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  1. Cancel preorder
  2. South Park Competition and the winner is....
  3. Uplay error.
  4. Wheel of Chaos not spinning and more .......
  5. No confirmation email when redeeming hat?
  6. Login
  7. Forum login issue:
  8. South Park SoT Code Inactive
  9. South Park: The Fractured But Whole PC Specs and System Requirements Revealed
  10. Forum Rules
  11. The Stick of Truth dlc code region locked ?
  12. Dragon shout not working on ps4
  13. languages
  14. Lag while streaming
  15. I pre-ordered for stick of truth
  16. South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Available 17th October
  17. black screen
  18. no voice sound and no alt-tab
  19. Where is my SOT for pre-ordering via xbox one?
  20. Still says "Coming Soon"
  21. Can't get controller to function
  22. Softlock at start
  23. Y key doesn't function in opening sequence
  24. Towelie pre order DLC code invalid
  25. Towelie pre order DLC code invalid
  26. Ordered gold edition need help
  27. Black Screen On Start Up And Ugly Gray Borders
  28. Controller buttons not working
  29. Game keeps crashing on pc
  30. Uplay Iron Inventor not delivered
  31. XB1 Gold Edition Season Pass
  32. Respond quickly before i just refund the thing.
  33. uplay rewards not in the toy chest
  34. Won't Start!!!!
  35. Maintenance Durring a Release??
  36. The Game UI is crashed
  37. Game Wont Launch on Uplay. Refund imminent
  38. Compatability stuff
  39. no ultrawide
  40. Cash for Gold music bug
  41. super slow
  42. Czech translation
  43. PC still showing "Coming Soon"
  44. Unable to attempt to retrieve the "Super Streamer Starter Pack" promotion from Twitch
  45. uplay rewards not available when starting a new game
  46. No Towelie code
  47. Wait time for preorder keys
  48. Control Problems and Size Issues Force Quitting the game (PC)
  49. Menu and actions keys are scrambled all over the screen nothing is in order.
  50. Very slow
  51. unplayable on ps4
  52. Known Issues [Updated September 27]
  53. [PC] Black Screen on Launch - Workaround
  54. Getting stuck a lot (PC)
  55. At least some of you are getting a black screen, my game won't even launch
  56. season pass QR code and 25 digit code not working
  57. Game isn't even starting
  58. Movement Issues/Freezing PC
  59. PC Combat problems
  60. Stuck in the first house after character creation.
  61. Bug: in Strip club
  62. No Towelie code
  63. game wont start
  64. Failed to synchronize cloud saves
  65. How about putting the Season Pass issue up as a known issue? Would probably save time
  66. Your DRM just made me refund the game
  67. Stuck at 'Coming Soon"?
  68. The UI is broken.
  69. Stuck on the toilet PC
  70. Was the physical PC Version cancelled without notice?
  71. So Family Sharing South Park Fractured but Whole doesn't work?
  72. Towlie pre order download ps4
  73. PC, season pass not actually putting in the items ingame.
  74. Club rewards not showing up (PC)
  75. Sound issues on cutscenes
  76. Issue with XBOX1 controller on PC
  77. SOLVED! Stuck on first toilet!
  78. European language in the UK version.l?
  79. audio and controller input lag
  80. 3 Hour Save Lost, "Relics of Zaron Costumes and Perks Pack is missing"
  81. I pre ordered the game but can't download it
  82. stuck in cartmans house
  83. Uplay Asking for Activation Key
  84. PC freezing in battle with Kyle 2
  85. Stick of Truth Pre order bonus stuck on "Coming Soon"
  86. Framerate Problems
  87. PS4 Connection errors during gameplay while Ubisoft Club servers are down.
  88. Cannot Save/Load Game
  89. Crafting bug with Hidden Blades?
  90. Can't see all of the game screen, makes combat very difficult. Old TV
  91. Uplay PC version shows as "Coming Soon" I've been on hold with live chat for hours
  92. My order has been "canceled" despite me having paid for the game over a year ago.....
  93. Problems not listed in the Know Issues post
  94. Game crashes when using fast pass (PC)
  95. Lag
  96. Black Screen or Crash to Desktop potential FIX and Not launching potential FIX
  97. Space control in combat and defending?
  98. Happiness Reigns Riddle Issues
  99. game wont load......
