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  1. [Oculus_Rift] Star Trek Bridge Crew Released to US NON-Pre order customers ONLY
  2. [PSVR] Error WS-37366-5
  3. [Oculus_Rift] Keep getting stuck in prologue
  4. [Oculus_Rift] Can't invite Steam players from Oculus or vice-versa
  5. [Oculus_Rift] Oculus Touch vibrations not working
  6. [HTC_Vive] Connecting...
  7. [PSVR] First Mission Bug
  8. [HTC_Vive] Engines locked for Impulse
  9. [HTC_Vive] + [Oculus Rift] Unable to get past "Mic Check" and enter any multiplayer games
  10. [Oculus_Rift] Oculus store buy connection problems
  11. [HTC_Vive] Stuck after finishing Warp or Impulse in MP
  12. [Oculus_Rift] The console ends up below my lap and the arm rests are too low
  13. [HTC_Vive] Player out of bounds
  14. [PSVR] Stuck in Warp
  15. [Oculus_Rift] Sitting too high above avatar; Bridge control panels intersect chairs and legs.
  16. [PSVR] Enterprise actions manual?
  17. [HTC_Vive] Game will not launch properly.
  18. [PSVR] Graphical artifacts all over the place
  19. [PSVR] Solution for Impulse/Warp Lock Bug
  20. [HTC_Vive] PC - Stuck Connecting
  21. [PSVR] Getting stuck during war or after impulse
  22. [HTC_Vive] service not available error code 17 - 6
  23. [Oculus_Rift] stbc.exe has stopped working. (fails to launch from oculus store)
  24. [PSVR] possible request for the game developers
  25. [HTC_Vive] OSVR Headsets
  26. [Oculus_Rift] Can't connect - authorization failed
  27. [PSVR] Stuck in Warp 6 times in a row tonight.... whats going on ????
  28. [HTC_Vive] Hand Gestures
  29. [HTC_Vive] Sound Stuttering Issues
  30. [HTC_Vive] Can't Play with Friends
  31. [Oculus_Rift] Mic check problem with Rift DK2
  32. [HTC_Vive] Seating adjustment is bad
  33. [HTC_Vive] Throttle controls sticky/responsive
  34. [Oculus_Rift] Game freezes and dies with Unity Player error
  35. [Oculus_Rift] Game Freezing
  36. [HTC_Vive] Buffering?
  37. [Oculus_Rift] Stuck In Warp
  38. [HTC_Vive] - EU - Stuck in Warp multiple times and had disconnects too.
  39. [Oculus_Rift] Game Crashes When Sending Friend Requests
  40. [Oculus_Rift] Mic check problem
  41. [HTC_Vive] BUG: [HTC VIVE] Graphics corruption [HTC/PS4] Hand becomes unresponsive / other bugs
  42. [Oculus_Rift] Instalation Zusatzsoftware geht nicht
  43. [PSVR] Console adjustment tool needed
  44. [PSVR] Star Trek Bridge Crew Error Code: 21
  45. [Oculus_Rift] BridgeCrew Game Won't Start
  46. [HTC_Vive] Shooting from stealth
  47. [HTC_Vive] Bug Uplay shows no achievements for the game
  48. [PSVR] Game Crash & Move Controller Fault
  49. [PSVR] Is support aware of the impulse bug?
  50. [HTC_Vive] Where to send crash dump files?
  51. [HTC_Vive] VR Headset Removed
  52. [HTC_Vive] new radar bug? helm & tactic have a different radar than the captain
  53. [PSVR] Can't connect to game servers tonight.
  54. [Oculus_Rift] headset disconnect, reconnect, followed by microphone failure?
  55. [PSVR] Network issues in single player campaign?
  56. [HTC_Vive] Game won't launch
  57. [PSVR] hands and view drift while using move controls
  58. [HTC_Vive] Subtitles!!!
