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  1. Great game with a Great feeling
  2. level in web
  3. Decoder 2 farcryoutpost.com problems
  4. Will the great white shark be released in dlc?
  5. Quick Question About MP
  6. To Ubisoft regarding Aim Acceleration
  7. Is coop going to be expanded upon?
  8. Really? Again, Ubisoft Montreal?
  9. No vehicles in custom made maps
  10. Manta Ray Hunting
  11. Win a Copy of Far Cry 3!
  12. Far Cry 3 won't start in Online Mode?
  13. Far Cry 3 infinite loading screen bug
  14. Freezing When Loading Different Game Modes (XBOX)
  15. Based on past experience, FC3 will not get fixed before May.
  16. Game Stop bonus content
  17. Multiplayer Even More Broken
  18. far cry 3 campaign glitch no weppons or melee can only run an jump
  19. Issues That need Fixing
  20. Far Cry 3 - Where/How to find the Crocodile
  21. Can't publish map with vehicles
  22. Can ubisoft be trusted with this game?
  23. Cant find any matches
  24. What changes Far Cry 3 needs
  25. What Far Cry 2 did better.
  26. Freeroam
  27. On the fence need assistance
  28. am I really the only one with fps issue???
  29. Cannot Publish Maps "Far Cry Service Is Not Available At This Time"
  30. So Um... Dennis died...
  31. Cannot Publish Maps "Far Cry Service Is Not Available At This Time"
  32. farcryoutpost , loadouts error
  33. Parche 1.01 PS3
  34. Mission HELP? Trial of The Rakyat! HELP ?
  35. I just plunged to my death after a bird ran into my hang glider
  36. Far cry Outpost bug pls help!!
  37. are the MP gun mechanics different form the SP mechanics?
  38. D Pad functions dont work
  39. The Clan
  40. Animal cages not working in Map Editor...
  41. Corrupt Save (Minor Spoiler).
  42. Freezing while loading
  43. So this is how they get 'The Real' Vaas...
  44. How many of you guys use aim-assist online?
  45. unfortunately 3 months was not enough to polish the game...
  46. The second island sucks :(
  47. Frequent crashes
  48. how did vaas spoilers
  49. Left Handed Mouse problem.
  50. help!!
  51. Lost expedition problems
  52. Far Cry 3- WTF happened to this franchise?
  53. You DID encourage team play!
  54. far cry 3 gamerpioctures plz answer
  55. cant find online games
  56. I want some Zombie DLC
  57. farcryoutpost.com broken
  58. *****STICKY the PS3 Freezing and Mic issue*********
  59. custom map spawn points
  60. multiplayer se cae despues de cada partida....
  61. **** start Fixing your uber bug Game !!!!!!!!!!!