  100. [PS4] Game stuck while fighting Mutated Alternate Human Kite
  101. Cant redeem my Towlie DLC? PS4
  102. Digital Code Redemption Not Working
  103. Green. Green everywhere. (PC - Uplay)
  104. [FBW] Stuck on many assed cats fight with Mephesto
  105. PS4 Gold Edition - No Towelie Code
  106. Preorded Gold Steelbook Edition on PS4 - Question about Towelie Companion
  107. Infinite Autosave
  108. PC xbox one controller buttons
  109. Costume On/Off is switched
  110. [PC] Game does not continue
  111. Can't open phone Medicinal Fried Fiasco Mission
  112. Raisin ally
  113. Cannot continue game due to main quests being dropped (PC, Spoilers)
  114. Uplay Rewards Costumes Not Unlocking
  115. professor chaos boss fight black screen
  116. Uplay rewards not in toy chest
  117. Resolution problems
  118. Ubisoft pls add PC players stuck at "coming soon" can't download. Known Issues
  119. Stuck on a mission
  121. Stuck
  122. PS4 - Can't Resume From Save, Claims Towelie Add-On is Missing When it Isn't
  123. Black screen solution NOT working!
  124. Game Will NOT Save
  125. Extremely low FPS
  126. member berries bug?
  127. Character gets stuck, can't move items, generally borked? (PC)
  128. Canít you fartkour
  129. Bug in quest "To catch A coon" on PC
  130. Key code wont work on steam
  131. PS4 preorder shows countdown clock in place of download button
  132. Stuck in selfie mode... PC
  133. Duel Class Bug
  134. PC, issue when using controller to change from costume to regular clothes and back.
  135. 3rd Night police station
  136. Stuck at the Loading Screen between Stip Club Toilet
  137. Stuck on Artifacts Tutorial with Coon
  138. [PC]Late game breaking bug. *SPOILERS*
  139. Ultrawide Support?
  140. [PC] Unable to Start Combat - I just get a spinning circle
  141. No sound
  142. Fartkor and Toilet Mini Game Don't Respond to Button Presses in Front of Mall
  143. [XB1] Left thumbstick rotation not working during QTEs
  144. Automatic Save Fails
  145. Perpetual Autosave
  146. Low Framerate on Intel Graphics Card
  147. Wrong change in superhero outfit
  148. Required Addon Missing - Unable to Loading Save File
  149. Cannot move or move any objects, also combat freezes.
  150. UPlay Progress Not Unlocking
  151. [PC] Unable to complete "Master Memberer"
  152. [PC] Unable to get "Through the Bowels of Time" Steam Achievement
  153. Dynamite and Cats not respawning
  154. Game Crashes Whenever I attempt to enter windowed mode
  155. New Main Mission Won't Show up
  156. Big gay al cats
  157. halted story progression glitch
  158. Invalid Stick of Truth code(PS4)
  159. [PC] Movement bug stopping story progression (Spoilers)
  160. Cannot start combat for: Escape Shady Acres (neverending loading screen)
  161. can't equip Assassin pack after uplay purchase
  162. Cat Multiple asses fight freezing
  163. Vibration turning on [PC]
  164. Game crashed, now I can't move
  165. Farts Over Freckles: Morgan Freeman Fight
  166. Loading Screen Crash
  167. [Gameplay] Can't start the mission "Freedom Calling"
  168. A bunch of PC bugs (spoilers)
  169. my game wont let me move plz help
  170. Unable to load game
  171. XBox One, Game keeps freezing sending to home page.
  172. Cannot advance after 'Rise of the Fourthies' Mission (PC)
  173. Fight at Shady Acres.
  174. Messages being cut off on Coonstagram on PS4
  175. Random save bug loop
  176. [PC] Yaoi Quest Bugged?