  59. [Oculus_Rift] Game crashes when entering multiplayer game
  60. [PSVR] Can't hear other players and zombie players holding open rooms.
  61. [Oculus_Rift] Self Mute Option ???
  62. [HTC_Vive] Sound Issue
  63. [Oculus_Rift] Problème au lancement du jeu
  64. [PSVR] Different crews members have different sensor readings
  65. [PSVR] Sound cuts out
  66. [PSVR] TV display noise
  67. [PSVR] PSVR timing out on mission launch since patch
  68. [HTC_Vive] Problems with XBox 360+One controller
  69. [PSVR] Live Long and Prosper bugged?
  70. [PSVR] Steady as she goes sulu trophy; good location?
  71. [PSVR] Time out / no mic-sound bug last night
  72. [PSVR] big problem pls help !
  73. [PSVR] After last patch, friend in lobby does not enter mission on launch
  74. [HTC_Vive] issues since latest patch
  75. [Oculus_Rift] Star Trek Bridge Crew Microphone problem
  76. [PSVR] Live Long and Prosper [Trophy] - Not Unlocking
  77. [HTC_Vive] No Achievements showing in steam
  78. [HTC_Vive] Multiple Users / Profiles?
  79. [PSVR] Temporary solution for the TIME OUT bug -
  80. [Oculus_Rift] System Intrusion Cooldown [June Patch]
  81. [Oculus_Rift] Unable to connect - Services not available Error 17-1
  82. [Oculus_Rift] No preview on my Main Monitor Screen/ Streaiming issues
  83. [HTC_Vive] Minimum draw distance: Astronomical bodies seem lack gravity wells.
  84. Voice commands not working (PSVR)
  85. [HTC_Vive] Game decided it no longer wants to work
  86. [PSVR] Error Code 21
  87. [HTC_Vive] Mic no longer working since latest patch
  88. [HTC_Vive] Star Trek Bridge crew Randomly turning off my computer.
  89. [HTC_Vive] Crash during multiplayer
  90. [HTC_Vive] Stuttering issue on Vive with latest Nvidia driver
  91. [HTC_Vive] [Bug Report] Razer ManOwar headset mic not being detected by game
  92. [HTC_Vive] Inconsistent label in OG enterprise engineering panel
  93. [PSVR] Fix the 'Join Friend' mecanics
  94. [HTC_Vive] STBC Connecting... Error Code 12
  95. [HTC_Vive] Player voice choppy
  96. [Oculus_Rift] Voice Commands not available
  97. [Oculus_Rift] Network Play
  98. [Oculus_Rift] Oculus Home vs Steam
  99. [Oculus_Rift] No Audio
  100. [HTC_Vive] 2 players on same internet connection (Steam & PS4), cant connect at the same time
  101. [Oculus_Rift] Star Trek Bridge Crew: Bad audio in splash/loading screens, no audio in pod/missions
  102. [Oculus_Rift] Authentication error when linking Uplay and Oculus account
  103. [Oculus_Rift] Voice commands unavailable
  104. [HTC_Vive] Mouse = Camera Movement PLEASE
  105. Issues with Star Treck Bridge Crew
  106. [Oculus_Rift] Samsung HMD Odyssey
  107. [HTC_Vive] Star Trek Bridge Crew will not launch on HTC Vive / Steam
  108. [Oculus_Rift] Star Trek Bridge Crew
  109. [PSVR] Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Non-VR & WMR Compatibility Patch
  110. [HTC_Vive] Cannot see friend
  111. [Oculus_Rift] Pink screen on launch
  112. [Oculus_Rift] Black Screen on Startup
  113. [Oculus_Rift] Good game but needs some improvement, especially helm.
  114. [HTC_Vive] Stuck on Connecting...
  115. [PSVR] Stop messing around with the Enterprise model!
