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  1. Connection to the server has been lost.
  2. Steep Servers down?
  3. Steep servers go live at 1am EST!
  4. Weather patterns
  5. Steep Servers said to be live at 1AM EST but NOPE still Error...
  6. In-Game text chat
  7. What with the gold edition?
  8. Offline mode
  9. Black and orange snowboard shoes are listed twice in the selection menu (PC)
  10. A few things i'm missing/not so happy with.
  11. Preorder Glow Suit
  12. Moonlight Pack Keys
  13. How to get Seson Pass stuff?
  14. L2 as jump button gone??
  15. Gold Edition
  16. Extra ride!
  17. It's just me or you get more damages
  18. Do High Scores stay...?
  19. House Bug
  20. Annoing Wingsuit Sound of the pre-buyers Bonus Wingsuits
  21. Character Customization?
  22. Are we going to have a Matilda Rapaport character?
  23. Player Level Icon Obstructs View
  24. Dlc sharing
  25. Gold Edition and Moonlight Pack
  26. Will exploited records remain?
  27. Impossible de jouer à steep !!!
  28. Trouble paragliding
  29. PS4 EU - Short Initial Feedback from Beta to Retail
  30. Controller in menu sloooowwwwwwwww
  31. Help?
  32. Voice Chat/Multiplayer Feedback
  33. [ Français ] - Tenue du personnage remise à zéro !
  34. One major thing wrong with Steep...
  35. Skis. ._. Plase, please, please fix them.
  36. Why cant I push and traverse across an incline like in real life?
  37. Camera Inversion in Mountain View
  38. PS$ Pro Support?
  39. Challenges Gold are Cancer
  40. Where is Challenge Moon Area?
  41. IF you want to see why the HUD needs work...
  42. Suggestion - Add matchmaking please! and ideas with it!
  43. Quick menu for groups
  44. No more than 2-3 people around the player?
  45. Suggestion - Cosmetics to Use
  46. Completed "Fallen Rocks" in 17.89 seconds.
  47. Question about the mountains.
  48. Game cna get beaten after less than a day, like Flappy Birds
  49. Where is my season pass?
  50. Where To Find The Moonlight Pack Items
  51. Dlc steep acquired but not install in the games
  52. Playlist customisation
  53. Option to disable rider comments
  54. What are reliefs and crestlines?
  55. Steep Character
  56. Please reduce the amount of points powerlines give, it's ruining creativity.
  57. Another nice thread about the trick cheat from reddit
  58. Can't find moonlight challenges?
  59. Your game has a soul - a simple thank you note.
  60. La Fieuse
  61. Mind the Gap
  62. Will the season pass include more mountains to explore?
  63. Basic Tricks Compilation
  64. [RETIRED] Things You Might Not Know About Steep And Its Controls
  65. Question for Steep Reps.
  66. Trick List
  67. Product Placement.
  68. Live Streaming Fallen Rocks Challenge on Twitch
  69. "Freeride Pack" & "Freestyle pack", UPlay preorder bonus: what are they?
  70. All Coordinates For Mountain Stories And Drop Zones
  71. Question about progression and profile best "logo".
  72. Character Stances.
  73. Vallec Village OP, Pls Nerf
  74. Steep Season Pass
  75. Steep Music... Please help!!!
  76. My NEW Fallen Rocks Record!!
  77. Trick to riding down sheer rock?
  78. Is Steep actually any good?
  79. Steep Beta Progression Not Loaded
  80. No way to check which events you've got gold on?
  81. Missing Gold edition items STILL
  82. Rider always resets after closing the game
  83. Requests for later game development
  84. F*ck#ng up a good game, well done!
  85. Missing Gameplay Options
  86. Bone Collector Derby - The Secret Challenge
  87. You want infinite wingsuit?
  88. Character changes....
  89. Clearing Objectives
  90. Transmission 004729
  91. cross platform?
  92. Night time
  93. I travelled from one corner of the map to the opposite corner. On foot.
  94. Can we not create trick challenges with checkpoints?
  95. Motion Blur (Fernglas) und Tiefenunschärfe
  96. New Update
  97. best result in the world
  98. Hit Level 25, Here's My Biggest Hopes for Changes in STEEP
  99. Broadcast Tab
  100. anyone still waiting for their pre-order?
  101. Game is not ready! [need hel[
  102. Video Sharing Feature Request
  103. Has anyone located the Alaska section of the game, ubisoft said it would roll out??
  104. Idea to keep things competitive.
  105. Multiplayer grouping issues
  106. The issue i had with steep and thier mistakes
  107. Some Impressions and Ideas for the future
  108. Sonny Bono Simulator?
  109. Board/Ski stats? Some better than others?
  110. All POI's spreadsheet (Community effort)
  111. Found Exploit!
  112. Feedback to devs about LODs and binoculars
  113. Mute menu music
  114. Snow park challenge: upside down needs attention!
  115. Steep GoPro trailer
  116. Creator's Lounge
  117. Three extremely easy things to add that would help this game immensely
  118. Before you add more stuff can you
  119. Feedback: Challenge creation is too limiting
  120. how do i share challenges for random people to see?
