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  1. Star Trek Bridge Crew: Looking for Roleplaying crewmates (PS4)
  2. Forum Rules
  3. Looking for regular role-playing group! (PS4VR)
  4. Delay until 2017. Any chance of some updated screenshots etc?
  5. Bridge Crew Updates?
  6. Star Trek: Bridge Crew With Cloud9
  7. Star Trek: Bridge Crew wymaga do działania okularw VR.
  8. Any chatter about a technical test or beta?
  9. ST:BC Adds Enterprise Bridge, Set To Launch May 30
  10. VR SLI Support?
  11. Release Date Moved Again?
  12. Oculus VR - Star Trek - Let's prepare for battle!
  13. Streaming Pre-Release / Release on twitch.
  14. WARNING: Pre-order theft
  15. What time can I download on PSN?
  16. Another company claims to have the game rights to Star Trek and are taking pre-orders
  17. Pvp?
  18. Really hoping for a Beta
  19. Teaming Up On The Aegis And Enterprise
  20. Will ST:BC May 30 release include D-Box Motion Code?
  21. Mod Support?
  22. Internet Connection?
  23. Original Enterprise single player
  24. Star Trek: Bridge Crew Launch Party - San Francisco
  25. Will there be game lobbies to join?
  26. Possible Expansions?
  27. I made a website where you can find players around the world.
  28. Will ST VR have subtitles/captions? Please consider this.
  29. Bridge Crew No Longer Available on PSN???
  30. Can I play this solo?
  31. Delayed AGAIN????
  32. Qu: Dev's, can I create a character avatar for repeated use?
  33. PS4 Social Screen Local Co-Op
  34. Request to Dev's: Warp field effect needs changing on Enterprise
  35. More missions that aren't 'action' or 'shooting' based - PLEASE
  36. Votes for DLC ships / bridges
  37. Cross platform communication?
  38. Does anyone else worry about lack of a Communications role?
  39. Forward and Aft shielding and phaser power
  40. For Star Trek, Vive or Oculus Rift?
  41. Beating the kobayashi maru
  42. finger pointing available across all platforms?
  43. AWESOME new feature for Star Trek: Bridge Crew!!!
  44. Race?
  45. Commercial license for ST:BC?
  46. Why are they only adding physics extra's to only to Intel i7 owners?
  47. Disk Space System Requirements?
  48. I can't wait to figure out how LCARS works.
  49. Star Trek: Bridge Crew Wallpaper Giveaway (3/3)
  50. Frustrations mixed with excitement:
  51. Game Released to US NON-Preorders ONLY
  52. Star Trek Bridge Crew released to US NON-Pre-order customers ONLY
  53. Star Trek Bridge Crew released to US NON-Pre-order customers ONLY
  54. Audio and subtitles confirmation for European version?
  55. Suggestions and feature requests
  56. Data Explains how to be second in command
  57. Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Discord community invitation!
  58. How do shields work?
  59. So is the game coming out at 12:01am on the 30th or 12pm?
  60. Serial Key?
  61. PC Purchase: Steam? Oculus Store? UPlay? Where are you purchasing?
  62. amazing vr game, whats next.