  62. Far Cry 3 Ambient lightning problem
  63. Multiplayer Weapon level reset bug
  64. Decoder Information
  65. Side Missions
  66. Side Mission - Eternal Love problems (SPOILER IN)
  67. Decoder 2 How to unlock?
  68. Animals are tanks
  69. Anticipated FC3 for a while.....but will not buy another Ubisoft game b/c of Uplay.
  70. What an improvement!
  71. Tips on killing Hoyt
  72. Far Cry 4 - ideas for Devs
  73. Suggestion for Bronze Map Playlist
  74. Multiplayer Weapon level reset bug
  75. Uplay users....where does FC3 download to?
  76. Host Migration
  77. Constructive Feedback and ideas on new features in Multiplayer
  78. The Last Relic Issue!!!
  79. unable to authenticate cd key
  80. Far Cry 3 PC problem
  81. FarCry 3 always crashing on Xbox 360 (Online)
  82. Where is the map editor.
  83. Buggy game
  84. Ideas for making exploration more rewarding.
  85. Ubisoft - Where are the people???
  86. Quick Question (Getting Game Soon) Multiplayer, Does it have a Hardcore Mode
  87. Maps Worth Playing
  88. Earth spins backwards in this game???
  89. XBOX 360 Multiplayer: NO PARTY?
  90. Can you please fix it!!!
  91. Please add the folowing, in the next update.. XD..
  92. im a long time fan of farcry but what youve done to farcry 3 its not farcry anymore
  93. burning building problem with level on explosion - auto death
  94. Question about in game music.
  95. PLEASE tell me there is a way to turn off quest notifications!
  96. Molotov Stuck in my Players Arm HELP!
  97. Farcryoutpost
  98. what do i have
  99. SPOILER After Vaaz
  100. Leaderboards
  101. Spots to jump off of?
  102. Far Cry 3 - Massive launch interview
  103. Poker
  104. Spider Relic 1 AFTER GAME COMPLETION....HELP?
  105. Multiplayer Issue
  106. What was your favourite moment in Far Cry 3? [expect spoilers]
  107. Is It Possible To Skip Cut Scenes?
  108. killed animals/enemies dissapear too quick
  109. Epic Fail In FC3
  110. Music in Far Cry 3
  111. I've noticed most of you really suck.
  112. Problems that Ubisoft should work on (Multiplayer)
  113. How do u link with xbox 360 account!!!
  114. A Connection To The Past *bug*
  115. Wtf !!!
  116. About loadouts can not be saved normailly!
  117. Whats the Difference between mk1, mk2, mk3, mk4, mk5,.. Weapons mods?
  118. you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME...
  119. Enemies slacking off on the job (Post PICS)
  120. Remember The Jackel? ...has he moved to the Islands?
  121. Ps3 super long load/hanging on load
  122. I Seriously Need you Guys' help ive encountered a MAJOR bug (X360)
  123. What do you guys think? [No spoilers please]
  124. Ive Found a way to play co-op
  125. Audio Bug? Help Needed
  126. Far Cry 3 Relics Locations
  127. over 250 random encounters!!! red dead tropical island
  128. Exclusive DLC Content - Predator Mode
  129. Audio problems
  130. All items disappeared
  131. Guns & DLC PC Downloads ??
  132. load time
  133. can't open my camera and throw rocks
  134. tower trouble
  135. Do when can Australia use the Uplay option?
  136. Why doesn't solve the? Multiplayer Weapon Level back bug
  137. "Custom Game Alliance" play large custom games!
  138. Bad FPS on consoles
  139. this game is goty
  140. new update?
  141. FC3 Multiplayer is a disaster
  142. Image with interference
  143. Plans to fix the broken 'Path Of A Hunter' missions?
  144. Leaderboard problems
  145. Heres how to get more sales
  146. Bring back 4-player split screen multiplayer?
  147. Need Some Help Please
  148. Far Cry 3: "The Motherlode" Glitch/Bug
  149. Some disapointing things
  150. Why I believe there is no vehicles in online MP
  151. 4th SLOT WEAPON????
  152. [SPOILERS] Citra, ending..
  153. 4 player co-op story!?
  154. Can someone explain to me how the user map playlists work? (bronze/silver/gold)
  155. Albino Croc Leather
  156. What far cry 3 is missing and why we need it back.
  157. leaderboards
  158. "Loadouts/Weapon" levels not saving. In game & on Farcry Outpost.
  159. Farcryoutpost.com level 1
  160. PS3 CAMERA and ROCKS BUG!
  161. No wonder why this game is already dead.
  162. The Single Player and Co-op are so good, why is the multiplayer so lame? wtf...
  163. Things I would like to see a future update or DLC for ***Wish list thread***
  164. Farcry 3 multiplayer leaderboard help..
  165. What was that game update for?
  166. Thanks Ubisoft!
  167. SP weapons balance?
  168. Did I ever tell you the DEFINITION of Insanity?
  169. USA ps3 Far Cry 3 game... Will it play in French in France?
  170. Bow glitch
  171. Bug made me score 400 % over normal score on challenge.
  172. HUD/UI options patch coming!
  173. Can't connect to Far Cry service after port forwarding. . .
  174. Help! PS3 Far Cry freezes after I pause, every time! screenshot.
  175. Не качается Ни какое орудие Far cry 3
  176. how the heck do u save ur gun progress in co op
  177. Any way to...
  178. Help! Having a major game breaking problem!!!
  179. so anyone has a solution for the FPS Issue already?
