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  1. [PS4] Charlotte Gardner 3rd Audio Log Glitched
  2. Ubisoft refuses to cancel pre-orders done through their own store
  3. Forum Rules
  4. [PC] Will it run?
  5. [XBOne] Watch Dogs 2 does not fit TV screen
  6. [PS4] FPS drops after extended play time (over two hours)(pre-release)
  7. Rewards Shipping?
  8. Can't redeem the preorder code from Gamestop
  9. [PS4] Game crashes randomly on PS4 Pro
  10. [PS4] Hot up car bug?
  11. Can't c game in ready to install
  12. PS4 Pre Load
  13. Watch Dogs 2 Pre Order
  14. Watch Dogs Ins't Listed on Xbox One
  15. [PS4] Twitch prime free loot
  16. Watch Dogs 2 HDR Support on PS4 Pro
  17. Known Issues List | Updated 06/14/2017
  18. Failing update
  19. [PS4] Join Dedsec Playstation Store Preorder Credits
  20. Sound cutting out
  21. Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass Issue
  22. [XBOne] Screen cutting edge(not fit)
  23. Zodiac killer code invalid
  24. [XBOne] Failed Updates
  25. [XBOne] screen adjusting?
  26. [PS4] Bug report - Graphics
  27. [PS4] Bug report - Graphics
  28. [XBOne] Two problems. HUD resizing, and weapon/emote wheel problems.
  29. [XBOne] Game HUD is cut off.
  30. [409018] This content is not available in your country
  31. [PS4] connection server ubisoft lost
  32. NO Zodica Kiler code
  33. [PS4] Cars don't accelarate? Hot up problem
  34. Error code
  35. Error for disconnect to Ubisoft
  36. Game Code not working ???
  37. [PS4] unable to redeem stealth pack
  38. Collector's Edition Wrench Junior Facial Expressions Not Working?
  39. Watch dogs game not working!!!!?
  40. [PS4] Ps4 pro framerate drops vs ps4 normal 1080p
  41. Zodiac code not working
  42. [PS4] Can't Redeem Pre-order codes
  43. There was a problem with the update
  44. [PS4] Green line of pixels on right edge of screen
  45. Connection to ubisoft server has been lost
  46. [XBOne] Can't talk to Horatio in DedSec HQ
  47. [PC] Available for download and play????
  48. There's a bug with walking and rc car
  49. [XBOne] Game Audio Bug: Missing Dialogie
  50. [XBOne] Xbox One S - image problems
  51. game doesn't fit on my tv screen
  52. [Uplay_Shop] didn't get what i expected
  53. Screen size issues, its NOT OUR TVS
  54. [PS4] Can't Join An Online Session With A Friend
  55. Preorder content not showing up in game
  56. [PS4] Re:Ghost Signals Mission cannot complete it
  57. [PC] CD-ROM Version also included the download version ?
  58. [XBOne] Display/border adjustment slider button needed - no phone support is a joke
  59. [PS4] jumper running into roof edge
  60. Watch Dogs 2
  61. Weapon Wheel
  62. [PS4] erreur/error ps4 ce-34878-0
  63. [XBOne] cyberdrive mission
  64. [PS4] audio is cutting out every couple of minutes
  65. [XBOne] Surround sound issues.
  66. (PS4) Bugs
  67. [PS4] Error CE-34878-0 On Startup (PS4)
  68. [PS4] Error CE-34878-0 while playing Watchdogs 2
  69. [PS4] Black Screen Bug
  70. [XBOne] Police helicopter stays ater cyberdriver mission
  71. [XBOne] Game doesn't start up, Freezes mid game or lags
  72. [PS4] BUG? Lost paralyzer (can't find and use)
  73. So many issues with the game for 91$ wow
  74. No more RP after story
  75. [XBOne] Unable to profile people in vehicles
  76. [PS4] Bug report - Peste Negra car vanishes
  77. [PS4] Bug report - Levitating gnomes
  78. [PS4] Bug report - Graphics glitch
  79. [XBOne] Ubisoft Won't Confirm Border/Display Button Problem Will Be Fixed in PATCH??
  80. [PS4] Online Mission Disappeared Mid-Mission/Now Unavailable BUG
  81. [PS4] Invert Camera Control
  82. PS4: Anyone think the audio is too low?
  83. [XBOne] Resolution on Xbox One
  84. [XBOne] Watch dog 2 achievement glitch 😢😢😢
  85. [PS4] Cant find out how to download Ps4 Pro Patch
  86. [PS4]Bugged Operation Intel
  87. [XBOne] Conversations with characters bug (text shows quickly and no sound)
  88. BUG / GLITCH - Power to the Sheeple mission - Unable to interact
  89. [409018] This content is not available in your country
  90. [PS4] Watch Dogs 2 Won't install PS4!