  63. Known Issues | Updated: June 29, 2017
  64. Possible to play with one Vive controller?
  65. Star Trek Bridge crew preorder not yet available
  66. PSVR error WS-37366-5
  67. Cant invite friends to game
  68. Oculus Touch vibrations not working
  69. PS PLUS required for multiplayer?
  70. I love this game.
  71. Voice Chat Problems
  72. Touch controller issues for anyone else?
  73. ST:BG VR and bad eyed people - enlarge playfield!
  74. Rank Advancement Emblems and Careers
  75. Suggestion : Rank and Lobby Uniforms
  76. Oculus Touch vibrations not working for me - please describe the feedback you get
  77. Why are Oculus users not allowed to raise MSAA for better graphics like the Vive can?
  78. Engineering Needs some love.
  79. Controls/Actions for Enterprise
  80. Time-out idling players in lobby!!!
  81. Suggestions & Feedback
  82. This is ridiculously fun
  83. PSVR: How Do I Connect to Friend with HTC VIVE using Uplay?
  84. Oculus Touch breaks
  85. Kobayashi Maru Leaderboard
  86. Single player
  87. Force training missions please
  88. Visit the oculus store after playing this game and just look around the room.
  89. The key to this game: Find your perfect fun crew.
  90. Suggestion : New Crew Position and Skill Rating
  91. Follow the Captains orders please
  92. What is a two player game like? Any strategies?
  93. My feedback (from your biggest fan) LONG POST
  94. Graphic Settings
  95. [ MUH IMMERSION] Needs haptic feedback - I need to be able to feel for the buttons
  96. AI Helmsnan
  97. Understanding Engineering
  98. [BUG REPORT] Enemy ships can fly through environment
  99. Exposition Vulcan!
  100. What's next Red Storm? What are your immediate plans for Star Trek: Bridge Crew?
  101. Game unplayable tonight!!
  102. all controls lock out after impulse/warp
  103. no way to play with your friends
  104. Possible solution to infinite warp bug
  105. Leap Motion Support?
  106. Any news on upcoming patches??
  107. On Going Missions - need to be 'on-going'
  108. How many of you utilized the 20% off for 100 points?
  109. Local multi-player posible?
  110. Thank the devolpers
  111. Will modding be an option?
  112. Suggestion: Expert Mode
  113. Is there a 3D model of the Aegis?
  114. Thank you
  115. PSVR | Let's form a crew, for the galaxy's sake.
  116. Mouse?
  117. (Suggestion) Minor improvements
  118. Taking down shields
  119. Very good game but here are some things that could be improved. (Review enclose).
  120. Many Errors. No Login Allowed. Error 16 / Error 17-3
  121. [Oculus] Messed Up Textures
  122. [Suggestion] Finding Items in Debris
  123. Ongoing Missions randomize function is clearly broken, this also breaks Captain role
  124. Re-do previous missions
  125. Made Captain!
  126. Understanding Tactical
  127. Connie bridge crew wanted.
  128. temporary workaround, if you keep spawning into an afk player/troll lobby
  129. Suggestions for improvements of the game
  130. Great Game Congrats Dev's, some community feedback:
  131. 361 Degrees in a Circle
  132. Devs seem to be MIA...
  133. Space:The Final Frontier trophy/achievement
  134. Helm help
  135. Only 10 user rating on meta critic for the pc version?!
  136. Engineering Station
  137. How to save progress ?
  138. Leap Motion?
  139. Any tips on how to avoid detection?
  140. Transcript from the Q&A (AMA) with the devs on Reddit
  141. Looking for Trekkies to Play Seriously
  142. Thumb controls/joysticks. What should they be used for??
  143. Captains, please
  144. Hey Devs. Open the game up to the mod community.
  145. Question about the scanners
  146. problemas velocidad en the crew
  147. Survival of the Fittest :)
  148. New Feature Idea - Multiplayer Battle
  149. Understanding Captain
  150. Please add TrackIR support for Star Trek: Bridge Crew.
  151. DEVS: suggestions for future features...
  152. Please allow us to play 3d Chess in the briefing room
  153. Entering anomalies
  154. Want more content? PROMOTE this game ourselves!
  155. Attack Patterns!
  156. Looking for Regular Roleplay Crew
  157. Does mods can support such as replace themes like Enterprise-D from ST:TNG?
  158. Sorry kids...
  159. StarTrek Bridge Crew Mic volume
  160. Solo Order
  161. Vive controllers allow ship control in external view
  162. Counter to Torps?
  163. Patch Notes - June 13th, 2017
  164. Initial Campaign
  165. General gameplay question
  166. Is this game better with the PS Move controllers?
  167. amazing concept and initial fun but....
