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  1. where are the fixes
  2. Letters of the Lost Big Problem?
  3. multiplayer bugs
  4. Today far Cry 3 server not connected on my PC
  5. [Spoiler]Please Help me!
  6. Can't connect to far cry 3 service (360)
  7. Far cry 3 great game
  8. Looking for low-med talent players! Playstation 3.
  9. what happened too
  10. Far Cry 3 Camera and Rock Throwing unusable. Can't progress without Camera. Patch??
  11. Serious problem with custom map ranking
  12. Absolutely awful
  13. fire arrows dont start fires?
  14. This is it...........
  15. Amazing cast of characters, no?
  16. Decoding : hard drive ??
  17. Any ETA on when the servers will be back up?
  18. [ 7 reasons for Farcry3 MP, that's don't support team play !! ]
  19. Map Sharing 360
  20. Anther Multiplayer Leadboard Problem
  21. farcry 3 multiplayer leveling up but.................
  22. Absolutely Incredible
  23. You spent all that development time and resources on the map editor....
  24. Can't recommend this game
  25. Awards
  26. Ubisoft should make a game on vaas's trip to insanity
  27. Singleplayer Campaign *** DLC ***
  28. Trials Of The RAKYAT MAJOR BUG
  29. Problem with split screen!!!
  30. Help me
  31. [ISSUE] Can't start game itself
  32. Outposts
  33. Xbox not letting me use camera
  34. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE
  35. Why aren't vehicles allowed on user maps?
  36. Far Cry 3 Let's Play
  37. PS3 annoying bug. Don't know how to fix it
  38. Burn all the remaining drug crops issue
  39. The official maps, MP in general, suck.
  40. Failed to start the game
  41. Does somebody knows a fix to this?
  42. How to avoid game crash
  43. In a game with no team controls, where is FFA?
  44. How do you get the P416 in Multiplayer before level 39?
  45. Why All the Complaints?
  46. Co-op Syringes.
  47. Ak-47 should be customize able in single player!!!
  48. Far Cry 3 save
  49. Bow Stuck in my right leg....
  50. Free Roam Co-op?
  51. still not running on ps3
  52. How play on same team in Matchmaking/Custom games
  53. Zip Lines in Map Editor?
  54. Server maintenance Changes
  55. Out of all these bugs
  56. Another Wasted Unanswered Topic
  57. Glider Issues ( Hilarious )
  58. Just spent 5 hours making a map
  59. Far Cry 3 editor Complaint
  60. You expect it to be... But it's not.
  61. Relic 1, Spider 1 Issue
  62. The xxxpoopballs map thread! (360 only)
  63. [Spoiler] For Far Cry 3 DLC Suggestion
  64. Decoding unlocks Mk1>Mk2>Mk3 etc
  65. Shed Some Light
  66. Decoding time
  67. Bug prevents my progress
  68. You cannot use this online feature because one of the...
  69. I originally created "sky race"
  70. server maintenance !!
  71. Seeking PS3 players
  72. 2nd Island not loading scenery and now unable to load game at all!
  73. Looking for Co-op/Multiplayer
  74. Publishing maps seems useless.
  75. Please don't tell me this is happening to far cry... PLEASE.
  76. Game help
  77. what are you all doing about the camera/rock bug
  78. Co-op payback map. Game keeps shutting down. Need admin help or patch. HELP
  79. Farcry isn't only about single player
  80. Themed Loadouts (SP)
  81. United We Play is searching for teamates to play Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360)
  82. this game would be so much more fun with a better performence...
  83. farcry3 sniper bug
  84. HELP! cant use guns or anything
  85. 3D SuPPORT? Does ubisoft plan on having 3D support? I play....
  86. How do I publish my single player map?
  87. Ubisoft... Look we got to talk about far cry 3's multiplayer.
  88. [Possible spoilers]Great game... But the second island...
  89. I'm... not really a huge fan of the single player so far. (very minor spoilers)
  90. If you kill an animal is it gone forever?
  91. Offline Multiplayer! [Public Poll]
  92. For those who doesn't care about MP
  93. Lobbies without kill Steaks
  94. Vehicles and turrets a must for map editing and multiplayer
  95. Why the map editor and map validation needs and modes as well
  96. What will you do when you finish 100% with the game ?
  97. Spider 1 Relic Lock Please Help!
  98. Careful using outpost.com!!!
  99. error with playlist menu?
  100. Quarry Map: Feedback Wanted
  101. Vehicles!?
  102. Rakyat Outposts... Buffet for wildlife?
  103. still no words about a patch and sticked thread is gone...
  104. How do I add weapon mods in mp?
  105. WANTED DEAD Bug/Glitch
  106. Co-op Maps
  107. FC3 and PS3 Update ?
  108. Sticky C4
  109. The the most unexpected thing in FC3 that you loved
  110. Far cry 3 IAMA
  111. players not showing up on players met
  112. Ps3: looking for decodes trade partner
  113. Far Cry 3 DLC?
  114. Patch this **** now.
  115. Dear Mods....
  116. Wtf happen????
  117. Put a score to the game!
  118. Ubisoft is pathetic
  119. Far Cry - Fun & Freedom
  120. What a HUGE Disappointment - Voice Acting/Scripting (among others)
  121. Dragging dead enemies' bodies
  122. Assault rifle scopes
  123. SPOILERS: What is with the ending???????
  124. FULL ISLAND 4 PLAYER OPEN WORLD CO OP CHAOS (this game needs)
  125. [spoiler alarm] Vass & Jason just my thoughts.