  177. Download code for Fractured But Whole does not download Stick of Truth
  178. Cannot Download Fractured But Hole
  179. (PS4) Game Breaking Bug *Spoilers*
  180. Story Bug (Spoiler!)
  181. [PC] Game Crashes Randomly when entering new screens and picking up certain items
  182. Big Gay Al's Big Gay Cat Glitch
  183. Late game spoiler, background characters moving but fight wont progress, second time
  184. Unable to flag "Origins 3: The Visitor"
  185. Toilet minigame does not work
  186. Can't progress main mission bug(STORY SPOILER)
  187. Game crashing on first loading screen PC
  188. game started crashing at U Store It facility
  189. [PC] Assassin's 1st Skill FPS Drop Issue
  190. No russian
  191. MAJOR Bugs on the trophies and more !! (Spoilers) Comment, if u have other issue's
  192. fartkour broken by the south park mall
  193. Can't claim activation key
  194. I've Literally Broken the Game (Can't Progress)
  195. Timefart Pause not working in real world
  196. Costume change doesn't work
  197. Game can't load a certain part
  198. PS4 - Not able to save at any point or reload an Autosave or normal save
  199. Game closes itself on startup
  200. PS4 - Can not finish the 'Headshot Job' side quest because Police Station is 'locked'
  201. PS4 - No CLASSI summon after finishing the 'CLASSIfied Mission'
  202. Cannot change back into costume
  203. Cant access Class 3 in game....cant progress
  204. Can't Start Combat - Escape Shady Acres!
  205. [Ps4]Glitch on "to catch a coon" mission possible spoilers
  206. Stuck and unable to move
  207. Can't progress past first move of Many Assed Cats battle. [PC]
  208. XBOX ONE - Game stopped tracking on game hub
  209. Bug: 6th grader outside of school
  210. Fully Bloated Trophy Won't Unlock PS4
  211. my game wont let me move again
  212. Game not launching issue. Not recognised by Ubisoft, apparently.
  213. Bug: Character disappears in Coon laying when about to get a new ability
  214. I found several bugs
  215. Unplayable frame rate
  216. cannot change the color of my pants when creating a new character
  217. Bug walking animation is odd
  218. CRITICAL BUG: Main story stuck after Civil War 2 battle
  219. issue with Coonstigram
  220. can't use wheel mouse
  221. Anyway to do this
  222. Stuck: WASD don't work in battle after resuming from checkpoint
  223. Many Assed Cats Boss Fight freezing PC
  224. Black screen (with interaction buttons) after Vigilante marketing
  225. Through the Bowels of Time not unlocking on PS4
  226. Invisible on roof after fighting dragon PC
  227. Main Menu Video with Audio Issue
  228. Unable to progress in battles and could not start battle
  229. [PS4] engine stall during chaos boss battle - unable to progress
  230. [PC] Bluetooth xbox controller FPS lost
  231. Game keeps crashing at loading screen PC
  232. App crash upon startup PC
  233. Game refuses to download via Uplay
  234. Butters, Clyde and Craig have successfully blocked my "backstory self"
  235. For those stuck at the end of the Chaos boss battle (Black Screen)
  236. bowed out yesterday because of being
  237. Autosave malfunction and cloud synchronization
  238. PC Uplay- Won't download
  239. Softlock on The Thin White Line + Costume bug
  240. Missin game save on Laptop
  241. I cant find the 9 Berry. Bug?
  242. (PS4) Black screen after The Big Beatdown quest
  243. [pc] cant change race
  244. Mutant Kyle Fight Bugged
  245. Miltiple glitches including forzen combat loading scene in Escape from Shady Acres
  246. I can't walk anymore PLZ HELP
  247. [FBW] won't receive missions for main story.
  248. Call Girl Issue PS4
  249. spoilers stuck the invitation
  250. Have no sound at all on PC