  116. [HTC_Vive] Bug: Issue with Non-VR and mic check not working
  117. [Oculus_Rift] Steam & Occulus store Account
  118. [PSVR] NoN-VR version Steam/Uplay Mic Fix !!
  119. [HTC_Vive] Game Breaking Bug as Tactical - System Disruption / Transport Menu becomes Unusable
  120. Star Trek Bridge Crew won't detect Mic
  121. [Oculus_Rift] PSVR & Oculus Rift - 2 copies but same account
  122. [PSVR] Star Trek: Bridge Crew versions for non-VR and Windows Mixed Reality
  123. [Oculus_Rift] Star Trek: Bridge Crew – playing non-VR on Oculus
  124. [PSVR] Constant Error 21 crashes since latest update
  125. [Oculus_Rift] star trek bridge crew key does not work (non-vr)
  126. [PSVR] PS4 - Chat coming out of TV
  127. [PSVR] non-Vr mic doesn't work
  128. [HTC_Vive] Bought bridge from humble bundle cannot play
  129. [PSVR] How to play single player?
  130. [HTC_Vive] Error code 18 when connecting (Solved)
  131. [HTC_Vive] Game hangs in the middle of gameplay, does not recover, does not store mission state
  132. [PSVR] Can not start VR mode
  133. [PSVR] Intrusion bug
  134. [UPDATED] STBC's Watson powered voice recognition feature deactivated
  135. [HTC_Vive] PC Non-VR mode mic check failed
  136. [HTC_Vive] (WMR) No Supported Controller Detected
  137. [PSVR] IBM Watson voice recognition support to continue through 2018!
  138. [PSVR] Bugs old and new with 1.05
  139. [PSVR] Can't find any crew to join on ps4 star trek bridge crew - rooms are empty :(
  140. [PSVR] DLC issues.
  141. [PSVR] Avatar sitting too high/control panels intersect legs - still issue with new DLC?
  142. [PSVR] startrek next genaration DLC locked on PS4pro
  143. [PSVR] games does not start if no connection to internet
  144. PSVR Star Trek bridge crew voice command not working
  145. [PSVR] Error Code 21
  146. [PSVR] star trek bridge crew TNG voice commands
  147. [PSVR] Question about playing on the PS4 (NON VR)
  148. [Oculus_Rift] Can't finish first mission
  149. [PSVR] bridge crew has become unplayable
  150. [Oculus_Rift] Transporter malfunction TNG DLC oculus steam
  151. [Oculus_Rift] Next Gen section-Ocu-pc
  152. [Oculus_Rift] Bridge crew DLC not accessible in game
  153. [PSVR] Return of the warp bug?
  154. [Oculus_Rift] Download will not start Oculus DLC Next Gen
  155. [HTC_Vive] Game Crash Non-VR Windows 10
  156. [HTC_Vive] DLC activated but unplayable
  157. [HTC_Vive] Star Trek Bridge Crew: No Audio
  158. [Oculus_Rift] Touch controllers not letting me touch anything since last update
  159. [Oculus_Rift] Cannot get to 2nd mission
  160. [HTC_Vive] Stuck on Loading Screen
  161. [Oculus_Rift] game won't start
  162. [Oculus_Rift] Accidentally registered a second copy to my Ubisoft Account
  163. [Oculus_Rift] Next Generation DLC Transporter Lock Bug
  164. [PSVR] Watson Voice Recognition fails after PSVR Update 4.10
  165. [Oculus_Rift] Have to link my account every time I start the game?
  166. [HTC_Vive] Game crashes when toggling Steam VR overlay
  167. [HTC_Vive] Episode 1 - Ship turns in circles while Impulse engine is at 80%
  168. [HTC_Vive] Bought game+dlc in webstore, can't activcate on Steam
  169. [HTC_Vive] Out of the blue, my steam controller does not work with STBC VR.