  126. Floating Tree
  127. Return of popular Far cry 2 maps
  128. Drug fields
  129. My maps already been copied/ a similar one has been made :(
  130. Red Dead Hanging
  131. In-depth explanation of the map editor and modes?
  132. where on the map does the tutorial mission take place?
  133. Dinosaur Expansion Pack: PLEASE UBI!
  134. New Xbox 360 Custom Map "Timberland"
  135. Precision of map editor on console
  136. Favorite section of the map to run around?
  137. i would like to play!!
  138. co-op matchmaking is ******ed
  139. FC2 map vs FC3 map
  140. Man vs. Wild | Path of the Hunter - Albino Crocodile
  141. How far am I?
  142. Hosting a Custom Public match now please join search Terrorist Hideout
  143. probleme farcry3
  144. Matching making servers
  145. Far Cry 3 devs on Reddit
  146. Shopkeeper Audio Quality
  147. My AI map that I worked on for 4 days is gone.
  148. Map search on Farcryoutpost
  149. Uplay
  150. A Connection To The Past glitched.
  151. please return these back....
  152. Far Cry 3 Ninja Step Skill
  153. Far Cry 3 Stealth gameplay!
  154. Far cry for next generation consoles
  155. Have they fixed split screen mp yet?
  156. Leveling issue AGAIN. Just leveled from 73 to 74 for the 3rd time.
  157. Infinite loading screen when signed on PSN
  158. are they patching far cry 3 editor so i can put guns in
  159. need help! please
  160. I think we need a complete public response by Ubisoft
  161. My video and audio aren't synced.
  162. Decoder 2?
  163. So... can i open up a resort now or what?
  164. Far Cry 3 DLC + Patch Thoughts
  165. Monkey plays far cry 2
  166. Machine gun turret
  167. Freeze for 2 seconds when saving?
  168. Wanna see a Far Cry 3 Jawa Sandcrawler? Look here!
  169. What I would like to see in Co-op.
  170. Suggestions of What I Think Should Be Added In a Update/DLC
  171. Vehicle radio and headlights question
  172. Need help understanding single player sandbox!!
  173. Need a way to turn down in game music...
  174. Best and favorite weapon setups?
  175. Add more Multiplayer Levels, 75 is too soon IMO
  176. Cannibal Church (Far Cry 3 Horror Theme Map For Ps3) Is out now!
  177. Ubisoft you have me dissapoint.
  178. So...am I the only one who really loved this character? (SPOILERS)
  179. Far Cry Outpost problem
  180. I Cannot Fire Mounted Machine Guns
  181. Splitscreen on Created Maps?
  182. What happens when you unlock everything from outposts to radio towers..
  183. Question about the ending (obviously super spoilers)
  184. could\should Far cry 3 have a UGC system?
  185. platform issues
  186. First Time Far cry guy
  187. Relic number1 what a joke
  188. Custom map match-makeing concern and suggestion
  189. Pc Experts
  190. Co-op Trophies Bugged/Glitched?
  191. M700 Hunting Rifle - Original Skin...
  192. A few things that would make this game amazing
  193. What happened to the Multiplayer Issues we are working on sticky?
  194. Far Cry 3 PC : Freeze in multiplayer
  195. Payback Weapon Bug Anyone ?
  196. Déblocage décodeur n° 2
  197. We want vehicles and animal AI in the map editor for private matches.
  198. So, could somebody explain voting?
  199. XBOX Clan Recruiting (Console ARMY)
  200. Add these things to co op and fix
  201. Posting gameplay on youtube. Allowed?
  202. Stretched moutains all over the screen
  203. If only Fire Arrows worked at all...
  204. Tasmanian Tiger
  205. Players not being heard!
  206. Played Co-Op for the first time last night...
  207. Only me who actually likes the multiplayer...
  208. Constant freezing (Xbox 360)
  209. [Animals] South Island endemic species?
  210. Song in main menu
  211. Hunting......(tiny spoiler, maybe)
  212. The freezing is getting rediculouse on XBOX
  213. Restricted priveleges !!!
  214. Yahtzee reviews Far Cry 3
  215. Vulture vs. Red Vulture?
  216. Sidetracked major bug
  217. How exactly do you rate a player map as "bad"?
  218. Bug (Single Player): Items stuck in Jason's right arm
  219. Slenderman confirmed in FC3?
  220. Love the Multiplayer BUT....
  221. Don't lose faith but...
  222. Game wrecking glitch :/ [spoilers]
  223. so PC gets Patch 1.03v tomorrow and we are still waiting for the first one?
  224. Single player custom maps
  225. Fix the lag!!
  226. More people die to cassowary's in this game than crocodiles
  227. Team balancing
  228. FarCryOutpost.com and PS3
  229. Task Force 141? Really?
  230. Will there be any additional content for far cry 3
  231. Was this a lie?
  232. [360] SPONGEBOB by longridr
  233. Unable to launch game
  234. Cannot complete Burning Weed Crops mission due to bug.
  235. Multiplayer on pc latency is awlfull pc
  236. Bought Uplay access code
  237. Fix multiplayer by February 1st or im trading it in to gamestop.
  238. Path Of The Hunter
  239. Why does this otherwise great game, not have a CTF mode?
  240. Map Editor Help?!
  241. Buildings with Basements
  242. 3rd Person View for Vehicles
  243. Blowing up a bear with a landmine! HAHAHAH
  244. I hope they somehow make it so enemies respawn
  245. Mini games, a time killer or winning big bucks??
  246. Map Editor Vehicles , Weapons , AI ..... MUST Fix or Selling
  247. new map
  248. What to do after main quests and side quests...?
  249. Tell me, Why am I not ranked on leaderboard yet ??
  250. get rid of this body armor.