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  1. PS4 weapon bug
  2. PS4 I can't retrieve my supply drops. Help
  3. Stuck at the shops
  4. PS4 Week One #11 Phone Recording not accessible
  5. PS4 - Completed Daily Missions resetting
  6. (PS4 Digital Download) First Aid Skill Bug
  7. PS4 Underground DLC Available as a Standalone?
  8. PS4 Game sharing and DLC Query
  9. Stash size bug?
  10. PS4 I can not pick up all ECHO
  11. Can't deconstruct "normal" items as game thinks they are contaminated...
  12. (ps4) no supply drop and error code on underground
  13. Underground Not Working
  14. PS4 Underground download
  15. PS4 cant login
  16. PS4 ERROR DELTA 20001082 - The Division services are not available at this time.
  17. Sound going completely out on PS4
  18. PS4 Alphabridge Gloves Texture BUG
  19. PS4 Stop sell broken games
  20. Buggy Ballistic Shield
  21. PS4 Someone have PSN country different from PS and the division CD ?
  22. season pass dlc region problem help me plz
  23. Frontline outfit patch not received
  24. DZ back pack
  25. PS4 PS4 - Scan, Pulse and Graphic errors
  26. PS4 PS4 (Inventive High End backpack bug) - But I'm sure this happens on other systems
  27. [PS4] Micro-freezes and App crashes
  28. errors and crashes
  29. PS4 echo glitch
  30. Crashed Drones in Turtle Bay.
  31. PS4 Not able to collect some intel
  32. PS4 Incursion - Dragons Nest disconnect and unable to reconnect with group
  33. Delta error
  34. PS4 underground dlc stuck
  35. PS4 Oh look, another broken item....
  36. Just tired of The DZ inbalance
  37. PS4 - Download of Manhattan stuck at 88%
  38. PS4 echo glitch missing person Judy Walters part 5
  39. PS4 Intel Bug on the PS4
  40. PS4 Issue regarding Season Pass/DLC
  41. PS4 I seriously need help!
  42. Agents running higher GS then the DZ bracket shows
  43. All of a sudden I restocking ammo wont restock to full capacity
  44. Underground 2 phases Heroic (Lift Door closed at end phase 1)
  45. PS4 Micro Lags and Stutters
  46. Underground, no sound
  47. PS4 the dvision is broken game
  48. PS4 Unplayable
  49. PS4 underground broken
  50. Underground Update Issues
  51. Critical Hit Chance Nosediving
  52. PS4 Dark Zone cheaters
  53. (Ps4) Skills Greyed Out During 4 Horsemen
  54. Did Commander Thurston join Nattchi on holiday ?
  55. PS4 Missing gear/weapons
  56. PS4 the division operation isac bug
  57. doing daily's an not getting credit
  58. When Will You Fix This Glitch ?
  59. Heroic Underground rewards
  60. Can't get my UG rank 40 reward costume
  61. Stuck in Udergroung phase operation.
  62. PS4 Weapon Damage nerfed upon Extraction
  63. Problem
  64. Level 29 in 0-160 DZ like so OP
  65. Hudson Yards incident report bugged
  66. Some major issues PS4
  67. http://youtu.be/TxfNKCmX3Gc The division input and frame rate lag. #ps4
  68. PS4 Delta Error 20001082
  69. Stuck on death screen in Underground DLC
  70. Several Issues
  71. Bug Reports on PS4
  72. Man fix the DZ already!!
  73. dragon,s nest
  74. PS4 I have a lot of bugged echos
  75. Common occuring bugs
  76. PS4 Got UPlay "trophy" but no PSN trophy
  77. PS4 Error code Delta 20010187 - just bought and can't play
  78. PS4 It does not take clothes.
  79. Possible DZ bracket alternative
  80. Falcon Lost issue
  81. PS4 Sound Question
  82. PS4, Bug Report, PHONE RECORDING/WEEK ONE #11 not collectible Tenderloin District
  83. Every 5 min DELTA & MIKE !?!?
  84. PS4 My spells dont work.
  85. Controller settings changing
  86. Falcon Lost time an effort
  87. Falcons Lost Unplayable on Ps4
  88. PS4 Predators Mark vest cliping under jacket