  180. N00B MP Question
  181. Future Patch Allow HUD Removal Options
  182. Co-Op campaign Dual Live Commentary/Walkthrough/Guide
  183. Point of the camera?
  184. Single Player weapons missing?
  185. I cannot choose PS3 at the Far Cry 3 Site.
  186. Far Cry 3: No More Enemies Respawning, Can't Unlock Skill Point!
  187. Can i make a copy my save game right before last mission?
  188. I can't invite people into my user created maps.
  189. Easy Money In Far Cry 3
  190. Is there no way to party up with friends in multiplayer?
  191. The farcry 3 walkthroughs and giveaways! Thanks guys a lot(:
  192. My Idea For Far Cry 3 Down The Line
  193. WTF did Ubisoft do to this game - Ruined it
  194. far cry 3 xbox 360 servers
  195. PROOF that Ubisoft is listening to us.....OR ARE THEY?
  196. Reasons there aren't alot of players
  197. The patch will let us change the HUD
  198. Far Cry 3 is WAY Too Easy (Even on the Hardest Setting)
  199. Was ambient occlusion in the console version removed with the last patch?
  200. The 1st Spider Relic
  201. its been a 1 week
  202. Headset issues in co op
  203. MP (gameplay wise) is amazing.
  204. MP Question
  205. Far Cry 3 CAMERA BUG
  206. How do I play MY custom map in PUBLIC
  207. Can you use Tatoo Skills in sandbox mode?
  208. Automatically Fail Mission
  209. PAtch PS3
  210. Any one else having problems on ps3
  211. AI pathing bug?
  212. My name changed?!?!? Pls help
  213. Aiming feels slightly "wrong"
  214. Map Editor Far Cry 3 PC
  215. Psyche Gas - Needs the following Improvements
  216. Floating bow or whatever...
  217. "Death From Above" Takedowns With Hang Glider and Parachute
  218. FarCry 3 Map - BATES MOTEL
  219. Holding E to activate.. why god why.
  220. No AI in Multiplayer?
  221. Cant enter Map Editor, freezes?
  222. Anybody know what happens to a map after it published?
  223. Filters + things to add to next patch.
  224. Post your screen shots, that show off the game here....
  225. The multiplayer is amazing.
  226. Do they even care about the MP side of this game?
  227. Annoying Uplay BS
  228. [SERIOUS ISSUE] Map Sharing and Multiplayer, Ubisoft plz.
  229. This is why they should have delayed the game
  230. Add Vehicles to Multiplayer Petition
  231. Glider Landings/Crashes
  232. suggestion: turn off game music but leave car radio on
  233. Complaining and stuff
  234. More with the campain ? (Dont read if you haven't beat it yet!!!!)
  235. Glitches/fixes required for fc3 update!
  236. Is there a legit far cry 3 single player demo? I googled, but it looks like hokey
  237. VOIP Issues?
  238. Cant unlock Decoder 2 due to no xbox option!
  239. limit of ai in map editor
  240. Some errors and glitches I've noticed...
  241. Honestly...
  242. Far Cry 3 - Epic Giant Boss Fight! FULL HD/ULTRA SETTINGS
  243. Weapon-Mods Mk Levels?
  244. Is there any way to spawn signature weapons or DLC weapons in Map editor?
  245. Spider Relic 1 is Unobtainable
  246. Why no offline multiplayer!!
  247. Why no offline multiplayer!!
  248. Issue with Far Cry 3
  249. Can't play 2 player on my own maps. Both on same team why ???????????????????????????
  250. The Great White Shark