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  1. How do you link your Xbox Live Gamertag to Ubisoft.
  2. Altair costume
  3. Linking a 360 to my Ubisoft account...
  4. Question on how to unlock Skins
  5. [SPOILERS]How to get the "Precious Time" achievement?[SPOILERS]
  6. Warning message when I try to access exclusive content
  7. Welcome to the Prince of Persia Hints and Tips Forum
  8. Useful links and information
  9. Search for information BEFORE creating a new thread!
  10. Light Seeds
  11. How do you unlock all the combos?
  12. Need help on Calderon location
  13. [Spoilers]Can't get past The Warrior at the City Gate (City of Lights)
  14. Defeat Warrior
  15. reference title abbreviation
  16. Runny Achievements
  17. Need help getting to Ahriman ****SPOILER ALERT****
  18. Powers of Ormazd?
  19. crank puzzell ( royal gardens) i need help !!
  20. Light Seeds...Machinery Grounds??? Help
  21. hunter first fight
  22. Last Ten Light Seeds...
  23. Ruined citadel light seeds?
  24. Windmill Crank Puzzel
  25. how do you throw?
  26. how could i had unlocked "warrior special"
  27. help me with my last 7 seeds
  28. LAST 2 SEEDS HELP ME ! ! !
  29. 14 Hit Combo Trophy - PS3 Users
  30. Unlock altair on PC
  31. Combo List.
  32. Prince of Persia - Achievement guide.
  33. help please
  34. Sinking to New Depths
  35. precious time
  36. puzzles....
  37. City of Light - City of Light, PC
  38. Help!! Defeating the warrior (first encounter)
  39. Combo Timing?
  40. help! i can't figure out how to climb, move!
  41. Combo list for PS3 in Excel
  42. water valves in royal palace gardens
  43. Stuck at the Temple?
  44. How do you do a 14 hit combo?
  45. Elika - Illusion
  46. Stuck at city gate.
  47. help, stuck @ The King's Gates...
  48. "In Harmony" - how to get that trophy?
  49. Help! Construction Yard the VALE on PC
  50. Defeat warrior bypass trainer! PC VERSION
  51. Spire of Dreams
  52. please, tell me that there is more than one ending
  53. 1001 Lightseed Savegame
  54. Hmm, stuck?
  55. I can see light seeds, can't get to them
  56. Progressing through requires seeds?
  57. after getting the 1001 seeds in ps3 ...
  58. HELP!!!! select map button not working??
  59. temple??
  61. Stuck at Temple Doors
  62. does she find out?
  63. so what happens at the end?
  64. Is POP "4" a continue of POP(SOT,WW,T2T)
  65. The arrena
  66. arena
  67. Whats that star for? *Possible Spoiler*
  68. Location of the light seeds
  69. help Windmills Light Seeds
  70. I ended up w/ 1000 light seeds not 1001
  71. first 60 light seeds
  72. How to defeat The Warrior, City of Lights
  73. How do you get new combos?
  74. Stall bug with columns
  75. Want To Know How to make Quist ?
  76. Gear puzzles NEED HELP!!!
  77. Cauldron
  78. Gripfall
  79. n00b question - Light Seeds
  80. does prince of persia offer online gaming please?
  81. Combo Specilist Trophy - PS3
  82. Warrior help
  83. Got all seeds in 1 section, most of another, where to?
  84. help i'm stucked
  85. Stuck at beginning, where is "Fertile Grounds"?
  86. Fertile Ground at the reservoir
  87. How do you destroy that big rock thing?
  88. The Warrior City of Lights
  89. Help, I'm stuck.
  90. The last two skins? (Xbox 360)
  91. How to go up to collect light seed
  92. Combo Specialist Trophy Help
  93. HELP - Two Lieutenants at end of King's Road
  94. Kings gate, Last 4 Lighseeds - unable to obtain
  95. Can't access exclusive content, please help.
  96. Help with the wall walk
  97. this game rocks
  98. Fertile Ground: Coronation Hall (Xbox 360)
  99. Does it matter what order you unlock Elka's 4 powers?
  100. plates at temple
  101. concubine last time
  102. AC costume
  103. Royal Garden Or Royal Palace w/E
  104. Ending?
  105. Problem cant find my keygen code on the box or manual
  106. Ending
  107. City of Light - Queens tower, help pls
  108. Windmills 2 light seeds video problem solved
  109. how to beat the game?!!!
  110. help with the skin manager
  111. Stuck in Spire of Dreams
  112. stuck at th end
  113. I'm stuck at the end please help
  114. City Of Light- Cage wont close on boss!
  115. XBOX 360 Temple Problems
  116. royal gardens elika stopped helping
  117. HELP - Labyrinth
  118. plates at temple
  119. Cavern/Concubine/Illusionist help
  120. stuck after defeating elika's father
  121. Stuck trying to cut down the last three trees at the end.
  122. Queens Tower HELP
  123. WOOOOT!
  124. Crank outside temple
  125. City of Lihgt-Tower of Ormazd
  126. help
  127. HOW DO YOU...
  128. last 4 light seeds in the culdron. help!!!