  89. Game crashing. PS4
  90. Dark zone keys nerfed????
  91. Not showing I have been pulsed
  92. PS4 Bug report, survival guide
  93. PS4 [PS4] Delta 20001082 error only for one character?
  94. Not Happy with bugs and errors (Cannot log in)
  95. Underground - getting booted
  96. PS4 fix your game delay issues
  97. PS4 LMG fire killing all sound including in game chat.
  98. I am the Law trophy not unlocking
  99. Account Lost
  100. Search and destroy mission bug in "Murrey Hill"
  101. Help required - Stucked in underground
  102. Division Load character screen but will give me delta error for the next part
  103. stuck in loading screen
  104. PS4 Underground Accessibility 8/28/16
  105. Looking for Comprehensive Game Guide
  106. PS4 : Dark Zone Can't see my teammate
  107. PS4 Stats change upon extraction
  108. pulse not pulsing
  109. Underground is broken..
  110. PS4 Bugged Dron for platina trophie :(
  111. 4 piece lone star bonus malfunctioning
  112. DZ is BS yes everyone knows but its time they fixed it
  113. Help asap
  114. What just happened?????
  115. Devlopers mustwatch, Video proof of the sound problem happening
  116. PS4 how is it possible that i am now at 1.6M for my Sentry glove, still no crit chance ?
  117. Ballistic shield still not working?
  118. PS4 Registrazione telefonica - bug
  119. PS4 Character Stuck - Game Unplayable
  120. No supply drop in light zone season pas
  121. PS4 Audio problem still not fixed ?!!!
  122. COOLHEADED talent lying!
  123. PS4 Daily HVT paid for, Not appearing on map Again.
  124. Change Division audio to Japanese
  125. PS4 Delta 1082 errors, Are these now regarded as Perks, or Talents ?
  126. Fix the delta error in falcon lost
  127. PS4 Servers stuck on 08.09.16 about 23:00 CEST?
  128. PS4 error delta 1082 - main - underground
  129. PS4 delta 1082 + UG missions not starting
  130. PS4 Cloth Bug?
  131. PS4 Please help me i'm desperately stuck at Underground Lobby
  132. sentry+bleeds
  133. Echo issues for platinum
  134. HVT's Broken, Yet again. PS4
  135. Whats up with all the disconnections
  136. Can not start a mission in underground
  137. PS4 Removed - Group traveled to Underground
  138. PS4 Just got the season pass from PSN but no underground...
  139. Screen delay and lag bad can't fix
  140. SOCOM M1A bug
  141. PS4 Apperance Scroll bug
  142. PS4 Napalm Production could not find enemies on secure area task
  143. PS4 Predator's Mark Vest glitch
  144. Season pass drop
  145. Got DC three times today after landing the bomb on wave 15 at Falcon Lost!!!!!
  146. PS4 Improperly PS4 shutdown leads to reset hints and splash hints screen in the game
  147. Statistics wrong?
  148. [PS4] Yet ANOTHER mission that fails to complete.
  149. PS4 Gramercy mission glitch: procurement UV filters part 2 does not trigger after part 1.
  150. PS4 country region problem
  151. PS4 Main Missions Difficulty
  152. PS4 Flashbang Bug
  153. Sound going completely out on PS4
  154. PS4 No Underground Cache upon leveling up.
  155. PS4 In Game Data Copying Taking Too LOng
  156. PS4 Ammo Cache Support Station Bug
  157. Can't load old character.
  158. PS4 Underground DLC disappeared when i use a different CD of the same game
  159. Another glitch. PS4
  160. Once again, 3rd or 4th time, Daily HVT's paid for but missing.
  161. Missing 1 Echo on 3 Characters WTF!
  162. Loss of skill set
  163. PS4 How to Transfer Division backup.
  164. I have a Romeo Error
  165. Showstopper missing.
  166. Gear, gearscore and stats all jacked up
  167. [BUG report] PS4 platform: Predator's Mark Vest graphic conflict with Bomber jacket
