB
  115. My thoughts on parry rework after chip damage
  116. conqueror is able to use E to cancel a strong attack.
  117. Shinobi Lights just as bad as PK (console)
  118. Kensei balance idea
  119. Dominion: Here's why your team gets ganked and lose
  120. Mad Berzerker High Warlord ! Live
  121. Centurion kick and unblockable heavy got harder to do
  122. Shinobi Scorpion (get over here) move:
  123. Dedicated Servers ?
  124. Who is better at high level play?
  125. How to fight defensive META?
  126. [Dominion Tactics] This is why your team gets ganked and lose
  127. free gb off blocked light?
  128. Let assassins deflect unblockable attacks
  129. Kensei's light seems too fast
  130. What are you better at with your non-dominant hand
  131. Opinions
  132. HOW TO counter Nobushi??
  133. Tips on fighting a Raider
  134. Your new actualization has deleted my progres
  135. The time is nbedint the time
  136. Beserker AOE change?
  137. Warden's Shoulder bash into guardbreak
  138. Heh... guess how many people played FH in June...
  139. The uselessness of the Warden after the nerf [With example]
  140. Ubisoft manipulated the faction war and cheated the Knights.
  141. Parry OP, the only way to play is defensive
  142. Centurion is cancer
  143. Original IELTS,TOEFL,ESOL CERTIFICATES Birth Certs Passport,Drivers license,ID
  144. Parry follow ups in revenge
  145. Cent who parry wins
  146. Need tips on how to counter guard breaks!
  147. PTR 2: Conqueror guardbreak after heavy?
  148. Conqueror Buff! An Argumentative Report.
  149. Highlander Needs A Tweak
  150. Return Samurai to Former Glory
  151. Gladiator Revenge Melee Unbalance Knockdown
  152. Stuns and pushes
  153. A special moment of mine
  154. Highlander counter-guardbreak?
  155. Highlander Immune to leg sweep
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  157. Highlander needs a small buff
  158. Geez, would ya look at the size of him
  159. How to destroy nobushi in compettitive
  160. Facing Highlander as Orochi, what can I do?
  161. Orochi - trash tier story
  162. Highlander Tips and Tweaks
  163. My Opinion on Highlander's Celtic Curse cancel
  164. Warden helpless?
  165. Vanilla Mode please and yes
  166. Why is the Lawbringer hot garbage?
  167. Highlander Kick into Grab Combo
  168. How the **** is ... still a thing?
  169. When exactly do I counter guard break?
  170. Cents and Glad Killing the game for me
  171. What I think about fast vs slow heroes combat, as a fast/medium
  172. Uh, ********?
  173. PARRY - Control X mouse
  174. Dodge Highlander
  175. Gladiator
  176. Defense Penetration vs Attack Main Stat
  177. This is how PVP seems to work
  178. Bad connection is useful
  179. Why the meta isn't going away
  180. Votofel Force
  181. Press X aka Counter Guard Break - ruins the competitive part of the game for me
  182. Why do we gank?
  183. Honest review of Gladiator combat
  184. So about cent Nerf...
  185. Is Sheep Meta still a thing?
  186. Allow us to react to parries while also nerfing blocks!
  187. Shugoki's eternall turtle wdyd?
  188. my opinion on warlord, guardbreaks and 1v1's- 2v2's
  189. Rolling away
  190. AI equivalent teams
  191. Literally nobody knows how to play PK properly.
  192. Kensei impossible to gb
  193. This game is hot garbage.
  194. BUG on shinobi, please fix.
  195. Shinobi Bug. please fix!
  196. Light parry
  197. [Question] Faction War - Season 4
  198. Drop Roll should have priority over every move inputted.
  199. How I think ubi should fix the 50/50s
  200. Lovely, fair mechanics
  201. Assassins
  202. Warlord or Raider. Who to main after the updates ?
  203. Puerto Rico scraps Whitefish Energy's $300M power
  204. Been playing 6 months, still can't CGB...
  205. Matchmaking troubles
  206. Read Here@>>http://www.skin4up.com/le-fior-cream/
  207. Gear stats should go away. They make heroes surpass their innate balance thresholds.
  208. Honest Tips For New Players
  209. Defensive and Gank Meta's Now Worse Than Ever
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  211. خدمه عملاء غسالات دايو & 01225025360 _01014723434 & اعطال دايو
  212. Assassins cannot stop Aramusha's chain
  213. Best way to dodge Shamans pounces?
  214. You can't even fight the shaman...
  215. Returning noob trying to pick a path to follow
  216. Uh, ********?
  217. Getting guard broken during combos
  218. Gb, throw, heavy.
  219. No surprise
  220. So what's up with parry?
  221. How to counter a double dodging Shinobi?
  222. Adapting to Season 4
  223. Gear Stats
  224. Most broken game ever made
  225. Tribute Team-Make-up Strats
  226. New Hero Ideas For Each and Mechanics
  227. Make revenge great again
  228. Valkyrie Shield bash cannot be cancelled at times
  229. Highlander tips wanted
  230. Will dedicated servers help with Aramusha light spam unblock?
  231. New training room??
  233. Guard break
  234. What the game should have been from what was seen in Early Development.
  235. any tips on how to block fast attacks?
  236. For the new players AND idiots
  237. how do i increase attack speed and range?
  238. Raider needs a slight animation buff.
  239. https://testosteronesboosterweb.com/alpha-xr/
  240. Centurion? Warlord? Lawbringer?
  241. Things i find infuriating
  242. Playable yet?
  243. Highlander life
  244. Mastering Warden
  245. Attention: Try-hards
  246. Achieve Ageless Skin From The Inside Out
  247. For Honor - Berserker Montage Kills/Skills - Slow mo !
  248. Republic Day Speech In Hindi
  249. Nerf assasins out of stamina back doges
  250. Rip orochi.