  91. [XBOXOne] Don't have Russian language in settings
  92. Sounds issues
  93. [XBOne] Clicked New Save by accident!
  94. [PS4] P-9mm (??) Pistol cannot be picked up
  95. Frame Rate drops on PS4 and XBox One Offline
  96. BUG: $911 "Jailbird Blues" -- zone failed to spawn during "escape the island" stage
  97. TEARING IN PS4 PRO 1080p mode
  98. [X1] Motherload mission glitched. Endlessly replaying Wrench's section
  99. Zodiac mission not popping up in dedsec app
  100. [XBOne] xbox one Zodiac killer dlc not showing up
  101. [XBOne] Cars stuck in 1st gear
  102. Got The Shutterbug achievement not unlocking
  103. [PS4] Bug report: Marcus clipping through the speedboat
  104. (PS4) Black Screen *spoilers*
  105. Sound cuts after 1.04 update
  106. ScoutX new feed - SPOILER!!!
  107. Patch 1.04 PS4 Pro graphics degraded
  108. [PS4] ScoutX Drag queen Doorman never appears PS4 PRO
  109. [PS4] Trophy bug doesn't update
  110. [PS4] Bug Report:
  111. Watch Dogs 2: Cannot pick up key data for security systems shutdown
  112. [PS4] Game Session No Longer Available Error????
  113. Arabic Language
  114. [PS4] Icon showing witnesses calling police sometimes doesn't appear
  115. [XBOne] No audio dialog in-game, cutscenes mostly work
  116. minor glitch since patch 1.04 XB1
  117. After update 1.04
  118. [XBOne] Picking Up the Pieces Achievement Glitched!
  119. Bug: dogs can apparently call in descriptions
  120. Watch dogs 2 Side Operation (Paint Job)
  121. WatchDogs 2 Won't Load
  122. Bug/Glitch that got us stuck in a wall
  123. Mission/vehicle bug
  124. Watch dogs 2 PS4 - cars stuck in 1st gear
  125. [PS4] Paint Job Dak News operation not working
  126. (PS4)Research key in Alcatraz glitches
  127. Car on demand app not working
  128. [PC] Watch Dogs 2 Regions Language lock?
  129. Xbox One Unable to Connect to friend
  130. [PS4] Chinatow Key Data Glitch
  131. PS4 install failure
  132. [PS4] Watch Dogs 2
  133. [PS4] Stats Offline
  134. [XBOne] Slow 4 wheeled vehicles
  135. [PS4] Poor gps
  136. Watch dogs 2 XBone store pre-order
  137. [PS4] [BUG] Drone Races, cam switchs on his own
  138. [PS4] Just a couple of issues.
  139. Research Point won't unlock skill once collected
  140. how to replay a passed mission where i didnt do anything
  141. [PS4] [BUG] Pushed through wallcolliders
  142. Ps4 install problem
  143. Game not fitting on TV screen -patch 1.05?
  144. Car on demand
  145. PS4: Either Driver SF or Ubisoft Club Challenges is bugged
  146. Freezing
  147. Patch 1.05 has broken the game (XB1)
  148. [PS4] Patch 1.05 no access to pre-order DLC anymore
  149. [XBOne] Will DISPLAY/BORDER Resize Slider Be In Next Update or Longer? Ubisoft Please Confirm
  150. New problem after patch!
  151. [PS4] Watch dogs 2 deluxe edition
  152. Achievements not unlocking
  153. Help with zodiac missions
  154. WATCH DOGS 2 Escape meter won't disappear
  155. [PS4] Patch 1.04 / 1.05 degreased Anti Aliasing for terrible Graphics Quality
  156. Rodentia Academy Bug?
  157. [PS4] hanging up during global install
  158. Infinite Money Exploit
  159. [XBOne] Having trouble staying connected to Ubisoft Servers/ cant find online matches.
  160. [PS4] Ubisoft Error code [8e3a00e8-0x00000002] Watch Dogs 2
  161. [PC] Can't install the physical disk edtion
  162. Legacy PS4: Seamless multiplayer lag
  163. (XB1) Game fitting on tv properly patch?
