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  1. No eMail?
  2. No PTS uplay
  3. Tech test - download problem
  4. PTS not downloading on Steam
  5. my pts client is gone
  6. Spelling error on new Recovery Link
  7. [Dark Zone] Wrong timer on expiring supply drops
  8. Voip not working / Uplay not working / Small heal delay
  9. Named boss' turrets counting as named boss.
  10. Subtitles are always on
  11. Pulse activation delay
  12. World Bracket Underground
  13. Critical Save talent broken
  14. Cant equip gear mods on holster
  15. Known Issues [Updated: October 19, 2016]
  16. Booster shot not working
  17. PTS client said 'ready to play' but game stuck at 'Installing Manhattan'
  18. Ballistic Shield is still broken
  19. Game crash's during explosions.
  20. Heal Animation + Reload = Infinite Reload Loop
  21. Delta
  22. Ladders!?!
  23. LMB Agents throwing granade animation
  24. [UI] 3-stat attachment not being properly supported.
  25. Invisible NPCs
  26. Settings reset every time game is launched.
  27. Steady Hands Talent
  28. Footstep Sounds
  29. No characters
  30. Bullet King instantly respawning
  31. Stuck on ladder outside of Subway Morgue mission
  32. Scroll down in inventory (extracted items from DZ)
  33. Unable to leave/interact in the Underground OPS center
  34. Ballistic Shield issues
  35. Backpack bug
  36. Smart cover destruction
  37. zoom indication on mods
  38. 2 slots kneepads only allowing 1 mod
  39. PEQ-15 Laser - Orange
  40. Mission rewards are broken, 77 credits?!?!
  41. My bug report - day 01.
  42. Stationary Station healing armor
  43. Getting Dark Zone Transfer messages while not in the dark zone.
  44. Underground ladders are still bugged.
  45. Small Graphical Bug
  46. World Tier 2 - Lvl 147 weapons
  47. Got stuck in the map
  48. Consistent pulse delay / sometimes not working
  49. All footsteps noises disappear.
  50. Problem deploying first aid
  51. Armor regenerating
  52. Heal skill reviving self
  53. Got a DELTA lost all DZ inventory items
  54. Critical Sound Issue - not the usual one
  55. Received Steam key but Uplay requires a key also?
  56. Recovery Link fails to revive you while solo if under the effects of a status effect.
  57. All heals revive downed agents
  58. Support Station not recharging til after Expiry or destruction
  59. Appearance inventory can't be mouse-scrolled all the way down
  60. UG "eliminate hostiles" objective complete, but more enemies come at us
  61. Invisible turrets
  62. Booster Shot Skill and Vigorous not Working in the PTS
  63. LMG + cover = eventual animation glitch
  64. Reclaimer 100% station heal speed not working
  65. Glitch near hudson yards Armaments
  66. Bug with a weekly assignment
  67. Skills bugging out - Not usable until going down or similar
  68. Backpack Mod selection window
  69. Npc's Shooting through wall
  70. Support station / turret skill delay
  71. Path of the Nomad talent cooldown doesn't show up on HUD and wont start until respawn
  72. DZ 205+ Is full of non elite - veteran mobs
  73. One is none is still bugged
  74. Unable to remove mods from armor and weapons
  75. Deltas when playing UG
  76. Strange icon on weapons mod after opening sealed cache
  77. Daily reward caches say they're 163 in W4, even though they're actually 229
  78. Vigorous Chest overheal does not work with Support Station
  79. "Destroy the supplies" Supply Depots are not highlighted in UG
  80. Bugs found so far
  81. XBOX ONE GAmepad don't work anymore
  82. Couple of issues with final measure 4 pieces bonus
  83. HVT Menu Bug
  84. Ballistic Shield, First Aid issues
  85. Cannot get out of the Dark Zone - W 31 S
  86. Recovery Link delay activation
  87. Bug: Recalibration station shows different primary stat for items
  88. Inventory filter/ordering
  89. Friends suggestions does not work
  90. Easy enemy kill: Enemies won't shoot me after sidestep in cover
  91. Mission not starting
  92. Bug : Enemies able to shoot throughtrain car walls
  93. list bugs so far
  94. UI shows "new Inventory items" but there are no new items
  95. Game crashes when chaning the windowed mode
  96. Delta C-1-191 Error?
  97. minor bug.
  98. Just downalod the client and i get this error
  99. I Don't have a PTS on my steam?
  100. Matchmaking in DZ gives Delta error.
  101. Footsteps
  102. Destroying a named enemy's turret counted as killing a named enemy
  103. Character export ???
  104. Audio Isses + Subtitle Issue
  105. distorted and chopped off / looped explosion when finishing Final Assembly
  106. Arms Deal mission bug
  107. The whole Steam PTS issue
  108. Bugged gear modification (slots)
  109. Apollo keeps spawning.
  110. C-0-1082 Delta after mission
  111. [UI] Main stat not being displayed properly.