  168. [Bug report] 1.4 patch xbox one
  169. [Performance] PS4 lag and stuttering issue
  170. PS4 Graphical bug with my bold agent.
  171. [Performance] PS4 - Big Stutter, nearly Freeze during HVT
  172. PS4 PS4 - mod vendor disappeared - side mission reappears but cant interact
  173. Underground Level 2136
  174. PS4 [BUG REPORT] PS4 Backpack still counts skins (?) as a backpack inventory patch 1.4
  175. Character Stuck at Vendor
  176. PS4 Frame rate, lag issues collecting Supply Drop post 1.4 patch
  177. PS4 missing all my dlc
  178. PS4 [Bug Report] No S&D possible, JTF contact unreachable, Lag
  179. PS4 HUD auto-hide visual glitch/bug
  180. PS4 [Performance] Massive lag, frame drop, freezing.
  181. No footsteps/environment sound effects after accessing menu/map. Post 1.4 only.
  182. [Performance Issues] Stuttering on the ps4 is more persistent in 1.4
  183. PS4 UI Ghosting and overall blur
  184. PS4 Zooming in on Consoles
  185. PS4 Skill locked, can't use it
  186. Minor Sound Bug & Workaround
  187. PS4 Sniper Squad daily bug
  188. UI Inventory issues
  189. ps4 1.4
  190. PS4 PS4 - Survivor Link Bug
  191. Banshee bug?
  192. PS4 [BUG REPORT PS4] inventory
  193. PS4 The Police and Paramedic backpacks
  194. PS4 Tacticians authority HUD bug
  195. PS4 path of nomad/final measure
  196. exact amount of firearms to unlock weapon talents
  197. PS4 Negative status on NPC
  198. PS4 CE-34878-0 error The Division
  199. roaming boss south of police academy
  200. PS4 - Sound Delay
  201. Critical search and destroy
  202. PS4 Please, acknowledge these issues and fix.
  203. PS4 stuck abilitis
  204. PS4 Underground Bugs
  205. Patch 1.4 weapon locking
  206. PS4 Support station - bugged
  207. PS4 Glitchy Echoes
  208. [Bug] Tier 4 Medved GS 163
  209. Steady Hands talent bugs
  210. Houdini Mob Bug
  211. PS4 stuck on the spot
  212. PS4 Dark Shadow on screen when looking at clothing
  213. BUGS: Base of Operation Wing XP increased; missions showing level 25 enemy
  214. PS4 Delta error code C-1-191
  215. skills freezing out
  216. firing weapon and using first aid
  217. PS4 Stable Talent Not Working
  218. Delta C-1-191 error when tyring to run The Division for the first time - all weekend.
  219. Significant framrate drops: Uplink repair mission
  220. [Bug] Deploying turret/healing stations more difficult since 1.4
  221. mobile cover and resourceful
  222. PS4 PS4 proxomity chat is not working at all.
  223. PS4 Enemies stuck behind wall in UG
  224. PS4 Hudson Refugee Camp CM Bug
  225. Unable to climb in/out of window on 9th Avenue
  226. Hit detection issues?
  227. vigorous chest piece
  228. PS4 | Inventive Backpack Skill doesn't work
  229. "Outside playable area"
  230. Final measure 4 piece
  231. Poor connection to host server.
  232. Marking favourites
  233. Underground Rank 10480
  234. PS4 I can't play underground DLC
  235. PS4 Bugs I've noticed in 1.4
  236. PS4 PS4 BUGS/FIXES & Suggestions
  237. PS4 Opening a stash froze my character
  238. The holster talent "Nimble" is half broken. (Only works sometimes)
  239. PS4 2 Bugs
  240. [DarkZone] NPCS are dropping blue division tech instead of yellow.
  241. Death Spot
  242. PS4 Nomad 2 Piece not proccing
  243. Cant complete UG
  244. PS4 Connection Issues: I Can Only Stay Connected 45mins At A Time With Two PS4's In Home
  245. PS4 Bugs found so far on PS4
  246. PS4 Underground with nomad and signature resource gain
  247. More Death Spots
  248. High-end mask with the talent Refreshed not working on First Aid Self Heal
  249. PS4 Blank caches, blank recalibration options, menu lags, player lags
  250. PS4 PS4 Bugs, Performance Issues (video)