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  1. Multi-player very unbalanced. plz patch.
  2. Future DLC I would like to have or atleast an update to being able to do this
  3. Ubisoft - You're making a BIG mistake
  4. Where's the rest of the soundtrack?
  5. A weapons recharge glitch
  6. Post your Film Director videos
  7. DLC trucks wish list
  8. Bug with Connecting to games
  10. Free aston martin DB5 dlc
  11. Movie Challenges
  12. Thanks Ubisoft/Reflections!!!!!
  13. Same Boring Cars in Split Screen...
  14. 60 Frames Per Second - Was it worth it?
  15. Out of sound?
  16. [PS3] Online matchmaking
  17. Main Menu Music
  18. Introduce classic driver take a ride and 60's mode!!!
  19. Why no photo mode?
  20. Secret missions!
  21. UPlay download not workin in game!
  22. trophy boosting
  23. (MP) Option to turn off or adjust opacity of tints on players?
  24. Demo expired??? Wtf!
  25. Film director being a jerk?
  26. For the love of god, PLZ FIX the MP connection probs...
  27. bugatti???????
  28. MP Cop Cars answer please.
  29. Dare-1500 wp in 60 seconds
  30. DSF Tips, Tricks and Cheats : List them here
  31. Will there be any DLC's?
  32. MP level and question
  33. Help with Stunt Dare (Jump over 3 vehicles in 45 seconds)
  34. My Poll Tell Me Your Opinion!
  35. We need Cars To the new Update
  36. A.I. needs fixing
  37. Director Mode Pre-cut scenes NOT GOOD
  38. Need help on Sprint Activity 9
  39. Using the driver club
  40. Please add this!
  41. Uplay Challenges
  42. Why does the disc still spin when it's installed to the HDD?
  43. So what else needs to be fixed in this game?
  44. What's the awesome tune that plays on the title screen?
  45. Ups and downs for MP
  46. "Standard" Dodge Challenger
  47. Tag was better in the demo
  48. Moderate Nat
  49. TAG, Takeout and Trailblazer SUCK 1vs1
  50. New online DLC
  51. 500,000$ for nothing ?
  52. good suggestions but no money
  53. Driver: San Francisco - Please add multi-monitor support
  54. My DLC request
  55. There's such a thing as a brake you know.
  56. [PS3] beware: Driver:SF has copy prohibited saves!!!
  57. World Leaderboard
  58. Multiplayer levels, pros versus lower levels
  59. Enjoying the game immensely but little details in cars could be improved.
  61. Drivable police vehicles in DSF.
  62. How to convert mph into kmh
  63. [PS3]Patch request.
  64. [Wii] How to get to Alcatraz Island?
  65. Anyone having connection issues......
  66. Le concurrent pour vous de Driver
  67. Will you ever play this mission?
  68. Update to increase rank limit?
  69. Attn: TAKEDOWN players - turn off sirens!!!
  70. Review- Driver San Fran gets Zero Punctuation's approval.
  71. is there a dlc to be released today?
  72. New multiplayer routes available
  73. Driver SF Licenceplate
  74. How many of you Prefer Old Driver????
  75. Next Driver innovation????
  76. Bronze ELEANOR?
  77. New Story?
  78. PS3 Free-Roam need friends!
  79. Driver: San Francisco DirectX versions.
  80. Movie challenge Gone!
  81. Where's the MP demo Uplay reward?
  82. [Wii] Driver San Francisco Car List
  83. This game needs 2 things. CLAN SUPPORT
  84. Thank you
  85. TROPHY problem
  86. Swedish cars please!
  87. Variety of cars.
  88. In Car Chat
  89. Car Swap and Garages?
  90. (PS3) Exclusive Content missing????
  91. Tanners car, is it orange or yellow???
  92. Mass Chase mode
  93. Why aren't there CLAN TAGS
  94. Missing shift activity
  95. Replay Music missing?
  96. Almost newbie Question
  97. R.I.P Ford Crown Vic
  98. Anyone else having achievement problems??
  99. Driver San Francisco Collector's Edition
  100. Patch are we getting one?
  101. Driver Club - My Style?
  102. driver club
  103. Kotaku - Driver SF - "The best game no one's talking about"
  104. EASTER EGG video on how to unlock garage mission
  105. whos already bored of the game?
  106. Driver San Francisco for PC on 27th mmm i smell it :)
  107. Uplay Passport help
  108. waiting for patch...
  109. Cars
  110. DSF SEQUEL: WISHLIST Community Thread
  111. Can i play This game My PC
  112. What the hell, 57.99/69.99 for Driver's SF PS3 digital copy?! WTF?!
  113. Driver: San Francisco (Few Questions)
  114. Ubisoft Server
  115. What cars have you seen from driver?
  116. Driver demo
  117. Free Roam? How about cop cars homing in on you?
  118. score on leaderboard
  119. Free Roaming
  120. Custom stuff on ps3
  121. Driver San Francisco Travel Mug
  122. Feedback
  124. Free-Roam Partners
  125. Bring back classic Survival
  126. cars
  127. Free Roam ?!
  128. Logitech MOMO Racing
  129. Wheel/Gamepad steering left/right bind option ?
  130. What makes you rank up?
  131. Driver San Francisco is Bloody Magnificent On PC :)
  132. Updated a question on ubisoft support
  133. Is there split screen in the PC version?
  134. anyone wanna get these achievements.