  129. Climbing to New Heights Bug?
  130. Last Run in to the tempel
  131. Help!! Stuck In The Observatory. Keep falling when I get to the top.. Is It A Bug?
  132. Cauldron Light seeds. xbox360
  133. How do I find light seeds after completing game?
  134. getting the Warrior over the edge!
  135. Alternative end
  136. light seeds (city of light)
  137. 4th skins?
  138. Stuck in kings gates
  139. Help grapping the golden ring !!
  140. ...im confused
  141. Stuck after Zal
  142. Coronation Hall-Help
  143. Royal gardens Help Please
  144. The 18 Hits Combo!
  145. Stuck in the Coronation Hall Royal Palace
  146. Warrior battle 2 Impossible Good luck next sucker
  147. Warrior FINAL encounter
  148. meaning of icon(s)
  149. warrior
  150. The Fallen King - Nintendo DS - Stuck at 32%
  151. Cannot not pick up Light Seeds
  152. Queen's tower light seeds
  153. Prince of Persia - The Fallen King
  154. Question and a Problem
  155. Altair Skin
  156. Stuck at 167 light seeds!
  157. Prince of Persia - The Fallen King
  158. In-game glitches
  160. how to kill the dregon like creature in two throne
  161. got stuck on rival swords on psp
  162. How do I use Combos?
  163. Newbie needs tips for playing
  164. coronation hall
  165. Are there 1001 lights?
  166. Help, cant activate the powers
  167. seeds
  168. Alchemist's land light gathering help needed; possible SPOILER thred
  169. Prince of Persia DLC for PC
  170. order for releasing traps
  171. Two seeds in Machinery grounds
  172. How many of you have chucked the pc version into a bin or sold it to a fool
  173. Difference between PC ending and PS3 ending
  174. The warrior fight in pc help needed.[i know what to do but it just doesn't budge.]
  175. Desperately need some hel
  176. how do i delete my profile
  177. The fallen king
  178. world 3, level 7
  179. is there a new part for pc
  180. Kings Road? Prince of persia two thrones on the Wii system
  181. prine of persia
  182. Hide enemy' healthbar
  183. A Sword In PoP: The Sands Of Time
  184. Fallen King DS
  185. Prince of persia the fallen king
  186. I can't activate the third power plate
  187. How do you get the 4th and final skin
  188. humans as trophies
  189. Prince of Persia Wii Rival swords help needed.
  190. Prince Of Persia Block problem
  191. Dose it have trophy in PC ver.
  192. what to do in the 7th hole?
  193. 7th hole
  194. Help With Fescos
  195. city of light
  196. 96% glitch
  197. Healing the fertile ground after killing the warrior
  198. *HELP* city of light ( the tower of Ahriman)
  199. hi i hot a problem at warrior within
  200. pop 2008, How to find elica?
  201. Help with epilogue
  202. Prince of Persia DLC Ball room help - Possible *SPOILER*
  203. Lost my light seeds and Elikasīs power
  204. Help in Royal Gardens, Last 2 light seeds
  205. how to kill Elika's father
  206. please help me Fighting warrior in queens tower
  207. Seeds help
  208. sprinting clash move
  209. Prince of Persia the two thrones
  210. how to get lightseeds on the ledge in the cauldron
  211. How do I get down from the Tower of Ahriman
  212. HOW to complite second gear rolls in PoP4
  213. alchemist boss fight
  214. Epilogue - Tomb Level help
  215. Epilouge- Stumped
  216. Climbing on Walls
  217. Sword Master
  218. Stuck in Construction Yard
  219. pls give me a hint
  220. Question bout the Light Seeds in Kings Gate
  221. POP two thrones/The fortress/PC game
  222. Stuck in the city of Light
  223. light seeds in the cauldron
  224. Towr of armazd
  225. warrior within demo(pc)
  226. City Gate
  227. Warrior Within -- Timed Door Switch Help
  228. Light seeds after.
  229. Waterworks
  230. Combo Specialist
  231. consequences to missed life upgrades?
  232. speed demon
  233. How to continue in game after healed base four corrupted area
  234. PoP End Game Temple Plate Gauntlet...
  235. Noob question about using map
  236. prince of persia
  237. combo specialist
  238. A bug at the end of the royal palace?
  239. to zgubilici
  240. High jump - climb
  241. Possible Bug - Construction Yard the VALE on PS3
  242. Tree in temple, where next?
  243. puzzle at the windmails
  244. Can't Break The Wall in Cliff/Caverns in the Mist? [Warrior Within]
  245. Achievement - Martyrs Tower
  246. how to end the dark prnice...??
  247. How to defeat Warrior on PS3 - Please Help
  248. Saving Issues - Please help!
  249. temple
  250. PLEASE, I BEG YOU!!!!!!