  170. [HTC_Vive] Steam VR Overlay Crashes
  171. [Oculus_Rift] Cant get past "Hold down left stick to center camera" (WMR)
  172. [HTC_Vive] "Voice Commands Unavailable"
  173. [Oculus_Rift] Rift S - Game don't detect mic
  174. [Oculus_Rift] IBM Watson issues RESOLVED
  175. [HTC_Vive] Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  176. [HTC_Vive] Can't find any players
  177. [PSVR] Star Trek Bridge Crew TNG DLC PS4 won't install
  178. [Oculus_Rift] Oculus Quest! only one issue
  179. [Oculus_Rift] Quest can’t connect
  180. Infinite Login Loop
  181. [Oculus_Quest] Infinite Login Loop
  182. [Oculus_Quest] You do not meet the requirements to create a ubisoft account
  183. [Oculus_Quest] Can't connect to Ubisoft
  184. [HTC_Vive] Can I play a multi-player Bridge Crew game with two devices logged into same acct?
  185. [Oculus_Quest] Always loose WLAN
  186. [Oculus_Quest] Please remove the fun sucking sign up processes
  187. [Oculus_Rift] "Select Controller" on Rift S with Touch controllers
  188. [Oculus_Rift] Oculus Rift S controllers
  189. [PSVR] Enterprise-D bridge goes white when emergency lighting activated
  190. [PSVR] Crew panels shifting
  191. [Oculus_Quest] Mic not working in Oculus Quest for Star Trek Bridge Crew
  192. Bought Star Trek Bridge Crew and its DLC (Oculus VR) on Dec 18 -- no keys still!
  193. [HTC_Vive] [non-VR play without HMD] No Mic
  194. [Oculus_Quest] Cannot pull Engine lever for impulse
  195. [Oculus_Rift] Mic Check Window won't go away. Can't play the game anymore.
  196. [Oculus_Rift] Is there a tutorial / training for the original enterprise / TNG?
  197. [Oculus_Rift] Is there a way to save the game in the middle of a mission?
  198. [Oculus_Quest] Oculus Quest constant error 21 disconnects
  199. [PSVR] Can't log in
  200. [Oculus_Rift] Not in my library and key doesn't work
  201. [Oculus_Rift] Audio - Sound cuts out after game starts sometimes
  202. [HTC_Vive] problem authenticating the ownership
  203. [Oculus_Quest] Enterprise-D Transporter console becomes unresponsive mid-game
  204. Game bought, no activation code recived
  205. [Oculus_Quest] Redeem code didn’t work
  206. Star Trek Bridge Crew & Ubisoft account linking Oculous Quest
  207. [Oculus_Quest] Top 10 Significant Reasons to Buy Real or Fake Certificates, Passport and Other IDs
  208. [Oculus_Quest] Mic Check only works after tedious workaround
  209. Can't link oculus quest account in Star Trek Bridge Crew
  210. [Ubisoft Account] Cant connect
  211. [Bug/Glitch] Bridge Crew Broken/Unplayable (beyond Quest 2 profile issue)
  212. [Bug/Glitch] [Oculus Quest 2] Mic drops out constantly and buttons often don't work at station
  213. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Quest and rift
  214. [Gameplay] Quest 2 Update?
  215. [Performance] Quest Questions
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  217. [Bug/Glitch] Quest 2 fixes- Ubisoft Dev update
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  221. [Website] Complete Your Dream Journey with Us with Fake Driving License and ID Cards Online
  222. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Oculus Quest 2 Multiplayer is Non-playable!
  223. [Download/Installation] Can't download DLC
  224. [Accessibility] Appid error keeps me from starting the game
  225. [Gameplay] Can't select Warp destination on Warp Map - worked during training...
  226. [Bug/Glitch] MIC Not recognised / working for PSVR
  227. [Keys/Codes] Bug - My game key has suddenly stopped working
  228. [Peripherals] WMR Motion Tracked Controller is not recognised at start
  229. [Accessibility] Linking Oculus and Steam