  112. World Bracket
  113. Menu background bug
  114. Buyback at Underground vendor lists rank requirements
  115. World Bracket 3 and 4 at 173 gear score.
  116. World Brackets Opening Before reaching level ?
  117. Stats Pictures Missing
  118. World Brackets Open At Wrong Gear Score
  119. Bug GUI
  120. Ballistic shield becomes invisible to other player.
  121. DELTA Error
  122. Unable to re-pickup a supply briefcase
  123. Mike 20170241
  124. Delta Error C-0-1082
  125. Poor connection to host
  126. pts didnt appear
  127. Cash screen not displaying correctly.
  128. Choppy framerate, Virus Research, Chelsea
  129. The DZ Bug!
  130. PTS BUG - You can once again insta farm open world bosses on PTS it seems
  131. Revovery Link Bug
  132. Skills not deploying
  133. New Mobile Cover Bug
  134. Icon bug of box
  135. Invisible walls bug in The Underground
  136. overlapping text on loading screen when there's a queue
  137. Chain link fence sounds
  138. Delta C-1-191 ERROR ON LOADING PTS
  139. Bugs so far:
  140. First aid
  141. Weird Texture Glitch at the door in the base of operations that goes to the Terminal
  142. Lonestar reload
  143. Still experiencing 100% CPU usage as well as in game stuttering.
  144. PTS Underground Bug
  145. Delta C-0-1082
  146. Rope Cut Glitch
  147. Rogue self heal revive
  148. Recoverylink does not self proc when wearing 2 piece nomad
  149. Audio Buzzing
  150. PTS Bug: Wrong # of Gear Mod Slots
  151. [Bug] DZ Bracket Loophole allows players to get in 0-160 bracket with 160+ gs.
  152. FPS drop,stutter in the PTS
  153. Bug.
  154. Skill bugged
  155. [QUESTION] Damage delayed on sticky bomb ?
  156. HVT Mission failed to start
  157. Skills bugged in dz
  158. Bullets do not land around centre of crosshair
  159. Bug texture
  160. Underground - picking a Mission and World Tiers
  161. [B]Footstep Audio[/B]
  162. a bug collection
  163. Double Revive!!! 4 pc. Nomad and Recovery Link
  164. 3 mod slot kneepad
  165. Unable to pick up box
  166. Medicīs recover Armor on challeging Mission
  167. Pressing F in Extraction zone (DZ) nothing happens
  168. NPC:s pulling you out of menu...
  169. Base of Operations Entrance
  170. PTS - Revive Heal Bug On Underground
  171. Immunizer gives infinite immunity
  172. Game freezes after trying to apply changes to video settings.
  173. Vendor Buy back option - UG
  174. Footstep sound not broken.
  175. Position in queue 445???
  176. I blame server lag...
  177. Recovery Link does not self proc when you get downed while using a skill
  178. Tier 3 - Can not start Broadway Emporium Mission
  179. Jumping through a wall in the Underground
  180. PTS) Skill Bug
  181. Item list scrolling, Hunting M44, Graphics
  182. Alarm Issue
  183. Error Dowloading last 4 gigs or the PTS ?
  184. Delta Errors
  185. Axel Wallis mission
  186. Recovery Link Trigger Not Working
  187. Delta code while in queue
  188. Bug Report for 9/26 & 9/27
  189. Conmotion Mines bugged
  190. I'm Ok with DELTA error, BUT ...
  191. Aim issue and cpu usage...
  192. The Ward
  193. Underground bugs
  194. Recovery link don't work ...
  195. Gear Stats still overlapping
  196. NPCs disappeared
  197. Fixed a bug where the character and background would turn dark while trying to browse
  198. GPS pathing to Hudson Yards
  199. Will someone from UBI please explain these HORRIBLE QUEUES for log in?
  200. Dialog has repeated 4 times
  201. Pulse activation delay
  202. Gear details white background
  203. Smart cover activated by 3rd attempt
  204. Audio lost
  205. Habilities bugged
  206. General Assembly
  207. Server Lag (causing probably 70% of the bug reports)
  208. Footstep sounds stop
  209. Bug Reports
  210. Unable to jump through window on 9th Avenue, between W29th & W31st Street
  211. Ballistic Shield Bug
  212. [BUG] - Unable to scroll with mouse in mods menu
  213. Bug: Nimble talent not consistently working
  214. CDT during load screen
  215. Bug: Monolith generated in DZ06 by Q building
  216. Bug: Loot preview mode doesn't display all primary stat values properly
  217. Weapon mods do not give calculated DPS
  218. Toughness disappearing when changing tiers
  219. [Talent] One is none does not work at all.
  220. Enemy turrets shooting at players behind cover
  221. Nomad/heals
  222. Neutral Lighting bug in character select screen.
  223. Gear attribute range does not seem correct
  224. A couple of bugs
  225. Mission hang on police academy
  226. Named Enemy Bug and Refugee Camp Stuck-ish
  227. Invisible Cleaner Turret
  228. Blacked out character/weapons in Inventory
  229. Audio bug: While PTS is running, all other applications are muted.
  230. Status effect didn't go away in Underground operation
  231. "Cannot access inventory while under a status effect" - while not under SA.
  232. Appearance tab shows incorrect number of new items
  233. More from 9th Ave and 31st Buildings
  234. Audio lost
  235. Named enemies turret
  236. Getting Randomly Disconnected
  237. Nomad doesnt heal you up to full health
  238. heal bug aiming
  239. [BUG] Crosshair with shotgun different size
  240. Pulse Bug
  241. mods
  242. Visuals problem
  243. Broken Hard UG Brick Sewer Mission
  244. Hackers on PTS + VOIP security issue
  245. [Bug] Reward Gear Score wrong / Recovery Link
  246. Can't load gear mods
  247. Last HVT Daily wrong intel amount
  248. Bag space / backpack bug
  249. Level 33 armor mods rolling without a major stat
  250. Fullscreen freeze