  164. SF Edition Issue
  165. What Pack is this on picture? (guts grit and liberty pack)
  166. Calling a GANG/POLICE doesn't work sometimes
  167. Zodiac Mission - PS Store
  168. [PS4] My white hat outfit is missing
  169. Online Connectivity Issues
  170. [PS4] [Season Pass] Missing Content
  171. Online connectivity issues
  172. [PS4] My Game is in english but i'm French !!
  173. [XBOne] Can't find an online game
  174. No Radio (minor bug)
  175. [Ubisoft_Account] Redeemed game from GTX Purchase, only gives me option to Preload.
  176. [PS4] Unable to hack terminal
  177. [PS4] Unable to pick up specific weapons
  178. [PC] Game still says 'Preloaded' in my Uplay menu, and I can't get it to start up.
  179. Followers bug
  180. [IMPORTANT] Question about in-game content on PC and PS4
  181. Can't get platinum trophy (key data bug)
  182. Seamless Online Bug?
  183. PC : Gold edition, no option to preload???
  184. [XBOne] Internet connection crashes
  185. [Ubisoft_Account] Watch Dogs 2 Join Deadsec Notorious activity Code Redemption Problem
  186. [PS4] Unable to get any more points in co-op missions?
  187. (PS4 PRO) Vertical Line Glitch
  188. [PC] how i can install physical copy after i have put cd in and put code
  189. Key Data in Lombard Street Bug
  190. [PS4] Stuck on "press x" start screen
  191. No more research points available but 8 items left to unlock
  192. [PS4] Se me daņan los datos de mi partida en watch dogs 2
  193. Researcher trophy not popping? (Please help)
  194. 'Power to the Sheeple' Billboard Bug/Glitch
  195. [PS4] Crappy hollidays
  196. Watchdogs 2 purchase on steam
  197. Watch Dogs 2 is a Xbox One Virus
  198. error ubisoft a64f32fa-0x0000030b
  199. [PS4] Wrench in the Works: Escape Your Pursuers
  200. [PC] Watch Dogs 2 PRE-LOAD ISSUE
  201. [PS4] Screen tearing on base PS4
  202. [PC] Steam version unplayable; expects activation key
  203. Last mission glitch...
  204. [PC] How to preload for disk version
  205. [PC] LaunchError
  206. [XBOne] achvements not unlocking
  207. [XBOne] zodiac mission glitch
  208. [PC] Why 4 disks?
  209. how to get the high resolution texture pack?
  210. Unable to preload to SSD
  211. High Res Texture pack on uPlay??
  212. [PC] Watch dogs 2 Pre-order question
  213. [PC] XBOX One S Controller not via wireless
  214. how to cancel preorder?
  215. Watch_DogsŪ 2 - High Res Texture Pack
  216. [PC] Manette Nvidia Shield non reconnue
  217. [PC] Watch dogs 2 Russian and Chinese only
  218. Pre orderd watchdogs 2
  219. [PC] Watch dogs 2 is not working. What to do?
  220. fps drops
  221. [PC] Frame-rate issues
  222. [PC] Appcrash
  223. [PC] Help me please Game it's not launching
  224. Watch dogs pc 2 does not work
  225. Amazon Pre-Order Not Working
  226. [PS4] Hacking While riding shotgun
  227. Anti-cheat is enabled even when offline
  228. Still hasn't unlocked...
  229. Game Locked
  230. How r u all playing? still locked for me
  231. Game Locked
  232. [PC] Black screen
  233. When does this game unlock on uplay
  234. Seriously, Ubisoft? VPN users have been playing all day...
  235. Game still just says Preordered (From Samsung promotion)
  236. Can't Play Watch_Dogs 2
  237. [pc] it's unlocked for pc users everyone! (add me)
  238. Samsung Promotion - Not seeing in my games list
  239. Audio Espaņol
  240. [Ubisoft_Account] Digital deluxe pack?
  241. [PC] Xbox One S Controller
  242. [PC] Playstation Dualshock 4 Controller Does NOT Work Natively
  243. Ubisoft dont forget about us console users!
  244. Watch Dogs 2 pre-orders through Origin still unfulfilled?
  245. [PS4] CE-34878-0 error after lauching game
  246. [PC] Watch_dogs 2 retail Disc 4?
  247. [PC] Launching Watch Dogs 2 encounter No Disk in Drive popup
  248. Try using smaa and playing with your sharpness also dx12?
  249. Experiencing a weird bug, can't take photos.
  250. [PC] WATCH_DOGS 2 audio not working