  121. Can You Race?
  122. Fourth difficulty level?
  123. General CHAT
  124. Is STEEP on PC a different version than console?
  125. Ski trick name
  126. Few questions I have about STEEP
  127. Are the steep servers full or something?
  128. Constant internet connection required (psn) not noted in product description.
  129. Party Size question for Steep Reps...
  130. Character Default Clothing
  131. LISTEN UP - why is it so hard to make a good game?
  132. Always online DRM ruining the game?
  133. Restart tutorial?
  134. When can we expect to see the moonlight items with the season pass. not preorderd
  135. I just invented a new trick.
  136. Add custom soundtrack ?
  137. Finally did it... La Fieuse gold medal run.
  138. Some Things i am missing - but awesome game that far
  139. Can you turn off Hud? game looks good but...
  140. Kind of disappointed
  141. Can you help prove my friend is mortal and beat his time in my custom challenge?
  142. First attempt...
  143. Memorable moments list
  144. Can someone comfirm me if there are more grabtricks on Snowboard?
  145. Jumping mechanics - constructive criticism
  146. Pre-order DLC
  147. How to save good fotage
  148. How do you score big points on riding relief?
  149. Can I Refund it?
  150. How much challenges can i create? Let us set day or night in our created challenges!
  151. will Steep have Snow-kiting in the future?
  152. Steep real life
  153. Room for improvement/constructive criticism.
  154. My issues with Steep!
  155. I bought a wing suit!
  156. Game is a flop! Thanks for destroying the genre, Annecy!
  157. Can you put Ubisoft Annecy beta challenge in the game ?
  158. Freerider slalom is living bliss - thank you Ammcy!
  159. Am I the only one who is in desperate need...
  160. New Sport Idea
  161. Physics need ...tweaks
  162. level 0 without Name? Bug
  163. I'm pretty sure I just fell into a black hole.
  164. Confirm "GoPro Karma" mode...
  165. No snowmobiles or machines?
  166. Severe weather & more hazards on the mountain
  167. Mountain story chic'n stunt bug
  168. Progression not saved
  169. Why this game needs hubs/matchmaking search.
  170. Steep credits
  171. STEEP makes u h8 playin with others
  172. Knock out button?
  173. Luv/H8 Relation with STEEP?
  174. Jumping from helicopters!?
  175. Remove.HUD.Clutter.beep.Free.My.Experience.beep.Th anks.Beep
  176. Does right stick do anything important?
  177. I Have Boycotted Ubisoft Titles for 2 Years, Then I Tried Steep
  178. Explorer camera/Free look
  179. Some ideas for the future
  180. Steep have the same snow as the Divisions?
  181. Who is exicited for alaska, i am curious about the terrain vs the alps, maybe more?
  182. Please fix 3rd person camera. Finally. :)
  183. Summer setting?
  184. Any chance.. (future sports)
  185. Replay editor? (and shameless plug)
  186. My resumee about Steep: Things completely bugged or unreal and things I love
  187. Bronze Medals
  188. Replay & photo mode
  189. We need Medals/Challenges menu
  190. Get Money after completing all Challenges Gold?!
  191. PS4 Issues
  192. Few Simple ideas and changes that can improve game after getting legendary
  193. Local Multiplayer :(
  194. My .02c - good and bad
  195. Season pass and XBox One family
  196. Stuff that's not so good
  197. Didn't like this game at first but then.......
  198. Where is the spray when you turn? WTF.
  199. Possible to "skip" songs yet? Where is config file located?
  200. Is Steep the Dirt 3 of Winter Sport Games or more like a Destruction Derby Game?
  201. HUD options in menu
  202. Things You Might Not Know About Steep and Its Mechanics
  203. We need STEEP VR~~
  204. HELP ME: Challenge List
  205. What about a snowball fight!
  206. Moments - A Steep Tribute by me ;)
  207. Public Shared Challenges + More Shared Challenges
  208. Sometimes it feels like I am the only one who loves this game...
  209. First person view when walking please
  210. STEEP Cinematic Montage
  211. First Time Editor Needs Suggestion
  212. Dew Tour
  213. Steep
  214. need a way to edit the challenge menus
  215. STEEP (Original Game Soundtrack) | Into the Steep
  216. grind tricks and rails ?
  217. MoonLight Pack - Why doesn't it always glow?
  218. La Fieuse Mission completed + Video
  219. Potential Improvements/Additions
  220. Three easy things I'd like to see added:
  221. I have made small video with game footage tell me what you think about it
  222. Reason for the Level 25 limit?
  223. Cable Cars
  224. Steep editing progress - Clips of the Day
  225. Where are Leaderboards? Please add them to STEEP.
  226. Something small, but I haven't seen mentioned
  227. Field of View??
  228. Tinnitus noise reduction or alternative
  229. Drone exploration camera?
  230. Video: World Record Extreme Freeriding Red Bull Line Catcher and Other Lines
  231. Pretty Cool Line I've Found Vol. 1-5
  232. PSA: Hidden Freecam in Replay Mode
  233. Let freerider events be ONLY freerider!
  234. Video: Free Camera Short Edit
  235. online connection and matchmaking, Player lag and obstructive overhead displays
  236. So stupid
  237. Suggestions
  238. Sports Teams (Enhancement)
  239. such a joke the physics
  240. classic white wingsuit?
  241. Posting of a "roadmap"
  242. [vid] Steep - Diggin In
  243. The terrain borders ... omg
  244. How To Run Up the Mountains.
  245. Steep = system seller
  246. The big travel challenge to the Community
  247. Favorite Mountain :)?
  248. Weird replay glitch
  249. how long do pre-order codes last?
  250. Movement/Tricks