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  9. Disable automatic "tilt your head" notification?
  10. Can Buy Aditional Content? it says on oclus store
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  13. Replay value without kicking you back on scoreboard when replay
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  17. Be Aware of THE Deskchair Defence Platform Cannon!
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  19. Join us Wednesday Oct 26 at 6pm Eastern for an EAGLE FIGHT!
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  31. Eagle Flight community playdate #2 on Jan 8th at 2pm Eastern!
  32. How do I shoot backwards?
  33. Eagle Flight Community playdate #3 on Jan 22nd at 2pm Eastern!
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  43. Cant see anyone?
  44. No option to turn off VR blinders is ruining an otherwise awesome game.
  45. Crossplay regions
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  48. Eagle Flight for Quest?
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  50. tilt your head goddamit