  168. Geek and Sundry's "Sally Ride" Star Trek Show
  169. xbHHsk
  170. Bridge Crew Tournament -Idea-
  171. Is PS Plus required for multiplayer?
  172. Hiding/covering behind asteroids
  173. Just want to say Thanks!
  174. Devs: PLEASE undo the recent Warp / Impulse changes
  175. Feature Request: Bearing indicator on Enterprise Helm console
  176. How / Where is the best way to leave significant feedback?
  177. A thorough, no-nonsense assessment
  178. StarTrek Bridge Crew Unplaybale
  179. Make "external view" button a toggle, thanks...
  180. More Ships, More Bridges
  181. Give me Science!
  182. Could we posibly start a post to show ubisoft how many of us would pay for a dlc
  183. New On-Going missions...
  184. Colossal
  185. The in game news feed has not been updated. Devs/Ubisoft?
  186. Quality of Life suggestion for Bridge Crew
  187. My Predictions for Ubisoft/Redstorm's first Bridge Crew Expansion:
  188. Engineer Mastering Guide
  189. Watson powered voice control is in for single player!
  190. Watson Voice Commands are now live!
  191. Spoiler: TNG Enterprise hinted in IBM watson trailer!!!
  192. Voice Commands Requests
  193. Suggestion: 2-Player Shuttle Missions
  194. Enterprise D - TNG - Hints in the Watson release video?
  195. The Starship Waffle House
  196. Little Communication from Devs
  197. Watson Voice Integration Isn't Too Bad...
  198. DEVS: Have you 'nerfed' the Trench? - Please respond
  199. Please remove all asterisks from helm
  200. No Secondary Preview on Monitor with OCULUS /PC
  201. Too easy...to repetitive...to...boring. :(
  202. Ongoing Mission - Endless mode
  203. The Trench is pretty big place. if it's just us seems like an awful waste of space:)
  204. Go write some good reviews!
  205. Would you pay a subscription for continual content, depth and support?
  206. Request: Remove 'Thrusters' and let us use Impulse!
  207. Subsystem Targeting Improvements
  208. Some Additional Features. PLEASE!
  209. Giving Command to the Captain (Solution)
  210. Hilarious, fun and great moments
  211. Bridge Crew Solo Walkthrough Voice Commands Only Part 4 of 5
  212. Star Trek Bridge crew Randomly turning off my computer.
  213. Bridge Crew, Oculus Rift, & Ryzen?
  214. In a perfect world: What my ideal Star Trek Bridge Crew game would be
  215. Here- The Dax Manoeuver!
  216. Wrath of Khan DLC
  217. Hey Devs - Allow Enginer to use Fire suppression system.
  218. "taH pagh, taHbe' " "To be or not to be" what does the future hold UBI for STBC?
  219. Been waiting for a good price on VR? Rift + Touch is $399 on Newegg until tomorrow.
  220. Move all gamer commands to 1 controller.... solve this issue for disabled players
  221. Well they'v done it. I'm done for the moment...
  222. Ubisoft lets another great game die because of 'profits'...I'm so angry.
  223. New content needed
  224. Stuck on mission 4
  225. Suggested improvements
  226. Rift VS Vive, and a question
  227. [Resolved] Watson Voice Commands Outage (7/17/17)
  228. FFS Ubisoft throw us a BONES!
  229. Watson Voice Command List
  230. Undocumented controller shortcuts?
  231. Error 21 issue is driving me crazy....lots of complaints out there. UBI LOOK AT IT
  232. How cool is that - Ubisoft ignoring it's player
  233. Ryan Barber (junior dev) at a Convention TODAY - will you announce stuff or no!?
  234. Stage 9 - A virtual recreation of Star Trek The Next Generation Enterprise
  235. not enough players
  236. How do you play cross platform?
  237. View navigation/heading on Original Enterprise
  238. @UBISOFT / RED STORM: Tell us your plans now, because you're losing players
  239. If you want new content, try e-mailing the head of Ubisoft!
  240. Aegis Shield Recharge Rates - For the last time...
  241. How to leave mid-mission - PS4
  242. Thinking of getting a gaming chair for this
  243. Onscreen
  244. Are you kidding me?!?!
  245. After waiting months for DLC, Im changing my review on steam
  246. Some development going on?
  247. New & Updated Leaderboards Thread
  248. Star Trek Discovery DLC?
  249. Why we are not here anymore?
  250. New content exclusive to IMAX... WTF?