  135. royal purple caddy (PS3)
  136. Driver: SF Lets Play Starting.
  137. Two car races, WTF?
  138. Cretines Reviens?
  139. Next-Gen
  140. Manual transmission and KM/H?
  141. Game pad problems
  142. Cannot Download Clips From Club Site Anymore
  143. Who else here wants Film Director patched, period!
  144. Registering the game
  145. serial key lend
  146. problem with run the game
  147. Cars in freeride split screen
  148. can u help?
  149. Not getting 360 Achievements
  150. black borders
  151. oops
  152. Tag ruined
  153. Cant use Film Director ??? help asap please
  154. Resolution
  155. [PS3] Online matchmaking
  156. Choose colours
  157. I need a little help.
  158. 3D Screenshots Gallery
  159. PC Player List
  160. If and when wheel support for logitech G25/27 ?
  161. Royal Purple Cadillac.. on PC
  162. Will you drive the dodge monaco cop and ASYM dessane in story mode?
  163. Steam - pre-order (help)
  164. Takedown: Dodge Charger SRT8
  165. have driver sf dodge challenger 2010??
  166. Driver.exe crashes upon startup
  167. I want my money back if i can't use my G27.
  168. how to get the soundtrack???
  169. For anyone who has the Wii version of DSF, I need help.
  170. Steam: unable to start game, services unavailable
  171. PC help
  172. Higer resolutions like 2560x1600 support
  173. Comunidad Hispano-Parlante
  175. What's with the 20 minute end credits?
  176. Go get a wheel !
  177. What is the cd key of Driver:San Francisco?
  178. Fun things to do in Driver San Francisco.
  179. Matchmaking
  180. Free Roam - Gamertag Exchange and Looking for Players
  181. assistance requires asap re resolution on PC 1900x1200+
  182. hi i have the game also
  183. DRIVER-SF.COM doesn't exist?
  184. Weird issue with PC version
  185. graphics stuttering problem on pc
  186. Driver Club for PC?
  187. Car skinning
  188. Please Help Assign Axes For Steering!!!
  189. Car colors
  190. Does this game support Fanatec wheels?
  191. help
  192. No 1920x1200 support. Forced to run in windowed mode.
  193. PC Game Released today in Australia
  194. How do I get my clips to youtube/computer
  195. Online help
  197. Game lags while racing etc
  198. cant full screen, not supported, black screen
  199. Quick question about autoupdating
  200. where is Post Processing/HDR lighting on PC ?
  201. Black Cars in Garage/Showroom
  202. game says unlocked, but I can't play
  203. Game is too dark?
  204. PC version out tomorrow in UK :D
  205. Game won't work
  206. FPS drop after story missions and challenges (PC version).
  207. Free roam after end?
  208. Crash to desktop whenever trying to join a multiplayer game (PC)
  209. Suggestions to get online to work (PS3)?
  210. HELP
  211. Update Fixed Wheel Issues Thankyou Ubisoft
  212. This game is awesome!
  213. how many copies were sold 360.
  214. Best street to smash 30 objects in 60 seconds?
  215. Annoying stuttering issue
  216. Best Driver so far, good job
  217. Money Multiplier
  218. Do You Ever Feel Like the Sandbox Genre Has Grown Stale?
  219. MP running smooth, SP lagging!?
  220. no puedo config.
  221. T500RS Pedals and Wheel now work
  222. HELP.Failed to load configuration.
  223. WSAD keys, causes trouble!!?
  224. New Game Plus
  225. Multiplayer Suggestions
  226. Patch?
  227. how to activate the driver San Francisco DLC (PC)
  228. Game is crashing on startup
  229. Patch 1.02 (PC)
  231. [Request] Steam Achievements?
  232. 120hz refresh rate?
  233. Steam v PSN
  234. Is there any way I can contact the developers of the game....
  235. Cannot Decide Whether To Buy (PC Version)
  236. Resolution 1920x1200
  237. Connection to ubisoft server has been lost/ cant save game
  238. Golden Gate Bridge
  239. How do I upload the 30 second clip to youtube?
  240. How to pass the swap tutorial in multiplayer (PC version)?
  241. Get no uplay points. Why?
  242. Russian language in the game
  243. Game crashes on Multiplayer
  244. Same cars/models everywhere
  245. Multiplayer (ports etc.) - PC?
  246. Does installing on C: drive improve performance?
  247. About PADS ps3 X-box in PC
  248. Custom soundtrack, how? PC
  249. No FSAA and what about my wheel (DFP)?
  250. Why matches of 30 seconds??? WHY???